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Claiming Sovereignty - Your Multidimensional Power Live masterclass
powerful 21 day belief repatterning process

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Claiming Sovereignty - Your Multidimensional Power Live Masterclass


Powerful 21 Day Belief Repatterning Process

  • Claim back your power to expand, align, create & receive your higher timeline!
  • This live masterclass will be a personal supersonic jet wash of invocation, intention, meditation and DNA activation.
  • If you are wanting to release some of your biggest sub-consciousness blocks holding you back from thriving right now!
  • Rewire your beliefs
  • Re-code reality through expanding out to who you truly are as a multi-dimensional star seed!
  • Letting go of old through forms, patterns and self-sabotage!
  • Create space for your new reality!
  • Step back into being YOU - connecting to source energy!

This masterclass will empower you to find peace in the storms of the current crumbling systems, feel lighter, connected and grounded moving forward.

Date of Masterclass: July 9th 2020 10.15am PT

What’s covered in this powerful live training

(Full access to replay also available and just as potent as the live)

Please allow 2 hours for your live training

  • Soul retrieval
  • Cord Cutting
  • Call back your energy
  • Clearing of parasitic energies & karmic contracts, programs in the ashakic records
  • Shedding toxins/density from the mind, body & spirit
  • Fill back in with light, YOU, and all your abundant energies!
  • Divine light decrees
  • Golden shower of light & golden protection bubble
  • Feel abundant in your sovereignty and connection to higher self consciousness
  • Feel more YOU, expanded and connected to your truth/purpose


  • Powerful 21 day invocation process to call back your energy
  • Powerful 21 day meditation
  • Powerful 21 day re-patterning process

This masterclass is for you if you …

... Are ready to call back your energy

... Are ready to shift your frequency

... Are ready to release energies no longer serving

... Are needing a powerful upgrade/way of thinking to feel

... Are ready to remember your divinityerful upgrade/way of thinking to feel

Transformation in 21 days!

Sovereignty is taking ownership over your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual body.

Coming back into alignment, opening and activating ALL of your energy centers.

Clearing through and filling back in with divine light!

Join us live for this powerful training and claim back your sovereignty!

Bonus included in your WOTA offer:


Crystalline Light Body & Merkabah course

(- 90 minute activation )

  • Journey with us in a sacred ceremony to activate your crystalline light codes and Merkaba field, so that you activate your potent timeline of abundance and aligned experiences.
  • Connect back to your truth as a divine being of light, as a way-shower here to support the awakening of humanity through your divine codes and sacred expression of creativity.
  • Let the fears dissolve as you are reminded of your passion and purpose to be HERE at this time.
  • These codes are a powerful transmission brought to you through sound toning, light language, and a channeled frequency by the collective council of light.
  • Let yourself receive a showering of abundant energy, update your “thinking” system to a feeling system by letting these codes travel through every cell of your being and ground yourself into the crystalline core of Gaia.


Expanded Manifesting - Ready to activate?

(- 90 minute activation )

Move through the linear timeline - with this recorded 90-minutes activation to accelerate your manifesting potential and ground into the higher frequencies.

We are in some of the most present moment exciting times known to the collective human experience. For we are awakening to the expansion of who we truly are, we are ascending from carbon-based to crystalline structures, gaining access to the outer worlds and dimensions beyond time and space, beyond the constraints of the ego linear Understandings.

Our consciousness is expanding, our physical DNA is upgrading, our emotional being is releasing and shedding lifetimes of stagnation and karmic imprints, our collective understanding/experience is moving into more fluid and lighter concepts.

As we start to awaken and embody these truths and ascend, so too we are called to no longer reside within the limitations of “linear manifesting”. As we evolve the way we create evolves, for we are learning to create free from the limitations of karmic imprints, attachments to others, ego, and expectations upon self.

Expanded manifesting is knowing deep within the heart our conscious choices of creation, it’s light, joyful, and gifts us the feeling of oneness and excitement in each Moment.

We are called to co-create, collaborate, initiate, accept, allow and receive the dimensional experience our souls strive for, yarn for, and truly need to embody the higher realms, calling all upon the present moment, the power of NOW.

This activation is for you if:

  • You feel like you need to expand more into your potential
  • Want to explore your creativity of manifesting
  • Feel a calling to bring in the most abundant timeline to your reality


This activation will help to explore and discover that divine potential!


Included in PACKAGE OFFER:

  • PLUS

    1. Crystalline Light Body & Merkabah course
    2. Expanded Manifesting - Ready to activate?


Claiming Sovereignty - Your Multidimensional Power Live Masterclass
Powerful 21 Day Belief Repatterning Process


Offered on WOTA

$77 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $38.50

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )

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“ Wow.... this is seriously powerful stuff Zoe! What a pure channel you are. I did this activation two days ago and I am feeling so light, so serene and so positive - it’s as if my worries have just melted away into nothing. Firstly, the activation experience was powerful; I had shaking through my body and streaming/downloading whizzing through my third eye. I had some potent clearing energy through my body which cleared my bowels, my brain fog and a nagging feeling of the ‘to do’ list. I feel really light, energized and aligned, I really don’t want to put anything bad into my body as a result. My meditations since have been off the scale and I’m seeing all sorts of energy ripples and colors. I mean this could all be a coincidence... but I think NOT!!! Thank you so much for sharing your divine light Zoe, you truly are a very special being rooted in heart vibration ”

~ Kali Green

“ My experience with Zoe’s crystalline grid workshop was phenomenal to say the least. I experienced closure to many many things from my past which came to me in dreams following each of the workshops live calls. I had experienced nightmares for 40 years regarding a past trauma and in one of my dreams following an ascension call I came to terms with what happened and so my nightmares have stopped. This just blew my mind and was so astounding to me. ”

~ Reba Christine Neyman

“ My experience with Zoe’s crystalline grid workshop was phenomenal to say the least. ”

~ Reba Christine Neyman

“ She carries a very high frequency, and if you are ready for that lightening shamanic pace to the quantum acceleration of your soul’s path, and ready to cut through layers of delusion and illusion, I highly suggest working with this galactic powerhouse. ”

~ Sierra

“ The way she guides you through all of your ego BS is just pure genius! ”

~ Tiina

“ My 1:1 with Zoe & her team cleared my energy field down like a supersonic jet wash!

I felt so light and clean, and FREE! like I’d never ever felt before & since then I am to access, connect, and maintain this space myself, this new version of me that I’d never experienced & things just keep getting better.

Zoe, I write this with tears of gratitude.....I’m so so thankful for you & your work, I don’t even really have the words....Thank you, thank you, thank you. ”

~ Lynne

“ I have worked with many different teachers and modalities but this is the first time I have felt compelled to write a testimonial. Zoe has got to be one of the most caring, understanding and loving people I've had the opportunity to meet. Saying she has powerful energy is an understatement!

Don't let her soft-spoken manner fool you. ”

~ Deb


Zoe Davenport on Wisdom of the Ancients

Zoe Davenport

Multi-Dimensional Channel | Author | Speaker

Zoe Davenport was born with extrasensory abilities and has been extensively studying self-love, quantum physics and spiritual ascension for the past 10 years.

Today, Zoe uses her multidimensional gifts to inspire and support the visionary leaders of the new paradigm. She seeks to guide them towards self-love, authenticity, creative potential, energetic mastery and the embodiment of their higher selves.

From continued deep integration and embodiment of her higher self Shey-Eh-Bah, Zoe draws upon ancient shamanic knowledge and the multi-dimensional field to light the way for a person’s divine mastery and ascended leadership. This supports transformational results grounding in clarity, direction, purpose, empowerment and synergy between divine feminine yin energy of BEing and divine masculine energy of inspired action.

Zoe speaks internationally, hosts crystalline activation retreats, group programs, 1:1 mentorship and virtual/live seminars on the power of self-love as a visionary leader.