Wisdom of the Ancients
Wisdom of the Ancients
Wisdom of the Ancients Global Summit Series


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- may these gifts enrich your life!

Anne Deidre

Divine Energy Infused Chakra Scan


In this powerful guided meditation, infused with Divine energy, you will learn how to tune into each chakra, release fear and connect with your inner stability, creativity, power, love, good communication, spiritual gifts and connection to Spirit. Listen to this audio daily to begin to clear and activate your 7 chakras, or wealth centers to release the layers of dense energy you’ve picked up throughout your life.

Joy Baker

Self Love and the New Earth


What does Self Love have to do with existing in the New Earth? Everything! What you're feeling inside is what you're radiating out. To exist in the New Earth you want to be radiating out Love and above. In this 19 minute audio we clear through the 7 main chakras what's been keeping you in a low vibration and activate the frequencies of Love, Gratitude, Divine Power and more.

Marilyn Alauria

Soul Finder Academy Preview

Get your FREE sneak peek of the 16 week program!

I wanted to share a powerful lesson with you that is in one of my courses, Soul Finder Academy. When my Guides gave me this lesson, it drastically changed my life. I'm trusting it will do the same for you. It's one simple exercise and if you do it every day, you will start seeing a shift in your thoughts, in how you carry yourself and then in your outside world. Our life changes not from things outside of us but from how we feel inside. We create from the inside out. I look forward to hearing from you, and how this lesson has shifted your daily experiences. If you have questions, please feel free to email us at Much love to all of you. xo

Colby Wilk

The New Tree Ceremony


Do you love life, but who don't love your life? This ceremony is helpful for those who can't seem to get unstuck. Warning, this is not for folks who want to hold onto security, fear or limits.


Lemurian Chakra Attunement

MP3 Audio

Please enjoy this 25 minute channeled Lemurian chakra attunement by SanRa and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13. You will hear sacred sounds, receive energy activation and explanation of Lemurian chakras, so needed in our great time of change on earth now.

Alicia Power



A 1.5 hr powerful training and soul healing from Alicia Power

A truly a powerful inner awakening - to your true nature as a BEING OF LIGHT that LIVES BEYOND this physical dimension.

- Be healed and ethericaly rewired to prepare to meet higher beings

- Meet your SOUL COMMUNITY from higher dimensions

- Remember 'who' you are beyond the physical

- Explore a TOUR OF LOVE, reminding you 'where' to go to receive healing in the worlds of spirit

- Experience Vast High Love Beings REFLECTING YOU back to you

- Meet your FUTURE SELF and receive healing, remembering and an ongoing 'buddy' relationship

- Meet aspects of you beyond time and space to recognize yourself as a being of POWER, FREEDOM, JOY AND LOVE.

Siobhan Wilcox

Sacred Home, Sacred You

Temple Chants & Mantras

Siobhan Wilcox is a natural born healer. As a Soul Whisperer, Intuitive Coach & Home Healer, who has appeared on TV, radio & in print media. She is a best selling author. With over 25 years experience, she loves to harness the power of Mantra to raise the vibration of a home and clear negativity from around her clients.

This free gift explores the POWER OF MANTRA, the PURPOSE OF MANTRA and WHEN TO USE MANTRA.

Siobhan also shares her personal mantra playlist designed to:

Create Protection

Clear Negativity

Clear blocks around Prosperity

Clear Karma

Clear Harmful Psychic Attacks

Increase Your Wellbeing

Zoe Davenport

Golden Heart Ceremony

MP3 Audio

Expand your frequency of love

Join this intimate and powerful transmission of receiving - journeying through a ceremony to the core of Mother Earth, to the outer edges of reality and attuning to the crystalline frequencies of the divine.

Through an exploration of the expanded soul consciousness, you travel through the heart space and call in your Golden Heart pyramid codes.

These ancient codes are now accessible to those on Earth that are ready to explore their realities through the heart space.

Susann Taylor Shier

Reunite with Your Soul’s True Blueprint


Reunite with Your Soul’s True Blueprint to set in motion all that you wish to create now at this tremendous time of new beginnings. This guided journey meditation and activation magically connects you to the universal Blueprint Council that has always held alignment with your soul source and its unique Blueprint. As you bring this divinely established field within your sacred heart the codes for your existence as a sovereign creator being will be instantly switched on. You will glow with the recognition that the time has come for you to bring forth your soul’s gifts and strengths and purposes fully.

Emunah Malinovitz

A message and Activation for StarSeeds and Wayshowers


Emunah Malinovitz and her team channel a message and prayer to Awaken your Starseed, as it’s time to Be StarBlossoms !

Experience an activation in this mp3 created just for you

Sara Landon



Special channeled message from Sara Landon & The Council recorded especially to support you during this global event!

In this channeled message, you will discover:

– What the world is awakening to and why you have been preparing your entire life for this time

– Why it’s so important to create a new paradigm and a balanced system within your own life experience

– How this experience will transform human consciousness and why millions are awakening now

– The fascinating ways people will be awakening beyond spiritual paths

– The role of love, mastery and impeccable creation in the time of awakening

– The latest wisdom from The Council, which is always enlightening and surprising!

Danielle Brooks

Sacred Heart Activation : Temple of The Beloved

MP3 Audio

Together, we invoke the sacred heart within you, to access greater intuition, clarity and love. This meditative journey includes new languages of Creation and light codes that are sung from the heart of the Cosmos. They help you access divine guidance and remain centred during these pivotal times.

Nora WalksInSpirit

What About Love? - Telepathic Tuesday

MP3 Audio

This Master Teaching and Activation is created to bring Balance, Harmony and Love into your Inner Soul Child who is in Resistance, Fear and Unknowing of these Energies.

40 Minutes of Transforming Connecting Energies through Stillness.

Christof Melchizedek

Your Energy Healing for
Respiratory and Health issues linked to Coronavirus

MP3 Audio

Your energetic healing protocol for respiratory issues

Clear mucus, congestion, miasma, compression, compaction, clear stress webs, stress response, inflammation, energy tears, leaks, blocked chakras and meridians creating respiratory issues

Dipal Shah

Rewire Your Nervous System to Live a Joyful Life

MP3 Audio

Energetic Blood Cleanse/Detox MP3 (regular $85)

Your blood is the oxygen and nutrient supplying means without which the transport isn't possible. It also transmits the impurities to the respective filtering organs such as liver and kidneys so as to make the body free of toxins all the time. It has self-healing properties but with years of job being done, it itself gets toxic and needs immediate cleanse. This mp3 will help you clean and purify your blood, resetting the cells, clearing dormant cancer cells, and cleansing the liver and kidneys and rejuvenating your immune system. Benefits of a blood cleanse are: Reduce cholesterol, clear Acne, Protection against cancer, Liver stimulation, Improved Blood Circulation, Enhanced Digestive System, Elevated Brain Functioning and more

Raquel Spencer

Global Gathering of Light


60 minute multidimensional activation

Matt Mantara


MP3 Audio

A powerful Light Language session delivered with the intention to facilitate you most expansive awakening naturally.

Tamra Oviatt

Healing in the Akashic Records

MP3 Audio

Tamra takes you on a guided meditation into the Akashic Records where you will be able to lay down on a healing table covered with Sacred Geometry light and crystals.

In this guided meditation you can focus on any emotional or physical healing that is needed at this time.