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Dipal Shah on Wisdom of the Ancients

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Dipal Shah

Topic: Mastering your own Karma:
Quickly Reprogram Your Karmic Grid for Greater Health, Finances, and Relationships

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Karma means your actions. Karmic imprints are the imprints that have been left behind through your actions. Whether it's a challenging childhood, a problematic boss, or a failed relationship, we all have our baggage. Unresolved issues can manifest as pain or illness as well as blocks to personal fulfillment and accomplishment. Often, these issues are karmic carryovers from other lifetimes. These karmic carryovers create imprints and reside in different areas of the Karmic Grid.

It is part of YOUR soul's mission in every lifetime to heal karma in order to grow and evolve.

Dipal Shah has discovered that 4 types of karmas need to be cleared in order for one to attain a level of moksha which is a sanskrit name where one becomes self realized and finds FREEDOM and HAPPINESS. She will help you with Karmic Imprint Removal from all lifetimes that is creating blocks in your body, mind, energy system. She will help you transform your challenges and your life.

Once your “slate is clean” there is no more karmic load to overwhelm and weigh you down. The karmic dissolution allows spiritual growth, a higher potential and to live by Divine love and focus on your Divine mission without so much resistance and struggle. The more karma is cleared, the more material is free to surface, revealed and able to be transmuted. When karma is cleared the ascension process elevated your soul up to a higher consciousness and understanding.

Now More Than EVER, It is Critical to Clear Your Karma!

As the Pandemic, Quarantine and Lockdowns continue all over the world you may be experiencing old repressed energies (thoughts, feelings, emotions, and limiting beliefs) showing up from time to time or consistently.

Subconscious cells are playing out your Karma right now as lifetimes of old memories, patterns, addictions and behaviors may be coming up for you!

As sensitive souls you are integrating the energies from your environment, others and the earth which is creating roadblocks in your life. The pandemic has made you more alert now than ever before yet still asleep.

If there was ever a time we needed to reflect on our Karmas, it is now.

If there was ever a time we needed to change our conduct, behaviourism, and lifestyle, it is now so that we can make conscious choices and create positive Karma for our future, our lineage and the earth.

What you will experience during the call:

  • Find out if your actions of your current life are irreparable and if you are destined to suffer from its consequences
  • Discover the Secret to Dissolving and Clearing old Karma forever so that you can find freedom and peace
  • Learn tips that will help you break free from the cycle of Karma
  • Find out what is keeping you in “suffering mode”
  • Karma = results of our bad actions in the past is False!!! Learn how Karma can be your friend.
  • Find out what old Karmic Patterns that you keep are repeating, and what your lessons are in this lifetime

PLUS, Dipal will be taking questions live, so be sure to dial in or ask your question online!

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