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Uncover the Hidden Realms and Initiate Your Mystical Power

Katrina Armstrong on Wisdom of the Ancients


Uncover the Hidden Realms and Initiate Your Mystical Power

3 Weekly 45-60 minute LIVE Trainings

Ever wonder how some people are able to align in such a way to live a life of synchronicity that brings joy, abundance, and freedom? ...Almost as if the whole Universe is bending to their will and delivers to them exactly what they asked for?

Do you have recurring moments that tend to spark something inside of you, but you only get a glimpse of the magic that then fades and with it your inspiration?

...You want to hang on to that Spark of your Soul calling you into something greater... It’s Frustrating when your inspiration fades and your hope drops!

We’ve lived for so long separated from the very TRUTH -- that exactly what you need is around you in this moment -- you have only been taught to see it differently. You’ve been trained through our societal and family conditioning to see through the lens of fear, doubt, and have lost the ability to see the true connection to the resources that are here for you. Not only have you lost the most precious innate ability to see them, you’ve lost access to vital supportive energy that will Enliven your Heart.

But Truly...You have within your reach - every moment - realms of hidden treasures that will give greater meaning and understanding to exactly what’s needed for any situation to Blossom manifestations. Not only do you have this in your reach, there’s never been a more aligned time to remember them!

In this experience of Remembering, you’ll know how the mystical power within you can create New possibilities in your life when you’re initiated into them by your Soul.

This Universe was designed to respond to the unique essence of your creative design. When you become out of touch or disconnected from this Mystical Awareness you begin to create through 3D Illusory filters that distort your ability to see through your mystical nature. I can support you with clearing these filters and instead have you rely on your Soul initiation process actualizing the Mystical Nature through the experience of Life.

This Mystical Nature is the very gateway for accessing the treasures of your soul and bringing them into your reality for creating the life you came here to experience.

This Mystical Awareness Gateway is what we will, not only be opening, but Streaming so you can truly bring these hidden realms of your mystical power into reality.


Uncover the Hidden Realms and Initiate Your Mystical Power


Live call #1

Liberating the Conductor of Your Inner Universe

45-60 minute LIVE Healing Teleclass

($237 Value)

During this Live Healing Teleclass, I will be using Soul Bridging Technologies and Etheric Psychic Surgery to liberate your seven year old, Gatekeeper and Holder of the Keys

...Liberating your ‘Holder of the Keys’ - your seven old, so they can be Free to stream Magic in the way they were designed. This opens the gates so you can create from your True Nature. Without this the universe will not be able to see itself in you and your desires never get fully met.

Yes, within you is a 7 year old child that’s holding the Keys to your Universe, as the ‘Gatekeeper’. Your Gatekeeper knows where to access the roadmap that your soul designed for you to create effortlessly. Unfortunately people ignore the gatekeeper not knowing that they are oftentimes bringing to your attention what’s keeping you from knowing the truth of your innate power.

This is where we begin together unraveling what’s keeping your ‘Gatekeeper’ from being seen in the complete perfection of their uniqueness. They are oftentimes bogged down with ideas of who others believed them to be, and this has them creating from a place of fear, regret, shame, and/or confusion. All of which will really cause issues with how you are perceiving your reality and will clog the pathways for your Mystical power to flow. We’ll be changing all of that!

Live call #2

Unveiling Your Mystic With Merlin 45-60 minute LIVE Channeled Teleclass

45-60 minute LIVE Channeled Teleclass

($287 Value)

In this session you will unveil the wisdom of the mystic that has been buried within and open the inner portal so you can remember what your inner magic is and how to use it!

Merlin’s magic goes way beyond limited thinking, and for those who were recently introduced to Merlin’s healing work are in for a big surprise. His work will penetrate your walls of containment and teach you the riddles of the Universe within each of you. He will bring light into your darkness and help each of you develop out of your worldly senses, into a plethora of wild visions, symbols, templates, numbers symbols, and writings that will enthrall your intuitive senses of infinite charisma. Merlin is not just a Wizard; he is part of the Universal Mentors of Source.

Working with Merlin, you may begin to dream in rhythm and in colored poetry. His influence will help you align with your own parts of you lying dormant, waiting to be rediscovered and unearthed by you. As you work with Merlin, learn to undisguise yourself and be raw with Merlin, for it is in thyself true that all your questions will be answered.

Live call #3

Ceremony of Remembrance

45 minute LIVE High Frequency Teleclass

($337 Value)

In this session you will experience beautiful frequencies from the purest access point of unconditional love, the ‘Heart of Creation’ that will go deep into the cellular levels to prepare your body for Remembering how to communicate your unique essence into the Universe.

Now that we have liberated and unveiled your mystical power it is time to Remember how to use it!

We will be accessing your Soul memories to Initiate your unique creative ability while being held in the embrace of Mother Earth. This will bring you into strong alignment with the Universe and Ignite within your cells, exactly what’s needed for you to open into a reality that brings greater Joy, more Peace, and Freedom.


Tool Kit for Sustaining Your Mystical Connection

($244 value)

The Mystic Tool kit is designed to make sure you have exactly what you need while you embark on your initiation of the Mystic.



Disconnecting From Unsupportive Energy

A process to ensure that you're able to integrate with ease the dreams that are coming through. Merlin will be uncovering so much during this sacred time and this process will stop the unwanted streams of unhealthy energy from entering the body


Etheric Healing Chambers

You will be given access to crystalline healing chambers found deep within Mother Earth that will rejuvenate, repair, and realign the body and mind. In these chambers you will be working with the ascended masters and angels that resonate with your soul and that are in the highest alignment for your needs. This is a really powerful opportunity to also release thousands of years of outdated programming and deep seed fears that are holding you back.


Communicating with the Inner Child

You will be given a process to establish connection with the 7 year old so you can capture the wisdom that is to be shared with you about the secrets of creation that he is holding. There is a secret formula to accessing this and capturing it so you can learn how to implement it.


Included in the OPTION 1:

    • Liberating the Conductor of Your Inner Universe
    • Unveiling Your Mystic With Merlin
    • Ceremony of Remembrance


  • Tool Kit for Sustaining Your Mystical Connection
    • Bonus item 1: Disconnecting From Unsupportive Energy
    • Bonus item 2: Etheric Healing Chambers
    • Bonus item 3: Communicating with the Inner Child




Offered on WOTA

$88 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $44.00

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Includes Option 1



Value $555

YOUR RAY IDENTIFIED: In this 45 minute session I will connect directly with the Soul to intuitively see which of the 7 original Rays of Creation you entered into this universe from.

These 7 original Rays of Creation are powerful bandwidths of energy. They are what created everything on the planet. Your soul essence is filtered through one of the rays to provide your unique expression of the creative potential for humanity.

MASTER AND ANGEL TRANSMISSION: Once your Ray is identified, the Master and Angel of that ray will come forward to provide a transmission to cut through all binds and realign you. This transmission will provide the needed spaciousness for your true soul streams to access creative energy for your heart’s desires.

This session will have far reaching results as it calls back soul aspects that have been entangled in misalignment and will provide integration for them to return home.

Why Would You Want to Be Realigned to Your Ray?

The realignment to your ray sends a bandwidth of energy into your core to illuminate and align the sacred qualities of your soul and connect you powerfully into the universe. By accessing your ray you will also gain a great understanding of what your core qualities are and give insight into the soul agreement.


Included in the OPTION 2:

  • PLUS





Offered on WOTA

$188 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $94.00

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If you're a Wisdom Sacred Circle member, don't forget to use your PROMO/DISCOUNT code for 25% off this offer. The discount code will be in your Member Portal.

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“ I started meditating about 25 minutes before the call & literally could feel the energies & grids already forming prior to the call. Was surprised bcuz when I first entered meditation my 3rd eye quickly opened due to the field you were opening up for us. Wow! During call, past life imprints (pictures) were being removed. Saw codes & agreements that were a hindrance were also disappearing. There was a significant difference in the bandwidth when my mind spoke vs soul. When mind spoke, I gave it back to my spirit. Transition was quite quick. Fascinating. I pulled a book in what I sense was Akashic Records & the info was transferred via a green color. Downloads throughout but the last one really gave goosebumps as energy waves flowed throughout my body. I saw u occasionally during call. A lot of sacred geometric shapes & crystals. One was a crystal scepter of mostly purple & yellow gold. When soul stepped in, it reminded me of doing out of body work so the changes were instantaneous. All I can say is wow!! THANK U ”

~ Terry K.

“ Since working with Katrina, Miracles have taken place on my life! My manifestation abilities have increased, my connection with my higher self and inner knowing has solidified. My limiting beliefs of impossibility have fallen away, and my belief in what's possible for myself and Humanity have expanded more than I could have dreamt up! I highly recommend working with her as much as you are able. ”

~ Madalyn

“ Working with Katrina helped me see my potential in ways that I can't even describe. I see the way she holds space for my growth in both vision and energy and it's absolutely beautiful. I hope to be as generous with my vision and faith for others. Working with her has raised the bar for me with myself and other healers. I walk away forever changed in a good way. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity. ”

~ Catherine Navarro

“ Katrina Armstrong is an extremely gifted inter-galactic communicator and collaborator. She effectively enlists celestial entities to achieve designed goals. Empowering tools were revealed to me within 24 hours of her workshop to catalyze the growth of my life and strengthen the services in my business. Thank you for spirit for placing in my path the opportunity to work with Katrina. ”

~ Elizabeth

“ If you are interested in reaching your Highest Divine Potential, I highly recommend Katrina Armstrong. A powerful instrument of God during this auspicious time on earth. She has an innate ability to heal through holding space and energy for others. All the while exuding an air of calm that is very uplifting! Channeling dynamic frequency encodings of sound and light that adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs, in the moment. Initiating clearing, balancing, activating and aligning with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Katrina Armstrong humbly offers activations, cellular release, channeling, and more, as she anchors Love into the Earth! She is amazing! ”

~ Phyllis Trammell

“ Katrina meets me right as I am about to take the next step in my spiritual evolution and helps me fine tune my alignment process on a much deeper level. Her potency to pinpoint the depth of an issue and trace the cause of an issue is deep beyond measure. I have worked in this field for over 33 years and Katrina’s work is elite beyond measure, her work stands out beyond any healer I’ve ever experienced before.Katrina’s expertise and precise connection finds the depth of work I need to improve myself on levels of heightened awareness, that for me is critical in the work I provide for my clients and my students. I would refer Katrina to anyone seeking deep energetic knowledge and those who wish to gain a deep sense of what needs to be changed in themselves to develop their own personal growth and enlightened awareness. ”

~ Matthew


Katrina Armstrong on Wisdom of the Ancients

Katrina Armstrong

Katrina Armstrong has journeyed into the deepest layers of the illusionary dream to experience the densest vibrations, recalibrating the curriculum laying in new archetypes. She was placed in encapsulated sleep or veiling to reach the lowest vibrations of the curriculum, being then activated at the appropriate time in the cycle to do work as part of the collective of the Elohim Melchizedek Council Of Design.. that time is now.

Katrina holds higher vibratory frequencies and heightened awareness, to view and recalibrate the truth and illusion which are threads of this paradigm. Her main mission is the reseeding, reawakening, and recalibrating of Light Beings and Curriculum during cycles of completion.

Katrina retrieves, embodies and anchors the necessary templates, designs, and energies for humanity. She is carrying sacred keys to unlock the necessary codes for the evolutionary process; sacred tones and light language that resonates with the soul. These sacred tones and various languages help to integrate DNA templates, new overlays, and soul retrievals.

As a guardian of sacred libraries she can retrieve unique forms and sequences that will connect you with your remembrance of wisdom and the codes that you carry.

She is fully dedicated to her mission and will be holding nothing back, as this is a crucial time to prepare humanity for this massive influx of paradigm shifting energy. It is of great importance that we are fully integrated, grounded, and operating with the best templates for our soul mission.

As an activator of divine truth and limitless possibilities, she assists you with finding the magic in ‘everyday’ life. Through a heart of deep compassion she provides an accepting, nurturing space with unparalleled access to the higher realms. Her passion is to teach and activate the visionaries, intuitive, healers, and/or conscious entrepreneurs that are committed to their soul’s truth and ready to show up in a powerful way.

Katrina has reached a level of consciousness that allows her to be a pure conduit with access to all levels of her soul. She operates as a pure frequency of embodied love that activates through movement, words, tones, light language, and high vibrational energy transmissions.

This state of being has allowed her to integrate this incarnation’s curriculum in a powerful way that has locked all the wisdom from this lifetime with a direct connection with the ever expanding wisdom of her soul.