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It’s time to fully Receive our Abundance.

Emunah Malinovitz on Wisdom of the Ancients


Creating True Abundance in 5D

With Emunah Malinovitz and The Spirit Team

As we create the New Earth and Step into 5d Consciousness it is imperative that we make the leap from a 3d abundance mindset and move into 5d Abundant consciousness.

What is 5D Abundance?

In 5D, We know we are connected to the Whole, We know that every thought, action and deed affects the whole and we are anchored in our heart to create Abundance that supports the whole. We Know we are part of Source and Trust at a deep level our place in the world and that we are provided for. We know Source is Truly the Source of all, and that there is plenty for all.

In this consciousness we care for our Earth and appreciate her abundant blessings. We honor the lands, animals and food as sacred.

For too long we have been plagued by a consciousness and money programming focused on greed, scarcity, the elite, which has lead to poverty, hunger and horrific crimes on humanity and has caused raping and pillaging of our earth. We can all see the effects that this old programming and greedy mentality has had on the earth. She has suffered tremendously as have we as we have been programmed on the old ideologies based on scarcity, greed and competition.

We live in a world where few prosper and many feel lack, and scarcity. We are watching our earth be destroyed, human life sacrificed for Greed and Where getting to the top often means selling your Soul to get ahead.

It’s time to evolve to a heart based, feminine honoring collective 5d Abundant consciousness.

In order to do this we must.

  1. Unplug from the old matrix of control, greed that has been our reality for over 2000 years.
  2. We must honor and Heal the Feminine ( Mother Earth ), revere her, respect her, and see her as Sacred.
  3. We must come back to seeing our connection to nature, and each other, as vital and honor the Abundance we have been given.
  4. We must reconnect to our True Source Connection. From this direct connection to Source we can restore our knowing that Abundance is Our Divine Birthright, and Step into 5d Abundance.

As we evolve and ascend; old structures and ways of being must fall away, and that begins with each of us. We need to unplug from lack and scarcity programming and conditioning that has been encoded in our DNA, and Runs in our Belief systems and clear the concrete blocks we are carrying for our ancestors over lifetimes, of struggle, war, famine, poverty, lack and loss.

In order to Truly Step into Abundance as our birthright we must reconnect to SOURCE.

When we come to know Truly that no person, place or thing is our protection or safety or provider and come home to the knowing that Source, Love, or Mother, Father, God,( Creator) is our true provider and protector, our lives shift in profound ways.

Once we get off the hamster wheel of ego and competition, taking us on a ride of lack and scarcity and drop the Egos agenda crafted by old programs and agendas that are outdated, we can TRULY allow our HOLY ABUNDANCE and Purpose To Emerge. We come to know that this has nothing to do with manifesting millions and EVERYTHING to do with knowing how to Open, give, Receive, and Serve the FLOW. In a world, that feels increasingly unstable by the day, it's time to create, real, true lasting abundance from our Enoughness, Sovereignty and Wholeness.

~ Are you ready to stop agonizing about Abundance?

~ Are you ready to Shift your relationship to Money ?

~ Are you ready to be fully supported and provided for?

~ Are you ready to be a bridge builder, leading the way to Sovereign Abundant Flow ?

~ Are you ready to Steward a New Consciousness which Honors the feminine and comes from the heart?

~ Are you ready to leave competition, scarcity, and lack consciousness fueled by a competitive ego and Return to Love, to Plenty and Fulfillment on all levels, Fueled by Source?

~ Would you truly like to embody the Feeling and knowing and Peace that comes from Knowing All Needs are met?


Welcome to 5d Abundance - It’s Time to Receive Abundance as your birthright!
And Create The New Earth hand in hand with Creator, Mother Earth and from a consciousness of love.

Join me on a 28 day Journey to Shift your relationship to Money forever. You will be held in a sacred container for Transformation. Myself and My Spirit team will be holding you as you are guided with Prayers, meditations and 3 live Activation Sessions to Unleash Abundance in 5D as your birthright.


Session 1

Set the container, Open to receive, Rewire your brain and start to shift your DNA, Beliefs genetics, and Soul!

  • From Scarcity to Abundance
  • From poverty to Sovereignty
  • From Struggle to Ease
  • From Lack to True Abundance
  • From competition to Collaboration
  • From separateness to CONNECTEDNESS

It's time to Release the old programs, Unplug, cancel and clear the heavy dense programs that have been blocking your divine flow.

Learn the 5 Step Process that we will be practicing together for 28 days to absolutely transform your relationship to Money Forever.

Begin to use the channeled prayers, meditations and downloads that will be part of your daily rewiring during our journey to Abundance as your Birthright.

Session 2

Clearing and Belief work

Energy Transfer Reset to clear old programs, beliefs, hooks, and cords, and unplug you from the old matrix of greed, competition and ego power. Clear and cleanse your root chakra, unplug and clear all lack, and scarcity thinking, beliefs and Programs.

Heal and restore your connection to the Earth and the feminine.

Clear on a Soul level, DNA and genetic level, History ( time- lines) and ancestral level your beliefs about money that keep you in lack, limitation and struggle

Session 3

Open to receive, Direct 5d Abundance Downloads and Transmissions to fill your cells with 5d-13D frequencies of Peace, connection, support , safety , flow, community and true communion with Source. Get plugged into to 5d Abundant Consciousness and FEEL Supported, Guided, and Provided for no matter what is happening in the Outer World.


3 Live Calls

  1. Masterclass on 5d Abundance , start the Journey, understand the tools, and Create a Container for Real Transformation. ( 90 min- Value $250 )
  2. Energy Transfer Reset On Money. Clear the old , fully and completely and BE RESET to your Abundant Nature. ( 90 min- Value $250 )
  3. 5d-13d Abundance Downloads and Activations. ( 90 min- Value $250 )


  1. Bonus Q and A call- Get your questions answered directly with Emunah and The Spirit Team ( 90 min- Value $250 )
  2. 5d Channeled Abundance prayers, meditations, and downloads -
    These are your daily tools , created with Source and the Spirit team to Shift your consciousness. Includes pdfs, mp3s, and video meditations to support you - ( Value $222 ) Includes meditations and downloads directly from MOUNT SHASTA, The Root chakra of the Earth


  1. Participate in the Collective Healing of the Earth and Divine Feminine
    Earth Pain Body Purification - Recorded Transmission Included
    Join me as we heal the pain body of the Earth and Divine feminine and a part of the Shift. (value $250)

And In 5D Abundance we work in collaboration and connection to honor the Earth and Her precious resources

Be part of the Change as we partner with to plant trees, honor the feminine and restore honor and reverence for nature and Make a difference on this planet as Abundance Stewards of a new way, The New Earth.

Step into 5d Abundance immediately!

( value- Priceless)

As part of your tuition 10% will go directly to where you are contributing to growing global tropical forests! Our contribution to Grow Your Own Forest will be giving a gift to replenish and restore our planet. By donating to TreeSisters, we are also stepping into a vibrant community that's saying yes to life, actively seeding the future we want to create for future generations.reforesting our earth and honoring the feminine.



It’s time to fully Receive our Abundance.


Offered on WOTA

$188 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $94.00

*Due to the live nature of this package, there are no refunds.

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“ Dear Emunah,

Thank you so much for the session on Tuesday. I must say I have felt a tremendous shift. On Wednesday I was just so "in my own boat" so to speak. No paranoia, no anxiety, just appreciation for where I was and what I was doing. I had a dream on Tuesday night that I was in jail, and adding up on a blackboard what they were supposed to pay me for the month, and the last scene in the dream was me visiting an inmate and saying "you know I was released yesterday'! The jail has definitely been of my own making - and how much was I willing to "pay" to be there. Now I have set myself free.

Thank you so much, ”
~ Catherine, Retired Teacher


“ Emunah,

Thanks so very much for the ETR yesterday evening!
Very powerful process and simple too!
So far, I have noticed things that I haven't thought about in 30 plus years coming into my be glanced at and released. Doing so with so much love and appreciation for the lessons I have learned from those interactions.
You are the bomb my dear friend! ”

~ Dolores Fazzino, Nurse


“ Hi Emunah,

I wanted to give you some feedback on what’s been occurring for me since the ETR.
I will have vivid dreams once in awhile. Usually when I do I will have them sometimes 2-3 nights in a row.
I have had vivid dreams every night since the ETR, which now makes it 4 nights in a row.
I do feel it’s my subconscious working things out as well as I am receiving some messages along with it. ”

~ Terese, Mom

The power of the Release of old energies

“ Hi Emunah,

I am releasing a lot! I am surprised as to what is coming up for release! A few days ago, memories even surfaced from when I was in High School. That would be from about 45 years ago, but was as clear as yesterday! They caught me totally off guard. Nothing traumatic, but obviously some emotion or belief which needed to be released. So I just observed and let it go. Also, A LOT of stuff coming up with my sons and their wives, but I was expecting that. Thanks so much! Lots of love! ”

~ Wendy, Retired

I am free!

“ OH MY GOD!!!!! I am free, I feel so much energy, joy, life force, I am light, I am connected, I am at peace. I can’t thank you enough. ”

~ Shonna, Entrepreneur

Pets too!

“ My dog Olive was really sick, struggling, not being herself. I had Emunah do an Energy Transfer Reset and instantly Olive returned to her true playful self, in minutes. Whatever was inflicting her was lifted, and I got my Olive back. ”

~ Tina, Dog Mom


Emunah Malinovitz on Wisdom of the Ancients

Emunah Malinovitz

Emunah Malinovitz is a natural born healer, a Starseed, here to help with the Awakening process. She has been a healer, teacher and clairvoyant (intuitive) all her life. She is here to help you transmute old energies and create the life you truly desire. She has healed herself and countless others, and it is her purpose to Help those who are ready to fully AWAKEN. She was introduced to the Energy Transfer Reset in October 2018, and it was a match made in Heaven. Since then this tool has helped her and countless others Awaken to their purpose, their truth, and to live as love.

She works with the Arcturians, Pleiadians, & Sirians to help with the Ascension Process. The time is now to Awaken and Emunah and her team are committed to helping those that are ready to shift into their full power.