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Pure Energy Program

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Pure Energy Program


  • One Private 15-minute Quick-Clear Session
  • Plus 2 Bonuses


This is a powerful, 15 minute session where massive amounts of clearing take place.

Select just one issue where you need immediate relief. Work with Sophia over the telephone so you clear the interference and come to a place of peace about the problem.


MP3 #1: Personal Peace Protocol

A Guided Meditation for achieving peace. Use daily to clear all the obstacles to your inner peace, by focusing on one issue each time you listen. You can clear trauma, poor habits, negative thinking, low self-esteem, bad feelings…and much more.

MP3 #2: Peace by Piece

A progressive relaxation of your entire body, to help you stay calm, feel better and sleep soundly. Melt away the stress while activating your body’s own natural healing abilities.

MP3 #3: Projecting Peace

This very useful audio helps to structure your thoughts and program your mind to expect peace in your present and future. It encourages your creativity and intuition to work for you. It’s like a mental vision board!

MP3 #4: Peaceful Place (silent energy, no sound)

This silent recording clears energetic interference such as congested energy and unwanted entities. Play it as needed to have a clear home, or any other place you wish to be in peace.

MP3 #5: Peace Prayers

This collection of prayers for peace will calm your anxiety and soothe your mind. Be open to benefit from several spiritual paths and let the words wash over you, leaving you shrouded in a divine blanket of peace.

MP3 #6: Peace Party

Follow along with this audio when you want to help a party or group – either groups of people, or groups of cells in your body. Whatever group needs a boost of peace, this will help them.


Bonus #1 MP3:

Peace, Love & Healing (silent energy, no sound)

A silent MP3 that is a transmission of peace, love and healing. Play as desired. You can be still or active; you will receive the benefits either way.

Bonus #2 Worksheet:

Pillars of Peace

What do you absolutely require to feel at peace? Ask yourself this and make note for each area of your life. Your non-negotiables will help you distinguish between what you need, what you cannot tolerate and where you have room to negotiate. Knowing your needs and boundaries then communicating them clearly will improve your life immensely.


Included in PACKAGE A:

  • One Private 15-minute Quick-Clear Session
  • Plus 2 Bonuses



Pure Energy Program

Offered on WOTA

for a very special

$97 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $48.50

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Includes all of Package A



  -One Private 30-minute telephone session with Sophia.

Sophia Zoe on Wisdom of the Ancients


Included in PACKAGE B:

  • Includes all of PACKAGE A
  • PLUS




Pure Energy Program

Offered on WOTA

for a very special

$177 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $88.50

Sacred Circle Members, don't forget your 25% off!

If you're a Wisdom Sacred Circle member, don't forget to use your PROMO/DISCOUNT code for 25% off this offer. The discount code will be in your Member Portal.

If you're not yet a Wisdom Sacred Circle member, and would like to find out how you can get 25% off this and all offers, click below.



“ Sophia, I have to say, your recordings...they work on all levels for me. I sleep better, wake up feeling clear and energized. My work day has better flow and problems either don't show up or I'm able to handle them efficiently. It's awesome to feel calm and in control. I feel like the leader my team deserves. ”

~ Chris L., Toronto, Canada

“ Hi Sophia,

I felt nice and calm right after the session. Sadness was replaced by calmness and peace. Several hours later I had a situation where I actually spoke my truth very calmly and respectfully to the other person (normally, I couldn't do it - I was either afraid to say it, or I was yelling at the other person to get my point across). But it felt really good to speak my truth and feel confident and good doing so. Thank you very much for everything!! ”

P.S. Your healing recordings are really powerful and really good. ”

~ Angela M., Washington D.C., USA

“ Sophia: I want to thank you for my sessions. I loved them. You are incredibly gifted in picking the exact issues I need to heal. My knees are feeling so much better and I’m actually happy most of the time now. I was depressed for so long. My kids tell me I’m much more pleasant and they are spending more time with me. Thank you for that! I thought I had lost them. And yesterday my neighbour said I looked younger and my skin was glowing. You did say that clearing trauma clears wrinkles. I guess you were right!

With gratitude and good wishes, ”
~ Mallory C., Nova Scotia, Canada

“ When I listen to your audio for clearing my space of entities, I get the most amazing “side-effect” I STOP PROCRASTINATING!!! I had no idea that entity attachments could keep me stuck and not doing my work. It feels amazing to be productive! The guilt and shame are gone. They are replaced by feelings of accomplishment and success. Thank you soooooo much!! ”

~ Chantelle B., Montreal, Canada

“ My results from working with you are fantastic!! I am now in a new position, back at the company I used to work for, and love. My salary is up by $20 000!!! I have an assistant and more benefits, including 7 weeks vacation!! I am soooo happy I accidentally found you. There are no accidents! Thank you for your empathy, dedication and knowledge. You have truly helped me and my family. Sending you so much love and appreciation. ”

~ Louise B., New York City, USA

“ I listen to your Peace MP3s every night. I felt better immediately. My family relationships began improving after about two weeks. Relatives who had stopped talking to me suddenly invited me for dinner and it felt so good to be included again. I am very grateful for this because I had been feeling like an orphan. ”

~ Mark G., Wisconsin, USA

“ Hello Sophia!

Just wanted to thank you for your help with my dad. He looks like a new person from the picture I sent you originally doesn't he? Victory to the light- God bless you and keep up the good work!

Much gratitude, ”
~ Amy B., California, USA

“ Hi Sophia

Each day I feel calmer, lighter and things lifted...Not able to put my finger on it exactly but I can definitely feel the healing energy. Can feel difference. And I have said to myself - this is from Sophia. Yesterday I felt a very accumulative effect of what you've been doing in these sessions. Then I could name it. It’s peace. Thank you! ”

~ April T., New Jersey, USA

“ Something amazing is happening. I was in bliss most of yesterday. Today I am decluttering the house. Something I had planned to do for years and I will not stop until it is done. Also, I feel that I have matured emotionally overnight. I was also able to speak sincerely this morning with clarity and full confidence.

Thank you for whatever part your PEP program has to do with this transformation.

Blessings, Love, and Appreciation. ”

~ Audrey G., California, USA

“ The Peace Party MP3 is amazingly effective (although I have to admit, it sounded kind of weird). I did the visualization before a recent family reunion and the usual bickering was about 75% reduced. Also, my jealous cousin was much nicer to me. My mother and her brother spoke without fighting. It was the first family reunion I have ever enjoyed. Thank you for this secret method! ”

~ Patricia K., Vancouver, Canada

“ Sophia, I knew you were a great healer because five friends referred me to you. But I did not know that you have very wise life advice, too. You helped me clarify what I want and make a plan. No wonder my life has been hit or miss. I didn't have a plan! Clearing what's blocking me from my life plan is the most kind and helpful thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you for caring and going above and beyond.

Much love, ”
~ Andrew N., Oregon, USA

“ I thought I had dealt with all my rubbish but your amazing clearing and healing energies finished the process for me. Your words brought up issues I had not even considered to be a problem. Very many thanks and blessings on you. ”

~ Liz R., London, United Kingdom

“ Today, thinking about my journey, I realized that the terrified person I was before this, has already turned into someone less defensive, less uptight and angry, more relaxed and pleasant to be with. Thank you very much Sophia! ”

~ Maria D., Coimbra, Portugal

“ Thank you so much, Sophia. So grateful to you for your dedication, expertise, and integrity. Your healing works and is comprehensive. I was actually able to see my father as human. I think I told you that he was insane and in and out of mental institutions. I don't expect you to remember this or anything about me as I am very aware you work with hundreds of clients.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you do. I now feel at peace and I’ve discovered I have a sense of humor! My family and friends thank you even more than I do! I have more confidence now and feel braver. I’m taking tango lessons! Life is better. Seems much easier.

Love and Blessings, ”
~ Greta V., Hamburg, Germany

“ I felt so much lighter after our session. I could actually feel the negative energies leaving my body and my depression lifted right off! You are definitely the real deal. Will book with you again.

Peace and light, ”
~ Anna Colt, Detroit, USA

“ Just writing to say yesterday’s session was amazing and so spot on, I am really looking forward to the future ones. I think your intuition is a very clear connection to Source. Your work made me feel at peace, deep within myself. My anxiety is gone and my appetite is back.

Many thanks, ”
~ Delaney W., Oxford, United Kingdom

“ You are very powerful. Thank you for leading me through the darkness and into divine light. I awoke with joy and grace in my heart. It felt so good. I've been able to make some major life decisions with confidence. I know my path now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Much love and blessings to you, ”
~ Tina M., Arizona, USA

“ Dear Sophia

You're my angel today, I felt so bad and attacked in my health and Spirit and felt with no defence, just like a child ....Thank you so very much for your support and work, I appreciate them highly and wish you to meet a lot of people as clever, kind, understanding and appreciative as YOU are.

Big big hugs from Switzerland ”
~ Val


Sophia Zoe on Wisdom of the Ancients

Sophia Zoe

Sophia Zoe is a Toronto-based Energy Healer with an international practice. She has had paying clients since 1996…after she completed her degrees in Music and Drama from McMaster University. Sophia was a piano teacher and actor until she moved from the performing arts to the healing arts.

Sophia’s urge to help others began at age 11, when she counselled her peers over juice and cookies, so that they made a smooth transition to junior high school. Seeing others feeling better was a thrill and Sophia expanded her self-directed study into alternative and holistic treatments.

A car accident in 1995 further pushed Sophia toward holistic healing. This is where she found lasting help for her injuries. She then dove into studying energy healing whole-heartedly…and everything in her life improved!

Sophia nearly didn’t survive a much worse car accident in 2005. Yet, just five months later, with every doctor’s report having stated “patient not expected to recover,” Sophia re-affirmed her career as a healer.

She healed herself. Sophia went from depressed and barely mobile to feeling happy and functional. Every day, she did some form of energy healing and used essential oils.

Sophia has studied over 25 healing methods. A handful have become favourites. Using her skills, intuition, clairvoyance and clairaudience, Sophia facilitates healing for all challenges: emotions, abuse, physical health, relationships, finances and addictions.

Sophia has mastered surrogate muscle testing. This allows her to help clients anywhere in the world, even if they don’t speak her languages. Clients can be children and animals. She does this by determining their needs through surrogate muscle testing – with impressive accuracy!

Clients get excellent results with Sophia’s skills. They enjoy sessions because of Sophia’s practicality, warmth and humour. The most common feedback is “I feel great and I didn’t know I could be so happy!”.