Wisdom of the Ancients
Wisdom of the Ancients
Wisdom of the Ancients Global Summit Series


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Meg Benedicte


Discover for yourself how Quantum Access™ can transform your physical reality in life-altering ways! By tapping into a counter-clockwise spinning Vortex, we can unlock the gravitational field and step into freedom, sovereignty, and expansion of our full potential! I will share with you the first step in becoming Quantum Beings…we need to increase our energy frequency! Quantum Access™ is the most powerful tool in existence to speed up our energy vibration!

Matt Andrews



With this Light Language MP3 we are intending to help you Lighten up, to relax, and invite the high vibration of Fun into your Life so that you can allow more expansion and freedom in your field and thus allow the process of releasing your density to occur more comfortably, gracefully, and quickly. We intend to help you release the negative connotations that the vibration of fun has been indoctrinated with, letting go of the idea that fun is a waste of time, a distraction, a childish pursuit to indulge in, so that you can let go of your guilt around having high vibrational fun and enjoying Laughter.

Cynthia Charis

Ascending into the Diamond Worlds

2 one hour teleclass recordings

Audrey Light Language



The One is a message from Source, God, Prime Creator. Feel the High Energy while you listen and are wrapped in Creator's Love. People around the world have felt the energy as they are listening to the message that helps assist you to remember the Truth of that which you are as you are bathed in the energy of Love from Creator God. Also Audrey Light Language, Spiritual Architect and Energy Engineer speaks the Language of the Light and the Akash as she brings in energy and codes for healing and upgrades for you.

Elizabeth Wood

Discernment and Discrimination Spiritual Training


Jill Mattson

NIGHT FLOWERS - mp3 Song with encoded DNA sounds


Jill Mattson has identified and extracted the precise frequencies of key components of our DNA blueprint. She has structured a complex audio creation containing the sound frequencies of the four building blocks of our DNA: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine; also included is Uracil (for RNA), frequencies of the elements Phophours, Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen and harmonic chains. Enjoy the beautiful music, while tuning your DNA, THe building block in every cell of your body!

Each track has tiered levels of frequencies from our molecular DNA building blocks. Additionally, there is an overarching traditional musical score, which enhances and connects the overall listening experience. The symphony of tones harmonizes and resonates on a very subtle level. All frequencies used are in the audible range of the human ear. The pleasing musical structure is the matrix, which holds these DNA sound energies. The net effect is a rich sonic revelation. Tones of healthy DNA constituents cascade throughout the tracks bathing this listener in positive, consonant streams of sound.

There are Fibonacci sound spirals that mirror the double helix geometry of DNA. The Fibonacci sequences take the listener upward and resonate along the deepest pathways of our energetic scaffolds. Our bodies and our genetic records are purified and reinvigorated. There are sounds taken from the backbone of the complex DNA molecule, strengthening and infusing the very structure of our chromosomes.

Diana Cooper


Workshop recording

This is an opportunity to learn about unicorns and connect with your personal unicorn as well as to receive healing and enlightenment from it. What is its name? Did you know it in Atlantis? What gifts is it helping you bring forward?

Unicorns are wonderful healers who can release deep ancient traumas, so that you can bring back more of your soul energy and find deep inner contentment and happiness. In a deep visualisation it will start to purify your essence and heal you at a soul level. This will enable you to see your divine essence, who you really are, so that you can stand in your true enlightened magnificence. Your unicorn has a special message for you.

Unicorns can grant wishes. This is an opportunity to ask from the right space!

We will also do service work with unicorns to help others and the planet.

Kelly Hampton

How to Attract Love and Other Spiritual Teachings About Love

Kelly is extending this FREE channeled teaching delivered as a pdf from Archangel Michael about HOW TO ATTRACT LOVE INTO YOUR LIFE during these uncertain times to help spread love as directed by Archangel Michael.

During this divinely led teaching, learn some empowering ways-spiritual, energetic and "earth action" ways to attract your permanent partner, and how your soul family supports your ascension. It is recommended that you play a clear quartz crystal bowl frequency tone while reading the material to enhance your healing experience.

  • Learn what is meant by soul contracts and Ascension
  • Learn the difference between "Connectors" and "Infinity Partners"
  • Learn why Archangel Michael says twin flames, soul mates, and other soul relationships are changing, and in some cases inaccurate
  • Learn what is meant by being in the same soul family
  • Learn about karmic debt
  • Learn why it's more important than ever to erase limiting beliefs

Aurora Luna



Surrender is one of our most challenging lessons. In this meditation, our Ascended family creates an opportunity for us to walk across the invisible bridge to the manifestation of our deepest desires and dreams!

Alicia Power


With Master Intuitive Alicia Power

Enjoy participating in three PLANETARY GROUP HEALINGS - facilitated by my Creator Being Spirit Tutors. The NEED for HIGH LIGHT is urgent in this moment in our collective history. Our personal auras and humanity's group aura will be brought into a higher vibratory field in these healings.

Emunah Malinovitz

Abundance its your Birthright!


A prayer to connect to the divine abundance and open yourself to blessings.

Kerri Lake

Experience Yourself In Harmony With Life


Harmony is unity in motion. In this 12 minute audio, I'll share with you a simple empowerment to assist your ability to recognize yourself in harmony. I'll tell you the one major wrench, the one familiar thing that gets in the way of this experience, and I'll share with you the simplicity of shifting your experience when you feel trapped or unable to experience the harmony that is your natural state of being.

Nora WalksInSpirit

Whales Accelerating your Consciousness


Catherine Rosenbaum

Ho' oponopono (To Make Right or Rectify)


One of my favorite and powerful tools of this world is the power of the spoken word, the divine intention behind the words, and our ability to tap into Grace and communion within ourselves. On Jan 12th, 2020 - we had a collapse of time as we knew it. "Now" we have even greater powers awakening within us all to purify ourselves, our families and the world through the ways of the peaceful warrior. We are those Initiates waking up! We can heal the world from within. Repair the world back to our Origins of Ultimate Oneness. Back to the STAR PYRAMID...


Karen Lagrange

Clearing for Money


We all have issues with money, the Crystal Matrix will clear issues with money. With this gift you can release some of your money issues. You may need a session to clear deeper money blocks. Enjoy.

Amanda Hopkins

Nervous System Reboot and Regeneration Guided Journey


This guided journey is designed to help you free yourself from energetic debris that's misdirecting your energy flow, placing stress on your physical body and creating chaos, confusion and miscommunication in your Nervous System. This energetic sludge prevents you from being in connection with your body and accessing the deeper Wisdom and Higher Knowing that are available for you within your physical body. When Divine Light energies are more fully able to penetrate the cells of your body, your body then has the capacity to efficiently and effectively communicate allowing it to break through previously held physical limitations.

As you move through this expansive guided journey, you'll access Amanda's Cellular Restructuring Technique, which utilizes a combination of specialized energy processes, as you reconnect your Soul to Body at the deepest level of your Being. This will support your physical body evolution, enabling your body to more deeply and fully receive supportive Source energy that is flowing and available for you. Reception of this Divine Light energy enables you to attune your intercellular and intracellular communication to the vibrations of your Highest Soul's essence. As the cells of your body regenerate in the presence of this radiant flow of Source energy, a foundation for physical vitality and whole body expansion is established within you.

Camilla KumaRa

Rainbow Bridge Light Language Meditation


A Light Language Sound Code Transmission and short guided meditation for you to connect with the Rainbow Bridge, a doorway to higher dimensions. With Diamond Light for your energy field.

Judy Satori

CODES of LIGHT - The Alpha to Omega Story

At this time of global RESET, what is occurring 'out there' in our world is mirrored inside of each one of us. We are being RECALIBRATED to evolve through an unprecedented period of divinely planned human DNA upgrade.

The Codes of Light masterclass was recorded live at ASCENSION 2020; Judy Satori's three day global event at Mana Retreat Centre in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The series begins with the 68 minute orientation session, ‘Our Alpha to Omega Story’.

This free gift includes:

  • Video: Codes of Light prologue
  • MP3: Alpha to Omega Meditation, by Judy Satori

Christel Hughes



This audio will help you set your inner compass to your Higher Self Truth. You will support your Whole body being into becoming the guide to direct your every step towards your purpose work. It is time for you to allow your innate wisdom to keep you in the flow.

Sara Landon

Ride the Wave of New Energy -
Channeled MP3 Activation from Sara Landon & The Council

Allow the profound wisdom of The Council to positively influence your life as they declare that everything is coming into a whole new energy and encourage you to fully embody your power, your wisdom, your consciousness, and all that you are.

Main themes include:

  • Let go of the old—old stories, old ways of interacting and relationships, old ways of talking and thinking about yourself, old environments, old energy that is not supporting you in coming into the realization of all that you are and living in Heaven on Earth.
  • There is only love. You can end any old story with that one simple thing. There is only love.
  • You are the energy that transforms everything. You’re the energy that transforms your relationships, your body, your finances, your life.
  • Be certain, be clear, be confident about everything. Not because you have it figured out, because you know who you are.
  • The more you give your brains evidence so that you can begin to believe in your infinite potential at the highest level, you then begin to write a new story, write a new script.

Raquel Spencer

Daily Infusions of Light

Focus your intentions and align your energy systems with this 5-minute Daily Infusions of Light practice. This is your morning team meeting with your body consciousness. Shift out of autopilot and give yourself the instruction you need to raise your vibration, tap into higher levels of consciousness and truly co-create your life.

Sally Pullinger

In the Temple of White Tara Vol. 1


An invocation to the Divine Mother of Paradise, this soundscape takes you deep into the cave of the Ancient Mother of all Life.

Ascended Master Chung Fu, who had many lifetimes as a Tibetan monk and lama, brings you a series of ancient chants to honour White Tara, Goddess of Purity, Heavenly Tara, Goddess Mother. White Tara is also known as "the Mother of all Buddhas" , She is the perfect embodiment of purity, graceful power, and wisdom...Sometimes White Tara is called "the Goddess of Seven Eyes" because, in addition to the third eye, we sometimes see Her with eyes in Her hands and feet.

Enjoy the beautiful voice of Jerome Zoran singing these ancient White Tara chants to a background of sacred sounds, including crystal bowls, didgeridoo, concert harp.