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Live Group Session created specially for the WOTA community, plus access to six videos with downloadable audio that walk you through Tools For An Awakening World - These are the three foundational tools Kerri shares to empower the beloved embrace between your higher consciousness and your physical presence. Engage your mind in a way that serves the heart.

Kerri's presence and consciousness serve to accelerate your integration and embodiment, beginning right where you are. If you've played with Kerri before, you'll know that every event with her is uniquely valuable. Your participation matters! You’ll attend a live, interactive online experience where she’ll share presence, wisdom, tools, direct assistance. Kerri guides you through tools that bring you into a new friendship between your mind, body and heart.

You’ll feel a new level of clarity with your Presence. You’ll have tools to navigate difficult emotions, disruptive memories, traumas and intense relationships with new levels of grace. Kerri’s work empowers you to embody your own higher consciousness and navigate life from the simplicity of that connection.


Included in OPTION A:

  • Live Group Session
  • PLUS

  • Access to six(6) videos with downloadable audios



Offered on WOTA

for a very special

$97 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $48.50

*Due to the live nature of this package, there are no refunds.

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Join Kerri in the group session, receive the video/audio resources and also have a 60 minute 1-1 private session with Kerri by zoom.

Working with Kerri 1-1 accelerates you on your journey to integration. From every level of consciousness, Kerri guides you from her higher Self in connection with your higher Self. Bring your questions and concerns, bring what you most want to know and what you think you don't know...and she will walk through the density with you, side-by-side, emerging in a greater expanse of your own light.


Included in OPTION B:

  • Join Kerri in the Group Session
  • Receive the video/audio resources
  • AND...

  • a 60 minute 1-1 private session with Kerri by zoom



Offered on WOTA

for a very special

$197 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $98.50

*Due to the live nature of this package, there are no refunds.

Sacred Circle Members, don't forget your 25% off!

If you're a Wisdom Sacred Circle member, don't forget to use your PROMO/DISCOUNT code for 25% off this offer. The discount code will be in your Member Portal.

If you're not yet a Wisdom Sacred Circle member, and would like to find out how you can get 25% off this and all offers, click below.



“ The most profound thing of all is how everything you have taught me (and continue to) has helped me to truly shift my trauma responses, thoughts, patterns and behaviors... This of course is a lifetime journey, but your teachings have literally freed my heart and helped me arrive at a new baseline platform from which true healing has been possible. ”

~ Eleni Argy, Founder of Sheez Like The Wind Equine Experiences

“ Spending a day with Kerri playing with the three tools was such a magical and empowering experience. Kerri is one of those extremely rare teachers who encourages you to find your own answers. Using humour and examples from her own journey, she simplifies the search for wisdom and guidance by leading us gently back to the one person who knows us best: ourselves.

Her non-judgemental outlook gives you the freedom to explore just what it means to be you. We would encourage anyone to seek out Kerri's work if you are seeking a way forward into awareness based in clarity and integrity. ”

~ Mark & Chris, VIC, Australia

“ Thank you so much for our session. It has changed quite a bit for me in my life. I have been able to speak from the heart for the first time to my husband of 26 years and express my needs in the relationship instead of telling him what is wrong. This was huge!!!!!

I have also felt a weight lift with my horses as I acknowledge that they are meeting me where I’m at not pushing me to be more or learn more. I also have been looking at the world from the eyes of harmony not peace and boy does that make a difference. ”

~ Lisa, VIC, Australia

“ Experiencing Kerri Lake’s work is like nothing I’ve done before… the simplicity was profound. If you are looking for a way to bring more light into your body and connect with consciousness, I recommend you work with her sooner than later. ”

~ Lynn Scheurell, Las Vegas, NV

“ I am always the best version of myself after spending time with Kerri. My consciousness expands, my heart opens and all that laughter is just plain delightful. The deeper truths that are discussed provoke me into exploring new possibilities for myself, my loved ones and the world we inhabit together. I get myself in her presence on a regular basis. ”

~ Barbara Thompson, Wilton, CA

“ Very supportive. Your info and way of conveying has added yet another layer to my ongoing current expanding awareness. I'm experiencing a new level of understanding and appreciation of breaking energy as well as an increased level of self-awareness. ”

~ L.H., Southern California

“ I'm having more and more confidence in my feelings and perceptions, and also, a great love for my body is flowering after years and years of being so hard on it. ”

~ O.P., Switzerland

“ The 9 week series with Kerri has been amazing - I've found a greater sense of peace and confidence in myself. The tools I have learnt on the course are invaluable in everyday life and make it much more playful. The best thing is that it is really simple too - so I recommend the 9 week series to everyone! ”

~ H.B., London, UK

“ I'm a bit past the halfway mark of the book (Listen Like A Horse), and it's fabulous!

It seems to hit "below the mind" as I feel it in my heart when reading/listening. The patient, unhurried tone matches that of your play with Cooper, and seems to occupy my mind in a way that keeps it engaged without trying to interfere with the more visceral experience. It feels satisfied, as if it's out to pasture, and not trying to force things.

I certainly can identify with Cooper, feeling the effects of a lifetime of "handling." But I also identify with the handlers, being on both sides of this tug-of-war we mis-label as life. Your writing brings out the longing for connection which has become less muted through the inner tumult of the past few years. ”

~ M.B, Nashville, TN

“ I attended Kerri’s workshop on Generation of Harmony. It was such a rich and joyful experience. It has helped me on my journey of bringing Heart, Soul and Spirit to everything I do. Her presence made me feel very much alive, and I knew she completely understood me without having even heard anything about my story. This made for a very safe environment. And playing with the tools Kerri presented to us, gave me the opportunity to look at some issues in my life from a different angle, giving me valuable insights and ways to take action towards the true me. I also loved reading her book called Listen Like a Horse (recommended reading for this workshop) – it has certainly enhanced my awareness. Thank you, Kerri, for your Love, support and generosity! ”

~ K.O., Encinitas, CA

“ I want to express my experience of the class at Seaside by Keri. I feel fortunate to have attended the class with Kerri. She is a fantastic teacher and I learned a great deal that I can apply to all aspects of my life. I have been on the spiritual path for awhile and have listened to many great speakers but what she had to offer was truly unique and life changing. I really enjoyed her book as well. At the end of the last class all of those present sincerely shared with Kerri about how amazing and impactful the class was for them. I would recommend this class to anyone. ”

~ A.B., Encinitas, CA

“ I also resonate with gaining a greater sense of who I am and letting go of the other stuff, like, “OH! This is who I am!” And I also find that I like myself better, that I’m being gentler with myself and accepting, which allows me to jump in when my ego takes me for a ride. I recognize that it’s an ego trip of some kind, that there’s something driving me that’s other-than myself. I can see now that I just don’t want to take that ride and I just let it go.

My daughter is applying to a Waldorf school, and she was going to do a shadow day to have the experience of being there. I was freaking out, being the “helicopter dad” who wouldn’t leave things alone, controlling everything down to what my wife is going to wear! My wife asked me, “Dennis, what’s wrong?” And I was able to stop and think, “Yeah, what IS wrong? Why am I acting like this?” And I just stopped dead. I just stopped. And I realized that I was feeling insufficient, that I wasn’t going to measure up to the expectations of this school, even though they were the ones inviting my daughter to attend! I was feeling really insecure, and then I realized, no…no, I don’t need to do that. This is fine. They’re welcoming my daughter, asking us to apply…it’s okay. I can be myself. And then it all just dropped. I was fine after that and relaxed. I apologized to my family.

It was a gift to have that presence of mind to ask myself, 'Why AM I doing this?' That was cool. ”

~ D.B., San Jose, CA

“ The first thing I noticed was that the relationship with the mind and the body changed. My whole bodily experience has changed - the way I move, the way it feels. The other thing is that I noticed a change in the way my mind observes my body. There are different tones of how I’m watching, like “what’s wrong” or “Is something hurting” is what I’m used to. It’s fear based. Now that’s been replaced with a more friendly kind of watching. The mind is now more friends with the body.

I played a lot with Breaking Energy. Nearly the last year I had to do a lot with heavy feelings. I started to break energy with them. I played with questioning and questions for clarity to find out how much of it is mine…and I got the idea that it’s not mine at all! It was really great! It wasn’t easy to let it all go, but I started to wonder who I will be when it’s all gone!

At first it was breaking energy with certain persons, but then I realized I can do this with not just people but also with thought patterns too. That was very interesting - I can even break energy with German history! So I played with that, and I feel much lighter this week. ”

~ M.D., Germany

“ I am so enjoying and finding great value in your Tools. I’ve heard your Tools before at the conference where you spoke a year ago, but there is so much more depth to be had and experienced if you’re willing to just go back and keep listening. I listened to both sessions 1 and 2 again this week and then gave myself the gift of actually DOING the processes! I got great benefit from that and have noticed myself applying the Tools. I’m also noticing retroactively when I could have applied the Tools, which is of course the beginning of noticing that I have learned another Tool or two. That’s been really great.

The other day I had a big charge in a situation with my husband, and instead of doing what I usually do, go out and hide in the barn, I just sat in the other room from him and used on of the Tools…it was so great. He was right there in the house with me and he didn’t know what I was doing, but I sure did! Everything shifted so fast. It was very sweet.

I definitely feel like we’re building on a foundation here. I’m really glad this is nine weeks. At first I thought 9 weeks was a really long time, which I like, but was wondering how we were going tokeep diving deep. I have a bette sense of that now. ”

~ B.T., Sacramento, CA

“ Hello Kerri, just want to thank you again for the wonderful session with you. It was really an amazing experience. ”

~ A.N., Encinitas, CA

“ I met Kerri when I began to sponsor a horse who was really pushy and always testing my authority. Kerri is a horse whisperer i her own right She coached me into becoming the leader. My experience with Kerri has been more of a gift than I ever would have imagined.

She has taught me how to work with my horse in his language to accomplish the ground work we both needed. In my riding lessons she knows just how to describe a pressure or position with words that create clear images which are easy for me to follow.

Kerri has not only helped me become successful in my groundwork and riding, she has also helped me personally. She helped me release some of the grief and trauma I’d been holding related to the loss of another beloved horse. She taught me a technique called tapping to help me improve my riding by relaxing my hips, and I this is something I can now use for many other issues as well.

Kerri is a soft, gentle, kind leader. You would give yourself a great gift to work with her for personal and animal concerns and communication. I hope you will be lucky enough to choose to be mentored by Kerri. ”

~ JT, Berkeley, CA

“ I've been working with Kerri Lake who has been teaching me how to integrate heart-mind-body-universe in a highly relevant and effective fashion. My colleagues are reporting that I have greater presence and confidence after a handful of sessions. She's a "facilitator of facilitators and consultant to teachers and creators with an ultimate purpose of generating harmony throughout humanity. ”

~ DB, San Jose, CA

“ I know from repeated, personal experience with my dog and cat that Kerri is an authentic interspecies communicator. When I leave my animals with Kerri, I know they are heard, respected, loved and very well cared for. Kerri is also calm, grounded and responsible with regards to the care and maintenance of another person's property. I suspect she is, and will be, in very high demand in her community. This is a wonderful way for people to get to know her very special skills and abilities. ”

~ NK, Oceanside, CA

“ Kerri’s intuitive abilities are incredible and the horses she works with are a testament to her abilities. she also establishes a wonderful rapport with the horse owners as well and involves them in every step along the training process. Her enthusiasm and love of her work shows in the pride and confidence she instills in her clients, both the two legged and the four legged variety. ”

~ D.G., Davis, CA

“ I grew up a “horse crazy” girl as many are, and coming back to horses after several years away has been a real gift, as well as a challenge. I needed someone to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a (now much older) rider, but I also wanted to be a better horsewoman and gain some real education and insight about riding and about connecting with horses.

Kerri Lake has been an invaluable mentor in all of these areas. Right away, she seemed to intuitively sense where my weaknesses lay, not only in my actual riding but also in my thought processes and attitude. She also immediately understood that with two small children at home, this time with her is very important to me, and she genuinely treats it s such. From our very first lesson, she has been able to gently but firmly guide me to an understanding of the kind of rider I want to become.

Kerri has a great way of encouraging me to visualize where I want to be as a rider and then be able to feel myself, whether or not I am progressing along that path, Rather than shouting out arcane commands from the center of the ring, she will ask something like, “How does that feel to you?”, listen to my assessment and then giver her own feedback, making sure that I understand what she is explaining and the reason for it. This has been an extremely helpful tool in learning to self-correct.

Kerri’s teaching methods are based in becoming a balanced, intuitive, relaxed and effective rider through self awareness and moreover, a symbiotic relationship with the horse, which I feel can be applied to any riding discipline that I might choose to undertake on down the line.

In the time that I have been working with Kerri I know that my riding has improved substantially. I am more confident and secure, and my horse has definitely responded in a positive way to the differences, on the ground as well as in the arena. I hope to continue working with her as long as she is is willing to teach. I feel like things can only get better... I have so much more to learn!

It is immediately evident when you meet Kerri that her sensitivity and enthusiasm carry over necessarily into the way she communicates with animals and relates to people. She approaches both with honesty and integrity. I feel extremely fortunate to have met her, gather knowledge from her, and call her a friend. ”

~ JT, Berkeley, CA


Kerri Lake on Wisdom of the Ancients

Kerri Lake

Kerri Lake is masterful in many ways. She integrates wisdom, guidance and communication from every realm of consciousness to assist and accelerate your journey home to the heart, starting right where you are. Kerri has blazed a new trail on the road to freedom from limitations and social conditioning. The greatest gift she can give to you is her own purity of expression, sharing her own journey, to help you see that if she can do can you.