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Wisdom of the Ancients
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Replay from Wednesday January 29th

Peter Tongue

TOPIC: Entering The Age of Aquarius through the Gene Keys!

Peter joined us today and shared how the Gene Keys are a literal roadmap to how Divine Grace can descend and be bestowed upon you.


  • During this intense time, we're being given the message: You need to go on your true Divine destiny path
  • The good news, is that the Gene keys will show you exactly what your path is!
  • How your core wound can transform into your greatest gift
  • The Gene Keys will reveal your purpose to you

It's almost the same as "mandatory reading", that we all get our Gene Key reading. The path and how to get there, is revealed. If you've already had your first reading, new information, new knowings, will reveal themselves to you in subsequent readings. You will go deeper, you will understand more, the path to Divine Grace upon you becomes clearer.

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