Wisdom of the Ancients is happy to present

Emunah Malinovitz's SPECIAL OFFER

Unleashing your Unique Energy Signature

with Emunah Malinovitz & Spirit Team

Emunah Malinovitz on Wisdom of the Ancients

Join in on this Powerful Live Transmission and Activation to Unleash your Soul Signature so you can Claim and Live from your Sovereign Soul Radiance. Experience a powerful purge, purification and reset to:

~ Unlock Your Pure Essence
~ Radiate the Light Codes within &
~ Awaken your Sovereign Prototype

Each of us has a Sacred prototype within, an Energy Signature that is encoded within us that carries the specific energetic frequencies and Light Codes we came to contribute, specifically for this time. We volunteered for this...

We don’t have to wait anymore...the time is now...The great purge is Here, it is the reset, the cleanse that occurs before the Great Awakening. We are cleansing collectively on all levels. It is time for The Reset. To Reset we must allow the dense energies to be healed and transmuted. We are all feeling it, globally on many levels. We each have our part to purge, our part of the Whole. We are fractals of the Whole and each carrying a piece of the Cosmic puzzle.

We are the lightworkers, wayshowers, healers and starseeds that came to create the new earth.
We know this, we can feel it deep in our soul, we have a purpose, a mission, a sacred assignment.

You came here to be a stand for the light, in order to do so you signed up to clear and purge a part of the collective pain, density and darkness that is heavy in the cosmic layers surrounding the earth. You came to purge the dark, to purify the pain body, and transmute the dense darkness to light, as a Rainbow love warrior, holding within you the frequencies for the New Earth.

The pain body is part of the Ego and is a very unhappy entity. The pain body can manifest itself as: illness, anger, stress, fear, sadness etc. Pain-body seeks unhappiness and unpleasant experiences that match its energy field, because the pain body feeds on negativity. We all have inherited different aspects of the pain body.

Lightworkers and Starseeds incarnated to help clear the pain body for your ancestors and the collective. This is big work, and we now have the support to fully transmute it...it is time to heal the pain body within ourselves which heals it in the collective.

We will be covering these questions:

  • What layers of density are you healing? Separation, lack, fear, worry, regret, loss, anger, persecution,
  • What forms of martyrdom have you been holding within your many timelines and ancestral and family cords?
  • What layers of density are you holding for the collective?
  • What is blocking you from unleashing all of your light?
  • What fears from past timelines need to be cleared and transmuted?
  • Why are you not able to create and offer your gifts?

The pain body lowers our frequency and blocks us from accessing our gifts, and higher energies and frequencies that are under all this dense energy.

When you purge the lower frequencies in your pain body, you reveal your Unique light frequencies.

You can transform this darkness quickly, efficiently and fully in the Awakening your Sovereign Prototype LIVE Transmission

The Spirit Team and I are ready to assist you in this sacred work. This is the process that has come to support you in unleashing your light and contributing your unique Soul Signature to the Great Awakening. Before you can Unleash your Sovereign essence, you must purify and cleanse, so there are 2 pre- LIVE transmission sessions that will fully prepare you to Awaken your Sovereign prototype. We will have 2 purging, clearing calls using the Energy Transfer reset modality to clear and transmute the energies being held in the PAIN BODY as this is so Powerful and imperative in preparing you for The Final Great Awakening, transmission and Sacred Soul Essence revealing Celebration. We will use the power of our group, the power of the spirit beings here to support us and the Energy Transfer Reset to fully clear our pain body for ourselves and the earth, in preparation to awaken our light codes and rainbow frequencies, your unique energetic signature.

Emunah's Special Offer

Awakening your Sovereign Prototype

Unleashing your Unique Energy Signature

3 Live Transmissions:

Step One - LIVE Energy Transfer Reset Group Transmission - Purification, Releasing your Painbody ( 1 hour guided Transmission and Reset)

(Value- $111)

This is where we will release you from all the lower frequencies from your pain body that are blocking your unique energetic signature, your Sovereign prototype. Your sacred energy is a part of the whole and its needed, so let’s come together to release all blocks to that. The Energy Transfer Reset was designed for this. The ETR...

  • Removes detrimental frequencies that no longer serve you. In other words, frequencies created by pride, anger, greed, fear, grief, apathy, guilt, shame, helplessness,
  • hopelessness, worry, anxiety, regret, and depression.
  • Removes blockages, tags, implants, cords, and dark entity attachments.
  • Restores the soul back to a pure state, which allows you to manifest the future you desire. This is the RESET.

This Live Transmission will be recorded so you can continue to use it to unleash your higher dimensional energies and superpowers. You may use this to keep your frequency high and maintain a clear, pain body ongoingly.

While the timelines are instantly cleared during the first ETR experience, the follow up sessions allow for a “layering” of 9D-13D frequencies that begin acting like nuclear fusion.

The light atoms of the high frequencies collide and create newly formed energy. This newly formed energy offers these benefits:

  • Raises your frequency to their highest levels
  • Spurs rapid spiritual growth
  • Improves your understanding of truth
  • Strengthens your intuition and discernment
  • Provide unsurpassed “youthing” or anti-aging of the physical form

Step Two- Live Transmission Masterclass: Purification of Mother Earth, Releasing the Earth’s Painbody

(1 Hour guided Transmission and Reset )

(Value- $111)

Do you want to clear the Earth’s Pain Body? Our earth is also holding many low frequencies and dark energies, they appear as dark clouds covering our earth. As long as these energies are in the field, it makes it challenging for the earth to ascend and become the NEW EARTH.

We will participate in a Galactic Energy Transfer Reset for the Earth, and all its inhabitants.

Once we Reset your energy and clear your frequencies, we are ready to contribute to clearing the dark clouds, energies,and entities from the earth. This is Holy, Sacred purpose work.

With the Spirit team, we will contribute our energy to purifying our planet, to releasing the frequencies of control, greed, and power and manipulation.

Again, each of us is powerful beyond measure, as we clear these frequencies from our self and our earth mother, we are truly Being the Presence we came to be.

You being able to participate in this process, creates huge boons, and positive karma, that will help prepare you for our 3rd masterclass, where we will awaken your Sovereign energetic gifts and frequencies, helping you Unleash your unique purpose destiny and creative gifts in the New Earth.

Step Three - Live Transmission Workshop - The Great Awakening of the New Earth - Awakening your Sovereign Prototype LIVE Transmission and Activation with Live Readings

( 2 hour Process)

(value- $222)

Now, that we have purged and purified and reset ourselves and the Earth, we are ready to Claim our Sovereignty, and reign as the Creators and Sacred Wayshowers. Each of us has a sacred calling, an energetic transmission imprinted in our soul, waiting to be unleashed. In order to access it, we need to purify and cleanse to Unleash and Unlock it. As your frequency rises and you receive the higher dimensional frequencies and codes, you can unlock your Sovereign prototype and unleash your unique soul light frequency signature.

In this transmission, we will download the higher dimensional light codes and frequencies and create a solid container to Awaken and directly experience your soul frequencies and essence and gifts.

As we awaken and unlock the sovereign codes within you, your connection to Source, your gifts, your frequency will skyrocket, your energy will be like a sacred transmitter of your unique essence, and you will radiate your energetic signature and use it to create with.

  • Your system will recalibrate to allow for quantum healing – the body and energy field begin healing on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Your frequency will skyrocket, you will feel free, creative and supported, and inspired by your awakened soul essence signature and rainbow frequency.
  • You may experience a stronger connection to your spirit guides and other beings in different dimensions.

PLUS this live masterclass, will include live readings to support you in directly experiencing your souls signature and essence.

All Sessions/ are recorded and included so you can listen when it is the best time for you and repeat the process as often as you need.

PLUS when you sign up for this Transmission you will receive these bonuses:


Group Remote Healing/ transmissions daily from ‘Yes’ through the duration of the process 30 days.

(Value-$111) Every day, starting as soon as you sign up, and give your sacred YES, My team and I will begin remote healing sessions, to start the process of helping you purge your pain body and awaken your sovereign light codes and energetic essence. This means you are included in daily prayers and intentions and experiencing healing support to Awaken to YOUR TRUE ESSENCE, from when you say yes, and for 30 days after you receive the Sovereign Prototype LIVE Transmission and Activation


guided meditation MP3, - Stay in your Sacred soul essence, and Stand in the light, free from further interference and dark energies as you are protected and supported, with a clearing process to keep your essence pure and free to transmit and protect you from lower frequencies so you can LIVE your Sovereign Essence. (value-$88) This is your daily spiritual hygiene to radiate your light fully without interference.

Map of consciousness PDF



Included in Offer:

  • Includes 3 live Transmission- Activation Calls


  • Bonus


Awakening your Sovereign Prototype Unleashing your Unique Energy Signature


Offered on WOTA

$77 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $38.50

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )


“ WOW! Thank you Thank you Thank you! What an amazing call yesterday!!! Words cannot express my gratitude. So much beautiful energy. I kept seeing lots of colors, especially purple and gold with "cats eyes." And, I felt a huge weight lifted between my throat chakra and solar plexus - so much so I almost felt lifted off my chair ”

“ I hope I have a moment to share with you the results I experienced from the clearing you offered last night. I have been lovingly working with a very low frequency (jealousy) for over a year now. With little success. But woke this morning, expecting to feel the pain and it wasn't there. Isn't there. How Divine is that? ”
~ Bonnie.

“ I just wanted to thank you for speaking to my beautiful group, and for sharing your gift of clearing our energy fields. I felt the different energies all throughout my body. It feels like I’m flying because I shed so much dense energy, thanks to you and your amazing galactic team! ”

“ I have been listening to your call done on December 14th every 3 days or so and every time it swept me off my feet by its power! it is that powerful. Thank you again! ”

“ Dear Emunah, thank you so much for the beautiful session. It was great. I am feeling so much better, your love and compassion, your wonderful healing energies.. oh what a Divine Gift you have thank you with all my heart. ”

“ I feel so blessed that I learned of you and your work. I don't often tune in live to the WOTA shows just because life is busy but that night you were on, I felt so strongly that I should listen live. Then I got a reading and it started me down this path of deep healing. Your work is a blessing to us and I thank you, and the Arcturians, for all you do. ”

“ Your call was the most powerful energy transmission I have ever experienced and I can’t wait to get the replay. I must be doing something right if I came across you and recognized your energy transmission would shift my energy dramatically! ”

“ Thank you so much for the ETR. I must say I have felt a tremendous shift. On Wednesday I was just so "in my own boat" so to speak. No paranoia, no anxiety, just appreciation for where I was and what I was doing. I had a dream on Tues. night that I was in jail, and adding up on a blackboard what they were supposed to pay me for the month, and the last scene in the dream was me visiting an inmate and saying "you know I was released yesterday'! The jail has definitely been of my own making - and how much was I willing to "pay" to be there. Now I have set myself free.
Thank you , ”

~ Catherine

“ I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the powerful Energy, Transfer, Reset session we had a few days ago. I am so unbelievably grateful for booking with you. Having my old soul contracts that I no longer needed stamped done and ripped up. It felt like my shackles around my ankles from so many lives and so many soul contracts have finally been removed. Now I feel safe to be the powerful lightworker that I am. ”

~ Karen

“ Thank you so much for the wonderful session. I am smiling from the inside out and I feel so much joy and light energy in me and around me. I am so, so grateful to you and to all the light beings for helping me on my path. I am forever grateful to all of you. ”

~ Clive

“ Emunah, I can not fully put in words how much joy and gratitude I feel from just being able to do the first meditation . After completing the first meditation I finally feel real freedom. I had been asking for guidance from my higher self to put me on my path and it is here with your help and with such ease. I extended my sincerest gratitude and love for this package. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your work is miraculous! ”

~ Shirley


Emunah Malinovitz on Wisdom of the Ancients

Emunah Malinovitz

Emunah is a natural born healer, a Starseed, a midwife for your Awakening process. She has been a healer, teacher and clairvoyant ( intuitive) all her life. She is here to help you transmute old energies and create the life you truly desire. She has healed herself and countless others, and it is her purpose to Help those who are ready to fully AWAKEN.. She works with the Arcturians, Pleiadians, & Sirians to help with the Ascension Process, your own guides and higher self, and creator of all that is. The time is now to Awaken and Emunah and her team are committed to helping those that are ready to shift into their full power,and radiate their true divine essence and Sovereignty