Wisdom of the Ancients
Wisdom of the Ancients
Wisdom of the Ancients Global Summit Series


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- may these gifts enrich your life!

Brett Bevell



Your Magic Day is an audio energy healing that brings Merlin’s healing light, protection and Divine empowerment to every aspect of your day . This audio healing is best listened to repeatedly as a daily practice, bringing Divine light into every aspect of your day for weeks, months, or even years, as long as you continue the daily practice.

Kelly Hampton

Archangel Michael’s Highly Charged Healing Star Codes

Never presented before!

You will receive the channeled star codes (a form of highly charged light language) for the following conditions and learn how to work with them:

Do you wish you could prevent wrinkles energetically?

  • What if you could build more collagen without buying expensive cosmetics?
  • Would you love to see a reduction in your belly fat without being on a restrictive diet or other regimented plan?
  • What if you could help yourself build and restore muscle tone without endless hours at the gym?
  • What about using a simple energetic means to potentially help restore hair loss?
  • Would you love to wake up having more energy to do what you love to do?
  • Would you love to improve your eyesight and have an alternative method to potentially say goodbye to eyeglasses and contacts?
  • And what about a light code that has the potential to help with longevity and youthing?

Christel Hughes


Downloadable Guided Journey MP3

Make yourself 'Magnetic' to the Abundance of the Universe using Metatron's Cube. Archangel Metatron holds within his hands this magnificent Sacred Geometric force of Creation. Within the Cube are the Platonic Solids that are found in Nature and all of the Universes. In this guided journey, you will activate one of those sacred shapes held within Metatron's cube for each corresponding chakra.

This process magically magnetizes you to All of the Abundance frequencies and Elements in the Cosmos ~ you will then hold the power to call forth Prosperity and shift your entire Future LifeLine.

Amplify your Magnetic ability to Abundance ~ Float in the energies and Flow the Abundance into your Being...

Your chakras will Love you for letting them take this Abundance Bath!

Diana Cooper



In this video Diana Cooper shows you how to make your own archangel balls, so that you can bathe in the energy of these Illumined Beings. These special Balls also give you downloads of archangel qualities to help your daily life.

Dipal Shah

Restore Your Power

MP3 audio

Living in your Power is a gift you need to get back. You may have been through grief, trauma, and other sufferings where you endured the loss of power in this life and past lifetimes. With this Powerful Healing Mp3 you will learn to use a breathing technique to help clear the solar plexus, strengthen it and get your power back from where and whom you lost it. Experience complete empowerment over your health and life.

Alison Kay

Clearings and Activations for Releasing Your Blocks to Success

MP3 audio

This 20 minute clearing audio provides clearings of the uncommon & frequently unexamined beliefs people can have that block success from being an easily accessible phenomena in their lives.

This audio clears these blocks out, while also downloading and activating this new consciousness for more success than you ever imagined or thought possible!

The clearings go at the center of the foundation of blocks that I've seen from all my years of working with people as in:

  • What stops people from allowing themselves to go for more?,
  • What causes them to have behaviors that sabotage their efforts?
  • What are their really hidden beliefs at the unconscious level where they will stop themselves?

Charan Surdhar


MP3 audio

In two minutes or less, change your destiny, where your genetics no longer dictate who you are and what you feel.Create shifts physically, emotionally and bring in more abundance on all levels.

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Grounding Exercise


Grounding is THE tool that is so necessary when you do any meditations and inner work and which should be a part of your everyday practise as it helps to manifest those energies in the NOW!!!

Grounding is so important for all of us because we live on Mother Earth and we need to be in our bodies to process all the inner work that we do.

This grounding exercise is easy and 100% effective every time it is used.

Christine Day

Opening Up to Your Divine Factor


The changing energies of the Shift is transforming our thyroid gland and changing its role in our bodies. In addition to becoming more crystalline in structure, it is activating our 'Divine Factor.' Our Divine Factor is what connects us to our place within the Collective Consciousness - the God Consciousness. In this audio, you will be journeying through what the Pleiadians call the Divine Access Point (DAP), which lies at the soft area at the base of the throat just above the sternum. This will help you to open up, expand, and let go into the crystalline energy within your Thyroid so that you may move into alignment with your divine energy.

Sandra Walter

Christ Light Activation Guided Meditation


Guided meditation for Cosmic Christ Light Activation and expansion into Source consciousness. Activation of the 33 Solar chakras of the spine, connection with I AM Presence and return to the pure Godhead state. Many use this activation during the Global SUNday Unity Meditations for a powerful experience of Divine Love and connection with Source. An excellent journey for balance, heart opening and focus on the Sacred Self.

MoNique Hunt

Altar Creation Guide & Forgiveness Prayer and Meditation Audio


An Ancestor altar is a special way to connect with and gain support from your Spirit Elders. This gift from Dr. MoNique walks you through designing your Ancestral Altar. Also included is a powerful Forgiveness Prayer and Meditation Audio.

Elizabeth Wood

Horizons - Meditation Album by Elizabeth Wood & Bioluminescent


Enjoy a special meditation album written and woven with light by Elizabeth Wood, produced by Bioluminescent! This journey into variations of light will support your inner mindfulness and stress reduction. The light woven into it acts as a transmission for support and love.

Jimmy Mack

Spiritual Healing Techniques: Essential Methods for Creating a Healthier Life


As a gift to listeners, Jimmy is offering a 10 minute audio excerpt from his book Spiritual Healing Techniques. Listen to Jimmy's introduction of the My Liquid Fish® technique as he walks you through step by step how to do the fish motion; a detailed description of the how to's and best practices including using pendulums and sway testing facing North; how to get clear before you start fishing and what else to expect. Whether you are a novice or considered an expert or experienced healer, this technique will greatly increase your skills. It's the furthest you can from talk therapy and it's actually empowering you to be responsible for you and to give you magic wand powers to change your situation.

Most of us in this realm have always pondered that, “there must be a simpler, easier and more complete way.” For those of any level of healing skills who always felt or knew that there was something more, this is also for you. By utilizing a simple consistent strategy, you can create changes and make a difference in your life and that of others and the My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® technique is especially recommended for healing professionals to incorporate into their practice.

Peter Tongue

A Meditation: Stepping into the 5-D Frequencies


In the Gene Key Transmission, there is only one Start Codon which is the 41st Code and is the entry point into the higher frequencies of the New Earth. This meditation will provide you with the opportunity to step through that Portal into the New Heaven to be Manifested on Earth!

Christopher Macklin

Melchizedek Clearing Meditation


This classic Melchizedek energy healing meditation begins by creating a powerful energy field around the listener made from the ultimate dimension, unconditional love of God. Christopher and the Melchizedek beings remove negativity, blockages, stuck energies, entities, attachments and cords while clearing and reactivating the meridians and chakra points. This powerful meditation concludes by raising the vibration and frequency of the listener in order to facilitate optimal healing. Those who listen to this nightly before retiring to sleep report that they awaken feeling more refreshed, more balanced and with a greater sense of well being, peace and focus.

Leigh Daniel

Crush The Complaints: How to Keep Your Vibrations High When Life Threatens to Get Your Down.

Bonus Video

Your Magic Day is an audio energy healing that brings Merlin’s healing light, protection and Divine empowerment to every aspect of your day . This audio healing is best listened to repeatedly as a daily practice, bringing Divine light into every aspect of your day for weeks, months, or even years, as long as you continue the daily practice.

Tamra Oviatt

Are You Stuck De-Activation


Do you feel you are in a rut and can’t make a decision or move forward? Do you feel that, no matter how hard you try, things simply won’t change? Do you have a problem making decisions or finishing what you start? This activation is for you.

Shelley Esler

Grounding Into Your Heart Space


In our busy, daily lives, it feels like peace and stillness are impossible to capture and hold on to. You try to meditate but your mind won’t stop the endless chatter of to-do lists, work tasks, and other distractions pulling you away.

Through this audio, you'll find a sacred heart space held just for you where you will experience stillness, peace, joy, and contentment.

You can listen to this recording any time you meditate, want to quiet your mind, or simply need a break from the chatter.

Bring peace, stillness, contentment, and joy into your heart space!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Enable you to pull yourself out of your mind and into your heart
  • Be guided to stay in your heart space despite your mind pulling you away
  • Experience lightness, wholeness, stillness, and peacefulness
  • Be more fully grounded into the here and now, into your core, and in the present moment
  • Feel more joy, peace, contentment, bliss, stillness, and happiness
  • Expand your heart space
  • Clear negative, dark emotions from your heart space
  • Remove negative thought forms and entities
  • Clear excess mind chatter and stress
  • Bring lasting peace, contentment, and joy into your life


Lemurian Priestess 2020 Message


SanRa and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 offer an inspired channelled message to help you "take your place" in the Spiritual Hierarchy of All That Is as we move into the higher energies of 2020.

Sally Pullinger

Chakra Opening


In this dynamic visualisation, Spirit Guide Chung Fu helps you open and activate your chakras or energy centres. Doing this practice regularly gives you great inner strength and personal power and creates physical, emotional and mental equilibrium and well-being.

Gene Ang

Arcturian Prosperity Transmission 2020

MP3 audio

The Arcturian Prosperity Transmission and Healing is a 50 minute mp3 recording using various Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies to work on increasing prosperity from a physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal (karmic), spiritual, and divine level. In particular, old programs of poverty consciousness and vows of poverty are cleared from the emotional and mental field as well as karmic links to poverty. In addition, the various subtle bodies like the etheric body are filled with gold energy to cause prosperity to occur on the physical level. This recording can be used throughout the year to boost the prosperity energy and also it can be played in a room to resonate prosperity energy into a space.

Amanda Hopkins

Sacred Self-Love Infusion


This guided journey will support you to clear the energetic webbing that's locking in unworthiness, self-doubt and the belief that you don't deserve or can't have all of the beautiful Blessings that Divine, Source, the Universe wants to bestow upon you.

This is your time to connect with Sacred Self-Love in Divine Remembrance of the love that you already are and align with that vibration as you! In this way, you embody self-love and heightened worth that flows from the recognition of the magnificent Being you truly are... at your Core, your Sacred Soul Truth.

Such embodiment facilitates greater health and overall well-Being - so settle in and claim yours!

Adria Wind Horse Estribou

Shedding Heaviness

MP3 audio recording of channeled audio message from Angel Ariel

Angel Ariel speaks about our misperceptions about what all this heaviness is about right now, and how we can ease this transition.

Nora WalksInSpirit



Are you embodying more of your true Essence of your True PRESENCE of ALL that you are?

All of this releasing and clearing and letting go of those hidden selves and emotions our heart is now expanding and New Awakenings are happening from deep within.

As it gets closer into your Mind and Higher Mind as ONE, you will experience a blended sense of KNOWING and EVOLVING into a PRESENCE of ALL that IS.

Talk to your Higher Self and those Spirit Guides or Gate-Keepers to keep you evolving.

What is going to unfold today, what and who is speaking to ME today by others heart felt VOICES from their WITHIN.

Your body will start adapting and holding onto Soul Presence, and so your Telepathic Frequencies are connecting to the Higher Vibrations.

We are now at a point where we will be used to Balancing our Energies instead of Receiving High and Low Frequencies and rebounding into an up and down yoyo Consciousness. This constant reacting to Reflections and Projections is got to stop for us to become more Balanced and Aligned into our own TRUE SOUL ESSENCE and MASTERMIND Frequencies.

As you become Climatized and Attuned into a regular routine of Balancing the Soul LIGHT Body of a Master Soul Essence, you begin to Transform into a New Cellular Body of Golden LIGHT.

2020 is on its way... and it is already Coming IN through LIGHT ESSENCES...

NEW CODES are coming in the Light Plasma Vibrations that are delivering us all new CODES of LIGHT ESSENCES into our Outer Fields.

WE are in for another Eclipse at the end of this year and another one in January 2020 which will allow us to yet again remove more Karma from within, and to clear ourselves more often throughout the day and night so that as the New Systems of LIGHT open our Heart waves and Brainwave Patterns to these Light Ratios a new pattern of thinking and operating will take place as will a New ONENESS Consciousness of FREEDOM.

Since Nora felt this webinar was so important and powerful, she is offering it as a free gift to you for attending.

Macaya Miracle

5D Ascension Activation


In this Accelerated Light Healing Activation you will receive a transmission of 5D Energies to Heal Your Physical Body, Raise Your Vibration and Massively Accelerate Your Ascension Process!