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(Valued at $36)

This is the groundbreaking work on government experimentation, manufactured diseases and how the global population is being affected. Find out about the history of these insidious diseases, how and why they were created, and how divine healing techniques and protocols heal them. Learn about their common causes and how to protect and restore yourself, your family and your loved ones.

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(Valued at $45)

  • 27 Esoteric pyramid prayer of protection
  • Prayer to remove manipulation from your personal life (Extremely powerful prayer to remove various forms of spiritual/energetic attacks)
  • Food blessing and re-vibration prayer

Although short in running time, these Sacred Prayers are incredibly powerful and turn on energy field protection and blessings at the highest level. Spoken in Christopher’s unique healing-voice tones, you will benefit from learning the words to each prayer in order to repeat them throughout your day.

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(Valued at $45)

In this lifetime, we develop a lot of toxic build-up from living in toxic environments. The food we eat, the water we drink and even the air we breathe are filled with toxins that are not good for the body. This guided Melchizedek meditation allows the toxins to draw out of the body where the Melchizedek beings switch the toxins in space and time to a different dimension. This powerful meditation will pull toxins out of the body for 24 hours – leaving you feeling more focused and balanced!

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(Valued at $45)

Early on in his training with the Melchizedek beings, Christopher was continuously shown the undeniable correlation between lower vibrational thoughts and emotions becoming layered and stuck within the physical body, chakras and energy field and how they eventually turned into deeper levels of pain and suffering, illness and dis-ease and all-around blockages to positive manifestation and having love and joy in life.

Because this has become so widespread with people all over the world, Christopher was guided to create a special healing meditation for clearing and releasing these toxic thoughts and emotions, shifting the core level issues up and out while replacing them with high-vibrational healing energy.

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(Valued at $45)

Each soul’s history is chronicled and archived within the Akashic Records. These sacred records were created by the Melchizedek Beings and Ascended Master, Serapis Bey, to serve as a spiritual-growth “point of reference” for all beings attending the physical-embodiment classroom of this 3rd dimensional Earth.

To attain higher levels of awakening, it is important to keep your Akashic Records pristine and updated, while always based in purity and truth. Christopher strategically begins this guided meditation with a powerful clearing of these records to remove all forms of negative entity attachments, cords, interference, distortion, false information and soul ties which are no longer in your Highest Good.

The Melchizedek Beings are then sent into all timelines to clear any blockages and manipulations, which can prevent you from reaching your Highest Purpose in this lifetime. This healing meditation completes with three Sacred Prayers to Remove Spiritual Attack, Activate Ultimate Protection and affirm your total Sovereignty.

Beyond profound, get ready to work directly with the Melchizedek Beings to clear, strengthen and improve your Past, Present and Future now.

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(Valued at $45)

Stuck energy anywhere in the body, chakras or biofield/auric field will lower your vibration. If you have any form of regret in this lifetime, it tends to store in the lower abdomen, causing issues in this area. This guided Melchizedek meditation will take you into the regret center in the lower abdomen and release the negative pent up emotion lurking inside. After this guided meditation, most report back signs of euphoria, happiness and greater self-worth!

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(Valued at $45)

The 3rd Eye Chakra has long been associated with psychic sight, telepathic vision and a direct connection from the physical to the spiritual world. The Pineal Gland is located within the 3rd Eye Chakra, behind the forehead in the middle of the brain. Shaped like a tiny pine cone, the Pineal Gland has become quite small and calcified or shut down over time within the majority of people on Earth.

As we are all stepping up our spiritual ascension process, it has become increasingly important to clear and balance our 3rd Eye Chakra and even further activate our Pineal Gland. This healing meditation will also serve to greatly assist you in re-establishing a good strong connection to your Higher Self and Divine Source.

Christopher was Divinely guided to create this special Clearing and Activation Meditation to increase the vitality and proper functioning of your Pineal Gland, while safely opening your 3rd Eye Chakra. As Christopher sweeps the entire meridian system, all negative energy, blockages, discordance, disharmony and lower vibrational presences are removed and cleared from this center of psychic awareness and spiritual communication. Once this thorough clearing is well underway, Christopher sends energy from the Ultimate Dimension directly to the Pineal Gland for further healing. Then the Melchizedek Beings go to work in breaking down the calcification layers, which have formed around this sacred gland. Over time and with re-listening, the Pineal Gland and 3rd Eye Chakra will become lighter and more open – strengthening your connection to The Divine.

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(Value of kit $63)

This beautiful 6 pointed Amethyst Crystal Quartz Pendulum necklace is made from 100% imported Brazilian Amethyst. Christopher will program it to the name, DNA, and individual energy of the buyer so as not to allow anything that is not for the buyer’s highest good. In addition, he will program it to the highest frequency, ultimate dimension, unconditional divine love of God which will assist the wearer in staying in the highest vibration possible.

This stunning amethyst pendulum necklace will assist you in making the highest intuitive choices through strengthening the connection to your Source guidance. Amethyst is a protective stone. It purifies the mind of stress, anxiety and negative thoughts and vibrations. It is thought to increase abundance and prosperity in addition to strengthening your intuition and capacity to create positive outcomes in your life.

Included in this kit is a companion crystal dowsing instructional mp3 that explains the art of dowsing from a Melchezedek perspective.

If buying an additional amethyst necklace for other people, please indicate their first and last name.

Each additional Crystal Amethyst Pendulum Necklaces is $50

Please add shipping: $5 for domestic/US, $15 for Canada or International

Note: The crystal amethyst pendant will be delivered by mail. Please allow for longer delivery time for international addresses


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Daily from 6pm to 8pm central

(Value $120)

Christopher and the Melchizedek beings will work on you remotely 2 hours a day for 21 days, clearing your meridians and chakra points, removing stuck energy, attachments, blockages and negative energetic patterns. They will raise your vibration and frequency, rebalancing the physical body and they will remove blocks from the Akashic records and the divine plan of your life. They will clear your biofield and break all ancient rituals, spells and curses through all space time continuum in every dimension. Using sacred geometry the Melchizedek beings will shield and protect you from negative influences while activating and integrating the higher aspects of the divine plan within your consciousness and energy field to support you in accessing the highest and most fulfilling life possible.

Treat yourself to 21 days with Christopher and the Melchizedek beings and experience a profound shift in mind, body, emotions, spirit and consciousness.


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One 30 minute private phone session with Christopher

(Value $120)

In your PRIVATE SESSION, Christopher will call you and graciously begin your energy session with the grounding prayer. Have any concerns or questions ready to discuss with him. He will surround you in sacred geometry and instruct the Melchizedek beings to comb your entire meridian system, clear your chakra points, perform a full-body check and institute the necessary clearings to restore you to your divine blueprint. Christopher will remove any entity attachments, negative cords, stuck emotions or negative energy blocks all the while providing you with insight about the different things he is finding in your body or energy field. Christopher and the Melchizedek beings will work to transmute and resolve any illness, disharmony or challenging conditions in the mental, emotional, physical or spirit/soul body and then flood your being with the ultimate dimension, unconditional love of God.

This 30 minute personal energy session also includes an additional 4-6 hours of continued energy work by the Melchizedek beings after the call has ended. Please schedule accordingly so that you can rest for at least two hours after your session for the highest possible levels of integration.


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Christopher Macklin Special Offer


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“ Christopher's group healing sessions are powerful and thorough. I've received many benefits from the ongoing sessions. I always feel lighter and cocooned in healing energies after each session. The energies bring up issues in a way I can see and resolve them easily. Very grateful to you and Mandy for all you do ”

~ Donna Hill

“ I love the group healing sessions! As a testimony of my belief in this powerful healing I have recommended him to several friends and clients. I am ever so grateful to have "found" Christopher! ”

~ Victoria Glod

“ Great Healing Energies!!! ”

~ Marg Slayton

“ He helps us advance confidently in a positive direction. ”

~ Barbara Wurden

“ Beautiful energy! Christopher is a lovely being with pure intentions and a true gift for healing. Feeling at peace after my session today, good vibes all around! ”

~ Toni Marie

“ Christopher is extraordinary. ”

~ Mary Nelson

“ When I first heard Christopher, I knew he and the Melchizedek beings with whom he collaborates were the healing support team I’d been looking for. Like many truth seekers/speakers living today, I have endured waves of psychic attack and it took about three Skype sessions for my energy bodies to clear, balance and stabilize enough for the physical healing to begin. Most exciting to me was the resolution of a digestive issue I’d been dealing with for more than 40 years – something no medical doctor could heretofore accomplish. My other health issues and concerns were quickly resolved as well and my body left in harmonious balance. I have never felt better. Thank you, Christopher. Thank you, Melchizedek beings. ”

~ D. K.

“ I’ve worked with Christopher through my recovery from Lyme Disease and the personal transformation I have undergone has been immensely powerful. It’s true that all healing comes from within, but it’s crucial for each of us to create the right conditions in which we can thrive. For me, that meant receiving support at a dark time, when I needed a guiding light to remind me of the possibility that a dire circumstance could shift to a thriving life. Christopher held that space for me during those moments and I would not be able to experience the vibrancy I feel today if not for his beautiful reflection and Divine intuitive healing abilities. I remain grateful today and every day for the health I feel right now.

Blessings, ”
~ Jamie

“ I have been working with Christopher for the past year on several health issues. His work is incredible. I have utilized many different healing modalities over the past 25 years and the type of work Christopher does seems to encompass everything I have tried x 10. Christopher’s work is authentic and pure, but that makes sense because so is the source of his healings. He is always patient and kind with any questions I may have and he explains what I will be experiencing during each healing as well as what I may expect after. You can tell Christopher is full of love. I have always had difficulty sleeping. I don’t think I had slept more than 4 hours a night for the past 20 years. Now, I can fall asleep and even if I wake up in the middle of the night, I am able to fall back asleep. I also dream more than I used to and that is because I am going into a deeper state of relaxation. I also feel so much more joy and love in my life, which I attribute to Christopher’s work. I am so grateful that I was introduced to Christopher Macklin and his ministries, his work has enriched my life. ”

~ T. S.

“ I am so incredibly grateful to Christopher and the Melchizedek beings for the healing I receive. As a Star Seed, I have worked incredibly hard (and continue to do so) to raise my vibration, so I can be true to my purpose as a healer and share my gifts. However, the darker energies have interfered with my energy field and have been ready to attack/latch onto me, if my vibe dips due to something beyond my control, I am of course in human form too. It's been a difficult path to walk, with challenge after challenge and at times I have wanted to give up, however, with the healing from the Melchizedek Beings and Christopher and using my own healing system, I know this can shift in an instant. I feel joyful and vibrant again and this has a ripple effect on the ones around me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you dearly, fellow traveler, xoxox ”

~ Kam, England, UK

“ It's the only healing that has really given me a renewed life not only physically and emotionally but most of all spiritually. Christopher has taught me that prayer is so powerful and healing. Christopher's work has enabled me to have my life back with my husband, children and even my pets. Rocky and Apollo my two beautiful golden retrievers were really struggling with their new environment after having to leave our home for 28 years in Florida. They begin to fight, and I knew that this was not them. After Christopher removed some energy blockages and cleared their heart chakra they are like new dogs. They are happy and healthy and they haven't had an argument since he has worked on them. I did buy the animal companion CD and I do play it every day for them it is definitely made a world of difference for Rocky and Apollo. I do thank God for putting Christopher in my life. I feel blessed beyond measure that this incredible man has been put before me. Blessings and love, ”

~ E. Anderson, Boston Massachusetts

“ Christopher Macklin's work is among the most powerful and most transformational healing work I have ever encountered. I have met and worked with so many different healers and they have all given me something important. Christopher, however, is truly unique in that his healings take place on all levels, mind, body, spirit, soul and emotion. My life started changing in the most profound and spectacular ways after I started working with him. And there were certain situations that I had sought help for from others over time that he was able to heal very quickly and permanently. I have sought healing for a host of different kinds of situations from him and he has been able to address and rectify them all. And I always walk away feeling like I received 110%. I am so grateful! As a person, he is one of most the kindest, most thoroughly professional and insightful people I have ever met. In addition, I have learned so much from him about how to stay healthy and how to create the healthiest lifestyle possible. I am so honored to know him and I have recommended him to so many of my family members and friends. I have also watched their lives change in the most wonderful ways too. I can't recommend him enough! ”

~ Turiya V

“ I discovered Christopher in a series of videos, primarily the Project Camelot series, shortly after I followed along with an online prayer session which was very powerful and quite beneficial. Please keep in mind, I have been seeking & doing this type of healing work for decades and I found Chris's work to be very helpful in dealing with some residual Karmic energies and some from this lifetime. After two sessions, of which I have several more I am able to quietly step away from emotional blockages and being stuck with pain at my "Heart" Chakra, as well as healing some physical ailments that we are working to great effect. For those people that know that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience I would highly recommend trying Chris's methods to aid in a more positive connection to life and sense of overall well being. Be well & remember to love. Sincerely, ”

~ Jon Tupta

“ I have experienced healing sessions with Christopher Macklin for approximately four months working on recovering from Lyme disease. I was bitten seven years ago by deer tick, then again by chiggers four years later all of which carried Lyme disease. My dog was also infected at this time. The experience of receiving a healing with Christopher is basically beyond words, too vast to be expressed in words, so what follows is my attempt to convey something of these experiences. The opening declarative prayer….” I am of God” ripples through me each time revealing the aspects in me at that moment that are and are not in accord with these truths. What happens next is always beyond me but I can sense at lot going on in and around and with me that results in me coming into deeper comfort and more agreement with being of God. What more can I say? Trying to say more doesn’t help. Walking, living, and in all endeavors being of God deepens the healing. My dog has experienced at least 8 healings from Christopher. His rekindled enthusiasm and playful cavorting as we resume our long walks is inspirational or could I say an instructional prayer inspired by the perfection that travels with Christopher. ”

~ RC

“ I contacted Chris in November 2015 because I was having a lot of problems and weird things happening to me in my home. Chris was due to hold a workshop at my local Church and agreed to come to my house to clear it. In the meantime, I was using the prayers for protection that are on the website. These are powerful prayers, they initiate vibrational shifts, that really help. I still use them today! He cleared 351 Orbs, closed a portal that was being used by Zeta Grays and removed one that was still present. I had had the most fearful time of my life, I really thought I was losing it, Chris managed to clear it all within an hour or so. He also set up two crystal grids of protection in my house. I booked 7 individual online healing sessions with Chris. Initially I couldn't feel much as my vibration was so low from the trauma and fear of what had happened, but soon I noticed that I was more confident, more balanced and more 'awake'. He also has a wonderful Healing CD which I used in between the Healing Sessions with Chris. I had the pleasure of attending his Healing Course which was very dynamic. Recently, I signed up for his online Saturday Group Healing and I was absolutely amazed by the incredible Healing Power Chris is sending to each individual. Since experiencing this, I truly believe there is power in numbers!!! "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name..." really comes through in the Group Healing. I will always be grateful to Chris - I really believe I wouldn't be here, wouldn't be doing the spiritual work I am now doing if it wasn't for Chris and his amazing Healing Power! I can't thank you enough! Hugs and Light, ”

~ Susan

“ I am a 72-year-old woman who met Christopher two years ago at a health convention. At the time I had several areas of discomfort ie: My ears were constantly itching and swollen inside to the point that I lost complete hearing in one ear for 3 weeks. I also had a severe dermatitis at the back of the skull which was quite painful at times for about 5 or 6 years. My sinuses were clogged so often that I had to use nasal decongestants daily. I had cysts in my left breast for years. I had a spot on my right lung which was examined with an MRI with contrast. I had herpes simplex. I had a serious ovarian condition. I had considerable hair loss, which was dramatic in my case as I always had a full head of hair. And not least of all considering the pain involved I had several abscesses under my dental bridges with pain right up to my eye. I have had regular sessions with Chris every week for 2 years, all the above-mentioned conditions have COMPLETELY disappeared and on top of it I have gained tremendous understanding of true spirituality and done a lot of progress in the areas of forgiveness, non-judgment, and the elusive unconditional love. Having Chris cross our path was a blessing of divine intervention as my husband also has been the recipient of his loving care. ”

~ CC, Florida

“ Like many other people, I have tried many modalities which promised "this will be the last package you will ever purchase"! Unfortunately, that didn't hold true, I would experience change, but it didn't last. I never heard of Christopher Macklin before, but when I heard him speak and share his story on a webcast, everything inside me was yelling "Truth" even though I wasn't familiar with some of his subject matter, it felt familiar. During my first session, Christopher removed a entity that had been giving me neck, back and G.I problems for quite some time, he had to replace the L5 disc in my low back, and told me it would be complete in 48hrs. What a dramatic difference, within 48hrs the constant pressure and tension I felt was gone, I could bend and move without feeling like something was tugging at me. How incredulous, I had a spiritual surgery. Mind Blowing for sure. A little over a year ago I had to move back to my family home to help my parents through a major tragedy, my brother who lived with them and helped care for them died unexpectedly. I love my family, but they have always lived a very toxic mental and emotional life, needing to come back to that was life sucking in itself. Now that they are stabilized I am ready to move on with my own life, this was becoming very difficult, because I felt trapped and their energy was very oppressive. After the first session my vibration definitely changed for the better and I told Christopher that my family was surely irritated by that, I felt like I was under constant attack with their vicious behavior. The higher my vibe would get, the more irritated they would get, but after some time, their energy stopped bothering me so they also shifted. The work is not over, and you have to be a active participant in your healing experience by doing the prayers faithfully and looking for better feeling thoughts. I love all the prayers, my favorites are the Prayer of Protection, Merkaba Field Prayer and the Food Blessing Prayer. After doing these prayers for over 2 weeks faithfully, I feel like they are almost tangible, I can feel shifts and at times I feel like I'm being transported into an alternate dimension. I highly recommend getting the phone app, it is such a fantastic tool to keep you focused and on schedule. Love it all tremendously. I thank God for leading me to Christopher Macklin and his wonderful staff, it is such a pleasure and I find great comfort in working with them. Blessings, ”

~ Maria G

“ I met Christopher Macklin during a spiritual conference in Los Angeles where he presented a lecture in different modalities of energy healing. While most presenters taught how to get in touch with your Higher Self or to improve on meditation, Christopher was focused on straight forward actions to help healing disabilities, illnesses or addictions with no healing following the conventional methods. His upfront attitude toward the existence of entities from other dimensions feeding on our energy impressed me from beginning. Specifically, I was looking for help with my gastric acid reflux which I had experienced for the past 10 years. My health worsened to the point that, neither medication nor diet was able to stop the excruciating chest pain or the constant feeling of nausea. In the past months, the lack of energy, difficulty to eat and non stop vomiting sensation were worse than ever. I found myself lying in bed most weekends and evenings after work hours with no energy left or desire for any activity. I felt hopeless as none of the medications prescribed by the doctor seemed to help my condition. During our first meeting, Christopher assessed my situation and announced me that will take a couple of energy sessions to heal my aggravated acid reflux condition and claim back my normal life. My mind could not make sense of the healing method, but my heart trusted him completely and decided to give it a try. During the healing session, I would feel the energy entering my body through my left foot and slowly advancing through my body. The focus was on the upper stomach area where the pain was. I remember feeling like a knife is scratching against my rib cage and cleaning out the toxin and layers of residues. Upon combing my meridians, the soothing energy was filling my entire body. When the session ended, I used to feel so tired that I would fall asleep for 2 hours at the time. Next day though, I would be much stronger, full of energy, ready to run up and down and keep up with a lot of work. I have not felt like this in years. My mood changed, I was more joyful and excited by the day activities. Christopher encouraged me to say the protection prayers as many times I could during the day to keep the energy level up between sessions. The prayers helped tremendously to maintain the good spirit for a couple of days. Upon a few sessions, I mentioned that my liver feels tired perhaps due to my childhood hepatitis. Christopher started addressing this issue and focused the energy on my liver, pancreas and adrenal glands. Within a couple of sessions, I start feeling better, the nausea disappeared and my energy level was up again. In a few more days I stopped taking the medication for the acid reflux without even thinking and I was surprised that I felt well anyway. This is the time when I told Christopher I also suffer from insomnia and I was taking prescription sleeping pills for the past 15 years. I am not sure why I brought up the subject as I was convinced my insomnia will never get treated. I gave up on solving that long time ago. Even more, I mentioned the antidepressants I was on along with the daily migraines. I remember Christopher saying he will work on these problems, but I had no expectations at all. Each session he will ask me if my sleeping improved, and encourage stopping the sleeping pills. My answer was each time I was too afraid to stop the pills and to face the long hours waiting to get asleep. To my surprise, upon a couple of sessions I stopped taking the anti-depressants and my mood was up like never before. Even more, I start feeling the warm sensation of being tired, my eyelids getting heavy and getting asleep with no help. To me, this is a miracle, as in the past I tried numerous ways to improve my sleep with no medication. All efforts were in vain until now. It happened smoothly, in spite my conviction that there was no way this will work. One day, I stopped taking the sleeping pills. There was no effort on my part, something changed in me and half a year later, I sleep on my own like I never had insomnia in my life. Not to mention my acid reflux, I did not have a flare since I started working with Christopher. Thank you, Christopher for making this happening and giving my life back. I owe all of these to Christopher, to his ability to conduit the healing energy from higher dimensions, to his warm and easy-going personality and to his integrity as a healer, determined to do his best for the ones suffering. I am taking the time to share my experience because I highly respect Christopher’s method and its healing potential for illnesses untreatable with conventional methods. I am glad to experience it first-hand. Please give yourself a chance to get healed through Christopher Macklin energy. Bless you always Christopher! ”

~ Anda Stanescu

“ I am 82 years old PhD attorney by profession and still active. I have been physically active all my life until 4 years ago when I fell playing tennis. I realized that my balance had become an issue, and also fell in the gym once and one more time at home. I was lucky not to hurt myself. A visit to a neurologist after taking an MRI let me know that I had vascular dementia, aka a series of small strokes. He prescribed a medicine that I never took. I went to see my regular physician of 22 years, who is not only an MD, but also osteopathic surgeon and opened to many alternative solutions for regaining health. The first shocker was my levels of lead which were off the chart. At that time the changes were coming rather fast and my appearance and quality of life had changed drastically. I was very stooped, was falling forward, walked very slowly and making a turn was hazardous. I was seeing double (without drinking!), had constant low back pain, had tinnitus, felt fatigued most of the time and had problem with short time memory. By the time my wife introduced me to Christopher Macklin on Skype, I had lost practically all of my voice, and could not swallow without coughing or gagging and most scary was a loss of weight of one pound per day in spite of normal regular meals. Our cuisine is French/Italian, my wife has been researching and studying health and nutrition and more for 30 years so our life style was not the prime suspect of my troubles. I have now been the grateful recipient of Christopher sessions for slightly over 2 years. I feel I am getting out of the tunnel, my daily life has enormously stabilized, my voice is back to normal, the swallowing is no longer a problem, my weight is back to a normal level and although my balance and walking need more improvement they are far more stable. The tinnitus has all but disappeared. I would like to mention that during the last year which was trying at times, I also had moments when I declared I was cured as all of a sudden, I was back walking and standing like I was 10 years ago. Falling off that euphoric moment was challenging to say the least. I am fortunate to have the support, encouragement, love and bullying from my wife who never gave up and declared we would stay with Christopher until this thing was over and we were back on the tennis court. I never stopped going to the gym doing these last 2 years, or walking when the weather was not too hot (Florida). I do not want to think where I would be had I not met Christopher, his unrelenting kindness and support have helped me go through the ups and downs of the healing process which in my case has many complex layers and three stages if I understand it correctly. For all concerned this kind of transformation is beyond human understanding and I am grateful beyond words to have been given an extension to enjoy life to the full. Christopher is an exceptional person with the patience of a saint who gives freely of his time and inspires all who meet him. With immense gratitude. ”

~ Jerome P.


Christopher Macklin on Wisdom of the Ancients

Christopher Macklin

Christopher Macklin, was born in Chester in the UK and has been very gifted from an early age. For the last several years he has concentrated on Divine Healing learned from Divine knowledge from God and All That Is Holy.

His healing technique is a unique approach combining God’s Angelic Light Beings and clearing of Negative Energies and Entities. Christopher has worked with Divine Healing for 30 years. He is a Melchizedek Being who has volunteered to come down to Earth to teach and heal using Sananda Energy from the Ultimate Dimension.

He is able to help people with all types of Disease and imbalances. Christopher does not work alone; there are large numbers of God’s Angelic Light Beings channeled to work with him. He first works to balance the body’s energy field by clearing chakra points and cleansing the body’s meridian field by removing negative entities and energies. He then uses God's Divine Angelic Beings to perform Esoteric Operations to replace damaged joints and diseased organs. God's Angelic Beings also reconstruct the damaged muscles and nerves.