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Many years ago when I developed the Lifetron Healing system, my greatest desire was for a system that provides PROTECTION. I somewhere knew a time will come when one of the greatest needs of a living being will be protection. We are now living in those times. The whole world is going through major re-adjustment and re-alignment.

So why is Lifetron so effective in meeting this need. Because it works at a Knowing level, at a deep subconscious Belief level, which is deeper than the mind, the body and even the energy.

Don’t take my word for it. Check yourself. If you are on lifetron energy and if you are able to go to the knowing level you will feel a Knowing that “I will be fine“. No matter what is going on in your mind, body and the external world this deeper knowing will undeniably be there if you are on lifetron healing.

This is where the real protection comes from. If your knowing says you will be fine, you will be fine. If your knowing says you are in trouble, you will be trouble.

Lifetron Healing is the only healing system that changes you at a Knowing level. This knowing then slowly starts to come into upper levels of consciousness over time: body, mind and overall life.

Also guess why I have over 460+ Google Verified 5-star reviews. Because Lifetron healing really works the way it promises it will.

To help as many people as possible during these tough times, I have created a special pricing and program customized with the intention of PROTECTION.

Protection from:

  • Viruses
  • Anxiety and Worry
  • EMF
  • Health Issues
  • Financial Protection
  • Negative Relationships and People
  • Physical Harm

Please note that protection does NOT mean no challenges. Challenges are sometimes a necessary part of realignment and re-adjustment. They are meant to help us move from insane ways of living towards greater sanity.

What protection here means, even if we have challenges it will mercifully minimize the impact of karmic patterns and gracefully help us across the turbulent waters towards greater safety. It will protect us from drowning in the turbulent waters of realignment and re-adjustment.

Here is the special:

Please choose the option based upon how many people you’d like to receive the protection (including yourself).


Lifetron Protection – 1 member:

Offered on WOTA

$77 USD

per month

Also available in 2 payments of $38.50

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )


Lifetron Protection – 3 members:

Offered on WOTA

$108 USD

per month

Also available in 2 payments of $54

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )


Lifetron Protection – 5 members:

Offered on WOTA

$147 USD

per month

Also available in 2 payments of $73.50

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )


Lifetron Protection – 7 member:

Offered on WOTA

$197 USD

per month

Also available in 2 payments of $98.50

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )


Lifetron Protection – 9 member:

Offered on WOTA

$247 USD

per month

Also available in 2 payments of $123.50

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )

(Regular Prices are 3 times these rates).


30-Minute Personal Session with Sanjay

Over many years of one-on-one working with clients, I have developed deep wisdom and a capability to psychically see and heal people’s core wounds that they pick up at a young age. These wounds keep repeating themselves throughout life until they are made conscious and healed. In this session I will help you consciously become aware of your core childhood wounds and heal them energetically. I will also provide you with an affirmation that you can use on a daily basis to reprogram your mind towards greater wellbeing and fulfillment.


Included in OPTION 2:

  • 30-Minute Personal Session with Sanjay

* The Private Session option does not include any of the other Lifetron Energy Healing options. If you'd like both the Private Session and the Lifetron energy streaming, please purchase both separately.




Offered on WOTA

$77 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $38.50

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )

Sanjay Nimar on Wisdom of the Ancients

We all need protection in these turbulent times.

As always I am here to help you cross the turbulent waters. Keep up the hope and patience. All will be well.

~ Sanjay



No Fear Related to Virus

“ I'm thankful to have Lifetron in my life. So many people I come in contact with are experiencing anxiety, fear and stress related to the virus and the rapid changes occurring in the world. I feel safe and I have a deep knowing that I will be safe no matter what is happening in the world. Lifetron is the reason I am calm and at peace. Thank you Sanjay! I'm grateful for your work. ”

~ Candy M.

Zero Fear of Covid 19

“ I have been using lifetron now for a couple of months and I must confess I have zero fear due to Covid 19. I know I'm safe and we will all recover and we will be wiser and more compassionate because of this experience.

Blessing, ”
~ Linda F.

Feeling Calm Inside

“ I am so grateful Sanjay came on my path, ….. he helped me in a lot of ways. For me it is a blessing to receive his help. I have been on Lifetron now for a few months, among other things also to reduce fear. From the beginning of the virus threat I noticed that I was feeling very calm inside, ….. there is a deep knowing in me that tells me I am gonna be just fine. And I still feel this way. Normally I easily pick up on other people's energies and it would affect me very easily ….. now I notice it does not affect me in the way it normally would and I can stay more centered and grounded. It helps me with not letting the lower/negative energies from the outside coming in. For me It really feels like a big support. From my heart I say: Thank you Sanjay ,….. thank you for everything. ”

~ Cara

No Panic

“ Thank you Sanjay! Since I've been on Lifetron I have a very strong inner KNOWING, not just a feeling, that I am fine! My husband has the news on almost 24/7 and I would normally feel the fear and panic coming through which would drain me of my energy. The calmness that I am feeling now helps me to keep myself and all of my family members calm. My energy is not being depleted! I would also like to report that I have not had an episode of vertigo since I have been on Lifetron and that is HUGE for me!! Thank you and Bless You!!! ”

~ Mary

Unwavering Feeling of Protection

“ I also feel an unwavering feeling that I am protected and will be fine. People all around me are in fear and can't understand why I am optimistic and calm. Of course I am social distancing and washing my hands a lot but I am also having fun walking my dogs on deserted streets, fixing healthy meals with my husband at home. The best part is seeing my kids and grandkids on FaceTime EVERYDAY, as they check in more. It feels like I am of the world but not in the world! ”

~ Susan

Uncanny Feeling of Protection

“ I have felt uncannily protected from the beginning, except for a few moments now and then when I gave into a bit of fear. But basically I feel as if I am living on a different mental planet than those on the media talking about this all the time. Even those people who are in my life voice a lot of fear which, thank God, I don't feel. I try to be patient with them because I feel it is such a different reality I am experiencing. We will all take it one day at a time. I am enormously grateful for Lifetron Energy and the other provisions that God has given, such as Christian Science, Bruno Groening and the Healing Codes. ”

~ Patricia

Financial Safety and Overall Feeling of Protection

“ I have reached out with Sanjay exactly 30 days ago which I was in complete state, several layers of issues that needs healing from childhood traumas and disbelief on my worthiness, ...etc. The miracles started to show up after three weeks as I have had several issues at work which lead to losing my job but there was an inner voice saying I am protected and then have found another job within less than 2 weeks. During this month I have sensed that I am protected as there was an inner voice within myself that kept hearing it. Truly, I was so happy with this feeling of protection since I have never ever in my entire life. ”

~ Amal

Love the Feeling of Safety

“ I love the feeling and knowing of safety for me and my family that I have been experiencing under lifetron ”

~ Julia


Video Testimonial by Jill:

Video Testimonial by Jane:

Video Testimonial by Lenka:

Peace At Last

“ My foremost desire all my long life was fulfilled the day Lifetron Energy was turned on and began flowing to me. Everything I had done previously, all my decisions were aimed at becoming safe, relaxed, and at peace. However, my agitation was deep and subconscious and hard to heal. But on that day, the fog and darkness in front of my eyes and in my heart cleared and the world around me was suddenly lighter and brighter and has remained ever since. I felt and continue to feel the assurance I longed for: I am 100% safe and secure and need not fear anything any longer. This brought me the happiness and freedom I craved. This is peace. Everyday I am so grateful to Sanjay for having the heart, knowledge, and skill to harness this precious life energy for us and transmit it to us. ”

~ Anonymous

Fear Greatly Healed

“ I’ve had fear and anxiety most of my life. I was always waiting for the shoe to drop. Been doing Sanjay Nimar energy program for under 60 days and the level of fear and anxiety is now a level 2 from 8. It’s remarkable. I now have a knowing that things are working out for me that I never have had before. ”

~ Jeanette

Within 4 Days on Lifetron

“ I am over the moon with this energy. I am not oppressed by the dark cloud of thoughts and emotions that plagued me before. Light and space are around me. I totally enjoy meditating and being quiet now. In fact, I enjoy everything now. Everything is alive to me now. I used to be blocked out of life; now I am a legitimate part of life.

I have energy now. I have never had energy before unless I was in a manic state. Life was a drudge, like going through mud. I could only get myself to do what would keep me alive, faking it until I would hopefully someday make it. Now I can feel deeply and singly an emotion when it comes up; it's not cluttered and lost in the dark cloud. It's isolated so I can be with it until it's done, letting it unwind and learning what it has to tell me. WHAT A TREMENDOUS JOY!!!

I have not developed my talents and gifts because I needed to heal before I could even have the energy to develop them. Now I am gently focused on how best to use this wonderful energy. ”

~ Leela

Fast Healing of Anxiety and Depression

“ I was on lifetron for a month and two weeks for depression and anxiety and I feel 100 percent better I can sleep at night without nightmares and can go out in public without so much anxiety. My anxiety and depression was at a level 10 before and now it is 0. I like to thank sanjay for this program and being a part of it thank you. ”

~ Roxy

Lifetron is miraculous

“ I cannot express enough gratitude to Sanjay and Lifetron Energy Healing System. Every request was fulfilled in ways I could not have imagined and for my daughter who was unaware of the requests I made for her life. In 30 days the list, wish list is truly how it feels, was manifested and happening in her life and my own life.

I am truly blessed to read more about review stating Lifetron is miraculous have used this beautiful gift for our lives and will forever be in receivership of the beautiful results! ”

~ Roxy

Depression Gone, New Beginning

“ Very Blessed! My son-in-law was in a bout of extreme depression, due to a history of not being able to meet his parents' expectations and from living with mistakes he made in his teen years. This turmoil reached a severe state and it was affecting his studies, his job, his relationship and his health, it was literally eating away at him, mentally and physically, he was disconnected and his life force very low. I received Sanjay's email for his treatments and in less than 2 weeks he made an amazing turn around, this young man is now in much better spirits, determined, and at peace with a renewed sense of energy to take on his future. I believe Sanjay was divinely placed on his path, to assist him. What was a dire situation a few weeks ago, is now a new beginning. Thank you, Sanjay for sharing your gift with him.

Infinite blessings to you, ”
~ Natalie

Amazing Healing of Anxiety and Depression

“ Gifted my teenage son lifetron, he started on a 10 and at the end of the 30 days levelled to 1 or 2,he is so much happier and content, highly recommend sanjay and lifetron. ”

~ Carol

Unusual Healing for Horse (caused due to extreme abuse by previous owner)

“ Andy is a 11 year old Thoroughbred horse who was in a bad jumping wreck a couple of years ago. He had issues in his throat and neck and ulcers in his stomach which it difficult for him to eat or drink. He had a tendency to choke. Also Andy’s backbone used to protrude.

● Within a day he was eating well, energetic and pretty perky !!!
● 3 days into the treatment his throat actually moved when he was drinking water. He actually drinking in gulps whereas earlier he was taking in a teaspoon at a time.
● 10 days into the treatment his coat was much better. Neck knots less prominent. Spine less bumpy.
● 20 days after the treatment , the spine is fairly straight. Overall his health based on appearance has improved with the treatment. He currently has gained 40 pounds and continues to get rounder !!! ”

~ Lisa, Texas

Marked improvement in daughters anxiety

“ I have noticed a marked difference in my daughter's negativity and reduced anxiety. We are beyond grateful. She was here overnight Friday and it's the first time in probably 15+years that we had an enjoyable visit with her! In her own words: "I can't remember the last time I felt less anxiety than I do right now. ”

~ LL

Atrial Fibrillation Healed

“ I have had Atrial Fibrillation since 2008. Slowly it got so bad that every month I was rushed to the Emergency Room to shock my heart to restart it. After being on Lifetron healing for one month, I am happy to report that I have not had a single incident for the last 6 months. NONE!!! It has relieved me a lot physically and emotionally. It still amazes me how Lifetron healing works. How precise, powerful and intelligent it is. ”

~ Arlene Texas

Free From Severe Anxiety

“ I am 36 years old and have suffered from severe anxiety for most of my adult life. My anxiety was extremely high. I have tried different things but to no avail. I heard of Sanjay’s Lifetron healing program and decided to try it. In just one month, I am very happy to report that my anxiety has gone down to Zero !! I am able to handle stress better even as I look for another job as a teacher I am not anxious but researching the possibilities. Looking at opportunities for a new start. Also, some of the other physical health issues have gotten better too. This has significantly improved the quality of my life. Thank you Sanjay. ”

~ Dina

Lifetron Healed Extreme PTSD of an Iraq Veteran

“ A friend of mine is a veteran of Iraq war who displayed extreme PTSD symptoms. Mentally, physically, emotionally in a state of extreme distress. I put him on Lifetron healing. It has been 4 months and he has significantly improved. He seems 100% better since Nov 2016 when I had put him on Lifetron healing. ”

~ Stella

Severe Anxiety Gone - 2 Weeks

“ I have a long standing anxiety issue which has been present despite many other practices I do. On a scale of 0-10 my anxiety was at a level 10. So I decided to do an SET Treatment with Sanjay. ”

“ Within 2 weeks I can confidently say that the anxiety which has been present in one form or another is completely gone. I might get a little anxious here and there but it quickly dissipates by itself. I was unusually calm after my son phoned me to tell me he was robbed a few weeks ago. ”

~ Irene

Type II Diabetes: From 280 to 150 in 2 weeks !! (caused due to anxiety)

“ I have had Type II Diabetes for over 15 years. Despite the medications and diet control my numbers were in the upper 200’s to 300’s. I did a treatment with Sanjay for the Diabetes. I am happy to report that within two weeks of the treatment my numbers have come down to 150, a drop of more than a 100 points. This is truly a miracle!! ”

~ Anonymous

Chronic Migraine Headaches Gone (caused due to anxiety)

“ I used to have migraines and severe headaches since the age of 10 or 11. I am 43 now. I did a Lifetron Treatment with Sanjay for the migraines. I am very happy to report that the migraines and headaches are completely gone. I have not had a migraine in the last two months. ”

~ Patricia

Lifetron Healed My Daughter’s Extreme Anxiety and Social Disorder

“ I am very happy to be on Lifetron! The change in my 30 year old daughter, River, is quite remarkable! She is on disability due to extreme anxiety and social disorder so she resides with me. She is so much calmer and happier than she has ever been. She had also been diagnosed with clinical depression and would sleep sometimes for 15-18 hours at a time! She has been doing a lot of energy work to help release a lot of issues but I have noticed a remarkable difference since we have been on Lifetron. We also, though, have had a lot of weird pains—they will come up in different parts of the body, we release the emotions we believe are causing the pain, and the next day it’s something different! It’s been an odd roller coaster of pains, aches, etc since we started Lifetron, but it feels like it is starting to even itself out. I, also, am feeling much calmer, happier than I have been, and I am grateful that Lifetron is available to us!! Thanks so much and I know I will continue to pay for this for quite awhile as I can see and feel visible differences. Just seeing my daughter happier is a huge bonus for me!!! ”

~ Cynthia Morningway

Serious Health Issues Healed (caused by anxiety and depression)

“ My husband and I went on the Lifetron Healing for about a year and we are grateful for the support and healing that it provided us, especially my husband. His anger and resentment were causing serious health issues such as Cancer and Kidney Stones and Lifetron helped to reduce his emotions and heal his body. He has a clean bill of health now. ”

~ Anonymous

Confidence Improved with Lifetron

“ Have been on this program for almost a year now. My life has improved much, and have reach a point of calm with an inner knowing and confidence that I have not felt for a very long time. Thank you for this work that you share and I am truly grateful for the way it has helped to improve my life. ”

~ Gloria K.


Sanjay Nimar on Wisdom of the Ancients

Sanjay Nimar

Sanjay Nimar is an expert in metaphysics, psychology, energy medicine and technology. He studied from a teacher in the lineage of Yogananda Paramahansa (Autobiography of a Yogi). He holds advanced degrees in management and engineering from top rated schools in the US. He worked at Motorola for 16 years where he was one of the inventors of 3G and 4G cellular systems. Using his scientific and spiritual knowledge Sanjay has engineered an unprecedented healing system that heals the body and mind with particles of life energy that are remotely transmitted from the Himalayas 24/7 to a person anywhere on the planet. Sanjay is fast becoming one of the most powerful healers on the planet. He has over 400 google verified 5 star reviews from clients all over the world.