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The topic for this offer was channeled from Archangel Michael when Kelly was searching for the best, most timely special offer to present on WOTA for you! What was the blessed archangel’s response?

“LOVE. Create a program focusing on LOVE.”



Four weekly 75-90 min. LIVE Master Teleclass Sessions with the Divine Feminine to expand all the facets of LOVE for daily witness in your life:

  • Week 1: Connecting with Mother Mary
  • Week 2: Connecting with Mary Magdalene
  • Week 3: Connecting with Mother Earth
  • Week 4: Connecting with Isla, who is a Christed intergalactic guide

Through these light fields each building upon the previous call, we will further expand and anchor in Divine wholeness and relationship. This work is only possible through the Grace of Creator Beings, from the highest levels of the Cosmic, now able to work co-creatively with light families on Earth. It is also directed and guided by many High Councils of Light, including the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Light.

Join Kelly to mend any broken or missing parts of your heart by the time the series is completed. AND, for those who wish direct guidance about WHERE and HOW you CAN SERVE to SPREAD LOVE, each call will have time for Q and A.

Each of these four master calls serve significant purpose. You will know that you are not the fragmented and fear-based human ego you have erroneously identified with for aeons of time. You will remember who you really are and you will realize that you have the ability to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE in powerful and life-transforming ways right here and right NOW.

You’ll also receive easy, practical tools and techniques to help you develop your own higher states of consciousness into your daily reality to connect with these guides on your OWN in advanced and unique ways. This may include using light language to do so, it may be using sacred geometry, exercises and unique transformational processes to move you forward so that you ARE LOVE and so that I AM LOVE AND I GIVE LOVE FREELY, and I AM A SOVEREIGN BEING becomes your mantra, even if you have suffered abuse and other severe traumas in your past.


Week 1: Connecting with Blessed Mother Mary

75 min. of direct live channeled guidance and healing from Mother Mary

Monday, Nov. 9th

Mother Mary, “We will begin with a healing transmission of Golden Ray light, then proceed to speak to the wounded heart. At some point in our time together, I hope we all connect hands and sing praises for the healing which will be shared.”

The I AM Presence is pulsating within everyone’s Heart Flame. Unfortunately, most people have forgotten how to access this information or have had our attention turned on the virus. Allow Mother Mary to inspire and lead you during this reawakening live group call. Are you willing to receive all the miracles, and blessings that await you?


Week 2: Connecting with Mary Magdalene

75 min. of direct live channeled guidance and healing from Mother Magdalene

Monday, Nov. 16th (USA)

Mary Magdalene, “I intend to be a member of a wonderful light community, sharing and learning from each of you. Portals of awakening will occur for some for the first time; others will have them widened. I am here to expose untruths and widen consciousness. We may find ourselves toning. We may find our time spent sharing and releasing our sorrows collectively for ultimate healing and surrender. I am humbled.”


Week 3: Connecting with Mother Earth

75 min. Of Direct live channeled guidance and healing from Mother Earth with Q and A

Monday. Nov. 23rd (USA)

Immerse yourself in the Star codes, light codes and Christ consciousness frequencies which are being gifted to us through the cosmic mother to support the ascension of all and to further rebalance the Divine on Earth.

Mother Earth, “I will begin with a ceremony to honor all life. We will explore themes during our time together. Some possible themes to open your hearts by stepping more fully into your magnificent power, are working with whale wisdom, dolphin wisdom, the wisdom of elementals and devas, and other healing exercises through nature.”


Week 4: Connecting with Isla, a Christed Intergalactic Guide

75 min. of direct live channeled guidance, healing from Isla with Q and A

Monday. Nov. 30th (USA)

Isla, “I am a maiden from the 13th Dimensioanl plane. I hope to be of great service in this dire time on planet earth. We will discover the timelines for complete unity, understanding and love and how each earthling can contribute to this. We will work with light language in various ways suitable for the beginner as well as the advanced lightworker/starbeing.”

When will your transformation begin?


1pm ET / Noon CT / 11 am MT / 10 am PT

**All dates are stated as USA dates. Kindly consult the time zone converter link below to determine your exact day and time from anywhere in the world.

Water is advised while participating in these healing calls. Each divine feminine guide will lead you through various exercises and processes. NOTICE: Please do not listen to our live calls while you are driving! Instead be in a relaxed & resting space for when one's vibration raises, as sleep can be an immediate response for some.




In this divinely inspired recording, Kelly leads you through potentially life changing teachings from Archangel Michael from one of the main crucibles of Christ Consciousness--LOVE! to lead you to new heights of self discovery to support THE VIBRATION OF LOVE

  • BE guided through loving, immediate love and kindness blessings from Archangel Michael
  • RECEIVE homework from Archangel Michael and Christ (Lord Sananda) using Love and Kindness to support your Ascension
  • UNDERSTAND what Archangel Michael sees as the “petals of love” and how to “tend to this most fertile garden.”
  • DISCOVER why this frequency is THE most powerful on Earth
  • BECOME part of a global community through collective consciousness to send love and kindness to others/other places
  • FEEL new ways to love yourself. All love begins with you.
  • EXPERIENCE how you can create and use the love and kindness healing frequencies through the energy of sound, color, and numbers (harmonics)
  • EXPERIENCE healing through a forgiveness blessing


Included in OPTION A:

  • PLUS





Offered on WOTA

$99 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $49.50

*Due to the live nature of this package, there are no refunds.

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60 min. Orientation Call to the Divine Feminine 4 week Master Class

“Love is like a flower with many petals.”

To be held Monday. October, 26th

1pm ET / Noon CT / 11 am MT / 10 am PT

During this sacred space together, Kelly will lead with an invocation of your feminine spirit guides, followed by a sacred circle process to unify the group. An optional spiritual “homework” assignment from the blessed Mother Mary will be channeled to be shared later during the calls with the group.

A mini workbook, delivered as a PDF after this call, will help you capture these optional assignments. You may wish to have a blank journal handy to use during the 4 divine feminine calls. Kelly was also guided to help you learn how to impart the essence of the divine feminine energies in your physical home space for further healing and amplification of the LOVE vibration through flowers, harmonics and scents!

Also, discover the importance of 12/21 and the promise each of you made to Mother Earth to serve at this important time.



A message from Kelly: “I recall being visited by my Pleiadian family often during my sleep state from a very early age, around 6-7 years old. I recall seeing the face of Christ appear in a glass of water also near that time. Later, I was able to telepathically connect with my beloved mother on the other side and began my work as a medium. My awakening continued through my twenties and thirties through Master Jesus and Archangel Raphael and later Archangel Michael who kept telling me to ‘step into my shoes.’ Some of this work resulted in my first book, INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. Two additional timeless spiritual books have also been received. My soul theme in this lifetime is spiritual healer/teacher, often working through the revolutionary Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Modality which was given to me over a decade ago by ArchAngel Michael. This incredible system extends high level frequencies, including light symbols, key codes and harmonic numbers for documented healing results. This is Divine Source, God energy. Receiving key codes are designed to open up the knowing God/Mind. My greatest passion is in helping others with all aspects of their lives in all ways possible. I have since learned that my star mission is to help the homeless. This was first demonstrated decades ago without my conscious awareness, through the adoption of our international children and continues through today.” -- Kelly Hampton

(Retail Value $380)

You may choose to redeem your 60 min. private session with Kelly in the profoundly advanced STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY system, of which Kelly is the founder since 2020 and join the numbers of thousands of people around the world who have been helped and/or miraculously healed and expanded


Redeem as a angelically guided private channeled session with Archangel Michael from anywhere in the world

“This magnified Ascension healing system for those of you yet to know of it are the strongest blue ray healing frequencies at this time on your planet. This is shared with loving grace from my Mother/Father God. This is not my wisdom. In other words, it is the wisdom from divine almighty Creator. I advise the consideration of it by all those doing light work, and for all living beings of all matter, all generations up to age 90. Removing implants and codes that were placed to limit your life experiences and other forms of layers of untruths are energetically transmuted in these Star Healing sessions and returned to Source.

It is not simply because I shared this wisdom with Kelly Hampton that I advise this particular healing system. It is because as a form of protection, we also open the magnified heart center and share the divine wisdom of extending love and kindness on a daily basis as a form of protection from dark forces. Energetic fears are removed that remain in the etheric bodies. The strands of DNA including the placement of judgment codes, which were placed to keep your planet under control, are restored to their 5D pure love form. In addition, by extending love and kindness to yourselves first and foremost you will have added another layer of protection and healing.”Archangel Michael

Experience stargate energy from the 12thD and Beyond. Experience the healing power of sacred geometry, receive 3 sacred symbols, have the Christed Extraterrestrials assist by using Ascension tones and by downloading light codes to detoxify organs if necessary, update your chakra system, remove past life soul pieces of a 4th D nature, be immersed in energetic bliss, have your etheric fears, implants removed and much, much more. Pleiadians, Centurians, Arcturians and more Christed races are present now as this system has continued to grow in authority, (along with many Ascended beings and angels).

Here is a PARTIAL list of some of the health conditions clients have reported relief or elimination with after receiving this amazing work--

  • Reduction or elimination of cancers
  • Tumors, bone spurs
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Clairvoyance enhancement
  • Immune system dysfunction,
  • Asthma and other respiratory conditions
  • Smoking
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Allergies
  • Soul traumas from sexual abuse and other emotional damage
  • Addictions, compulsions, including Alcoholism and drug addiction
  • Fears, phobias
  • Body aches and pains including arthritis and slipped disks
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Depression, memory loss
  • Migraines, gallstones and kidney stones
  • Hearing loss, infections, nerve damage
  • Integration for high spectrum souls

In addition, many are traveling to their original 5thD homes experiencing bliss, peace and calm, going through star gates. Many are witnessing Christ, Angels, Guides, loving light beings for the first time along with other expansions in intuition. Second elevated attunements may also be conducted to be immersed into the I AM consciousness, time travel, and receive key codes.


“ I could not feel anything but peace and love, this overwhelming love and beauty. Later in the evening, I saw a bird flying not far from me. It was showing me his wings and I heard ‘Unfold your wings’. I feel the energy is different. This healing is very powerful. ”

~ Janet T.

“ I did not feel the usual burning pain within my spinal column the first night after my healing that I usually do, whenever I lie down on my back in my bed! ”

~ Johanne W. S., Africa

“ I experienced instantaneous healing from my sciatic pain. The pain and feeling of "misalignment" in my left leg was gone. When you removed my 4th D layers I felt my insecurities and sadness leaving. My back was straightened and I felt the energy moving out causing my headaches. I saw and felt gold dust from ArchAngel Michael’s Golden Umbrella sift into my DNA! I have a deep feeling of joy being in Pleiadian energy! ”

~ Isabelle Doucet

“ It was only 10 minutes after my session and my eye glasses seemed too strong for me! Thank you! ”

~ Konee, Japan

“ (After my first attunement) my digestive system was able to function. I can eat most fruits,and quite a few more vegetables, almond/soy milk (so can eat cereal!). I went over 1 year, probably a year and half, unable to eat vegs./fruit/milk/and meat for a long time. My toes which used to curl in are straightened now as well. ”

~ Beverley

“ The next day, my belly fat went away, and I felt in shape, healthy and confident in many ways. I have received and learned many various energy healing from many different healers, but the Star Healing InterGalactic Energy felt more complete, most efficient and powerful than what I’ve known so far. ”

~ Amy

“ During my first attunement, I saw many visions. One was that all of my internal organs were crystalline and vibrating as such. I AM ONE with God. ”

~ Japan

“ My blood went down in 3 days after only 30 minutes and I feel much more peaceful! ”

~ Sandra D.

“ In one week, here is what I’ve been noticing/experiencing since our Star Healing Intergalactic session--

My cervical spine moves easily side to side now and I no longer feel it’s out of alignment. Flexibility in my lumbar spine continues to improve. My feet are more comfortable in my orthotics; I no longer feel pain in my metatarsals. I had an old injury to the bridge of my nose, right side. This feels healed now. Thank you so much! Love ”

~ Joy

“ Week 2: I've noticed an opening up of my internal visions in my mind's eye. I asked for a clearing of negative energies and pain before drifting off to sleep, and this week I saw the beings that come ...briefly. Beautiful rainbow colored beings in the shape of lacy looking leaves or ferns. Multiple brings fluttered in over my right shoulder and then stood for me to see them. Then disappeared. Beautiful. I've heard of them, Elementals, and I suppose they probably come to me when I ask for help, but I never saw them before. This is new, Kelly. Thanks! ”

~ Jane

“ During my training as a practitioner I saw elevated light beings many dimensions away or higher than myself who I was told were council members. You are so powerful. ”

~ Ko K., Japan

“ I had been seeing a square in my eyesight obstructing my vision and since your healing it’s gone!

My night vision improved also within days and I feel very comfortable driving evenings and into the night. ”

~ Vreni

“ A lot happened and healed. For example, many Reptilians’ left my system, not to come back. I had booked a session because of trouble with my dental gums. Once we got to that point I really felt strongly that work on my gums was happening, Kelly saw a structure being made there, I could feel it too. And I saw rubbish being taken out. And I felt "the Beings who are doing this, do it with so much Love for me, and with so much Respect …” In awe I am. Later Kelly suggested making a "Star Travel’’. I answered that I wasn’t so sure that’s my kind of thing. She replied: ‘It’s you”. Ahh … ! That was soo clarifying! And then of course, I went! I’m sure it will be different for everyone. For me, among other beautiful experiences, Kelly guides you well. I saw Atlantis, … Andromeda … and more beautiful Planets… Home Planet? It doesn’t matter, since home is Source / All. And I met St Germain. He showed me things of great depth. And also the Flame of Divine Love and all my Twin Flames around it - and I knew they’re all here on Earth now. And more, much much more. All 'enlightening’ wisdom, joy and even looks into the possible future. It was a beautiful healing experience. It was quite magical, strong and very creative. And in a lovely way very practical too. ”

~ Door, The Neverlands

“ As for my Star Healing Intergalactic session, I physically, emotionally, and visually had encounters with every component Kelly was working on (even though she said it wasn’t necessary). They even addressed physical ailments that I didn't realize was still prevalent in my body! After the session, I immediately noticed how much lighter, having heightened awareness of surroundings with all my senses, and for the first time felt being “whole” which I have been working on and resolving for many years. The feeling of being broken or the piece of me that was missing was gone! Basically, whatever you have going on, you can be assured it will be addressed. I highly recommend going for a session and have your own experience. I feel so alive and blessed to have the opportunity to cross paths with Kelly. ”

~ Justina C.

“ During my session, I saw some light beings energetically separate my brain, removed what looked like an implanted chip, and then they brought it back together. Amazing!!! ”

~ Sandra K.

“ My cancer is gone! ”

~ Joan Amatuzio, USA

“ Wowie Zowie! I’m amazed at the level of frequency in the healing. People need to hear about this modality and have the opportunity to try it for themselves!

During my 2nd attunement Star Healing session with Kelly, mainly to experience time travel. When she first placed the nautilus shell on my navel, I did not feel much. But soon I felt myself lifting up very gently, then I could actually see myself lying on a large nautilus shell and it was carrying me out into the galaxy. I felt myself going through a stargate portal or perhaps a wormhole out near Sirius. It was not all fast with lights flying by me as they show in the Stargate movies, but a very gentle rocking movement, like floating on a gentle sea. Almost immediately I found myself moving into a healing cave on a planet with 8th dimensional energies. I could see golden spires coming up from the floor and going down from the ceiling like giant shimmering stalagmites and stalactites. They moved out of the way and then closed back in around me as my nautilus magic carpet entered the space. I did stay out in that cave for most of the day soaking in the energies of the golden light. ”

~ Gwendolyn Hill

“ The first sacred symbol you shared with me, I perceived as a powerful, beautiful solar disk!. the infinity symbol given I feel, connects heaven to earth. This system seems very ancient, yet new at the same time. ”

~ Ami A, Sweden

“ I had been feeling a lump under my left ribcage which would move and squirm at times and when on my back I felt pressure and weight. I also had smaller painful lumps on the side of my left ribcage in assorted sizes. When I woke up on Saturday morning, lying on my back, I realized I felt empty. I had no pressure, and no pain. The lumps along the side of my chest are also gone. I am amazed, astounded, surprised, and elated. I don't know why I'm surprised since I've had my first healing with you just this past year. I asked for healing of skin cancer on my face, and migraine headaches. I have far less headaches, and the surgery for my skin cancer was much less than my surgeon expected. I am so thankful for Archangel Michael's words, advice, love and guidance, and I am most thankful that you have the courage and strength to bring them to the public so we can all go forward into the ascension without fear. ”

~ Jennifer Danion

“ My left eye - red and sore for the past few months is feeling much better. It has often been blood red, sore and uncomfortable. But tonight it is fine. (Update) I have stopped smoking for over two months now. All thanks to your treatment session. ”

~ Christie Matheson, USA

“ During my Star Healing I saw a bearded/mustached man with a long white robe and what looked like angel wings and a crown of light on his head enter the picture. ”

~ Shari Jacobs

“ In 24 hours, this healing has accomplished more for me than years of consultation of traditional doctors! ”

~ Guillermo, Canada

“ A wonderful experience. I saw pink cubes containing red hearts. The physical problems were my clenched jaw. The next morning I woke up with my teeth NOT touching for the first time in years! My foot alignment - I can tell that corrections were made structurally. Thank you so much for bringing this new healing into the world. ”

~Debbie, Antantis

“ My post traumatic stress syndrome which has debilitated me over the years, including depression, is gone! I am again joyful. Gold energy comes from your eyes. I saw it when we were doing our sacred closing ceremony. ”

~John Schulz

“ My breast tumor in 24 hours is ½ the size! I have tried other healing techniques without success until now. ”

~Leslie, Arkansas, USA


“ Today’s chat with Kelly Hampton and AA Michael was amazing and I’m really speechless. It was like someone was reading my mind literally. I’d recommend it to anybody. You and AA Michael together are AMAZING! Thank you again! ”

~ Christy, in London

“ If you haven't had a reading/guidance session w/Michael via Kelly, you NEED TO. My specific questions were answered, AS WELL AS details about my life/me that Michael thought I needed to know about that were not a part of my questions.(So, if you are wondering, "is this real, possible?" The answer is YES.) Specific, relevant, expansive, beautiful, practical, and very accurate indeed. It's an experience I will never forget and has helped me tremendously. It has given me the direction, clear guidance, and courage I need to move through some major upcoming transitions. Can't wait for the next one! I think you are the best psychic I have ever spoken to -- simply beyond amazing with such accuracy and details. I was blown away! ”

~Alice Claire, D.

“ That was the best reading I've ever had ”

~ Claudia C.

“ Kelly and AA Michael are awesome! I not only got answers and validation about my life, I experienced the most profound healing after a message came thru from my mother, who has crossed over. ”

~ Gina Torinitio

“ WOW!!! First time reading with Kelly, This lady is AMAZING! LOVED HER. ”

~ Celeste, London

“ She has this way on how to deliver her answers so that the messages are correctly communicated. I love talking to her because she chooses the right things to say so that you totally know she could not have made this up. Not only is it important to have the correct message to deliver but the delivery itself must be eloquent and she does a great job of this. This is why I call her all the time. ”

~ Ruth, Wyoming, USA

“ I have no words to explain the experience I had reading with Kelly. It's been a blessing to have you and hear the words of St. Michael. ”

~ Barb I., USA

“ I just had a life changing angel reading with messages from the Archangels Michael and the Ascended Masters. It was very clear, and spot-on. Archangel Michael and I had a wonderful conversation in the reading in which it felt as if we were best friends and he knew exactly what plan of action would be for my highest good. All the angel messages that came through were accurate, clear, direct, and inspirational. After this session, my energy fields changed from feeling drained into feeling hopeful about life. Before the reading I was needing an energy boost and Archangel Michael provided that. please consider doing an angel reading with Kelly Hampton for she is kind, loving, and brings forth the Michael messages in such a loving way. ”

~ Gabe, Ohio

Your 1 on 1 time can be conducted from anywhere in the world via skype, phone lines, or zoom. Once notified of your purchase, someone from Kelly’‘s office will email you to schedule your time together. If you choose to redeem as a channeled session, you will receive a mp3 recording to refer back to if you wish. There are no recording replays sent when choosing to redeem any level STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY.


Included in OPTION B:

  • Everything in OPTION A
  • ITEM 5: 60 min. Orientation Call to the Divine Feminine 4 week Master Class



Offered on WOTA

Introductory Offer
for the first 100 packages only

$177 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $88.50

*Due to the live nature of this package, there are no refunds.

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Kelly Hampton on Wisdom of the Ancients

Kelly Hampton

Kelly Hampton is an international and inspiring spiritual teacher and speaker here to anchor the Christ Grid to Earth.

She is an elemental, angelic, ascended master and 12th D intergalactic channel, a second wave Pleiadian, and the founder of multiple 5thD - 12thD ground-breaking healing systems given to her by Archangel Michael including STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY™, Star Healing Equine™, and Star Healing for Small Animals which some are calling THE most powerful healing systems on the planet. She has worked with hundreds of thousands of clients in over 30 countries with over 25 years of energy work experience, all divinely given to her.

She is also the founder of Ascended Spaces™—another Pleiadian based Ascension energy system for creating abundance in your homes and offices. She also certifies practitioners in these advanced Ascension systems worldwide with practitioners in 6 countries. She is also the founder of DOMINION, the new astrology/astronomy system from Archangel Michael. She is author of INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, 2012 and BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and THE BOOK OF ANIMALS: HEALING WISDOM FOR THE ANIMAL KINGDOM, which have been translated into Spanish and Japanese.

She leads spiritual retreats to 5th D power spots connecting and communicating with the sacred sites, portals, leylines, and gridlines in places such as Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Stonehenge, and Assisi, along the Archangel Michael Apollo line. She is also the founder of an expanding line of harmonic healing accessories using a form of light language given to her by Archangel Michael called StarCode Creations™ for people and pets.