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Be the Master of Your Energetic Health & Wellbeing

Nurture the precious vessel that houses your Soul and increase your Light Quotient and vibration

Lori Spagna on Wisdom of the Ancients


Be the Master of Your Energetic Health & Wellbeing

Nurture the precious vessel that houses your Soul and increase your Light Quotient and vibration

By reconnecting to Source you absolutely,
literally transform your life for the better…

We are all unique, and yet, on a Soul level we are all One - we are all spiritual beings living a human experience.

When we lose our connection to Divine Source we feel lost and separated feeling isolated, depressed, anxious and many times in fear.

At this time the Covid-19 destructive energies are playing out in our lives in extraordinary ways – with the majority of people succumbing to depression, stress, anxiety, fear, despair and more.

The pressures and stresses of work or (no work) in the ‘new normal’ and as well as our home life ‘new normal’ being cooped up in the house which does not sit well with a lot of us because we are social beings and need that interaction with each other on a macro scale as well as the micro nucleus

The dynamics and patterns in our relationships to this new way of living and even looking at new ways of acquiring food, liquids and medicines we consume daily. The interplay of all these energies can play havoc with our physical and emotional wellbeing and we can often feel disconnected from ourselves and our true purpose.

When this happens we just need to find our way back – back to Source and back to our core and when we reconnect within deep healing happens.

All is energy and the energetic transformations brought about through Virginia’s heart-centred mp3’s, scanning and clearing will help bring about peace and tranquility to your life.


  • Reclaim yourself and your power!
  • Gain more clarity in your life and find the answers you need to solve your indecision
  • Allow more love, joy and gratitude to flow into your life
  • Repair and realign your chakras and energy system and feel more balanced and energised
  • Feel euphoric and free from of the loop of negativity
  • Be able to put the past behind you and move on…
  • Release any entities and implants from your energy field
  • Find your way back to Source and your Soul

And much more…

Become the ripple effect and let healing begin Reconnect to your Soul and find clarity Go within and find YOUR answer


Optimum Chakra Health for Clarity & Wellbeing

(Value: $75)

Time: 20 mins

Chakras play a fundamental role in the health of our energy system, especially our physical health and well-being. These essential energy centres ensure our physical and energetic bodies are vibrating in harmony. When chakras become out of sync – blocks and distortions will occur which may lead to problems in health, emotions and our spiritual being. This dynamic energy infused MP3 will guide you to ensure your chakras are fully cleansed, cleared, open and vibrating at optimum vitality.


  • Clearing, opening and resynchronising all your chakras
  • Repairing damaged and out of balance chakras
  • Realigning all chakras at the same pace for optimum balance and harmony
  • Spinning all chakras in unison bringing peace and wellbeing
  • Experience clarity and focus from this process
  • Rejuvenating your chakra health, including alignment of your subtle energy bodies


Pure Heart Expansion - MP3

(Value: $75)

We work with the pure energy of your heart both energetically and physical held there to find your passion, to drive you to start working with your heart’s desire and what makes your heart sing helping to fuel the passion of your creativity.

Addressing all physical blockages in the heart and allowing healing where needed relevant to your unique heart issue. Also including the fascia surrounding your heart.


  • Connects to your Divine Heart Center
  • Immerse yourself in the divine love which is uniquely and only you
  • Feel the bliss of this connection and expansion
  • Find your refuge in this space
  • Go to your heart to find YOUR ‘truth’
  • Ask questions from ‘within’ this Divine center and be amazed by your answers


Entity & Negative Implant Removal

(Value: $75)

Time: 25 mins

Entities and implants are parasites and can negatively affect your thoughts, emotions and energy in a harmful way. They do not serve you positively. This energy infused MP3 will help you remove any entities and all implants which are negatively impacting your life.


  • The clearing of all entities and negative implants
  • Repairing damaged auras to shield you from ‘reinvasion’
  • Clearing, aligning and harmonising of all your energy bodies
  • Negative thought forms cleared
  • De-cording of old relationships and negative attachments
  • Grounding and centering for clarity and balance
  • Feeling and receiving the freedom you are seeking


Realign Assemblage Point Known as the “Seat of our Consciousness”

(Value: $75)

Time: 20 mins

The epicentre of our energy system - the assemblage point – powerfully balances our physical, psychological and energy matrix health. This little known small, yet powerful centre dictates the shape, quality and texture of our energy field and therefore needs to be carefully nurtured and nourished. The energy infused MP3 helps to repair and realign the assemblage point back to its proper position for optimum wellbeing.


  • The centralizing of your energy for ultimate balance and harmony
  • Shifting and restoring the assemblage point to full vitality
  • Restoring your inner sanctum to help you outwardly shine more brightly
  • Clearer perception and more heartfelt love
  • Feeling happy, positive and centred
  • Helps to improve your relationships with self and others
  • Helps balance your psychological and emotional wellbeing



Through the Grace of the Lords of Karma

(Value: $90)

Time: 20 mins

Past lives can be debilitating during our present lives and can hold us back unconsciously from moving forward, releasing unconscious fears, anxieties even lack of physical healing which has had its roots in the past.

This energy infused guidance MP3 will help you to work with your own past lives and let go of any past-life issues you no longer need to carry.


  • Releasing your past-life traumas, fears and blockages with the Lords of Karma
  • Changing your Akashic Records history to directly affect your present
  • Clearing emotional baggage, physical issues and troubled relationships
  • Calm feelings of anxiety and/or depression
  • Understanding change behaviors, patterns and tendencies
  • Feeling more peaceful, balanced and together
  • Experience more clarity and understanding
  • Allow physical healing to occur where it could have been blocked before Past Life clearing


Release Ancestral Blockages

Heal the past and free your entire bloodline for the future

(Value: $75)

Time: 20 mins

We unconsciously carry the effects of our ancestors and lineage – whether that be disease, trauma, curses, vows or emotional issues. This speaks volumes of the complexity of our physical and energy DNA. This energy infused MP3 will help to identify, clear and release any carried over family issues or traumas.


  • Cellular memory of ancestral imprints cleared and deleted
  • Genetic Issues of physical health cleansed from your family DNA
  • Curses, hexes, vows, black magic released from the family line
  • Core issues around past-lives that pertain to family members you incarnated with
  • A fresh start and a release of the burden you and your genetic line have been carrying through the generations


Technopathic Stress Cleared

(Value: $75)

Time: 20 mins

We can all be guilty of wanting the latest IT gadgets and mobile phones yet today’s technology and wireless frequencies are exposing us to unprecedented levels of electromagnetic radiation. Too much exposure is known to be detrimental to our well-being and these can affect the immune system and cause serious health problems. This energy infused MP3 helps you to clear and protect your energy field and place an energy shield around your electronics devices, alchemising their effects on you and your family.


  • Clearing, protecting and shielding you from harmful technology and Wi-Fi frequencies
  • Helping to positively charge your environment with healing energies
  • Feeling more alive and energised
  • Freeing you from brain fog and reducing migraines and headaches
  • Clear and focused eyesight
  • Helping you to strengthen your immune system


Alchemise & Alkalise GMO & Chemicals in Foods

(Value: $75)

Time: 16 mins

We live in a world of various polluted and GMO foods and when we dine out or have to eat on the run we are unaware if these foods are free of poisons. This package will give you the peace of mind that what you eat can be alchemized and alkalized through this incredible healing energy.

When these mp3’s are utilised the energy cleanses back to the source of each of these foods - from the land they were grown on and to the people who grew them and all the way down the chain to the plate in front of you.


  • Certainty that you are eating non-GMO, glyphosate and any other chemicals or poisons 100% free from your food
  • Positively charged food full of sweetness and alchemy to enhance your food or drinks
  • Total peace of mind that when you play this MP3 you can clear all food if any negative energies detrimental to your health
  • Your friends and family will benefit too – for this energy affects all in its environment


Alchemise Food Intolerances

Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Yeast, Sugar

(Value: $75)

Time: 16 mins

More and more people today have food sensitivities and intolerances to wheat, gluten, yeast, sugar / or dairy which can cause subtle to severe effects on our digestion and elimination.

Our bodies struggle to absorb any goodness from the food we eat and often when we’re in a hurry we have no other option. This energy infused MP3 will help to alchemize your unknowingly ingesting these foods. These MP3’s are best played before and at the time the food is presented.


  • Help to lessen the side effects and discomfort of eating intolerant food types
  • Being able to eat more of the foods you like, even if intolerant too, like bread, ice-cream, cheeses and more
  • No more embarrassing bloating, diarrhoea or stomach cramps
  • No more migraines/headaches or fuzzing head the next day
  • More nutritional value gained from the foods your body can digest

ITEM #10

Alchemise Liquids

Water, Tea/Coffee, Wine

(Value: $75)

Time: 16 mins

Alchemise the energy of your drinks; amplify tap water or any other liquid by raising the vibration in the liquids molecular structure. This MP3 can help alchemise and alkalise any liquids you consume and ensure the liquid is at its highest vibration and therefore the best state for your body. These MP3’s are best played before and at the time you are drinking.


  • Cleanse, and purifies the liquid firstly of all energies not conducive to a healthy body
  • Amplify the benefits of the liquids you drink for your body's optimum health
  • Become more hydrated and increase your metabolism
  • Only take the positive effects of each liquid and not any underlying energies or preservatives

ITEM #11

Alchemise Medications

Tablets, Capsules, Tinctures

(Value: $75)

Time: 16 mins

Pharmaceutical medicines, intravenous therapies and vaccines can have positive effects on our bodies but they can also contain harmful additives and produce negative side effects.

Use the energy infused MP3 to help alchemise and alkalise any negatives in your medication, intravenous infusions, vaccines or vitamins.


  • Only receive the beneficial effects from your medication to get you back to perfect health quicker
  • Lessen all negative side effects to your body
  • Be more responsive to healing and heal quicker than normal

ITEM #12

Bonus 1

Alchemise & Alkalise GMO Foods A shortened version without sound to be played discreetly

(Value: $45)

Time: 6 mins

As per the above package just shortened - to be used when on the move, at work or in a public place.

Bonus 2

Alchemise Food Intolerances A shortened version without sound to be played discreetly

(Value: $45)

Time: 6 mins

As per the above package just shortened - to be used when on the move, at work or in a public place.

Bonus 3

Liquid Alchemised

(Value: $45)

Time: 6 mins

As per the above package just shortened - to be used when on the move, at work or in a public place.


Included in PACKAGE OFFER:

  • ITEM #1: Optimum Chakra Health for Clarity & Wellbeing
  • ITEM #2: Pure Heart Expansion - MP3
  • ITEM #3: Entity & Negative Implant Removal
  • ITEM #4: Realign Assemblage Point Known as the “Seat of our Consciousness”
  • ITEM #6: Release Ancestral Blockages
  • ITEM #7: Technopathic Stress Cleared
  • ITEM #8: Alchemise & Alkalise GMO & Chemicals in Foods
  • ITEM #9: Alchemise Food Intolerances
  • ITEM #10: Alchemise Liquids
  • ITEM #11: Alchemise Medications
    • BONUS 1: Alchemise & Alkalise GMO Foods A shortened version without sound to be played discreetly
    • BONUS 2: Alchemise Food Intolerances A shortened version without sound to be played discreetly
    • BONUS 3: Liquid Alchemised



Offered on WOTA

$77 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $38.50




3 Group Calls

All Group Calls are 45 mins and recorded via Zoom



We now fully realize the role that our thoughts, feelings and emotions play in our state of well being or non-well being and collectively we will use the group energy to move as much of that as we can on this call

29th July 2020 @ 4pm EDT



Our CNS is the very important electro-magnetic part of our matrix and is the channel that houses all the energetic channels that connect us to our crown and spiritual tube from Source. This is a great opportunity to unblock all of your energy channels for a more pristine you

5th August 2020 @ 4pm EDT



We leave this Group Call open for all of your questions – and will give everyone a chance to ask their questions and unblock what is needed for a clearer path forward. If you are not able to attend please email your question and it will be addressed in the call

12th August @ 4pm EDT


Included in OPTION 2:

  • Includes everything in OPTION 1
  • 3 Group Calls



Offered on WOTA

$137 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $68.50


….wow, wow and triple WOW!!!

“ Secondly you were able to assist with releasing entities, thought forms and implants. I had a real sense of this happening throughout my body and was able to see through my third eye (with your guidance) where the implant was and see it release (and feel the shift). ”

~ Davinder, London, UK

Line would crackle and sizzle……..

“ Virginia is a powerful healer. We had a Skype session and whenever she did energy healing or removing entities, the line would crackle and sizzle. Before the call I started to get a headache and a sore jaw. The pain increased during the call and then totally dissipated as she worked her magic! Virginia could sense that there were a lot of entities in my family members and myself. She was able to remove these for the whole family. I would recommend Virginia to others. ”

~ A. H., Australia

Angels removed entities…….

“ Virginia and her team of Angels removed entities, repaired tears in my auric field, cleared my etheric, emotional and mental bodies/fields, cut cords, repaired some damage to my chakras and so much more… ”

~ Lesley, Melbourne, Australia

Implants …….cut cords ….cleared

“ Virginia worked with her guides, as well as mine to remove entities, implants, cut cords and clear my energy. The energetic clearings were emotional, palpable and peaceful. ”

~ Jill, Michigan, USA

Fear of water…….NO longer …….swimming lessons

“ I came to Virginia uncertain and apprehensive of what I might be letting myself in for. I am so glad I did! I've always had an issue I had with the water which meant I could not go near the beach or even swimming pools. This was eliminated in that first session. In a past life I had drowned and with this realisation I was able to release the fear of water and have started swimming lessons...

I am totally free of my water fears now - thank you words cannot express my feelings enough.Past life with my mother ……….resolved my understanding!!! ”

~ Debbie Watson, Bracknell, Berkshire

“ Virginia guides you through each of these sessions with love, compassion and kindness in abundance. Her gentleness and empathy aids in placing implicit trust in her technique to unravel memories, some of which could be as old as a few lifetimes... My sessions with her have made me understand and resolve my relationship with my mother; regenerate my feminine spirit and given me confidence in understanding my own strength as a woman first and then as a human being ”

~ Sophia, Sydney, Australia

Confidence and self- worth addressed

“ We worked on my lack of self-worth that stemmed from this lifetime as well as past life times and also had genetic and ancestral origin. We also worked on my doubts around my intuitive abilities. ”

“ The following day after my session with Virginia I was surprised and really pleased to notice a new level of confidence when I was doing healing work and I also felt a deeper trust with my work. Thank you so much Virginia. ”

~ Lesley, Melbourne, Australia

IT worker ………clear of migraines & eyestrain

“ As I work in IT I’m aware I’m surrounded by technology all day, every day– as a consequence I get a lot of migraines and eye strain. After a few sessions with Virginia I now have tools that help shield me my laptop and I’m more aware of when I need a break from working. When I need a tune up - Virginia is first point of call. Thank you to her and her team. ”

~ Jeni, Basingstoke, UK

Texture & Taste of food and Liquids……amazing!!!

“ Virginia has extraordinary gifts from her TEAM as she calls them – I am amazed at the change in the texture and the taste of the food and liquids that result from the process that she uses to charge these edibles….amazing!!! ”

~ Charlie, Hove, UK

Woo Hoo ……my belly is happy with why I eat!!!

“ I am gluten intolerant but I am constantly tempted by wheat products – even as an intolerant I still love pizza and bagels! I know when I have overindulged because my belly gives me a lot of discomfort. I came to see Virginia for another issue and found out that she had this ability to change the structure of the wheat to not interfere as it had been doing. I am so thankful for this discovery and could not recommend this process highly enough…do yourselves a favour and see Virginia for a session ”

~ Jessica, Reading, UK

WOW….Jesus changing water into wine…..????

“ Wow – one day we uncovered the only bottle of wine in the house which tasted terrible, Virginia was with us and tried her magic on the bottle of wine – I can honestly say that the difference in the taste and texture was so obvious that it was mind boggling to those of us in the house. The thought of Jesus changing water into wine was banded about and with good humour - we could not believe it! ”

~ Ron, London, UK

Peace of mind …confidence in taking my meds

“ Whenever I need to take any medication, or vitamins I always play the MP3 for this changing of energy from any of these because I know they do me good and I feel confident when I use these MP3’s from Virginia. ”

~ Lorena, Reading, UK


Virginia Rounds Griffiths on Wisdom of the Ancients

Virginia Rounds Griffits

Virginia Rounds Griffiths is an International Multi-Dimensional Energy Alchemist, Past, Present & Future Coach and Medical Intuitive who works globally. Working synergistically with her TEAM they detect and clear negative energies causing blockages in all areas of her clients lives. Her great work as a medical intuitive has empowered her hundreds of clients with confidence for their way forward. She is dedicated to stepping into Mastery to be of service to those who are searching to resonate and align with All That Is/Source.