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Upgrade Your Mind Body Spirit Connection

Quicker Connection | Clearer Communication | Faster Manifestation

14 Day Multidimensional Immersion Series

Your LightBody 2.0!

What Is Your LightBody?

Your LightBody is more than your Spirit or essence. It's the interface between you and the Multidimensional universe.

Your Lightbody is how your Spirit, Soul, Essence, Higher Self, etc. interacts with you as a physical Human Being within this reality.

As a Divine Being of Light, your connection to ALL THAT IS comes through your LightBody.

The more Light you can integrate into this physical reality through your Lightbody interface, the more "in-tune" to Divine Flow and the Quantum Field of Infinite Potentiality you become.

Why Is This Different?

It's Time...

On 8.18.18 Gaia began to release from her Akashic records the next level of physical interface. This next generation of LightBody technology will allow Light workers to access and embody the next level of Light wisdom streaming through her Galactic Body and Soul.

This technology has been held within her records for safe keeping for millennia, from the time of Mu, when we shifted from pure energy and Light into the first level of physicality. Our physical vehicle, i.e. our body, is ready to begin the next phase of evolution to activate the codes held within our DNA blueprint for connection into the Quantum Fields of Universal Truth.

Our bodies continue to undergo massive transformation in this time of rapid awakening. This is part of the "plan" or mission we agreed to for helping humanity shift into the next age of enlightenment.

I'm A Specialist

I'm referred to across the universe as a Multidimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist. One of my main contracts, missions, directives is to bring through the most advanced energy technologies to help the human body repair and evolve to hold higher levels of Light intelligence.

For decades we (soul group of highly evolved Light workers) have been continuously integrating higher Light codes and increasing our frequency to facilitate our remembering.

However, with the planetary shifts that have taken place over the last 6 months, we are entering a Whole New Stratosphere of LightBody interface. Our capacity to work with the physical mechanics of the body are increasing dramatically.

This new technology is increasing your ability to access Multidimensional Biology within your cellular DNA/RNA and physical body systems.

Let's Step into a New Level of Confidence and Empowerment, Together as a Collective Group of Multidimensional Masters of Light!

What Will I Receive From This Series?

Everyone's Journey is Unique!

We are all at different levels of Light Quotient, frequency, emotional intelligence, physical health and well-being which determines our individual experience.

However, here are some things you may experience with this LightBody Upgrade:

  • Physical Healing... your physical body is the container for your LightBody
  • Increased Intuitive Abilities... trust your knowing to move forward with certainty
  • Detachment from Distorted Timelines... be free of the past with gratitude for how it's served you
  • Experiencing Heightened Visions & Knowing for Your Future... have confidence in your ability to stay aligned
  • Increased Self Love and Awareness... know you're worthy and deserving of your desires
  • Expanded Body | Mind | Heart Connection... connect with your soul and others more deeply
  • Increased Stamina and Vitality... so you can go on the adventures your soul is calling you to
  • Expanded Capacity to Access the Quantum Field of Potentiality... and know anything is possible
  • Deeper Connection to Your Higher Self and Cosmic Wisdom... trust you are your best source of advice
  • Increased Mental Capacity... to stay sharp and able to follow the synchronicities the universe is lining up
  • New Levels of Creativity and Cognitive Intuition... get your "left brain" out of the way to access Divine Flow
  • Increased Capacity for Personal Manifestation... experience yourself as a powerful manifestor
  • Releasing of Illusions which holds Limiting Beliefs... move beyond what you've been taught by society
  • Move beyond the illusion to see your True Power to Manifest... so that you can practice accessing it
  • And more...

The Physical Healing and Mental Clarity I've Gained is Extraordinary...

“ The physical healing I've experienced since I started doing your work has been profound. My mind and thoughts are more aligned with Spirit. I find it easier to stay optimistic and focus on creating what I want in my life. People and situations don't trigger me like before and so much more. My transformation has been extraordinary. Thank you for all you do and bring in for our awakening. ”

~ Jennie C., USA

How Will This Series Work?

An Immersion of Multidimensional Light

This energy immersion will provide a beautiful forum for deep physical and personal transformation. Moving through a metamorphisis, the integration of this new level of LightBody Technology will gently and effectively take hold at the molecular level.

For 14 Days, I Will Hold You In a Special


With each week building upon the next, this immersion will provide the energetic support and time necessary to upgrade your mind, body and spirit.

This 14 Day Immersion includes:

  • 2 MP3 Activation each week with embedded Light Language
  • 2 written Light Language messages each week to enhance integration
  • 2 Multidimensional Encoded Poems each week to activate creative intuition
  • Daily Energetic Support via the Transformation Field of Light
  • And more...

All of these elements will activate a different level of your mind, body and soul to maximize your embodiment of the upgrade. The energy will unlock a new level of codes each day.

Each night during your dream state you (your Higher Self) will be invited to experience the healing, rejuvenation and integration of the upgraded Light into your body. Many of you may experience me showing up in your dreams and meditations and perhaps even physically manifesting (it happens often - people email me about having a conversation or meeting in other parts of the world in full physical form:-)

You will receive a different MP3 activation each week. This activation will have gentle Light Language infused into the music, allowing you to go deep within the transformation process.

For ease, I've shorten the MP3 to approximately 15 minutes. To accelerate the integration, I recommend listening right before you go to sleep. The energy will continue to work through the night. Listen to the same activation every night, until the next activation is received.

I will also encourage you to journal during this immersion, providing suggestions and prompts, although it's not required. This will be to help bring unconscious energy into your awareness AND also for tapping into your creativity.

It is HIGHLY recommended to maintain a clean and healthy diet during this series, including refraining from alcohol. Your body is your vehicle for anchoring this next level of LightBody Technology!

The Focus of Energy

While the overall series will be focused on bringing through this Next Generation of LightBody Technology, each week will have a different 'flavor.'

As the download of this information is as much of an experience for me as it is for those participating, I'm unable to say with certainty what exactly will occur. However...

Below I've listed what I know 'so far' to help you anticipate what's coming.


  • Quantum Cellular Repair
  • Morphogenetic Field Recalibration
  • Morphogenetic Healing Codes 2.0
  • DNA 2.0 Quantum Recalibration
  • Mind Body Spirit Recalibration
  • Cellular ReJuvenation Codes 2.0


  • Crystalline DNA Recalibration
  • DNA/RNA Timeline Repair
  • Timeline DNA Healing Codes 2.0
  • Multidimensional Recalibration
  • 5D, 7D, 9D Cellular Repair
  • Dimensional Healing Codes 2.0

I've Noticed Dramatic Differences In My Prosperity...

“ All of your activations have been incredibly helpful to me over the past year or so, and I've noticed dramatic differences in my prosperity and overall sense of well being. ”

~ Warren C., USA


Included in SPECIAL OFFER:

  • the mastered audio activations
  • Light Language transmissions
  • Multidimensional encoded poems
  • 14 days of daily energetic support




Offered on WOTA

$97 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $48.50

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )


“ Thank you so much. You really are amazing, and I feel different, especially my head. My heart felt so full of love and gratitude for you right after the session-this huge physical sensation, so I hope some of it got sent to you.

As I have shared with you, I studied a bunch of different religions (and I mean studied for years, not just took a weekend workshop), and I feel like what you do is accelerate the spiritual growth process exponentially.

I also appreciate it SO MUCH that you are all about the divine without all of the trappings of other spiritual traditions-the i'm right, this is the best way, this is the only way to reach enlightenment, or the need to make sense and peace of how a tradition views the divine feminine etc etc.

I say this with love and gratitude for all of the traditions I have been a part of, but I always wanted all of the religions to be together and not feel watered down, or be Christianity pretending to pull in other things, or have only male leaders with a mostly female group. I also feel that the work you do is very harmonious with the other things I do, such as psychotherapy, flower essences, chi gung, yoga etc. without having to feel like it's better or the only thing to do.

Just saying these things because I have been thinking about them, and feeling grateful.

Much love and light to you, and I am so excited that you are coming to Austin!!! ”

~ Eileen P., USA

“ After doing a 1:1 session with Raquel, I surprised my close friends with specific examples of dramatic shifts in my outer life and inner experience. The changes that happened outwardly seemed impossible to resolve before the session.

The results of the shifts in my inner state and outer life were so obvious, that half a dozen of my friends decided to work with Raquel. She is gifted with a healing ability that is unique, gets to the core issues and clears the path for for an upshift in your entire energy field.

As a healer, I thought I had seen and experienced the best and most profound healers available, but I can now say that Raquel’s work transforms and heals from a level that is unique and brings in the highest frequencies imaginable.

Working with her 1:1, in just 1 session, a long-term family situation that felt like it would last forever, resolved itself overnight and my energy upshifted permanently. I’ve never seen such fast and lasting changes through a healing session. ”

~ Lee Kemper, USA

“ I first heard about the light worker Raquel from a dear friend, while in New Zealand on a spiritual retreat. She was describing this powerhouse of a healer and how she is able to read your energy like a rolodex, able to pull out any stuck discordant energy and bring you back into alignment.

My thoughts were " wow I need to book a session as soon as I get home". As the Universe would have it, not only did I end up having some transformational healing sessions but I would later join Raquel on two spiritual journeys/sacred gatherings in Arizona and England.

That is when I realized that Raquel is much much more than a healer, she truly is a master. What I can say of the work is that it is life-changing. What Raquel does is all encompassing.

She helps the planet and she helps you. Her intuition skills are spot on, in one particular session, Raquel saw that a baby girl energy was wanting to come through as my daughter, I told Raquel that I did not think that was possible because countless doctors and other clairvoyants had told me I would not be able to have children. 4 months later after my session with Raquel I was pregnant. I am now a mommy to a beautiful baby girl 🙂

Thank you Raquel for all that you do and all that you are. I am forever grateful. ”

~ Smaranda P., Romania


Raquel Spencer on Wisdom of the Ancients

Raquel Spencer

Raquel Spencer - An accidental entrepreneur, Raquel Spencer has spent the last decade working with people around the globe, assisting thousands of participants to step into a new level of personal and spiritual clarity.

Her unique gifts and skills provide a fast and effective way to clear emotional, mental and physical blocks, which empowers her clients to experience a deeper spiritual connection and improved quality of life.

Her own life shifted profoundly after waking from a five-week unexplained coma, which marked the beginning of her own Spiritual Awakening.

A graduate from CSU, Sacramento, she holds a B.S. in Business Marketing and Management. Raquel spent 25 years working for Fortune-100 companies, such as Intel and Hewlett Packard, before following her true calling and path.

Considered one of the Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders.

Raquel works within the Quantum Field of Light and Sound, bringing through energetic activations which clear, upgrade and align your Divine vehicle of Light, i.e. your physical and energetic bodies. She states: “You are a bioelectrical, biochemical super computer of Light. The omni presence of your multidimensional self is always present. However, if your Divine vehicle or supercomputer is not functioning at an appropriate level, your ability to communicate, connect and integrate that level of your consciousness is compromised.”

Unique to the field, her work is not a repackaged spin on other modalities or traditions, such as Reiki, Access Consciousness, Reconnection Therapy or Quantum Touch. Referred to as a Multidimensional Energy Electrician, Cellular Light Specialist and Quantum Light and Sound Specialist, her skills come from direct access to higher states of consciousness and memory. This direct access allows her to shift and repair your energy systems quickly and effectively.