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An Open State of Receptiveness and Expression of Universal Love

William Linville on Wisdom of the Ancients



An Open State of Receptiveness and Expression of Universal Love

Mastering Creator Consciousness is embodying and expressing the beautiful vibratory levels, frequencies and benevolence of the divine facet of creator that you are, throughout your physical form. You, living beyond emotional responses, without any filtrations of polarized belief systems. It’s going beyond being owned by the mind and letting the mind and body catch up with you, where you’re playing with a full embodiment of Creator Consciousness with, into and throughout your physical form. It’s you, bringing forth new energies in a new paradigm. It’s you, your own uniquedness and unique wisdom, emanating and expressing through a physical form.

This program is brought forward in a recorded series of interactive webinars and teleconferences, in which William presents clarity, fresh perspective, activations and assistance for a host of topics and questions (more on those in a moment). Yet more significantly, throughout each phase of this program, William guides us through exercises of feeling, acknowledging, opening, receiving and expressing Creator Consciousness throughout our physical form, which in turn opens each of us ever more to the ease and grace of fully receiving, maintaining and expressing the benevolent flow of Creator Consciousness throughout all facets of our life stream.


A Sampling of the Program Flow & Topics…

as you’re guided into embodying your unique frequencies, tones, vibratory levels, divine wisdom and clarity in Mastering Creator Consciousness:

  • Opening to receive in a new state of knowingness, amplification and radiance to where there are zero bounds, barriers nor blockages around you
  • Stepping out of space and time to connect with your unique creator consciousness
  • Truly hearing your higher levels of guidance
  • Letting go of the body to let it do what it does best
  • Discovering your strength as you become stronger and stronger
  • Clearing the pathway of connecting with your creator levels and addressing what really matters to you
  • Experiencing your life as you are seeing the world and everything in it through the heart
  • Decompressing combustible energy that is just waiting for the top to blow off
  • Moving forth from a higher vibratory level and watching your body change within a new paradigm, constantly evolving and growing, even starting to feel your creator source intelligence
  • Redeciding what is true about you and the whole world without any sort of influence
  • Actualizing everyday creator consciousness and being the difference in the world as you light up the whole matrix around you that starts to affect everyone around you

Questions Addressed Within the Program:

  • How do we stay outside the fray of the world around us as we’re watching the changes, transitions, transcendences within our minds, bodies and our physical world?
  • How do we release ourselves from past actions, words and deeds when we feel we’ve bought into them?
  • What does surrender really mean?
  • How do we release the tail end of the debris around judgment?
  • How do we best recognize what needs to be addressed when feeling unraveled?
  • What do we do when thoughts and emotions are running us?
  • How do we transmute conflicted states of consciousness into clear states of consciousness?
  • What is the best way to communicate with our ascended host realms, angelic and archangelic realms even when the connection is not feeling like a strong connection?
  • Could you give us an activation or clearing to bind out any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual interferences and reconnect us with all of ourselves?
  • With all of the amazing things I have learned and am still learning, what would be a good way to integrate all the new information gained?


Included in PACKAGE OFFER:

  • This program is a series of three (3) webinars, with each webinar being followed by a teleconference, making up a complete program series of eleven (11) hours of video and audio downloads.



An Open State of Receptiveness and Expression of Universal Love


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“ William Linville has been a profound teacher and guide for me. I cannot imagine where I would be without his teachings. To this day, William continues to be a transformative presence in my life. Perhaps what I like best about William is that he returns me to myself and my unique path. There is no judgment for the past or projection about what I should do in the future. There is just assistance for me to let go of whatever holds me back and run forward along my own path. ”

~ Christine Marie

“ William Linville is an incredibly kind and exceptional being. He embodies pure love and unlimited consciousness, free of all veils and filters. His breadth and range are extraordinary, offering insight into absolutely anything and everything from the nature of the universe and the far reaches of the galaxies and beyond, to deep healing and understanding about the nature of our very personal issues. Will is here to assist humanity in accelerating and amplifying our process of ascension to facilitate profound change. He is quirky, playful and above all encourages us to be ourselves, enjoy our lives and ‘dance with the universe’. ”

~ Ruthie Smith, Simon Lofting and The Flame Centre

About Energy Work:

“ Would you please convey to Will how ecstatic I am about how well my dog Sunshine is doing since he worked on her? Her digestion and elimination are off the charts! She’s bright now, and energetic and happy. I’m so grateful, I can’t even say how much! Thank you thank you thank you. On top of that, I’m doing a zillion times better!

Thanks again. So much love and gratitude. ”

~ Sharlene Ellsworth

“ What a blessing it is to have you as a teacher! I thank you for joining us on earth during this time and for the gifts that you share with us to help us make our journey that much more of a blast! Will, you have shown and continued to shine your profound love upon us all and we are so very blessed! ”

~ Marie Yu

“ I had the most amazing session with William!! I want to thank him from the depths of my heart for what I experienced and received and continue to receive. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this all my life. My whole body principle is changing and now feels “whole”. The void/emptiness has gone. WOW!! I am aware of a fluidity of thoughts/feelings/emotions arising and moving out. I am aware of my entourage supporting me in a very physical way, how beautiful is that?! I will look forward to continuing with connecting to any of your seminars/teleconferences that come forth, I’M THERE!! It IS now time to PLAY and come forth!! ”

~ Naomi Lang

“ William and I have been working together for many years now. His guidance has been a steady beacon, guiding me with exquisite gentleness and profound directness. At the same time, I feel he’s always been listening to how my questions and queries in consciousness can contribute to the whole. I feel the sense of walking side-by-side, honored that my uniqueness is every bit a contribution to this dance. It feels like we are on the same team.

Will’s purity of heart shines through the tone of his voice and his presence. I’ve had a lot to walk through and dissolve in order to emerge from old protections and fears. His ability to facilitate and guide the mind is unparalleled, but truly it is how clearly I feel his purity of heart that helped me keep moving forward, even when I couldn’t see the way.

In trying to describe William’s work, I’ve heard other people say, “William isn’t for everybody…” I find this to be an untrue statement. William is here for everybody, assisting in any way he can. I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to receive his assistance. ”

~ Kerri Lake

“ Thank you so much for the ‘open forum’ class last night. I just listened to the recording, and you answered my question so powerfully, that I am not and will not be the same. I see things differently. I feel my body differently. Thank you so much for all you do and all we do together. Love our journey and you and Mary for the love you bring to the world. So happy to pay it forward through my life… it is a joy for me to do that.

With love, ”
~ Nadja van Osch

“ Monday night I joined in on the tele-seminar for those waiting for a personal session with Will. Couldn’t stay on the line but listened fully this morning. Man, it was absolutely wonderful!!! More than just a great session with Will but a luminous & vibrant journey of self. I also want to express my deep appreciation to Mary, Will, and Mike – Thank you guys! I t’s so cool, you feel like wonderful next-door neighbors. ”

~ Paul Gardner

“ Wow!!!! Saturday’s teleconference was powerful! This was the first teleconference that I have taken with you. I experienced a major shift in judgment or rather the elimination of. Yesterday following the workshop, I found myself testing the shift by placing myself in situations that in the past brought up judgment. I was able to remain calm and unattached. This is amazing.

Thank you for this incredible gift. Thank you for sharing your gifts of teaching, insight, love, and patience as well as for your willingness to assist humanity. Yesterday, I especially appreciated your releasing our blockages that cause judgment and your thoroughness in answering our questions. I look forward to participating in your future teleconferences.

Love and Light! ”
~ Marie

“ Thank you so much for the difference you are making in my life and the difference it is allowing me to make with others.

With great appreciation, ”
~ Steve

“ Please tell Will how much he is loved and appreciated for all he does to assist as many humans who are ready, willing and able to leap.

In deep gratitude, ”
~ TheLea

“ I have to thank you guys for the most incredible webcast on Saturday. What a joy to be in eternal beingness and accelerating over time. YOU ARE THE BEST! That was a great call, it just keeps getting better and better. Thank you. And how exciting to see about the Mastery Programme!!! ”

~ Nicky

“ I had a great session with Will. This was ground breaking for me. Words do not do justice to the difference you and Will are making in my life. In just one session it feels like he’s cleared lifetimes of debris from my mind, body, and soul. Not only do I look and feel different, my life is responding to me in a much more positive and empowering way. It feels as though someone hit the reset button, and now everything is changing.

Thank you again for everything. ”
~ T.K.

“ Today was a most powerful webinar. Absolutely phenomenal. For me, everything he said was exactly what I needed to hear! I had been stuck in this “not so good place” since about one week and it snapped me right out. Incredible! I am so glad to have Will and not only his wisdom but also his humor! Taking things lightly takes on a different meaning! I am also signing up for the next Mastery Program, no matter what the topic! I am excited about getting the recording for today, so I can listen to it many more times. . . Thank you for this work, the help, the support and above all the Love.

Namasté, ”
~ Elisabeth

“ I have worked with William Linville for the past three years and the results are remarkable in both my professional and personal life. Will has assisted me in becoming more aware of patterns of behavior that are repetitive and non-productive in my life. Professionally he has provided valuable guidance and mentoring in acknowledging my abilities and moving through fear scenarios to realize my potential. He has helped me assist many people through my coaching practice. His insights into my history and the role my past experiences play in my life today have been very valuable.

Personally, Will has helped me understand the dynamics of my relationships with family especially and has assisted me greatly in disconnecting from familial patterns and instead living the life I chose, regardless of my genetics or upbringing… Will has been a source of support in my movement through a very deep transformational process, providing clarity and understanding without agendas. Mary has been very supportive as well, in her investment in the clients and their progress, getting to know each of us and assisting when she is able to do so, very willingly and with compassion… I am fortunate to have met him and thank Mike Connell for the introduction. Will and Mary develop relationships with their clients, with the expression of love for each of them.

Thank You, ”
~ Leah Melamed


William Linville on Wisdom of the Ancients

William Linville

William Linville is a divine presence of clear creator consciousness that has transcended all of the lower levels of the physical form, as well as all of the survival levels of the physical makeup that came within an embodiment which he stepped into on a surgery table in 1996. He is here on the planet to assist you to clear out all of your egoic conflicts and structures that have held you back from fully, completely marrying with your higher levels and your lower levels.

Working beyond space and time, William is presented with your light- realms, you within and throughout all levels of creation, to assist with releasing and dissolving all of the density, debris of misperceptions and conflicts within the physical, as the higher levels of you – your creator levels, your manifest levels, your light bodies – are merging, marrying, vibrating faster and integrating into this realm through your physicality as you so immanently expand, emanate and express within and throughout your world and creation as a whole.

William Linville teaches no belief system and is not affiliated with any group or organization. William Linville just is. William works with each person or group in their own individual uniqueness for the highest and best good of all concerned.