Wisdom of the Ancients
Wisdom of the Ancients
Wisdom of the Ancients Global Summit Series


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Alicia Power


With Master Intuitive Alicia Power

Enjoy participating in three PLANETARY GROUP HEALINGS - facilitated by my Creator Being Spirit Tutors. The NEED for HIGH LIGHT is urgent in this moment in our collective history. Our personal auras and humanity's group aura will be brought into a higher vibratory field in these healings.

Brett Bevell

Magical Awakening Spiritual Detox Healing


Experience the wonder and awesome healing power of the Magical Awakening Energy Healing System, in a healing designed to help us detox from unwanted energies at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. This unique healing video from Magical Awakening founder Brett Bevell can be viewed numerous times for a powerful cumulative healing effect.

Jill Mattson

Ancient Sound Portal to God (YHWH)


The masters used sacred words as portals to higher energies. Those in the Kaballah and ancient Egyptian traditions stared at holy words to receive energies through their eyes that were empowering and life-changing. The devotees in the Hindu tradition would also stare at a yantra, a shape. A master would say, "Stare at the yantra often in this lifetime or live 1,000 lives to accomplish the same enlightenment." Wow, one can receive much energy by looking at a sacred name or shape.

Enormous amounts of energy radiated from the sacred shapes converted to sounds. This energy is even stronger than staring at the forms, such as below.

Jill Mattson has converted the sacred name of God, YHWH, into sounds for your rapid enlightenment. It is beautiful, haunting, and powerful.

Lori Spagna

The 4 Crystals You Simply MUST Have for YOUR Ascension and What To Do with Them!

Ebook and Free Teleclass

Macaya Miracle

5D Ascension Activation


In this Accelerated Light Healing Activation you will receive a transmission of 5D Energies to Heal Your Physical Body, Raise Your Vibration and Massively Accelerate Your Ascension Process!

Justin Elledge

The Sacred Buddhist Practice of Preventing Contagious Disease Meditation


Dr. Karen Kan

Clearing and Protection Spray Formula

Video and 2 PDFs

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Cord Cutting


Are you aware that every time you interact with somebody you both energetically connect and a cord is created between you? That could be with the person who serves you in a shop, the person you chat to at the bus stop, a work colleague, a friend or family member, in fact anyone.

Because you are both attached to the same cord you can influence the moods, emotions or feelings of each other.

Any emotional attachment either positive or negative like love, anger, hurt, fear, joy etc can grow thicker and will not break apart easily even if you don't see that person again. Even if you forget them the cords are still there and their energy can affect you and your energy can affect them without either of you realizing.

This is especially true about past spouses and sexual partners and this is where psychic attack is channeled from others which can of course devastate our lives.

Cutting cords is one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself preferably every day, once a week or once a month if that is what you intuit. When you cut cords you automatically feel calmer and more positive.

Cord cutting will not break positive ties because the energy of those cords vibrate higher and are full of love and positivity unless of course you want them to be cut.

Listening to this mp3 will enable all of the cords attached to you and from you be released to be free and in control of your own energy matrix.

Grace Hom

Quantum Ozone for Eyesight


Ozone therapy has been proven to heal tissue. The tissues of the eyes also respond to ozone. This mp3 from Grace Hom energetically downloads ozone to all parts of the eyes: conjunctiva, sclera, cornea, iris, crystalline lens, ciliary body, vitreous humor, retina, optic nerve and all the muscles that support the eyes. Regular use of this mp3 will support the healing of your eyes. You can also use this mp3 to relax your eyes at the end of the day. If you do lots of work in front of a computer screen, this mp3 would be good to support your eyes to heal from over-use and tiredness.

William Linville

Selected Chapters from the book:
Relationships with Everything and Everyone
By William Linville


  • Let's Begin with Clarity
  • Who You Are
  • A True Loving Relationship of the Heart with Your Life-Stream, Your Beingness and the Whole Universe

Sophia Zoe

Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart


A guided meditation that begins with calming the entire body. It continues with quieting the active mind and connecting it to the heart.

Clardy Malugen

Manifestation Machine


Take Five & Shift Your Vibration with this Energy-infused Frequency-Enhanced Excursion to the Miracle Zone!

Christel Hughes

CRYSTAL CLEANSE audio series


This Trio of Crystal Cleanse audios includes:

Crystal Body Cleanse

Crystal Body Cleanse Guided Journey to support cleansing the organs of your body, etheric and etheric energetic bodies of your aura. Use this for removal of Karmic debris in your organs to free you up as you ascend.

Crystal Meridian Cleanse

Crystal Meridian Cleanse Guided Journey to support cleansing the meridians that run throughout your body and energetic systems. Use this every week for removal of debris in your meridians so you can access more light for an easier ascension process.

Crystal TimeLine Cleanse

Crystal TimeLine Cleanse Guided Journey to support cleansing the TimeLines...Past, Past Life and Genealogical. Use this for removal of ancestral Karmic debris to free you up as you ascend.

Beth Herndobler


Free Gift

In this package you will experience a combination of studying and observing your 7 chakras and the 7 layers of your auric field as well as engaging in an exercise to clear and release density in your energetic body. You will receive PDFs of images of the 7 chakras and 7 layers of the aura to assist you with this work.

Tanja James

Reset, Release and Renew Your Spirit

MP3 Audio

Enjoy this meditative journey to transform any current challenge, trigger, or residual trauma into quietude, peace, and neutrality. In this relaxing transmission, Tanja and her Team of Light guide you through fear and uncertainty until stress and anxiety fall away. Access your inner strength and let your divine light take the lead. You have a deep well of wisdom stored within your being. Tanja invites you to rediscover the inner magic and inherent power of your Higher Self.

Christopher Macklin

Melchizedek Clearing Meditation

MP3 Audio

This classic Melchizedek energy healing meditation begins by creating a powerful energy field around the listener made from the ultimate dimension, unconditional love of God. Christopher and the Melchizedek beings remove negativity, blockages, stuck energies, entities, attachments and cords while clearing and reactivating the meridians and chakra points. This powerful meditation concludes by raising the vibration and frequency of the listener in order to facilitate optimal healing. Those who listen to this nightly before retiring to sleep report that they awaken feeling more refreshed, more balanced and with a greater sense of well being, peace and focus.

Tarek Bibi

Manifest Anything Now!

MP3 Audio