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The Time for Waiting is OVER!

It is time for you, to be the light in the darkness.

It is time to fully ignite your sacred self and see your true potential shine brightly, Now!

Justin Elledge with the empowerment of the Great Masters are assembling to bring you fully into your own Perfect Light and Consciousness. He will help you find and open the great Vault of Time and Space to show you your true self! That is the Miracle that is you!


Includes over two hours of life changing meditations and 1 1/2 hour video to help you stay safe from C*OVID*19, 20, 21, SARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and the next pandemic!

(Value $250+)


  1. I AM Meditations and Chakra Fire Meditation (delivered as MP3 audios)
    • INTRODUCTION audio
    • Meditation 1: SOVEREIGNTY
    • Meditation 2: PROTECTION
    • Meditation 3: ABUNDANCE
    • Meditation 4: PROTECTION - BRIEF VERSION
    • Meditation 5: CHAKRA FIRE
  2. 1 ½ hour C*OVID COMBAT 101 Zoom class (delivered as a recording)

These teachings are a sacred practice that connects directly to source. They have brought health, that have changed lives, they have empowered action, have brought people back from insanity. For this reason they have been kept secret for thousands of years, taught only in monasteries. They have only very recently been brought to the west. As a direct disciple of Buddhist Grandmaster Dharma King Dechan Juren, Master Yu, I have been empowered to teach this dharma to others. I have witnessed their power. I am the Gatekeeper and I hold open the way for you.

Each week, the Ascended Masters, and I will take you on an amazing journey. Religion, age, or ethnicity is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you have meditated every day like a monk or are only just now learning how to sit quietly. You need only bring an open mind and heart to discover the amazing vibrant, sparkling and joyful life hidden within you.

I now bid you welcome as you open to the 3 sacred mysteries of Body, Mind and Speech that form the path of the esoteric practitioner. Using sacred Mudras or hand gestures, Mantras, spoken or unspoken sacred chants and creating visualizations with the mind are the means of attaining your deepest desire of transcendence.

In these empowerments, you will learn the Mudra, or hand gestures, mantra, sacred voice expressions and visualization of the mind and imagination and the ability to align with the universe. Even now as you are reading this, your heart-mind, body and spirit are beginning to align inward to carry you forward into your own truth and destiny. I ask you now, simply, take a moment and gently breathe in, hold it for a few seconds, and now breath out. See if you don’t feel the masters, even now, calling to you to come forward into the light, to become one with the Infinite.

Special Bonus!

For all of you who sign up prior to my first class

This will be a 5th zoom class only for those of you who sign up by August 6 2020.

So keep that date in mind to make sure you can attend the Full Gold Light Body Activation.


Included in PACKAGE A:

  • I AM Meditations and Chakra Fire Meditation (delivered as MP3 audios)
  • 1 ½ hour C*OVID COMBAT101 Zoom class (delivered as a recording)




Offered on WOTA

$79 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $39.50


Includes Package A



In this teaching, you will learn how to Be a Master and Shine the light to yourself and others!

Week One: Opening to Light

Part 1

The first part of this class will be about engaging the immune system through with powerful practice and anti-oxidants, and nutritional choices.

Then, part 2:

Meditation #1

Prevent Contagious Diseases 2

This Sacred Practice is to help you shine your Light so brightly, no germ can harm you. This practice was created to help the monks travel to the far reaches of the earth and stay healthy, no matter what.

Meditation #2

Effulgence of the Buddha - Healing with the Light of the Buddha.

This is the empowerment to help you go even further. This teaching will help you begin to shine the sacred light of the Buddha throughout your entire body, AND to shine it outwards to others. People will begin to notice you and see you differently as your energy and vibration increases 1000 fold. I especially recommend this one to all teachers, therapists, nurses, doctors and those of the healing professions. Others will begin to feel more comfortable around you and relationships will be improved as everyone around you wants to bath in this divine light.

Week Two: Removing Blocks

Meditation #3

Prayer to Amitabha Buddha

This is the sacred meditation of merging the self with the Divine heart-mind of the Buddha.

Meditation #4

The Blaze of Amitabha Buddha Extinguish Disaster

Learn as the Masters learned to Clear the path and eliminate blocks with Divine Help!

As the title describes, this teaching is like a sacred bonfire, it helps you eliminate and burn away all of the issues that have held you back over the years, including feelings of not being worthy, self anger, or self hate. Old patterns and the feeling of being “stuck” will begin to fade away as you engage with this practice. It also helps you clear family issues that may have been handed down to you unseen, but still remain. This meditation will help clear the path and allow you more freedom in the choices you make in your life. You become more aware, declutter and create a better life for yourself.

Week Three: Healing the Body and Soul

Meditation #5

Healing your Vision - The Clear Eye meditation

See the true nature of the world. This teaching and meditation is to empower the student apprentice to not only physically heal any vision issues such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, but to also open to perceive more clearly the hidden world of revelation and intuition!

Meditation #6

Purity of the Avalokiteshvara Buddha - Selfless release of hurt and pain.

This is the empowerment to help you clear away all that is not truth and release the illusion of suffering. It is the darkness we carry within that blocks the light. As we become more clear and transparent, life will also become more effortless and freedom filled. This meditation helps prepare you for the next step in your journey of Ascension.

Week Four: Purifying and Ascending

Meditation #7

Clear Vision and 3rd Eye Opening

In this, the final meditation of the series, this ancient practice will show you how the 6th Chakra/Third Eye can be opened to receive and see divine light! You will be guided into the reaches of time and space and learn what it truly means to be open to See unto the Heavens and beyond.

And a few more surprises are in store!

Special Bonus!

For all of you who sign up prior to my first class

This will be a 5th zoom class only for those of you who sign up by August 6 2020.

So keep that date in mind to make sure you can attend the Full Gold Light Body Activation.


Included in PACKAGE B:

  • Includes PACKAGE A
  • PLUS

    • Week One: Opening to Light
    • Week Two: Removing Blocks
    • Week Three: Healing the Body and Soul
    • Week Four: Purifying and Ascending




Offered on WOTA

$149 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $74.50


Clearing the Shadow

  Have you felt held back?

  At odds with your life?

  And, perhaps even facing ghosts, entities and attachments?

Then this is the program for you!

Includes Package A & PACKAGE B




Clearing the Shadow - Have you felt held back? At odds with your life? And, perhaps even facing ghosts, entities and attachments? Then this is the session for you!

This is a one hour live one on one via Zoom/SKYPE with Justin Elledge for medical Intuition for health challenges or ‘Clearing the shadow’ and bringing all of the tattered and corrupted matrix of your Soul’s Activation Code together, fulfilled and finally, at peace.

Special Bonus!

For all of you who sign up prior to my first class

This will be a 5th zoom class only for those of you who sign up by August 6 2020.

So keep that date in mind to make sure you can attend the Full Gold Light Body Activation.


Included in PACKAGE C:

  • Includes PACKAGE A & PACKAGE B
  • PLUS





Offered on WOTA

$255 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $127.50


From my live event of 4 Gates of Enlightenment class in Tucson AZ, Feb 2018:

“ Justin, I have had Electroshock therapy, psychotherapy, done meditation and counseling for years, but nothing has helped me as much as you have in this one day! ”

~ Susan H.

“ I have felt blessed and empowered this day beyond words ”

~ Stefanie G.

From earlier medical Intuitive/Shadow Sessions:

Strong Clearing

“ Most of our session actually ended up being several clearings of energy that I was holding onto. I must admit that I experienced some of the strongest clearings so far in my life. Directly after the session, I found myself cleaning and organizing my entire home top to bottom. Which is something that I had wanted to do but felt like I lacked the energy for several months beforehand. I certainly feel a big difference in many areas of my life since our session. ”

~ Rebecca B.

“ What a session, Justin helped me to remember who I AM and what I came here to do! there is much to share with all of Creation. Healing, blessing, releasing, receiving. The vibrational energy has continued for days like the ebb n flow of the ocean. Releasing, receiving, breathing. Sometimes like a soft wind kissing your cheek. You are not the same after your session with Justin. ”

~ Anne M.

Medical Intuitive Consultation with Justin

“ My session came the day before my birthday and 3 days before what would have been my son's 24th birthday if he hadn't died six months ago. These "firsts" are extremely hard and Justin keyed in to the sorrow my family is feeling and our need to clear space within ourselves so our son/brother and we can move on. I felt that connecting to the angelic realm, the ascended masters and the ancestors was very powerful work. When Justin took special care in working with my daughter in areas of protection, I knew he was definitely on the right track, since she had experienced an indirect, but enormous, emotional hit just days prior. I highly recommend Justin for his compassion, neutrality, knowledge, skill and ability to connect with the higher powers of healing. ”

~ Lisa K.

On Soul Convergence-

“ I immediately felt Justin to be a kindred soul on the path when we started. I found him to be a warm, genuine human being and felt an easy flow with him. He got right to the heart of what he saw as the non-physical causes of my physical issues. This resonated with me. We then spent time doing healing work together, energetically releasing any past habits, encounters, people etc that may be influencing my situation. I felt empowered when calling in angelic helpers to aid me in my claiming my true nature. This took the bulk of the session, and unfortunately with little time left, he had to rush through what may have been contributing physically to my health issues. Some of the information and suggestions did not resonate for me and left me wanting more time to ask questions and clarify ways to help my physical body. Overall, this was a good experience and I would like to have a follow up consultation. ”

~ Brad L.

“ I am very grateful for Justin's session, it was timely to get his insights as I was lost as to how to proceed with the knowledge I had. He was generous in reviewing all that I needed to do and was most helpful in guiding me towards the supplements that I needed. He is thorough and very kind, a gentle loving spirit. I highly recommend his work. ”

~ Giselle W.


Justin Elledge on Wisdom of the Ancients

Justin Elledge

Justin Elledge, The Human MRI, is a Medical Intuitive, Psychic, Healer, Buddhist teacher, inventor and vocational nurse has been experienced around the world via TV, Tele-summits and live events.

As a young boy, Justin experienced many physical hardships including chemical poisoning and personal health challenges such as migraine headaches. He later discovered some of his health issues were caused heavy metal poisoning, which also lead to chronic fatigue and other illnesses. Over the years he sought out solutions and discovered many amazing and unique health processes to help heal the body.

As he began his healing journey, he also began his ascension and opened a doorway into the Grace and light of God. As he learned to express his first gifts of healing by helping others, many clients felt a sense of deep calm and serenity within moments.

He was later drawn to the field of vocational nursing for more than 5 years, to explore a shift in consciousness toward the healing arts. After experiencing the frustration of the allopathic world of medicine, he left nursing to pursue a higher calling.

After finding and studying with Buddhist master, Dechan Duran, his true abilities of Medical Intuition came about as if by a miracle. His supported work from the Archangels who assist in his energy healings, have changed lives and saved souls.