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Owning the New Paradigm — and Your Miraculous New Life

with Clardy Malugen

Clardy Malugen on Wisdom of the Ancients


Owning the New Paradigm—and Your Miraculous New Life

with Clardy Malugen

There is an extraordinary new future waiting for you.

You are being called to enter a space of pure light and power.
A space of unlimited possibilities…
Where your gifts and your entire life will flourish
in ways far beyond your current imagination.

We call that space “the Miracle Zone”.

You’ll call it “home”.

“ Clardy’s gift is exceptionally rare. I have never before witnessed a healer who is able to access this pure, white light energy like Clardy. She is unique and her work is remarkable. ”

~ Igor Nazarov, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, PhD in Chemical Physics, MD in Experimental Nuclear Physics

Welcome to the Miracle Zone and the world of Source Field Activation. In this sacred space, you’ll join Clardy Malugen, consciousness expansion expert, master healer, and transdimensional tour guide on a journey into the miraculous life you were born to live.

Clardy's work is based on one simple premise: there is an amazingly magnificent essence within you that is chomping at the bit to be set free. That essence is the true you.

It knows exactly who you are and exactly what you desire. For one simple reason. It is who you are and what you desire. It is you. It is magnificent. It is magnificence. And it is the key to your transformation.

Clardy starts by identifying and releasing the beliefs and patterns that are holding you back. Then she works to dissolve the energy fields that are clogging up the flow of light energy within you. And finally, you’ll simply embrace your magnificence. You’ll naturally allow your magnificence to lead the way to the miracles you were born to live.

“ When I was introduced to Clardy, I literally felt her presence, her energy. Something shocked familiar through my system…like when you think you have met someone before…only much more strongly.

Three weeks later I did a session with her – a group session – and it literally rocked my world. I’ve experienced the work of many good-intentioned energy healers in the past, but none of those experiences have come close to what I experienced with Clardy. On two occasions, I physically felt dramatic energy shifts, as both conscious and unconscious blocks released within my body. Some of these shifts were so powerful that they took a day or two to fully complete. When the energy settled, something profound had changed. I felt expanded and empowered…lighter, clearer, balanced, and more focused on my own purpose in the world. My entire life is better since I met Clardy, and continues to expand after working with her.

In my 60 years of living and 40 years of pursuing energetic health, I have met and experienced many spiritual leaders, teachers, and healers. Clardy ranks among the very top. Her work is of a different level, a level of power that can truly change lives. ”

~ Lisa M.

Working with Clardy, you'll learn to easily:

  • Identify your true desires and create your blueprint for the New Paradigm.
  • Break the cycle of negative thoughts.
  • Release the unconscious blocks that have kept you stuck all your life.
  • Supercharge your life with high-frequency activations.
  • Step fully into the miraculous life you were born to live.


  • OPTION ONE: LIVE Workshop and Miracle Zone Activation, plus bonus Miracle Mantra Collection (Value: $397) Wisdom Tribe: $88
  • OPTION TWO: The NEW YOU and High-Frequency Manifestation Package (Includes Option One) (Value: $1044) Wisdom Tribe: $197
  • OPTION THREE: QUANTUM UPGRADE Private Consultation, Energetic Scan and Clearing (Value: $1000) Wisdom Tribe: $500 - (Offered as an add-on option)



Owning the New Paradigm—and Your Miraculous New Life

An Online Workshop and Activation Event with Clardy Malugen

Work shop date: Saturday, August 22nd, 11AM PT/2PM ET

During the first hour of this powerful LIVE online workshop and activation, you’ll experience an “Initiation” into the Miracle Zone, as you explore the secrets and the power of the Frequency Formula consciousness expansion program.

Following a Q&A live with Clardy, you’ll be invited to experience a full Miracle Zone Activation group healing.

You’ll learn:

  • How to shift and activate your Foundational Frequency to create a quantum shift in your life—instantly.
  • Why you MUST choose to shift from low frequency chaos and upsets into the high-frequency light of the “zone”. And yes, this is a choice you make in every moment.
  • How to unwire the unconscious patterns that keep you creating the same situation over and over.
  • Why choosing just ONE miracle and focusing on a high-frequency “Miracle Mantra” can change everything.
  • Why releasing literally ANYTHING from your life that is blocking your light can create a “Miracle Vacuum” that will instantly attract your chosen miracle.

“ Clardy's love is authentic and stunningly radiant. It's also her courage that blows me away. She's not afraid to enter the space of a sputtering, reeling ego-drama and reach to the heart of the light-filled person she sees within. She reaches a hand into those murky waters with words of clarity and truth, offered in love. It means everything in those moments to see her light as we rediscover our own. Clardy has coached me as I manifested a new career, a new home, a new car, new projects...and most recently into another branch of my career as a filmmaker. I can hardly wait. And the fact that I feel so excited about something that once petrified me--there's a look at the magic, right there. ”

~ Erin, Florida

“ My work with Clardy has addressed levels of cellular 'gunk' that were ready to be released after being held for eons of time. Clardy has the ability to move so deeply into cellular memory in a way I have never experienced and to activate significant release of what's in the way of wholeness. It is truly Divinely inspired work! ”

~ Joanne

Following the workshop and Q&A portion of the event, you’ll take a short break before Clardy will lead a meditation into the highest frequencies of Source, invite you to participate in a group healing of limiting blocks, patterns, and physical issues, and ultimately anchor you in the New Paradigm and Your Miraculous New Life.

“ These activations are very profound, very intimate, and very liberating. I felt like Clardy was talking to my soul, my higher self, and my DNA, like my body knew what she was doing and was following her instructions. Her work is perfect for people who have unresolved issues, or people who simply want to evolve with their soul to higher levels. ”

~ Anna

“ I am healed from everything that was holding me back! I no longer feel anxiety. I don’t need love in a needy way. I feel like I woke up after 5 years! Thank you so much for taking this weight off of me, Clardy. I kept wishing for this day to come. It’s a miracle, honestly! You are such a blessing! ”

~ Martha, Chicago

“ Each activation is like an entire system upgrade and it's inter-connected with others upgrading at the same time. And it's lovingly guided by someone whose gift is... Now THAT is "indescribable". And holy-even-moly, the last activation completely rebuilt my low back. It's healed. Done. Pure magic. ”

~ Erin B.

These powerful group healing activations can help you:

  • Feel lighter and experience a new level of clarity and freedom
  • Enhance your feelings of joy and success
  • Reprogram old thought patterns
  • Release blocks stemming from childhood traumas
  • Rewire unconscious behaviors
  • Eliminate the sources of energy drain
  • Free trapped energy
  • Release blocks that may be at the root of health issues

You’ll be given instructions about how you can submit a healing request prior to the event.

***Source Field Activation energies will be activated and utilized during the entire program. Please make sure that you are in a quiet, comfortable location and that you stay hydrated. Absolutely no driving or use of heavy machinery is allowed during this powerful process. There will be a short break prior to the direct transmission of energies in the Activation. Most people choose to rest following this type of program and we suggest that you arrange your schedule so that you can do so.



We dug deep into the Miracle Zone Vision Vault to bring you this powerful collection of TEN tried-and-true high-frequency Miracle Mantras & Affirmations. Whether you choose to focus on spiritual expansion, finances, career, relationships, health, or fitness, you’ll find great examples of Miracle Mantras that really work. Choose one that resonates with you—or use the inspiration to create your own. Provided to you as a PDF, and as individual .jpg files for posting online or utilizing as screen savers.


Included in SPECIAL OFFER:

  • PLUS





Offered on WOTA

$88 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $44.00

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The New You Breaks Through—A Deep Dive into High-Frequency Manifestation

This high-frequency package gives you all the tools you need to expand your frequency quickly and easily—and move beyond the blocks that have held you back from truly embodying your divine purpose.

“ Clardy Malugen is a modern day WIZARD! This incredibly gifted energy shifter lifted a lifelong undercurrent of “lack” that was sabotaging all my business ventures, my struggle with overeating, my health, my positive perspective for my own future, and my sense of personal and financial safety.I can see and feel the difference in every cell and every moment! Life is filled with infinite possibilities that I always knew were there, but dared not let myself feel or experience. It’s like a veil has lifted! Clardy is indeed a Miracle worker! ”

~ Jackie L.

“ It’s not just the wonderful material that Clardy presents, or the exercises, or her gift for identifying self-defeating patterns that shifts people. I think people are shifted most by getting a feel for her own personal energy pattern and model of the world. Anyone who would like to jump start their life would do well to plug in to Clardy’s work. It is life-changing. ”

~ Dr. John Tatum


Miracle Life Assessment with Email Coaching

"You’ve gotta know where you are to get where you’re going!"

Have you been consciously signaling the universe to create the life of your dreams—or is your Autopilot magnifying the chaos in the world, creating unconscious havoc, and keeping you in a constant state of worry and upsets?

With the simple, but powerful online Miracle Life Assessment, you’ll enjoy a status report on your current path. You’ll be led through an evaluation of your current manifestations in every area of your life, as you respond to focused questions about finances, relationships, career, health, fitness, and your current vision blueprint. You’ll receive a copy of your results immediately and follow up coaching by Clardy via email. The result: You’ll know exactly how to unwire your Autopilot, and set your MPS (Miracle Positioning System) for your energized, activated new life.


Let’s Manifest Miracles!—The Audiobook

(read by the author)

Value: $29.95

Imagine getting a refresher course in manifestation, coupled with innovative techniques in energy management, all brought to you with an underlying high-frequency energetic upgrade…

This innovative audiobook guide to the Frequency Formula provides laser-sharp insights that can shift your life quickly and profoundly. Clardy delivers the supercharged magic of Source Field Activation throughout the entire audiobook presentation, helping you to shift your energy as you’re learning the perfect recipe for miracle-making!

Full of true-life examples and compelling miracles stories, Let's Manifest Miracles! reveals a simple, step-by-step formula that not only leads you to an abundant, joyful life, but also to the source of your true power--your authentic self. This audiobook mp3 download of Let's Manifest Miracles! will supercharge your energy and inspire you to create miracles of your own! 

“ Clardy Malugen is a master of manifestation. Let her book, Let’s Manifest Miracles!, be your guide to realizing your dreams. ”

~ Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret

“ Clardy Malugen invites you into a new reality where it’s actually easy to create what you want. She explains manifestation is every day language , with great examples—and with a joyful twinkle in her eye—so we can all reactivate the universal principles of abundance that our heart knows so well, but our mind temporarily forgot. Let’s Manifest Miracles will return you to faith in your dreams. ”

~ Penney Peirce, author of Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration


Plugging Into the Light – Meditation mp3 Download

Value: $29.95

Start here by reminding yourself about how powerful you truly are! Clardy is your guide during this uplifting journey into "the light". You'll feel the high-frequency power of Source Field Activation as you touch your deepest desires, experience the magnificence of your authentic self, and return feeling rejuvenated and ready to manifest miracles! This 20 minute mp3 download provides a full immersion into the powerful light of Source Energy.

“ I had a beautiful experience today with Plugging into the Light. My visualizations were so clear! I know I’ll be able to find that special place anytime. 🙏 Thank you so much! ”

~ Isabelle

“ Wow! I could feel the energy of this meditation even before I listened to it! So excited to have it! ”

~ Lisa

“ I love love love this!! Clardy’s voice is so loving and so soothing! ”

~ Francine


Seven Secrets of Magnetic Visualization Package

Value: $197

If you’ve had trouble with understanding manifestation not working or even manifesting the opposite of what you intend, the answers are clearly and simply provided in this Audio Workshop featuring the Seven Secrets of Magnetic Visualization.

During this high-frequency presentation, Clardy leads you through each of the Seven Secrets and shows you how you can reap huge benefits by creating supercharged Miracle Visions and Miracle Mantras that will manifest quickly—and effortlessly. You’ll also experience the ongoing light energy of Source Field Activation throughout the workshop.

“ If you are ready to wake up and see the unconscious behaviors and patterns that keep you stuck and unhappy AND get first class help to move beyond what is blocking you from your magnificence, then connect with Clardy. She is the most loving, most generous and supportive, most gifted vibrational energy healer/coach/teacher I have ever experienced. Be prepared though...MIRACLES WILL HAPPEN. ”

~ Patty P. 

The Seven Secrets of Magnetic Visualization

Audio #1:

Introduction to the Seven Secrets plus Secret #1

ACKNOWLEDGE your desire as clearly as possible with no limits.

(Running Time: 19:30)

Audio #2:

Secret #2

CREATE a clear intention that will satisfy your desire.

(Running Time: 5:30)

Audio #3:

Secret #3

STATE your intention as a vision that has already manifested in the present time.

(Running Time: 6:30)

Audio #4:

Secret #4

CHOOSE a very special moment from your future vision and live it fully—empowering it with all of your senses.

(Running Time: 7:17)

Audio #5:

Secret #5

PROCLAIM your vision to the universe often by writing, speaking and visualizing.

(Running Time: 10:19)

Audio #6:

Secret #6

EXPECT a miracle, acknowledge all hunches, signals, omens and coincidences. Take every action you are led to take.

(Running Time: 6:34)

Audio #7:

Secret #7

ENJOY your manifestation, celebrate your success, and give thanks.

(Running Time: 4:58)

Step 4 also features:

Seven Secrets Cheatsheet PDF Bonus

Value: $19

Once you “get it” about how simple it is to utilize the Seven Secrets, you’ll love having this simple one page BONUS “Cheatsheet” for quick reference.

My Miracle Playsheet PDF BONUS

Value: $19

Download this BONUS miracle-making tool to help you experiment with the Seven Secrets. Whether you're creating your "Miracle Vision" or a "Miracle Mantra", this simple, but powerful “playsheet” will help you stay clear and focused as you get moving toward your first miracle.


Aligning with the New Paradigm of Love, Peace, and Oneness

Value: $97

Once you’ve experienced the frequency upgrades from the other tools in the Miracle Toolkit, this powerful Miracle Zone Activation will help you permanently align with your new frequency state. This recorded group healing event starts by helping you Unwire and delete patterns and stories, release unconscious energetic blocks, and then leads you to Aligning with our New Paradigm of Love, Peace, and Oneness. This powerful Activation also includes the transmission of Crystalline Immunity frequencies.

“ It's like having Angels work behind the scenes to clear away unwanted fear and anxiety. ”

~ Ann. 

“ Since the activation, I have felt very loving and peaceful. Wow!! My vibration has remained high for days now. I feel conflict-free, at ease, grounded, and very present. ”

~ Lori

“ I am staggered at the growth and positivity that I’ve experienced working with Clardy. I must say the most stunning result I’ve had was on the recent healing call when she transmitted the Crystalline Immunity light energy. I had been feeling very off…very fatigued, achy, not well at all, in fact I suspected that I had possibly contracted "the virus" at a local gym and was hoping that the healing call could help me. During the call, it felt as if there were fireworks in my stomach that had been ignited from the top down. When the fuse hit the bottom, I experienced what felt like an explosion of light filling my entire body. It was indeed profound. The next morning, my symptoms were gone and my energy level had risen. I listened to the replay again the following night, and had another extraordinary experience. Since then, I have felt lighter, clearer, more positive, more energized, and less likely to get caught up in any negativity around me. I am truly grateful for Clardy’s work. She has an extraordinary gift. ”

~ Sheryl Meyer, Wellness in the Park, Winter Park, FL

“ I could feel heat and energy pulsating around my body throughout the program. Now, a few days later, I am still feeling anger release from my body. This morning I could feel a big release from my heart. I’m feeling much more loving and peaceful. And the TMJ pain that had been bothering me for weeks is gone. ”

~ Danielle

“ The Miracle Zone Activations are beyond any previous energetic healing that I have experienced. Clardy is truly gifted in her ability to read and interact with transdimensional energy fields. I experienced deep energetic shifts in old belief patterns that were influencing my physical, mental and spiritual fields at an unconscious level. These calls are priceless jewels. ”

~ Carol

“ These amazing activations provide an intense healing experience. I can feel energy moving in my body as she works in the areas of the various chakras. The experience has HUGELY impacted my healing and the release of toxins that were blocking me in both emotional and physical ways. It’s indescribable and very individual. You have to experience it to believe it. ”

~ Patty P., Oceanside, CA.


One Month Access to the Global Beam Team Online Community

Value: $197

Enjoy a free month as a member of Clardy's super-charged Global Beam Team online community. You'll have immediate access to the "Mission Control for Light Ambassadors" website and private Facebook group, frequency resets, Monday morning visioning support, Miracle updates to keep you focused and inspired, and special opportunities for access to healing calls and other special events. Help us spread the light and energize the planet!


Included in SPECIAL OFFER:

  • PLUS

      • 7 Audios
      • PDFs
    • Special Bonus - One Month Access to the Global Beam Team Online Community




Offered on WOTA

$197 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $98.50

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Private Consultation, Energetic Scan, and Frequency Transmission/Clearing

($1000 Value)

*** Please note that the Private Session is purchased separately and does not include Options 1 or 2.

Your Quantum Upgrade private online coaching session with Clardy will help identify and release blocks and behavior patterns that can be at the root of life issues.

During your one hour session via Zoom, Clardy will:

  • Help you create a clear statement of your divine purpose and/or current life vision
  • Scan your energetic field for energetic blocks that may be at the core of various types of emotional or physical issues.
  • Transmit high-frequency energy to shift blocks within the energetic blueprint for release of both emotional and physical trauma.

Normally $1000, a limited number of Quantum Upgrade sessions are being made available to the Wisdom Tribe for $500.

“ Clardy Malugen is an angel. Her work is unlike anything that I had ever seen or heard about. My healing session with her was completely life-changing. I had experienced neck and back pain for over thirty years and had been to numerous doctors, osteopaths, and chiropractors. There was never any long term relief. During my session with Clardy, I felt a huge relief from the pain immediately and by the next day the pain was completely GONE. I have not experienced the pain since that day, which was months ago. I truly believe her energy comes from a higher source. If you ever have an opportunity to experience her work, you need to grab it with both hands. She is fantastic. ”

~ John Leftly, Longwood, FL

“ Clardy has an energy that can only be understood once it is felt/experienced. The power of her healing energy can be life-changing to anyone in an instant. It's unexplainable really, I usually say that you will feel this unexplainable energy and it is strong enough to knock you over, literally! ”

~ Irene

“ Clardy’s work is truly amazing. It’s the most incredible feeling waking up in so much joy every day with nothing hooking me back into the past or old hurts or old stories. I feel like I have been given a clean slate to now create my best life ever from a place of pure happiness. I really am standing fully in the present--and I can’t stop smiling. ”

~ Lisa M., New Jersey

“ Clardy’s work is amazing. So much light and love. And it really moves things fast. I have never experienced anything that works this fast. ”

~ Arianna,


Included in OPTION 3:

    Consultation, Energetic Scan, and Transmission of High-Frequency Energy
    ***Does not include Options 1 or 2, which may be purchased separately


QUANTUM UPGRADE: Private Consultation, Energy Scan & Frequency Transmission Clearing!


Offered on WOTA

$500 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $250

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )

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If you're a Wisdom Sacred Circle member, don't forget to use your PROMO/DISCOUNT code for 25% off this offer. The discount code will be in your Member Portal.

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Clardy Malugen on Wisdom of the Ancients


Clardy Malugen MA, MFA, author of “Let’s Manifest Miracles!”, is recognized internationally as a master teacher in the realm of consciousness expansion. The Frequency Formula, her powerful system for identifying and eliminating unconscious behavior patterns, facilitates immediate, permanent transformation and expansion. Also considered to be one of today’s most gifted master healers, Clardy’s energy modality, Source Field Activation, has been studied by international scientists and is credited with initiating instantaneous healing processes at the level of the DNA for deep-seated emotional traumas and physical disorders such as fibromyalgia, Lyme, chronic fatigue, IBS, back and neck pain, pneumonia, smoking addition, and many others.