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Replay from Wednesday November 6th

Camilla Kumara


This was such a beautiful call with Camilla, who brought in a benevolent being by the name of Aurora. Camilla channeled Aurora, who gave us messages around the importance of coming together as a community, and how much we are all needed. In fact, we are being waited for. We were also taken on a activation to bring forth the pure love that we are.


  • We co-create a web of Light when we come together, and this web holds so much more power than we can individually hold
  • We are being waited for... when we dare to show up, we have more support than we realize
  • Light Beings are here and available for us all, our part is to commit to expanding our vibration and frequency so that they can come in and communicate with us
  • The greater our frequency, the more light we hold
  • Such beautiful healing and cleansing toning by Camilla

In the live webinars with Camilla and Aurora, be part of live transmissions with Light Language and channeled guided meditations through the 12D crystalline stargates.

During a private session, there will be healing of your cellular memories. If not healed, they can keep you in a fear-based reality. Camilla intuitively works through your chakras AND your cosmic records with support from one or several benevolent guide teams such as Angelic Guides, Ascended Masters, high dimensional Star Beings and Elementals, Camilla will serve as a conduit of light, love and growth.

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