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Masterful Sovereign Creator Package

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Masterful Sovereign Creator Package

Items & Descriptions:

  • The Universal Library Series - 3 Part Instant Access Training
  • Cultivating Non-Judgement Self Study Retreat - 13+ Hours Instant Access
  • Cultivating Non-Judgement: The Art of Psychic Lenses Interactive Ebook + PDF
  • Lifestyle of Light Interactive Ebook - 3 Vital Tools for Full Body Enlightenment
  • Healing the Three Minds - The Mind, Heart and Gut Ebook


The Universal Library Series - 3 Part Instant Access Training

The Universal Library includes all facets of reality. In this reality there are frequencies of emotion and light/dark. The Soul chooses a frequency at it's original step into individualism. Knowing this frequency can help you understand your lifetimes of action and choices, your Soul's choice in Skill Sets and much more.

In Part 1 - Soul Essences and Skill Sets - you'll learn:

  • How to determine your Soul's Essence
  • What it takes to begin using it for the healing of trauma and lineage baggage
  • How to understand your Soul's choice in Skill Sets

In Part 2 - Radiance of Your Soul Essence - you’ll learn:

  • How to apply your Soul’s Essence to your practical daily life
  • Enriching your purpose and work with Essence and Radiance
  • Illuminating new Skill Sets

In Part 3 - Mysticism and Dimensional Navigation - you’ll learn:

  • The Mystical art of Dimensional navigation
  • Working with The Library to emotionally process trauma for access to all 12 dimensions
  • Accessing true Unconditional Love for the end of trauma

This series will delve deep into how the Universal Library is available to you. From here we can begin taking our place back in the Original Design Template for the experiment here on Earth. It's time for the creation of the Paradigm of Empowerment. Let's get to work!

With love,
Elizabeth Wood


Cultivating Non-Judgement Self Study Retreat - 13+ Hours Instant Access

We all suffer with judgement on ourselves or others!

To end judgement and find true discernment we need to be able to have different vantage points and see through different “lenses”.How do we shift our consciousness to different points of view? How do we use energy like lenses, and become free of lenses that aren’t working for us anymore?

The Art of Psychic Lenses is a true art which can help you discern the truth more effectively and I teach you this using an INTERACTIVE EBOOK (SEE ITEM 3). By having a new vantage point, we can cultivate non-judgment and truly value any experience. From this technique we find new information - “new light is new sight”!

With non-judgement comes compassion for ourselves and all consciousness in all situations. Remember the last time you were under a black light, or some other color of light? You were able to see the little animal hairs on your shirt better, or spots on the skin. Energy, vantage points, emotions, experiences each gives you a new light to work with - and you can see more information than you did before!

Join me on a journey which I know well as a seer and anthropologist - the journey of the vantage point. Academically and mystically I’ve been trained to use the technique of vantage point for every aspect of my work and life. I’ve honed this technique for you to use as an art form and mindset shift which will help you attain higher consciousness and manifestation as a creator being. We will use both science and mysticism to learn this technique in a combination that is unique - anthropology and ethnography paired with mystical psychic mastery.

In the VIDEO portion of the 3 day Retreat, I talk less about the Lenses technique and more about Judgement. I take you on a 3 day guided journey into more Formlessness, and on this journey we learn about:

  • Mystical Mapping & Mystical Dreaming
  • The end of Judgement, Expectation, Attachment and Resistance
  • Sovereign Service & Compassion as a New Paradigm
  • The End of the Deathwish Program
  • The Laws of the Universe and The Last 4 Ancient Templates of Wisdom

Finally be free of judgement, attain deeper discernment and ultimately watch compassion for yourself and all beings flourish. Watch how each vantage point and energetic lens brings you closer to Source and your true gifts as a being of light!

With love,
Elizabeth Wood

TESTIMONIES for Non-Judgement Self Study Retreat:

“ This retreat is shining in. I meant sinking, but shining in is more appropriate. You're right to say you'll never be the same. I feel changes every day, especially in how I converse and understand lenses better. Thank you so tenderly dear Elizabeth, you put your all in what you do for us!! ”

~ K.L

“ I am still in awe of who I am after this retreat. The gameboard of separation is no longer my default. I am acting from a new place. A place I do not yet understand entirely with the mind. It is not logical how I am no longer limited by my past fear of rejection and failure. With resistance and expectation blasted away, opportunities are arising and I am able to take them! I don't feel the fear and resistance in my body that used to prevent me or cause me to self-sabotage. The trust I have in myself and my path is unwavering and the self-assurance is on such a deep soul level I cannot even describe. Self-doubt and judgement: gone. Perhaps I have a moment of this still, but it is more so the mind saying 'hey wait a minute' but the deep knowing in my soul quickly overrides these old defaults. Receiving these transmissions has eradicated layers and layers of ego and density it would have taken me months or years to process. I am so grateful for this advance, for this freedom. From a state of gratitude and humility I am receiving so much abundance in my life. I am not judging myself or holding myself separate any longer and it is so wonderful what I have opened to receive. I am so honored to have you as a fearless guide, you have given me the greatest gift in this life and I know there is more to come! Thank you from the depth of my Soul. ”

~ M.M.

“ Dearest Elizabeth, ”

This non-judgement retreat intensive has been perhaps the most profound life changing event in my life. The transmission was unlike anything I have ever experienced. As I looked into your eyes and heard your voice Elizabeth, I melted into love and light with a graceful ease. I felt I was absorbing the transmission on many levels.

I continue to feel a gentle unfolding of what it means to be in Sovereign Service with excitement and joy as the days pass. A couple of days have been challenging as I felt the anxiety of old programming and density dissolving. I realize this is a new and unfamiliar path and it will take time for my nervous system to begin to accept this path as my new familiar. Thank you Elizabeth for bringing us all back to the Remembrance of what it feels like to BE HOME. With a grateful heart, ”

~ S.L.

“ The intensive is the most life changing course. I feel so grateful for this amazing transmission of compassion and unconditional Love we all shared the entire weekend. Now I see the world differently, with more compassion. I feel the time part has shifted too, in my reality or dimensions. But I cannot explain it other than it's like the time goes by fast and slow simultaneously and I manage to get everything done in that day.

Also I found an aha moment in my life experiences of processing my emotions. These moments are so subtle but it's like a bell ringing in my ear when it's happening. Now I go inward to ask my body, mind and gut what it's feeling? As I delve deeper I recognize the structures underneath as well as how I would feel like a victim, tyrant, worthless or scarcity!!! I noticed dialogue of themes playing as I watch my thoughts of worthlessness. ”

~ R.


Cultivating Non-Judgement: The Art of Psychic Lenses Interactive Ebook + PDF

This special interactive ebook (which includes videos embedded in the live ebook online or just a PDF version without the videos) offers you a special mix of scientific and mystical training. This ebook works along with the Non-Judgement Self Study Retreat as a complete set of masterful tools

These tools:

  • Help you remove negativity and unwanted frequencies from your life-view, thus helping you stay present and live in more love
  • Support you in remaining objective and not taking anything personally
  • Teach you to speak Soul to Soul with others, and not get triggered
  • And much more!


Lifestyle of Light Interactive Ebook - 3 Vital Tools for Full Body Enlightenment

This interactive ebook with embedded audios introduces you to 3 vital tools for your journey into enlightenment. Learn more about:

  • How to understand the Mechanics of Perception and Processing with Elizabeth’s teacher Lucia Rene’, author and mystic
  • How to work with polarities using Squares, created by mystic Leslie Temple-Thurston
  • How to stop the mind and meditate quickly using Gazing

These are the tools Elizabeth uses every day!


Healing the Three Minds - The Mind, Heart and Gut Ebook

You actually have three brains, and they all work together for full body Sovereign Creativity. To access their amazing abilities, we must heal them first. This ebook teaches you simple and proven techniques to:

  • Heal negative programs and trauma in the mind
  • Help our traumatized inner selves that need support
  • Be the Soul in charge of the Heart and body again
  • Get in touch with and heal the Gut Mind

And more!


Included in PACKAGE OFFER:

  • The Universal Library Series - 3 Part Instant Access Training
  • Cultivating Non-Judgement Self Study Retreat - 13+ Hours Instant Access
  • Cultivating Non-Judgement: The Art of Psychic Lenses Interactive Ebook + PDF
  • Lifestyle of Light Interactive Ebook - 3 Vital Tools for Full Body Enlightenment
  • Healing the Three Minds - The Mind, Heart and Gut Ebook


Masterful Sovereign Creator Package


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Elizabeth Wood on Wisdom of the Ancients

Elizabeth Wood

Elizabeth Wood- Considered a world-class seer, Elizabeth Wood works on the cutting edge of galactic and quantum anthropology. Called “Living Library, Oracle and Way-Shower”, Elizabeth has spent her life studying anthropological theory, quantum physics, ancient and modern medicine and futurism. Her philosophies and practices bridge science and spirituality to support real change in the world.