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Kasey & Brad Wallis

Your Empowerment Explains Everything


Students of Julius have called this a most powerful teaching on self-empowerment.

Julius lifts the veils of resistance and fear that hold you back from knowing how powerful you are. As you gain clarity and understanding, you are enabled to resolve every single issue in your life and live life seamlessly. That is the promise of this amazing teaching.

Some of the key information and components:
What is resistance and how do you let go of this crucial stumbling block?

The two biggest fears most humans have and why they have them.

How your empowerment explains all the variables of God.

Crucial insight into spiritual arrogance.
The staggering truth underlying fault and blame.
The power and driving force of the subconscious mind.
An immensely powerful practice that will turn your life around.

A deep explanation of the “I AM” statement.
And more...

Dr. Jean Logan

Glyph #5 - Fear


This glyph can remove fear that is imbedded in your cellular memory. We have many layers of fear that are holding us back and causing illness. You can use this glyph often.

Dr. Alison J. Kay

Powerful Activations and Clearings to Release Your Subconscious Blocks to Success from Dr. Alison J. Kay


20 minute audio to help get you unstuck & able reach the levels of success you desire.

Anne Deidre

Let Your Spirit Soar-Guardian Angel Print


Anne Deidre’s Original Intuitive Artwork holds encodements of consciousness and vibrational healing that can elevate your soul while connecting you with your True Self. Guardian Angel is a reminder that you can soar in every moment as you connect with the higher aspects, the Divine Nature of yourself.

Dr. Edwige

Understanding The States and Stages of Consciousness


  • Why is one man sad and another man happy?
  • Why is one man joyous and prosperous and another man poor and miserable?
  • Why is one man fearful and anxious and another full of faith and confidence?
  • Why does one man have a beautiful, luxurious home while another man lives out a meager existence in a slum?
  • Why is one woman happily married and her sister very unhappy and frustrated?

Kelly Hampton

Advanced Teachings from Archangel Michael Channeled


3 Exercises to Help You Connect With Your Spirit Guides and Angels Including using StarCodes, a Form of Light Language

Sara Landon

Who Is Your Ascended Master Self?


Special pre-recorded broadcast from June 17th!

WHO IS YOUR ASCENDED MASTER SELF: Discover Why You Are Being Called To Step Into The Power, Wisdom & Love of Your Ascended Master Self

Ken Stone

Video and MP3 Download of The Stages of Consciousness + Divine Connecting Breath

Video / Audio

Listen in to the Enliven Video from Ken’s most recent Resonance Experiment as he explains the four stages of consciousness and teaches Divine Connecting Breath.

The stages of consciousness are a framework for understanding your spiritual developmental journey, and Divine Connecting Breath is a process that has been shared with tens or even hundreds of thousands of people around the world; it is a simple and profound guided meditation for experiencing your inner connection with the Divine by whatever name.

Dr. Monique Hunt

Spirit of the Ancestors - Three Spiritual Practices to connect with your Ancestors for Healing and Guidance


Learn three spiritual practices you can use immediately to connect with your Ancestors for guidance and wisdom in your relationships, career, business, soul’s purpose and finances.

Learn who your Ancestors are and why it is important to connect with them.

Read Dr. MoNique’s answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Sally Pullinger

Solar Logos Journey 1 - Mirayeva


Introduction and Transmission from the Solar Lord Mirayeva

The Solar Logos is the Inner Central Sun of the Universe, named in different traditions, the Christ energy, the Creator, the Supreme Being. The Solar Lords (both female and male) are the Light Beings who are radiating the Pure Light of the New Creation out into the Universe. This first journey is part of an inspiring and uplifting series of transmissions with Chung Fu and the Solar Lords which brings you into connection with the Solar Logos. The powerful rays of the Inner Sun are bringing huge transformation into these earthly dimensions at this time, causing vast amounts of chaos and upheaval both internally and externally. In this guided sound meditation journey Chung Fu introduces you to the power and brilliance of these emanations, which are coming through the ethers. Solar Lord Mirayeva speaks in Star Language helping you to connect with the Source and receive the empowerment of the Solar Rays. Enjoy!

Susann Taylor Shier

Ignite Your Unique Soul Purpose & "The Year Of Finding Your TRUE Authority"


Within the pages of this powerful eGuide, Susann activates your inner North Star to feel confident in making choices that will vastly improve your career, health, relationships and overall well-being. This gift also includes a video exercise to connect to dependable guidance for stellar decision making.

Includes Bonus MP3: "The Year of Finding Your TRUE Authority."

Brett Bevell

Aura Cleanse


Optimize your physical health, and mental wellness with this powerful energy healing designed to free you from unwanted thought forms, and low vibrations that can hinder your light and true expression of your soul power. Once these obstacles are released, your soul light shines brighter into your life and the lives of others

Debora Wayne

Amazon #1 BestSelling Book:
“Why Do I Still Hurt?” Rapid Relief for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More!

Digital Download

Receive a Digital Download of Debora's #1 Amazon Bestseller "Why Do I Still Hurt?" - Rapid Relief for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More!

Debora Wayne, Founder of the Biofield Healing Institute® and creator of The Pain Free Living Program® will show you why thousands of her past clients in 150 countries have reported complete and total healing from Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Battles with Weight, Binge Eating, BurnOut, and so much more, even when nothing else worked!

Discover the hidden cause for your pain and symptoms that often don't and won't show up on medical tests. Finally stop the pain of trying to figure this out on your own as Debora shares with you leading-edge wisdom based on little-known science that provides the missing puzzle piece you've been searching for to remove pain and put energy, joy, and freedom back into your life.