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Unlocking Your Heart

Allowing Yourself To Feel, In Order To Heal

Peter Tongue on Wisdom of the Ancients


Unlocking Your Heart

Allowing Yourself To Feel, In Order To Heal

The modern world can be a painful place to live and as such we develop coping mechanisms to protect ourselves and to survive. But that is all these tactics allow us to do - survive - not THRIVE!

One sacred place within ourselves that is particularly prone to attacks and suffering is our hearts. Your beautiful heart is where everything within you resides. Your heart is the brain of your body. What does that mean? Your brain is limited in what it can see and know, but your heart has everything that you are and allows you to awaken to who you truly are. You want your brain to be your implementer, not your decision maker!

But when your heart is wounded by past life issues, emotional traumas, entities, physical pollutants, depression, illness, medications and more, it is only natural to put up walls to protect yourself. It hurts to allow all of these things into yourself and to truly feel them. Your heart is precious, you want to keep it safe, and as a result you may erect walls you didn’t even realize are there.

Our mind, body, and soul are inextricably linked. When you have a blockage in one part, it impacts the whole. You may be experiencing issues with blockages, barriers, walls, and other constrictions surrounding your physical and psychic heart and not even realize it.

You May Be Feeling Emotions Such As:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Mental confusion
  • Loneliness
  • Self-esteem and self-worth issues
  • Doubt
  • Not fully enjoying life
  • Unable to maintain healthy boundaries

Or Experience Physical Symptoms Like:

  • Aches and pains
  • Constrictions
  • Feeling weighed down
  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Irregular heart rhythm
  • A variety of health issues like:
    • High blood pressure
    • High cholesterol
    • Sleep issues
  • Lack of self care
  • Substance abuse

Your energetic flow is directly connected to how the blood is flowing through your physical heart and your body. When the psychic heart is caught in identification, then the flow is interrupted and your system can get congested manifesting in physical and emotional health problems such as those listed above.

Our flow is cut off when our hearts are surrounded by heart walls. What are heart walls? They are trapped emotions the mind creates in order to protect us and keep us from feeling deep hurts and sorrow. These barriers prevent you from truly feeling and limit your energetic pathways. What we need is to maintain a constant flow within our heart to progress along our enlightenment journey.

You Need To Feel ~ In Order To Heal!

No matter how painful it is - we must feel in order to heal! Your heart must be open in order to receive! We want our energy to flow in and out like the ocean, opening us up to giving and receiving.

Open up to receive the love and truth of who you truly are! The path is not easy, but it will be worth it! Are you ready to begin?


This package includes the following audio recordings:

  • ITEM 1: Removing Heart Walls
  • ITEM 2: Emotional Purification of the Heart
  • ITEM 3: Clearing Entities and Attachments From the Heart
  • ITEM 4: Upgrading the Central Nervous System
  • ITEM 5: Turning the Heart Inwards
  • ITEM 6: Universal Healing of the Heart (Silent MP3)
  • ITEM 7: Healing the Heart
  • ITEM 8: Sufi Heart Meditation
  • ITEM 9: Nourishment For the Body
  • ITEM 10: Transforming Depression
  • ITEM 11: Loving Energy Transformations Private Support Community

  • ITEM 12: Sun Mantra
  • ITEM 13: Strong Heart

ITEM 1: Removing Heart Walls

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 21:08

We live in a cerebral world and experience and respond to life from our mind - not our heart. Why? Because allowing ourselves to feel also allowed us to be hurt in the past. We place walls and barriers around our hearts for protection, but that’s a bandaid and not a solution.

These trapped emotions and feelings are like a solidified ball of energy that are stuck in your energetic field, which throws you out of alignment and distorts your vibrations. With these blocks in place, your energies and emotions are unable to flow in their natural current.

Through this audio, we’ll clear the heart walls and barriers that have been preventing you from healing and allow deep, unconditional love to flow in through a gentle and easy process. Don’t live only from your mind any more - open up to your heart and learn what it feels like to know true love.

You Need To Feel ~ In Order To Heal!

This package includes the following audio recordings:

  • Deepen your understanding of what heart walls and barriers are
  • Clean, clear, strengthen and protect all layers of your aura
  • Fill every cell in your body with God’s Golden White Light
  • Cut cords with any and all implants, entities, alien energies, etc., particularly those that are impacting your heart in order for you to clear yourself
  • Be able to visualize heart walls and experience removing these painful blocks through a gentle and easy process
  • Feel yourself clear, transform, and open up to deep unconditional love
  • Release the darkness that’s been trapped inside your heart and allow the light to begin to filter in
  • Use a Sufi mantra to aid in opening your heart
  • Bring in nourishment and crystal frequencies to aid and support your heart healing
  • Be able to release your fear and remove all resistance to lowering your barriers once and for all
  • Return your heart to natural state of perfection
  • Receive an initiation, purification, and beautification of your heart from Mother Mary and Jesus with breathtaking visuals
  • Experience the protective encapsulating of the Violet Flame
  • Deepen the healing and protection through Soul Language and activate your personal soul frequency
  • Be able to listen to this recording as often as you need and it can be silent, audibly, and/or on loop

ITEM 2: Emotional Purification of the Heart

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 14:34

Once you remove your heart walls and the barriers you’ve kept in place for so long to keep feelings at bay, then you need to learn to clear and process these emotions. It’s through this process that you’re able to connect to source by opening the heart. Once again - your heart is the brain of the body!

In order to heal and process these emotions we need to remind ourselves: don’t think - just feel. We do this by finding a place of neutrality deep within our cores and just allowing ourselves to sit with the sensations. In this neutral space, we’re not trying to change anything but simply being with it. Allow all these lower frequency energies to loosen and flow away without judgement. You may feel many things such as: anger, fear, anxiety, unworthiness, frustration, irritation, and depression.

Through this audio, you’ll learn to pull into your heart and escape the suffering and return to the freedom that we truly are.

Don’t Think - Feel!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Create a protective healing environment to begin this important work
  • Clear stuck and trapped emotions within your heart including depression, anger, fear, anxiety, and self-sabotage
  • Create space that will allow your feelings to return home so that they can dissolve, dissipate, transform, neutralize or whatever processes is needed for you to bring in true healing through a beautiful guided process
  • Fill yourself with unconditional love, improved self-esteem, clarity, balance, happiness, joy, peace, bliss, and so much more as your heart heals
  • Deepen your personal healing through a Stillness Transmission to calm your mind down and allow the emotions to move through you quickly and easily
  • Be able to experience a heart expansion even if you’ve felt resistance to this process in the past
  • Clear resistance embedded deep within your heart to free up trapped emotions weighing you down and keeping you from experience true, unconditional love
  • Bring in joy, happiness, bliss, peace, confidence, clarity, improved self-esteem, and whatever blessing you need
  • Go deeper and deeper into the layers of your heart through Soul Language
  • Be able to listen to this recording as often as you need and it can be silent, audibly, and/or on loop

ITEM 3: Clearing Entities and Attachments From the Heart

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 7:25

So many of our issues stem from burdens and darkness we carry in our hearts whether it takes the form of mental, physical, or spiritual suffering. Until you free yourself from the cords and attachments in your heart, you won’t be able to fully open yourself up to receive.

Through this audio, you’ll cut and clear anything and everything that’s attached to your heart and no longer serving your highest good. You’ll surround your heart with protection, light, and love. Bring your heart back into a state of sovereignty and the perfection that it is.

Bring in Light & Love!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Cut all cords attached to your heart and fill in the open space with unconditional love, God’s Golden White Light, and liquid platinum frequencies
  • Clear entities, aliens, implants, jins, archons, cap, seals, tags, demonic forces, amphibian and reptilian energies, harmful astral cords and attachments, adverse extraterrestrials, malicious ancestors and dis-incarnates
  • Cut cords, hooks, vows, and hexes
  • Bring in protection to surround your heart
  • Clear any past life trauma and lingering issues that involve the heart
  • Deepen your healing and bring in any personalized blessings you need through Soul Language
  • Be able to listen to this recording as often as you need and it can be silent, audibly, and/or on loop
  • Recommended: Do this MP3 every evening while you’re working on this package to maintain the clearing while you do this deep work

ITEM 4: Upgrading the Central Nervous System

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 9:10

Our central nervous systems are bombarded every day by physical and emotional factors, like environmental toxins, alcohol and tobacco, trauma, illness and disease. You need your brain and spine to be in alignment, healthy, and strong enough to handle all the expansions and upgrades from this entire package.

Through this audio, you’ll rewire, recalibrate, and upgrade your entire central nervous system. You’ll strengthen the heart and brain connection, bringing them into harmony, and enabling you to integrate the higher energy frequencies with ease and grace. Elevate your light quotient with your awakened central nervous system and open heart!

Rewire, Recalibrate, & Upgrade Your Central Nervous System!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Experience a brain wave attunement and activation which will bring all 6 types of brain waves into harmony
  • Aid all the sections of your brain to work in unison with joyful and harmonious communication
  • Clear confusion from the body systems and organs
  • Repair and calm your central nervous system
  • Create a stronger connection between your central nervous system and your heart so they work at their optimum level of performance without going into overwhelm
  • Upgrade your central nervous system and all your internal circuitry including rewiring and recalibrating along with stabilizing and grounding to help you adjust
  • Experience Soul Language to bring in any blessings you need and to take your healing deeper
  • Be able to listen to this recording as often as you need and it can be silent, audibly, and/or on loop

ITEM 5: Turning the Heart Inwards

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 9:30

When we’re looking for answers and relationships, we’ve been trained by society to always looking outward into the material world and physical reality. But what we really need is to turn our hearts to look inward to grow and thrive in our relationship to God/Source/Creator. We can find the answers to everything we’re looking for and become powerful manifestor, if we stop and take this moment to turn our hearts inward.

Through this audio, you will let go of everything on all levels that’s false, untrue, and distorted and learn to turn your heart inward. Remember the heart contains everything that we are and when we turn it inwards, we’re in constant connection with God/Source/Creator.

Learn to be alive in your heart and allow your heart to always be at one with God/Source/Creator.

Connect to Oneness Through Your Heart!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Experience an exercise, activation, and healing all-in-one!
  • Guide your heart to be continually turning inwards endlessly to maintain your connection with God/Source/Creator
  • Enable your hearts to let go of the past, release the strings that hold you back, and free you of anything that’s hindering your ability to maintain your inward focus and your constant relationship with God/Creator/Source
  • Improve your overall circulation and strengthen your heart
  • Improve your ability to enjoy and respond to life as you’ll always be present
  • Improve your ability to meditate
  • Bring in more clarity and sharpen your intuition
  • Be able to listen to this recording as often as you need and it can be silent, audibly, and/or on loop

ITEM 6: Universal Grace Healing of the Heart (Silent MP3)

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 6:56

We all struggle with different heart ailments, difficulties, or issues. No matter what is weighing on yours, you can bring that problem to this healing recording for relief. You’ll be able to heal physical complaints like weak valves, high blood pressure or cholesterol, or even damage from a previous heart attack. Perhaps, like so many of us today, you’re mending a broken heart or trying to lift depression.

Through this audio recording, you’ll be able to bring any issues into your awareness whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, that you want healed in God’s energy flowing. This healing will happen in your time and sequencing with ease and grace.

Experience a Powerful Grace Healing from God!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Bring in God’s Universal Energy
  • Experience unconditional love and grace healing
  • Fill and heal your heart with God’s Golden White Light
  • Feel God’s healing frequencies flowing through you
  • Experience a profound transfer of energy
  • Be able to listen to this recording as often as you need and it can be silent, audibly, and/or on loop

ITEM 7: Healing the Heart

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 20:56

There so much that weighs on our hearts. It can be physical like illness and arrhythmia or emotional like grief and depression. But your heart is your bridge between you and the Divine Spirit and so it’s necessary to help it heal and be whole for you to maintain a strong connection.

Through this audio, we will bring in healing, expansion, and light into your heart. We will focus on reestablishing your proper alignment so that you can draw into your core. Allow this audio to guide you and come to rest in your perfect heart beat, rhythm, and power.. Remember the perfection that you are!

Repair, Strengthen, Rejuvenate, Regenerate!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Heal on all layers of the heart - not just the physical!
  • Clear pain, trauma, stress and fatigue
  • Correcting and healing any abnormal heart rhythms
  • Normalize your blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Heal and repair the four valves of your heart
  • Increase circulation and oxygenation
  • Reduce abnormal plaque build up
  • Reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol as your body needs
  • Clear on a cellular level and activate your DNA
  • Bring your heart into harmony and perfect functioning with all your body systems
  • Clear toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, pollutants, stimulants, drugs, medications and more that are negatively impacting your heart health
  • Bring in stem cells to regenerate the heart
  • Heal all the physical layers and tissues of your heart
  • Correct and normalize fluid levels in and around your heart
  • Clear heart break, confusion, emotional pain, grief, depression, sadness,abandonment, rejection, fear, hatred, anger, loneliness, self-worth issues and more
  • Open the knot of Vishnu in God’s timing to open you up to receiving
  • Experience Soul Language to deepen the healing and bring personalized blessings to you to address your personal needs
  • Experience an initiation and activation by Jesus with His hand on your heart to allow you to open your heart more deeply
  • Be able to listen to this recording as often as you need and it can be silent, audibly, and/or on loop

ITEM 8: Sufi Heart Meditation

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 27:42

The Sufi method is all about clearing, purifying, and beautifying your heart. Once you go through the process with your heart, you’ll then be able to repeat this process with your brain and cleanse, purify, and beautify your mind.

Through this audio, we will travel through four layers of the heart:

  • First Layer - self/ego, outermost layer, physical reality and materialistic world, our heart looking outward
  • Second Layer - astral plane, turning your heart inwards, see the unseen within, where love resides
  • Third Layer - where your soul resides, connects your heart to your soul, and feel you feel at home
  • Fourth Layer - the sacred heart - one with the divine and leaving your identity behind and join with oneness

Become the love and the light through becoming one with God/Creator/Source!

Cleanse, Purify, & Beautify Your Heart!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Delve deeper into the layers of your heart
  • Open all the layers of your heart
  • Cleanse, purify, and beautify your heart, which will allow you to then be able to do the same process with your mind
  • Deepen your understanding of each plane and level
  • Receive transmissions and activations through Sufi phrases
  • Experience your personal heart opening based on your level of openness and awareness
  • Be able to listen to this recording as often as you need and it can be silent, audibly, and/or on loop

ITEM 9: Nourishment For the Body

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 9:28

When your body is going through trying times physically, you know that you need to be very mindful about the fuel you give it. The same is true when you are doing deep spiritual work! Through this package, you are opening your heart, bringing in light, raise your vibrations, and elevated your frequencies and as a result your body will need to do some adjustment.

This audio recording is designed to give your body the assistance it needs, so that you can continue to expand, integrate, and awaken. We will bring in necessary nutrients to all the cells, muscles, tissues, ligaments, nerves, organs and bones. Anything your body needs as we ascend and raise in vibration!

Thrive At Your Optimum Level of Performance!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Bring in peptides, amino acids, and endorphins
  • Balance your hormones and bring in more happy hormones
  • Nourish your brain with good fats for optimal functioning
  • Adjust melatonin and serotonin levels as needed for your body
  • Bring in mineral, herbs, digestive enzymes, vitamins, supplements, and any other nutrients the body needs to return to its natural state of perfection
  • Bring in proper hydration for overall wellness and cell functioning
  • Experience Soul Language to bring in any blessings you need and to take your healing deeper
  • Be able to listen to this recording as often as you need and it can be silent, audibly, and/or on loop

ITEM 10: Transforming Depression

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 15:59

This audio will help you break free from the cloud of depression by removing the sources of disharmony from your body and elevating you with frequencies of bliss!

Often we believe that because depression “runs in our family” and that it’s inescapable or because you’ve suffered under its weight for so long that you’ll never be free, but this is simply untrue. In this audio, you’ll be guided through clearing depression which may be attached to you from your ancestral lineage (on both your maternal and paternal sides) and past lives.

You’ll learn to clear out everything causing discord and bring your brain, hormones, and entire body into alignment - restoring you to the perfection you are!

You are light, love, happiness, joy, bliss, compassion, innocence, and purity!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Cut cords and reintegrate any loose ends into unconditional love
  • Clear all entities and return to your sovereign state
  • Anchor into your heart space
  • Clear limiting core beliefs
  • Cleaned up your ancestral lineage (maternal and paternal going about 150 generations)
  • Remove and transform past life issues that may have brought their own depression with them
  • Clear electromagnetic static, toxins, metals, pollutants from the liver, thyroid, and brain
  • Balance chemicals in the brain, making corrections as needed, increase/decrease in serotonin and melatonin
  • Improve your sleep cycles
  • Clear and balance the endocrine systems and all hormones
  • Remove and transform stress
  • Clear memories and imprints of depression from muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, organs
  • Clear and remove all six layers of depression which will bring deep and lasting healing
  • Bring in frequencies of happiness, joy, bliss
  • Experience a deeper healing through Soul Language
  • And walk through life surrounded in golden white light for continued healing and lasting protection

ITEM 11: Loving Energy Transformations Private Support Community

Value: $65

Format: Online Closed Facebook Group

This is a Private Community I’ve created just for you! It's a safe space for you to grow, share, explore, and just be present. I will be available in the group to answer questions, offer guidance, bring you needed support, and help you on your journey back to your natural state of perfection! You’ll also be able to freely and openly share with others who are going through this process with you.


ITEM 12: Sun Mantra

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 8:05

The Sun Mantra is very powerful and important tool to use to help your body heal faster. If you’re not familiar with doing mantras some tips would be: repeat the mantra 108 times (you can use mala beads to keep track) at least twice a day and for a period of 40 days straight. Mantras are a very disciplined spiritual practice so once you start the 40 days, you’ll need to keep track of your progress and start over if you miss a day.

This mantra is pronounced: Om hram hreem Hroum Sah Suryaya Namaha.

Accelerate Healing with the Sun Mantra!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Enable your body to accelerate healing, this one is focused on your heart, circulatory system, and any upper back pain which can be associated with the heart
  • Be able to more fully clear yourself
  • Raise your frequencies to a Christ Consciousness

ITEM 13: Strong Heart

Value: $37

Format: MP3 / Length: 12:32

Problems with your heart will touch every part of your life and body. It may be heart walls and barriers due to depression, separation, or abandonment which are preventing you from truly and deeply healing. You may feel that cardiac issues “run in your family” such as heart disease, congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure and so it’s inevitable for you. Perhaps you’re struggling with a heart murmur, arrhythmia, or excess fluid.

Through this audio, you will begin to let in more joy, happiness, and bliss and return your strong heart to its natural state of perfection.

If You Can’t Feel - You Can’t Heal
Open Up Your Strong Heart!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Remove heart walls and barriers
  • Clear depression, rejection, separation, and abandonment issues
  • Clear congestion and blockages related to congestive heart failure and bring in healing
  • Heal and dissolve heart valve issues such as scarring, inflammation, and weaknesses
  • Restore elasticity to every part of your cardiovascular system
  • Normalize your blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Correct and heal heart murmurs
  • Increase oxygenation and circulation to your entire body
  • Clear restrictions, constrictions, and blockages throughout your body
  • Easily and safely clear and heal plaque buildup
  • Heal arrhythmia
  • Normalize your cholesterol levels
  • Clear bacteria, viruses, and harmful parasites from your heart
  • Normalize, correct, and repair any hardening and thickening to the valve and arties
  • Clear and remove any past life, ancestral lineage issues, and limiting core beliefs surrounding the heart
  • Clear and remove abnormal edema, excess fluid, and retention
  • Clean up the blood system and bring in happy, healthy blood cells
  • Allow your heart to beat more happily and joyfully
  • Bring the heart, brain, and central nervous system into balance and alignment
  • Bring in necessary nutrients and supplements for a happy, healthy heart
  • Clear memories, impressions, and imprints of surgeries, traumas, injuries, illness, stress, worry, etc. on all layers of your existence into infinity
  • Bring in peace, love, joy, bliss, and happiness
  • Experience a higher level of awareness with regards to your heart health
  • Deepen the healing with Soul Language


Included in PACKAGE A:

  • ITEM 1: Removing Heart Walls
  • ITEM 2: Emotional Purification of the Heart
  • ITEM 3: Clearing Entities and Attachments From the Heart
  • ITEM 4: Upgrading the Central Nervous System
  • ITEM 5: Turning the Heart Inwards
  • ITEM 6: Universal Healing of the Heart (Silent MP3)
  • ITEM 7: Healing the Heart
  • ITEM 8: Sufi Heart Meditation
  • ITEM 9: Nourishment For the Body
  • ITEM 10: Transforming Depression
  • ITEM 11: Loving Energy Transformations Private Support Community

  • ITEM 12: Sun Mantra
  • ITEM 13: Strong Heart



Valued at $509

Offered on WOTA for

$127 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $63.50

(2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal)


This package includes everything in Package A, which includes the following audio recordings:

  • ITEM 1: Removing Heart Walls
  • ITEM 2: Emotional Purification of the Heart
  • ITEM 3: Clearing Entities and Attachments From the Heart
  • ITEM 4: Upgrading the Central Nervous System
  • ITEM 5: Turning the Heart Inwards
  • ITEM 6: Universal Healing of the Heart (Silent MP3)
  • ITEM 7: Healing the Heart
  • ITEM 8: Sufi Heart Meditation
  • ITEM 9: Nourishment For the Body
  • ITEM 10: Transforming Depression
  • ITEM 11: Loving Energy Transformations Private Support Community

  • ITEM 12: Sun Mantra
  • ITEM 13: Strong Heart
  • PLUS

  • ITEM 14: Transforming Your Life Through the Heart Private Session with Shelley
  • ITEM 15: Clearing Heart Walls & Barriers - Group Workshop

ITEM 14: Transforming Your Life Through Healing Your Heart

A Private Session with Shelley

Value: $175

Format: LIVE call, recorded via Instant Teleseminar / Length: 30 Minutes

Shelley Esler on Wisdom of the Ancients

Shelley Esler

In this session, which will be recorded for your convenience, you can experience:

  • Quantum healing personalized and tailored to you!
  • Lifting of depression, anxiety, irritability, and more
  • Messages for you from your Angels and Guides
  • Aura cleansing and healing
  • Renewed sense of purpose and direction
  • Increased feeling of peace, well-being, tranquility, and sheer joy!
  • Focus on your beautiful heart and bring it any healing and blessings it needs to open and receive!

If You’re Looking For Healing On A Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Level, Then This Is YOUR Opportunity!

Through this session, you’ll be able to bring your worries, pains, and traumas to a safe space held just for you and find the relief and peace you’ve been longing for. Shelley will tune into you and offer new and detailed insights. With her Angels, Shelley will gently and lovingly guide you through your healing process with ease, comfort, and joy.

ITEM 15: Clearing Heart Walls & Barriers

A Group Workshop with Shelley

Value: $150

Format: Online Class, Recorded Replay / Length: 60-90 minutes

When your heart has been hidden behind walls, attacked by entities, burdened by your past lineage, and damage from modern day living, then it’s hard to learn to open up again to embrace the life you want to live. Through this workshop, Shelley will guide you through healing your heart enabling you to open up you up more fully to life.

If you’re ready to experience the heavenly flow of life and receive what’s meant to be in your life, then you’ll want to experience this powerful heart healing workshop!

Opening Up Your Heart To Embrace Life

In this workshop we will:

  • Work on the main issues facing your heart
  • Address physical symptoms, repair damage, and remove anything negative that’s physically impacting your heart health
  • Bring deep healing into the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers of heart
  • Clear heart walls and barriers
  • Open the heart more to fully receive
  • Clear and release suppressed and blocked emotions
  • Clear any kind of entities or interference impacting your heart
  • Clear ancestral DNA, issues, programming, and limiting core beliefs negatively impacting you in the here and now
  • Allow time for individual questions and answers


Included in PACKAGE B:

  • ITEM 1: Removing Heart Walls
  • ITEM 2: Emotional Purification of the Heart
  • ITEM 3: Clearing Entities and Attachments From the Heart
  • ITEM 4: Upgrading the Central Nervous System
  • ITEM 5: Turning the Heart Inwards
  • ITEM 6: Universal Healing of the Heart (Silent MP3)
  • ITEM 7: Healing the Heart
  • ITEM 8: Sufi Heart Meditation
  • ITEM 9: Nourishment For the Body
  • ITEM 10: Transforming Depression
  • ITEM 11: Loving Energy Transformations Private Support Community

  • ITEM 12: Sun Mantra
  • ITEM 13: Strong Heart
  • PLUS

  • ITEM 14: Transforming Your Life Through the Heart Private Session with Shelley
  • ITEM 15: Clearing Heart Walls & Barriers - Group Workshop



Valued at $834

Offered on WOTA for

$277 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $138.50

(2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal)


“ My sessions with Shelley have been amazing and I actually have physical proof of incredible healing.

I’ve had a puckered retina in my right eye for years and after two sessions where spirit worked on my eye (as well as other things), I could see a shift in my vision in my right eye. When I went to the eye doctor’s for my annual check up, they scanned my retina. The doctor showed me the difference between last year’s scan and this year’s and proceeded to say, “Well this is something we rarely...if ever see”. The pictures were vastly different and my retina was coming back into its original alignment.

It was amazing to see it on a digital image. I knew it because the blurry vision that was once closer to the center had shifted to the bottom right. But to see it through the eyes of the medical community was very cool! And I shared my secret with him!

Thank for so much 💗💕 ”
~ Sandy

“ Thank you, Shelley, for everything! I was crying every day for over a year and then I saw you live on Corrine Gorillo. I almost cancelled (my session) because I was afraid that I would cry uncontrollably and not get through it. That first phone healing session was amazing, I stopped crying every day after that.

The relentless pain (heart break) that I was experiencing was finally releasing it’s grip on me. You knew that I was questioning all that I was taught about God, you helped open my eyes, my mind and my heart. I will be forever grateful, you are amazing and I am so glad that you are spreading your wings wider and following your dreams!

I love you, Shelley! ”
~ Wendy Y.

“ It was our third session and it was just magical!

With your extraordinary skills you moved so much within my being, that I am now feeling blessed, loved, and totally free!

Yesterday, on Sunday, I spend the whole day at the beach, swimming and meditating and and this, together with the work you’ve done 12 hours before, shifted so much and brought my being to a whole new level.

You literally freed me and, honestly, I didn’t think it could get any better after the first two sessions with you, but this one was really extraordinary for me.

Sending a whole universe of gratitude and love to you and looking very forward to our next session!

Much Love from Germany, ”
~ Marion

“ Just wanted to say a big thank you for the weight loss call (Your Weight Loss Solution). My binging issues seem to have truly disappeared since the call. Truly grateful. ”

~ Melanie

“ So this was the best solution for my depression that I have encountered. Most of my life I felt like I was living in a fog but once I listened to it (Transforming Depression), I felt a lot lighter.

I haven’t felt like this since I was four and it is the best feeling. I feel motivated to get up and do things, I feel like pursuing my dreams and that heartbreak and pain are only things of the past.

I highly recommend this recording and if you are feeling depressed, anxious and suicidal, please listen to this. You will save yourself from so much pain and suffering.

Warm Regards, ”
~ Keyva

“ Shelly is amazing! The healing session I did with her was so much more than I could have asked for. Not only did she clear lower energies and entities but she also worked on different parts of my body and my energy bodies and brought everything back to balance.

Furthermore, she brought healing to my ancestral lineages. We did inner child work, heart opening exercises and she talked in soul language. She works really fast and super effective and the information she got about me and my family were on point.

I felt truly seen and loved during this session and am beyond thankful to have found this beautiful angel.

Thank you for your kind words, I’m looking forward to the weight loss session (Your Weight Loss Solution) on Sunday!

With love and gratitude, ”
~ Miriam

“ Dearest Shelley,

Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart -- thank you for your time and laser-focused attention!

What a truly gifted healer you are -- I feel lighter -- almost euphoric and know I am pain-free.

Best of all, I feel my soul has been liberated from my recurring self-sabotage bondage.

I woke up the next morning, still feeling excited, energized and uplifted, then remembered all the important tips Shelley provided regarding starting my day to keep me in the higher vibration. I fully intend to make it part of my daily spiritual practice and I appreciate having practical guidance to ground in all the information.

Look out world!!

Namaste, ”
~ Rosemary

“ Shelley, I am sitting here crying tears of pure joy and really really feel a huge shift happening today! My heart feels wide open and so entirely blessed. I am remembering myself again. Many thanks and so much gratitude.

I seriously am feeling so much joy and love right now. So amazing and healing is really occurring. Your are amazing and your connection is incredible. Take wonderful care. ”

~ Heidi O.

“ On the day I was supposed to have my 50th birthday party, I awoke to an unusually intense headache and nausea. This lasted for several hours and at the rate I was going, I would have to cancel my party if I didn’t get any relief!

I reached out to Shelley and she immediately started working on me. When she said she was finished, I got up and miraculously the headache and nausea were completely gone! I can’t thank her enough. ”

~ Amy S.

“ This was my first time having an angel reading but any fears I had going in were quickly erased. Shelley explained everything in detail as she went along and made me feel completely safe the entire session.

Her insights were spot on. I have experienced many incredible things since our session. It’s like a dark cloud has been lifted and I have been happier, more energetic, and feel so much more connected to myself for the first time in a long time!

If you are dealing with any sort of depression or autoimmune illness, go see Shelley now! She is very knowledgeable and gifted in these areas. I can’t thank Shelly enough for this AWESOME experience!!! ”

~ Amanda

“ Earlier today I had an angel healing session with Shelley Esler. The shift that I have felt since I’ve gotten off the phone with her is unbelievable…now believable! The time she devoted to me was so precious & she was so heartfelt, caring, & compassionate.

I felt this session on a mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual level. THIS IS REAL!!! She was amazing & I am so appreciative & grateful that I took the step forward to receive this. THANK YOU SHELLEY!!! You were amazing & are very passionate with what you do & say. Thank you! Such a huge release! ”

~ Danielle C.

“ I’m not certain I have the words to describe my experience with Shelley... I am a healer myself and was blown away by her gifts and ability to see and help me with my blind spots and directions. I recommend Shelley 100% and look forward to working with her again and again!

Shelley - you are loving, kind, and gifted! So blessed by our time together! ”

~ Jackie D-B.

“ I have had I think 5 sessions with Shelley. We connected in a totally random way on LinkedIn. She sent a wanting to connect invite.

What was so weird about it is I do this work, but I don't publish it on LinkedIn. My bio it totally corporate business. I accepted and look her up, then messaged her as to why she wanted to connect and she said she liked my energy.

I was in desperate need of emotional and physical healing. I was going through a lot and I asked God to put someone in my path that I needed!!! A day later - BOOM!

I have gone to a lot of people and like I said I am a healer as well but nothing like her. D*mn! She is sooooooo gifted! I can't even tell you. She is spot on. I feel 1000% better than I did a month ago. I am going through a huge transformation and she helped me so much. I am so grateful!

I feel healing at such a deep level. My back has hurt me since I was 14 and I've got to tell you NO ONE has been able to heal it. She has!!! My back hardly ever hurts now and I'm 50! She's the REAL DEAL! ”

~ Lisa L.

“ Our call a couple of weeks ago gave me a lot to think about and work on. My energies were low and I was miserable and you picked up on every emotion I was going through. You also gave me so much helpful advice which I took on board.

I've been through the mill but I'm coming out stronger and I've learned so much. I don't feel stuck anymore and I wanted to thank you. You are an amazing person! So gentle and kind and so good at what you do! xxx ”

~ Michelle B.

“ I've been working with Shelley Paxton Esler for a while now, and she's truly a very, very gifted healer. Instantaneous healings for me, as well as my mom who had a 19-year-old painful injury. Gone!

If you have anything, anything at all that you're ready to move on from - I'd highly recommend scheduling a session with Shelley. You'll be amazed at how quickly, she'll be able to help you let go of anything that no longer serves. She's worth every damn penny! ”

~ Dorthe A.

“ ...Shelley has been an incredible support and guide and she has changed my life immensely! She’s helped me get to the root cause of my pains and ailments to bring about truly, lasting healing. She’s taught me to set my own boundaries and keep them! I’m able to trust my inner knowing, take more chances in life, and trust and believe that I am here for a reason!

If you’re contemplating scheduling a session with Shelley, then I say DO IT! She’s an incredible healer who truly comes from the heart! She’s the real deal! ”

~ Cheryl S.


Shelley Esler on Wisdom of the Ancients

Shelley Esler

Shelley Esler came into this life as a powerful Master Healer and is imprinted with the Medical Stigmata on her palm enabling her to instantly heal and transform her clients. Her pure energy enables her to deeply connect to divine source as a medical intuitive. Through this, Shelley can discover the root cause of her client’s dis-ease and bring lasting relief and healing to her international clientele. Her areas of expertise are pain relief, depression, and opening the heart to receive.

Shelley also serves as a growth catalyst for her client’s personal development and personifies pure knowledge and sage wisdom. She transforms people's lives worldwide on many different levels and dimensions with her gift to connect and ability to teach what love is. With her guidance, clients are empowered, rediscover their self love and worth, and learn how to safely feel in order to heal.

Shelley’s personal healing odyssey began in dramatic fashion with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, being called to donate a kidney, and receiving a massive attunement which awakened her natural gifts. She immediately knew she needed to help others overcome their dis-ease and return to their natural state of perfection. She also brings in Soul Language and Spiritual Breathing to elevate her healing work.

Shelley is the founder of Loving Energy Transformations where she works her beautiful energy in group, personal, and remote settings. Shelley also is available for private deep healing sessions.

Your heart is the key to it all! Let’s unlock it together!