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We Once Held Astonishing Energies - We Can Again

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We Once Held Astonishing Energies - We Can Again

This Earth and its People are advancing with constant acceleration. We are continually given more powerful tools - just when we need them - to lift up ourselves and the Planet. Reconnect to the Etheric Energy Archetype of your Original Higher Divine Embodiments. Reclaim the energies that you wielded before you incarnated in time. You never truly lost your power and energy from higher incarnations; this virility rests in your etheric records. You can now activate and reconnect to receive this energy. Access and inject these robust streams into your daily reality.

Get ready for potent 12th-Dimensional Energy

Access the highest energy ever! We had our highest vitality when we were closest to God... God is the ONE. The ALL. At OUR individual creations God shared a flicker of his divine self with us. God created us in his image and shared a spark of his divinity with us as we were incarnated... we started on the path of our fates with a bit of God injected into a living immortal soul. Each of us started in this way - slowly involving into the solid matter of this world. We ultimately became the individuals that we are today - with maximum separation from God. However, we once possessed our highest energies in a 12-dimensional reality. Our fate - the human condition - was to separate from this heavenly state to become wholly individuals fixed in our 3D world of today. Would it not be a journey unsurpassed to revisit our past - Angelic Aspects... gain the blessings of energy and vision which we held at the pinnacle of our existences.

Jill Mattson has arrived at a way to reach these times long past. Jill can guide us to the energies and the enlightenment that we all held when we were still near to God. Draw on the Angel Energy you once held.

At conception, incarnation, at the beginning of our involution... we were unfettered and very close to God. For a brief moment, we were at our pinnacle of perfection. Still part divine beings, Angel-Like. Holding 12D Angel Aspects... multidimensional existing on many planes... But the splendor faded as we became fixed in matter - our energy inevitably slowed; many of us became stuck, lost.

There IS a way of going back to much of this. Revisit your earliest, loftiest natures. Learn from the immense energy that you once possessed... tie into these high energies and learn from them and retain some of this unrivaled force - make it part of you forever. This quantum jump in energy instantly takes you closer to God and quickens you, lifts you up, and drives you forward on your journey.

How is this so?

Did you ever wake from a vivid dream and keep some of the magic? Have you ever dreamed of a significant earlier time in your life and awoke, but still retained some of the real emotions and memories and insights that you had long lost? Dreams can be brief time machines into our past, they can unearth beautiful memories and feelings, and we can sometimes hold onto a piece of these. Jill Mattson offers a chance to do a vastly more powerful voyage - deep into your past - an opportunity to recapture power and glory that we all held.

What actually happens when we journey back into our pasts and recapture an old feeling or powerful state - usually in dream states... We somehow go to an earlier important point of ourselves - and come back with a bit of something lost. We are actually going someplace - our etheric selves - and capturing energy, claiming it for ourselves and bringing it into the present... and we can keep it for the rest of our lives. I have done this with loved ones - living and dead, even lost pets. I travel back to a real event/occurrence or energy state. With much effort, I have learned to manipulate these visits. Put simply: I focus really hard, and because this is important to me - I can latch on to this energy. Everything is energy... and the vibrations of these lost past things continue to pulse. It is possible to pull these energies into the present, and hold on to them. This preface is to hopefully help our listeners understand how we can intentionally do techniques of new energy work, and our destination is our earliest semi-divine states. At the beginning of our creations, some would say our Angel-like phases... there exist truly unrivaled possibilities—boundless energies.

12-D Energy is Invincible ~ Clearing is Instantaneous

Access your distant past through etheric records to create a new modality of energy work. Twelfth-dimensional energies are invincible. Dark and slow shadow energies cannot stand in the face of such forces. Clearing is instantaneous.

In addition to the Etheric Energy fields, Mattson covers the stories, opportunities and possibilities that find their roots in many Religious traditions including: Sumerians, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews, and American Indians. All of these faiths teach stories of Real Divine Beings that walked among them and helped them directly. The beings are well documented in accounts from around the globe. They are usually depicted with wings, and they have many names, but most know them as Angels.

When they walked among us, they gave us methods to incorporate higher dimensional energies into our daily lives. These time-honored techniques still work today. Mattson has even more powerful versions of the old traditions that she will share on You Wealth.

Key aspects of Jill's program include:

  • Key aspects of Jill's program include:
  • Animate new energies for potent modalities: achieve immediate response to life situations. More potent than any energy techniques on the planet.
  • Experience ancient methods of connecting with 12th Dimensional Higher Evolved Beings. Receive powerful energies, and total clearing of negative energies.
  • Activate 12-D energies through the control and movement of your Higher Etheric Body, feel your lost wings.
  • Listen, connect, and incorporate energies from ancient sigils – sound keys – that attach to 72 Powerful and evolved Divine Beings.

Listen, connect, and incorporate energies from ancient sigils – sound keys – that attach to 72 Powerful and evolved Divine Beings.

  All about Angels

Video - 11:51 Minutes

  • What angels give us
  • What angels look like
  • How to treat angels
  • Types of angels
    • First choir, second choir, third choir
  • Angels in religions around the world

  Working with Angels

Video - 20:30 Minutes

  • A gift from Arch Angel Michael – using your etheric sword
  • Your angels amplify the light of your soul
  • Four Arch Angel Healing – invoking directional energies, vowel chants, colored light energy transmuting negative energy and powerful protection
  • Work with the angels to bless all of nature

  The Etheric White Rose Activation

Video - 9:52 Minutes

  • Working with Arch Angel Chamuel
  • Developing the heart chakra for you and others who are around you
  • Receiving the Etheric White Rose

  72 Names of God ~ 72 Names of Angels

Video - 9:02 Minutes

There are seventy-two names of God and angels that bestow 72 aspects of divine energies from higher dimensions.

The sounds of the names call in the consciousness, awareness, and strengths of these angels. These are real, conscious beings. Each with different powers.

Listen to them and their pitches, draw this in, and integrate daily. The more you listen, the more that you are. They facilitate releasing your thoughts and letting go of sad stories about yourself. It restores love and peace, and it creates a rhythm to align to a higher frequency.

  • DNA is altered from radio waves, the spoken word, Names of God, and Names of Angels! Your body and energies are programmable by listening to and hearing these sounds/names/frequencies
  • How the 72 names of God are hidden in code in the Old Testament
  • How the names of God are extended to create the energy and sound of the names of the 72 angels
  • The three ways to pronounce the 72 angels
  • How the divine tones of the 72 angels were created
  • Instruction on listening to the 72 Angels and working with their energies to change your life.

  Wing Manuel

Video - 20:47 Minutes

This new energy technique that imparts higher energies, much like reiki, is to use a vortex to activate your "wings" from incarnations "way back". The movement of this energy and higher etheric records imparts healing energies for yourself and for you to bless others.

  • How to Activate your 12 D divine blueprints
  • How to use this energy in your daily life all day long!

  The Angels Triumvirate

  • The Angels Triumvirate - 16 Minutes
    • Learn about the three Angels that have teamed up to clear karma, pain, and negativity for humanity!
  • Zaphkiel – Channeling – 8 Minutes
    • Arch Angel Zaphkiel has a channeled message just for YOU! Also, receive and Energy Treatment from this high Being!
  • Jeremiah - Channeling – 5 minutes
    • Listen to Channeled Words of Arch Angel Jeremiah & His Energy Treatment
  • Zachariel – Channeling – 8:30 Minutes
    • Zachariel, the Angel of the Powers with the solar Flame, teams up with the Angel's Triumvirate to cleanse your energies in this healing session.
  • Zachariel Attunement – 3 Minutes
    • Listen to the Zaphkeil's Sigil in sound, view the shape, and establish a connection with this Angel!
  • Zaphkiel Attunement – 3.5 Minutes
    • Listen to the Zaphkeil's Sigil in sound, view the shape, and establish a connection with this Angel!
  • Jeremiah Attunement – 3.5 Minutes
    • Listen to Jeremiah's Sigil in sound, view the shape and establish connection with this Angel!


Included in OPTION 1:

  • All About Angels - videos
    • All about Angels
    • Working with Angels
    • The Etheric White Rose Activation
    • 72 Names of God ~ 72 Names of Angels
    • Wing Manuel
    • The Angels Triumvirate



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Includes everything in OPTION 1


Ever received healing energy directly from an angel? How divine would that feel?

Would you like to know your personal angel lineage? Seraphim? Cherubim? Faery? What is the energy of your angel family? Are you associated with Arch Angel Michael or Jeremiah - the Angel of Death?

Find your Angelic lineage! Jill will channel an angel in your personal lineage. Why is this important? It connects you to your strengths and skills. It explains why certain challenges are in your life and what happens when you overcome them.

Each type of angel has a specific gift to give, and so do you. In fact, this gift may be the reason that you choose to incarnate as a human in the first place. Perfecting this energy may be the life purpose of ALL of your incarnations put together. Pursuing this priority harmonizes you with your divine purpose.

Receive an Angelic Reiki Attunement! Jill will connect you with your personal Angel, and the Angel with perform an Angelic Reiki Attunement for you! In this session, you will also have your Etheric wings opened. The Angel will show Jill what you most need your wings for right now, such as for your protection, the opening of your creative gates, or whatever your being most needs right now.

Be attuned by an Angel! Experience an Angel performing an Angelic Reiki Attunement on you!


Included in OPTION 2:

  • Includes everything in OPTION 1
  • PLUS




Offered on WOTA

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Also available in 2 payments of $98.50

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“ I had amazing “wings: experiences. After you opened up my wings, I reached down to pick something up and the wings just rolled out. I was so surprised

A few days later, I went to the beach to gather 12 stones for a sacred ceremony. I threw tobacco in the air as part of the ceremony, and as I did so, my wings opened up wide. Along with this, I became highly clairvoyant. My vision cleared. I saw individual stones calling me for the ceremony. I felt the wings on my heels and also a tail feather that was long and full. It was like I was flying like an eagle. What an amazing experience. ”

Two days later. Those wings came out again and the clear sight and healing as well. Wow so much shifting of energy. Thank you. ”

~ Anonymous

“ I had an amazing experience this afternoon working on a friend with the two chintamani stones. When I started, I felt like my wings unfolded and were fanning her energy to prepare her for what I would do. While I worked, I felt my wings connect with a circle of other wings. These weren’t angels, but I think those we call the white haired ones. They are wise looking elders, long white hair with bald on top of their heads. I haven't connected with them since I was in Puerto Rico years ago, but here they were, and now with pale pink wings and each holding a white chintamani stone, helping me.

I also saw a dark dragon with dark indigo wings, always staying on the sidelines but there to get my attention. Not necessarily helping but wanted me to notice. This session was very intense energy exchange, not like the one I did a few days ago with you. I think my friend really connected with the light blue stone, energy just jumped sometimes from the stone to her energy centers. We both ended up deep in the chintamani trance by the end of the session.

“ All this work with wings and I have not set an intention to even notice the wings yet. I am learning so much about healing energy through these stones.

Rainbows and happy days, ”
~ Spider


Jill Mattson on Wisdom of the Ancients

Jill Mattson

Jill Mattson - is an accomplished artist, musician, lecturer & author. She is a recording artist, with numerous CDs using ancient and modern Sound Healing techniques.

Her Deep Wave Beauty CD was a finalist for the COVR Specialty CD of 2012 award. Jill has authored several Sound Healing books, and lectures throughout the United States on the topic sound, spirit, and matter.

She draws on her extensive research of modern Sound Healing, and 20 year study of Antiquities and Secret Societies to show the incredible power and healing capabilities of sound.