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Special Offer

NoraWalksInSpirit infuses these Higher Crystal Light Frequencies as she Channels Infinite Intelligent Masters Energies to invoke the new Frequencies of LIGHT Knowledge that pours through her, as she Awakens Crystals within the Body and Soul during her Master Messages.

You will be ignited and enlightened of the Master Frequencies of Knowledge.

These Master Fields of Light entering into our Etheric Fields are tapping into your Auras and Connecting, Attuning and Activating your Pineal Crystals.

How can you relay to people that your package/session is the solution to the problem/circumstances/issues that you've just outlined?

Most people are thinking “How will this change my life; how will this benefit me; what makes this different from all the other programs I’ve taken?”

How do you Align, Balance and Attune to these Light Particles each month when they arrive on Gateways and Lunar Activities?

Nora will bring the guidance and directions of Techniques of how to stay Balanced, and Aligned for a more rapid flow of Integrations.

Is your own Inner Child Soul ready to begin integrating these Light Particles of Light Codes into both our Inner and Outer Body’s Systems?

Nora will once more deliver a Message and a Activation for you to do each day, to sustain and keep yourself Activated within these heightening Electromagnetic Fields of Light.

Get ready…. For 2020 a Master Year of Ascension where you will be experiencing these Masters of Light Lessons and Activations to flow through your Inner Body, Inner Mind, Aligning you to Crystalline Auric/Etheric Fields of LIGHT!

Follow ME (Master Energies) as I Connect and Communicate to these Higher Beings from Multi-Dimensions Beyond to Co-Create Reality Consciousness on this Planet and prepare all for these “Miracles of Light Manifestations” in 2020.


HEALING SESSION with noraWalksInSpirit



There will be heightened Energies arriving onto the Crown Chakra, into the Inner Mind, as the Masters of Multi-Dimensional Threads of Light Particles orchestrate an Alignment into the Heart and Soul of Nora. Once connected within her Body, Mind and Soul a beautiful Telepathic Communicative Thread of Intelligences flows down into Nora’s Heart as the Masters begin to Transmit LIGHT LOVE Frequencies into all who are Receiving with an open Mind and Awakened Soul waiting for the Healing.

Each Session begins with Nora’s Masters of Light pouring their Light Essences into an Alignment, Connection, Transmission of information and Healing Vibrations. You, simply begin Breathing IN, Connecting to, then “HOLD” onto the TRUE ONENESS of your own Light that begins flowing within your entire Being. The Masters will begin speaking, healing and guiding all that is to be received in that very NOW moment with Nora.

The LIGHT Languages and Healing Transmissions will flow through the entire Session

A Teaching, Understanding of Clearing low Vibrations of Consciousness trapped in the body and mind will be expressed during the Healing Session.

A beautiful LOVE Essence will be infused into the Activation and Teaching to completely Seal the profound Knowledge and Wisdom that will be delivered

The Energies of Light expressed through the Messages, Activations,
Healing are not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for
Professional Medical Treatment or care. All Rights Reserved: NoraWalksInSpirit Inc.


Included in OPTION 1:



HEALING SESSION with noraWalksInSpirit

Offered on WOTA for

$130 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $65.00

(2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal)



Includes everything in Option 1


New Course Teachings
Includes 3 Audios, 2 Transcripts


audio from the January 12th
Lunar Eclipse Audio

It is my Soul desire to teach you, heal you and guide you onto your own Pathway of Mastery. Your own true Connection and Communications to these Unknown, Unseen ONES that are here and now assisting, guiding, guarding you; will enable you to establish ONENESS from within, so that all of your Abilities, Gifts, Virtues and Beliefs will come into form.

One hour MASTER TEACHINGS will be delivered. The Masters will Speak, Teach, Heal and Adorn their LIGHT Intelligences through ME that will assist you, guide you, educate you on how to release any blocks that your Inner Child Mind may interrupt you with. They ask that you be patient within of your frightened Inner Child’s Soul and Mind, through LOVE it will release the determined Mind, and you will become BALANCED to ALIGN, LISTEN, and RECEIVE from these Masters’ Teachings.

FULL MOON and LUNAR ECLIPSE initiates Powerful Energies to Align into January 12th, 2020.

From noraWalksInSpirit to you:

Hello everyone, this closing out of the 3/3/3 Portal when I last spoke on the 30th of December is now beginning to house a renewing Portal for me to speak once more on 12th day of January 2020 as the New Year opens with a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. The Masters will amplify their Frequencies of Light into this Alignment of many Planets pouring in CODES of Light Consciousness during this Sacred Alignment day of the 12th.

These are your own Star-Seed Codes of your Crystal Light Seeds that will be amplifying your own Inner Light quotients of Seedlings awakening. You may see the many Golden Symbols, Letters, Patterns flowing within your Inner Mind’s Eye. And when you See and Feel these Light Quotients, know that a Word of Knowledge, or Activation of Love is aligning you into your own Star- Seed family. These are the Codes, you will be infusing in all of 2020.

It is time for us to begin co creating our Human Soul to become a Star Seedling of our Crystal Star Seed Being, that is going to be enveloping the Planet’s Consciousness into Ascension for all of 2020 -2022.


Included in OPTION 2:

Includes everything in Option 1, which is:

  • PRIVATE SESSION with noraWalksInSpirit
  • PLUS



PRIVATE SESSION with noraWalksInSpirit PLUS

Offered on WOTA for

$225 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $112.50

(2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal)


" My Alignment session with Nora was so helpful! As a result of our session, I felt renewed in my dedication to my Presence and received some very helpful guidance to get me past stuck places in my meditation. Most importantly, I had some confusion about how to pursue my own spiritual sovereignty and I left the call clear and excited to move forward. Nora provides gentle guidance to empower clients to become masters on their own path. Highly recommended!! "

Jane F.

" Great session yesterday!! I had asked before the session that the 5 Masters participate and that did happen. I have to say I have learned so much through this experience although a trying one. "

Cynthia V.

Testimonial from Stepping Into Mastery

" Today is the first day I managed to BE fully aware of your voice all the way through, I could feel the Holyness and the Gold. I am Trusting my "Feeling-ness" if that is a word!! it feels sooo freeing ....unattached to ...disconnected from 3d...an expanse of Sacred Stillness. I am soooo looking forward to class number 2 and the work clearing that helps to move ME closer and closer to my Soul. Thank you,"

Love Sian x


noraWalksInSpirit on Wisdom of the Ancients


NORA WALKSINSPIRIT is born of Algonquin Native Heritage and has been Teaching and Healing for over 20 years. Her Sacred Soul passion is to Enlighten and Empower the world of a higher ONENESS Consciousness of LIGHT.

She has travelled the world – visiting, connecting, and communicating to the Sacred Sites, Portals, Leilines and Gridlines of places such as Machu Picchu, Giza, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Skellig Island, Panama Rain Forests, Hawaii, and Sedona. Her experiences create a Footprint of ONENESS Consciousness for all to connect to.

NORA WALKSINSPIRIT shares the Knowledge, Wisdom, and Soul Lessons that she has learned from Shamans and Masters through all of her own Teachings. Her Teachings include Ascension Series, Masters Speak Classes and Healing Sessions. She is the Author of the “Enlightenment Journey,” numerous Healing Activation and Technique Audios, and continues to take people on her Sacred Tours.