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Create your own Home of Power and infuse your Life with Light and boundless positive energy. Do you know those things that you most want in your life? Follow the practical advice in Jill Mattson's new book and mold your Home to create the specific energies that will lead you to your dreams.

Regardless of your current setting - large house-to-small apartment - there are simple steps that everyone can take to tailor their living environment to match and drive their deepest life goals. Make your Home the Power base for everything that you want to achieve in your life. Enjoy peace, serenity and renewed energy every day. Manifest through a Home of Power. Achieve Abundance and Harmony; improve a chronic health condition. Find that special relationship that you are lacking. Amazing results are possible using Mattson's techniques.

At one time or another we have all walked into the home of a friend and instantly felt more energized, or relaxed, peaceful or even satisfied. Why is that? Chances are the friend had designed and decorated their space with great care and thought. The cliché that is usually used for this type of home design is Feng Shui... and it is a worthwhile school, however there are a multitude of components of effective design and they come to us from many cultures and traditions. And chances are a combination of techniques using elements of ... will work best for you.

Just as a healthy diet is necessary for the optimum performance of your body a nurturing & stimulating home environment is a major influence in all that we feel and think - and ultimately in how we perform. A Home can be custom designed to help us attain our goals.

The well designed Home Living Space Environment can be like a daily launching pad that propels us forward - every day - with High Energy, Crystal Clarity and Positive Attitude. Alternately a negative environment can hold us back and take us down.

We are vibrational beings and we are affected by the energies that surround us. Among my most memorable personal experiences are deep spiritual reactions during visits to certain old Cathedrals, Castles and Ancient Monuments... why IS this?

The Ancients wisely understood the critical role that the design and decor of important structures played in their lives. There has to be a link between the key design elements of the Pyramids and iconic Cathedrals... what is important for you today - is to realize that you can significantly change your life and you can do this quickly and for small expense - by making thoughtful changes to and selections for the place where you spend more time than anyplace else - Home!

Decisions as simple as the colors and shapes that you employ in your rooms... the materials used and the layout are all potentially powerful forces that can influence you tremendously.

Mattson's new work addresses specific areas for potential transformation:

  • Abundance
  • Anxious or nervous & stressed
  • Lacking motivation, drive, stamina & interest in life
  • Want a relationship - attract a partner
  • Clear your Home of negativity/damaging energy
  • Lack confidence, shy
  • Address personal health issues
  • Tailor your setting to a particular Culture/Era/Master

Identify the changes that you want to make in your life then create the energy of what you most want throughout your home. Surround yourself with the characteristic energies that you lack. Design and innovate an environment that radiates the frequencies that you require. Immerse yourself in a matrix of energies that will fill you with what you are missing - reach your fondest goals. Live in security and comfort.

Mattson goes far beyond traditional Feng Shui interior design concepts and teaches us how to customize our Home living space for maximum personal impact.

Mattson has studied Ancient Cultures for decades. As she uncovered their use of music and sound in healing and other powerful applications she eventually saw a pattern arise - almost All Cultures had traditions of carefully designing their living spaces and important temples and gathering places. These studies demonstrated to Mattson that the Chinese Feng Shui was only one among many systems... and that great opportunities existed. While traditional Feng Shui is extremely prescriptive - even rigid, Mattson has found techniques that are adaptable and customizable to any living situation.

Some of the methods and materials that Mattson will teach you to use include:

  • From Sacred Geometry and numerology: Use certain Dimensions and ratios in your Home layout - of furniture and accessories and room function
  • From Pythagoras and Ancient Egypt (and others): Architecture is frozen music. Design with this ever in mind
  • Shapes and colors produce specific frequencies - it's easy to match the frequency that you need for the goal that you want to accomplish
  • The choice of materials - such as wood or glass, stone or cloth etc. These materials are from Elemental fundamentals. Need warmth - use wood and natural fibers and textures. Want strength - go with clean lines and natural stone or metal.
  • The location of important items in your house - and in relation to the cardinal directions and any natural lay lines (??) or geological features nearby - rivers nearby, or lakes or the ocean? Mountains or wide open spaces? Make your home harmonious with the outside environment.
  • Every living space has a flow and a focus area - know these and use them to your maximum benefit
  • Use plants and art work for specific ends...
  • And the combinations of these factors are almost limitless

Think of what is important in growing a healthy fruitful plant from a small seedling: clean and fertile soil with key nutrients, sunshine, warm consistent temperatures and suitable rainfall. Make your personal living space emit energies consistent with your needs and your aspirations. Do you most need more abundance or do you want a close partner? Perhaps the most decisive step you can take is to mindfully match the energy of your home to the energy of your goal.


This package includes:

  • 8 powerful and transformative videos!
  • PDF Book: Home of Power


Introduction to House of Life and Light

12:30 Minutes

What are your goals in your life? Health? Abundance? Career? Relationships?: Create these things in your home and amass this energy and watch it come to you! Learn:

  • What is subtle energy?
  • How to control and change it in your space.
  • Clear Negative subtle energy in your house with sound and fragrance


Using Music to create Sacred Space in your Home

26 minutes

Without any musical abilities, learn to create music in your home via arrangements of things, shapes, and more. Create frequencies, musical intervals, rhythms, and harmonics in your space for certain benefits. Learn how shapes correlate to musical notes and emotions. Use frequencies in your room for health and emotional benefits. Tune your DNA and genes with shapes in your home. Use plants to remove toxins from furniture, etc.


Elemental Energies in your House

43 Minutes

Learn what the elements are. They have incredible benefits. Learn how to use elements for health and to accomplish goals by incorporating them into your home. Use the elements to tune your body organs and balance your emotions. Use elements to improve negative energies, even in yourself with the elements. Use powerful directional energies.



34 Minutes

Arrange gardens for growth And health of your plants. Put the healing power of a walk in the woods – into your home. Use dimensions in your home, purify negative energies with nature's powers. Learn the secrets of water, Earth, earth grids. Rearrange your furniture for benefits, improve your land, and capture star energy.


Healing with Numbers and Colors in your Home

22 Minutes

What are the energies of numbers? Use them in your house! Use systems of numbers for powerful benefits. Learn how ancient architects used numbers to create sacred space. You can too. Learn the health and emotional benefits of colors and incorporating these benefits into your home. Balance your life with colors.


The Power of Shapes

26 Minutes

Shapes create energy to alter your health and emotions and attract the energies of things that you want. Use shapes to change your life. Learn about the mysteries of a line and how to get whole balanced energy from a circle. Use forms to enhance soil and personal feelings. Use the energy of ellipses, eggs, mandalas, the Vedic Square, and pyramids to your benefit. Learn to dowse for optimum furniture arrangements.


Home of Power

9 Minutes

Experience Techniques to make Space Sacred in your Body! You spend more time at home than at any other place – manifest your goals using your Home. For example, create the energy of abundance in your living room and alter your bedroom to support your heart health. Your home is your spiritual Journey in physical form. you exchange energy constantly with your space. Make changes to your living space for impactful results in your life - reaching your goals, health improvements uplifting energy, and more. Once created receive desired energy – all day long – with no effort or willpower. Custom designed your home living space to give you what you most want and need.


Creating the Ultimate Sacred Temple….
Perfecting your Divine Energies

90 Minutes

Think to the millions of pilgrims going to a sacred site – to be uplifted, healed, and connected to higher energies. How did a place do this? There are special techniques that ancient masters used to instill healing properties into a location or temple. Many of these have been hidden until now!

Join Jill Mattson as she unveils these secrets and techniques to create sacred space in your home and in your physical body. Use ancient secrets that make a site sacred to make your body healthy! Jill will provide energy treatments on your crown, third eye, pineal gland throat, heart, and more. Feel the divine energy!

Use techniques of Ancient Masters that create Sacred Temples and Divine Spaces within your own Body!

  • Use elemental energy in your breath and voice
  • Create a Merkabah around your body to facilitate Higher Dimensional Energies
  • Use shapes within and around your body to tune, energize balance and uplift!
  • Use Secrets from Nature to cleanse and purify your body


Home Of Power (PDF)


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“ My experience of Home of Power - the feelings, awareness, and realizations that entered me, fully and deeply- activated below-the-surface memories of--and learnings from--ancient civilizations I had lived in; and when I absorbed your book it communicated into my being. I felt the knowledge completely entering and engulfing my body and my energy field, which felt very full and expanded. This was accompanied by a felt awareness--it was more than an intellectual idea or thought--that if/when one person reads a book and absorbs it deeply, it activates everyone. Everyone. It felt like not just activating all readers of the book or watchers of the videos, but all of humanity. This knowledge was a way of seeding the collective consciousness. For me, it was a felt sense of the essence, intentions, messages, and contents entering into me, being deeply absorbed by me, and then flowing out into each member of the collective. ”

~ Pamela G.

Moved into a New Level of Coherence with My True Self

“ I was deeply and totally moved into a new level of coherence with my True Self today while listening to Jill Mattson's interview (a truly gifted sound alchemist, healer, writer, composer, and artist). What a gifted soul! So grateful! I'm so joyful and excited about all the amazing energies, knowledge, insights, and processes coming through the veil for us all now!!

~ L. Pierett

“ Old Thought Forms and Habits Are Drifting Away… Like Its Soul Magic! ”

~ Mari Riches

“ Jill, dear one, an amazing call. I was in extreme pain when I listened to your energy demonstration. I felt healing immediately, and this morning I feel at ease and well. Everything you shared felt so true. Much love and blessings for all you do! ”

~ Xo

Testimonials for sessions:

“ Namaste Jill, That was a beautiful session! When you channeling and explore my truth for me, I had tears in my eyes and felt lots of love and support from our lineage family. Your energy healing was so beautiful, I instantly felt energy flows, my soul and body were nourished, my heart opens again, my joy is back!

That was a miracle experience for me, and thank your love and the gift you have! ”

~ Susan W

“ I just wanted you to know that, after somewhere between 1,000-1,500 Akashic readings over the past five years, your work has been recommended dozens of times by my clients' Akashic Record Keepers themselves, and by me myself to my Akashic Records clients as well as to my Intuitive Tarot students. ”

~ Sylvia S.

“ Hi Jill,

It was amazing speaking with you yesterday. So much information! In thinking about the information from Atlantis, somehow my mind already knew this but I don't recollect how. I received quite a lot of healing energy yesterday, that was a little overwhelming—it a positive way! I ended up going to bed early.

This morning I'm feeling a deep calmness that I haven't felt for a very long time. Lately I've been drawn lately to roses and the colors pink and gold that you mentioned in the reading.

In Peace, Love and Gratitude, ”
~ Laura

“ Thank you so much for the amazing reading this morning. I so appreciate having you in my life and being on my team.

Much love, ”
~ Suzanne

“ My session with you blew me away... I wanted to thank you ”

~ Anna M

“ Hi Jill, Also, I want to let you know that I was virtually pain-free for a week and a half after having the session with you and Mother Mary. Thank you so much!! And you gave me so much peace of mind. Anyway, it was a joy to meet you, and I love your music, especially the violin!!

Take care, ”
~ Virginia

“ Dear Jill,

It's been about a year since I had my reading with you. It was so beautiful and I have thought back on it many times, and sourced strength from what was revealed to me. ”

~ Caroline K


Jill Mattson on Wisdom of the Ancients

Jill Mattson

Jill Mattson has been on a spiritual quest since an early age. She spent her youth as a devout Christian, mother and charity worker. Jill naturally grew to embrace almost all faiths and was drawn to the profound healing energy of Sound & Music and Vibrational Energies that can mold and manipulate subtle energy to a multitude of benevolent ends. Jill has had soul-shaking psychic encounters and learned to Channel many entities. She has been able to revisit past lives and learn many things from earlier experiences and Old Masters.

Jill believes her most enlightening accomplishment has been to combine her expertise in Healing Sound & Music vibrational frequencies with her spiritual awakenings. More recently Jill has found that certain crystal tools - such as quartz crystal instruments - have made her techniques and discoveries much more powerful. Mattson has focused on sharing lessons and information with other people who share a strong spiritual quest.

Jill feels she has been directed to study Antiquity; old civilizations and traditions. She is especially dedicated to Ancient Egypt, Old Hebrew, long lost healing techniques from a variety of traditions... and Star Codes. Most recently she has been working on the coming reawakening of Atlantis.

She has written 4 books and composed 11 original musical albums. All her works concern Sound Healing Energy and Spiritual discoveries and ways that people can use these to improve their lives. She also has produced dozens of instructional videos on a wide array of topics - all centered on what she calls Total Wellness and Enlightenment based on Sound Energy/Special Vibrational Frequencies.