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Soulful Tarot, Master Your Readings and Live Your Best Life Yet Using a Day in the Life

Can you relate to:

  • Worrying that you’re going to get your tarot readings wrong
  • Being unsure if you’re asking the right question
  • Wondering if the answer is only what you want to hear
  • Getting an answer that doesn’t seem to make any sense in relation to your question

If so, you’re in the right place!

Too many people get stuck trying to figure out what deck to use, learning every detail about each symbol, struggling with self-doubt, and giving too much power to mediums. None of that is necessary.

It’s time to make learning tarot fun, reading the cards easy, and getting the answers you need empowering.

With Soulful Tarot, you’ll:

  • Learn how to ask the right questions so you’ll feel empowered instead of uncertain
  • Be able to intuitively read the cards without having to memorize what each one means or learn every detail of each card (regardless of what deck you use!)
  • Know what to do with answers that don’t make sense so that you’ll be able to move forward with confidence
  • Get rid of self-doubt and learn to trust your intuition so that you are empowered in all of your decisions and actions

When you wake up at 2 a.m., feeling stressed and wanting guidance, you can use what you learn in Soulful Tarot to get answers.

  • No waiting for someone else
  • No risking that another medium will project their issues into your answer
  • You’ll be able to ask your question, get the answer you need, and go back to sleep with a peaceful heart and mind

Everything you'll receive in this bundle...

  • Soulful Tarot - (value $197)
  • Master Your Readings - (value $127)
  • Day in the Life Class - (value $97)
  • Group Q & A Call with Marilyn - (value $397)

Total value - $818

Only $97!

Soulful Tarot 29 Lessons, 8 hours

Struggling with self-doubt, and giving too much power to mediums? It’s time to make learning tarot fun, reading the cards easy, and getting the answers you need empowering. This course is valuable for yourself or your reading business. Read on for the whole tarot curriculum...

Master Your Readings 7 Lessons, 96 minutes

You'll learn tarot spreads, reading skills, setting up a reading space, asking deep questions, using reading language, and how to set rates with clients and own your space.

  • You’ll learn how to pick a deck – we’ll be using the Rider-Waite deck, but what you learn in this class can be used for any deck
  • We’ll explore the Major Arcana cards, what each card traditionally means, and the specific symbols on each card that will help you relate to it
  • You’ll learn how to get the Major Arcana cards to speak to you
  • We’ll explore the journey of the cards and learn why the Major Arcana starts with the Fool and ends with the World
  • You’ll get a cheat sheet of questions to ask yourself every time you pull a card, so you can know what the card is saying to you (this is HUGE!)
  • You’ll learn how to read a card for your year
  • You’ll learn what the Soul and Personality cards mean

  • You’ll learn what the Minor Arcana cards mean and the important symbols on each
  • We’ll explore the journey of the cards, and you’ll learn why the minor arcana card starts with the Ace and ends with the King/Ace
  • We’ll discuss stepping into the card and communicating with it
  • You’ll learn how to choose a card you relate to and work with it. You’ll also learn how to read the card for the day
  • We’ll work through choosing the card you like the most and the least. Then you’ll learn the important lesson of how it relates to your life and how to work with it
  • You’ll learn how to pull from your personal experience to understand the cards, so you’ll never draw a blank because you can’t remember the specifics of the symbol on the card

Day in the Life 5 Lessons, 95 minutes

You'll work with a magical, yet practical tool to gain focus and inspiration around your dreams. You'll paint a vivid picture of your desires and connect to feelings lying dormant in your heart. A Day in the Life is the bridge that connects you to the visual, emotional experience you want to have so you can manifest your dreams. Includes meditations at intervals that have you dreaming with purpose - from 3 months to 3 years in the future.

You'll also be invited to a

LIVE Group Q&A with Marilyn

This call will be scheduled soon and we will send you an email with call details. Be sure to make note of your questions as you go through the classes and bring your questions to this special bonus call with Marilyn. If you can not be there live, we will send you a recording.


Included in PACKAGE OFFER:

  • Soulful Tarot
  • Master Your Readings
  • Day in the Life Class
  • Group Q & A Call with Marilyn




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“ Soulful Tarot is da bomb!! I think this is my favorite class ever. I did the High Priestess lesson today and out of nowhere came this when I did the exercise about what wisdom lies for you behind the veil: 'There will never be enough answers for your questions if you seek outside of yourself'. I am also noticing that my pen feels different when I write different things, sometimes it glides with ease and sometimes it gets a little sticky, it's a very subtle difference but I have been asking to notice more and more lately and the lesson ended on 'noticing' as well. Thank you Marilyn Alauria. Who would've thought Soulful Tarot would move me out of my rut? If you haven't done the lessons, I really recommend you dive in. It's not about Tarot, it's about connecting to yourself somehow ”

~ Rym T.

“ Marilyn Alauria, I want to tell you how grateful I am for the Tarot class. I love, love, love the way you are teaching it. The trickling in of the information is the best way I learn. This Tarot class, only 3 days in, has helped me to realize so much of the info in the past 2 classes. I must have internalized a lot of it and it is coming out now! I see how info just drops in my head. I have always thought it was just all my own thoughts. Working with the Tarot is showing me that in my darkest moments (quite a lot lately) those positive thoughts are from my Guides, helping me pull out of the depression and negativity. I realized my own head couldn't conjure a positive thought if it was paid -lol. So in short I am learning how I get the info and how to distinguish where its coming from and not dismiss it as my own "wishful" thinking. Thank you for all you do and for sharing yourself in your teachings! ”

~ Tina Z.

“ I just want to say, Marilyn Alauria, you are my teacher. Last week I had my first retreat, and one night I was looking in the mirror and suddenly saw myself as I had vision myself one year ago. I was almost at the same place, wearing the same clothes and felt like my vision, it was so cool and surprising experience. So of course this morning I had to do your exercise again, now I have a totally new vision and are probably meeting her a year from now. After my meditation today and my journaling it was time to take my higher self out for a journey only by my self. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! ”

~ Marit G.


Marilyn Alauria on Wisdom of the Ancients

Marilyn Alauria

Marilyn Alauria - You might know Marilyn from her regular appearances on “Healing with the Masters” with Jennifer Mclean, as a highly sought-after speaker and expert at over 50 telesummits, or as the founder of Membership for Your Soul!

It’s also possible you were referred to this site by one of the thousands of people around the world she’s taught to communicate with their Guides.

Marilyn is passionate about teaching you how to engage your gifts, meet your Guides, and live an awe-inspired life. When you learn to co-create with your Guides, you get unstuck, blast through old limits, and finally feel the peace, love, and joy that your Guides have been longing to share with you.

She had her first experience with Spirit when she was five but didn’t understand what was happening to her. Because of the difficulties she encountered while growing up, she was depressed, angry, and confused.

As a result, Marilyn ended up falling into many holes along the way until her gifts got the best of her and ignoring them was no longer an option.

Through an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, she expanded into her power by overcoming fear. She learned to harness and embrace her psychic gifts to help YOU transform your experience.

Marilyn knows it’s her mission to teach people around the world that they are not alone, that they, too, possess the same gifts she has, and that everyone can heal themselves and others with these gifts.

Marilyn’s work is centered around integrity, and she holds each interaction and experience in the highest regard. She’s worked with famous people and beautiful souls known only to a few. It’s her honor and privilege to work with Spirit in this unique and powerful capacity and to be able to offer such essential insight to everyone she works with.