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In this time of greater uncertainty it is extra important to shore up your energy field and consciousness with tools to be able to ensure you are in the right vibrational state to be able to not only survive but thrive in these coming times. The Coronavirus thriving package contains especially crafted powerful energy transmissions you can use as needed to ensure your frequency and vibration stay elevated during these times and you can work on the deeper internal programming to ensure you can have the frequency of abundance as you are navigating life.

Remember abundance is not what you have, but it is who you are, and programming yourself to be abundant during these times is going to be key to be able to thrive in an economic recession.

Morning Ritual

(Value $88)

Your get out of bed and go to to program your energy field, consciousness and DNA to be able to program your future. This professionally mastered energy transmission systematically guides you. It systematically takes you through a process of:

  • Getting into Hara
  • Opening all the chakras and levels of the field
  • Radiating unconditional love
  • Entering gratitude and prayer
  • Moving through forgiveness
  • Establishing your big picture vision for life
  • Building your intention
  • BAnd blessings your path

Stress Reduction Protocol

(Value $88)

Your go to protocol when you are feeling stressed, worried, burnt out or fearful. This energy transmission:

  • Reduces anxiety, removes thought forms, clears the mind
  • Balances the heart and brain to work together synergistically
  • Turns down the pineal-pituitary adrenal gland access to a slower pulsation rate
  • Removes collected stress webs
  • Reduces inflammation

Self Esteem and Empowerment Rewire

(Value $88)

A powerful rewiring of the subconscious mind around self esteem and self concept dealing with deficiencies of the third chakra. It has coded into the subliminal audio track powerful positive affirmations to retrain the subconscious mind to new levels of self esteem.

  • Build self esteem and self concept
  • Establish a heightened positive emotional state
  • Create positive thoughts as your default state
  • Reduce anxiety and worry
  • Reprogram subconscious mind

Abundance Energy Clearing

(Value $88)

This energy transmission is designed to clear any programming not supporting abundance as your natural state. It helps remove your family and ancestry conditioning, and reprograms your current inner state away from fear and anxiety about your survival to one of peace and knowing that abundance is your natural state.

  • Remove poverty conscious
  • Remove any contracts with poverty
  • Clear any Karma associated with abundance
  • Reprogram new beliefs associated with money, finance and abundance
  • Establish a new state of being and feeling abundance

Abundance Deep Dive Unconscious Mind Rewire

(Value $88)

This energy transmission deep dive goes much deeper into the unconscious mind and reframes the entire way your system perceives the wheel of abundance of energy and flow from a state of lack to a state of over flow.

  • Tap into the limitless energy of the quantum field
  • Activate the abundance wheel
  • Take the elevator of your waking consciousness down to your unconscious mind
  • Reseed your unconscious to be growing the limitless fruits of creation
  • Reactive the Core Seed of abundance in your unconscious mind

Millionaire Mind Set

(Value $88)

This energy transmission retrains your perceptions and beliefs about money and helps to prepare you to be able to hold and handle money like a multi-millionaire.

  • Clear up key money belief faulty programs
  • Reestablish a new financial set point
  • Raise your ceiling of financial potential
  • Set new perceptions to be able to clearly see new opportunities when they arise
  • Establish the frequency of a millionaire

Higher Self Meditation

(Value $88)

This energy transmission takes you in a sacred journey to your Higher Self temple space. Jump in your merkaba light ship and take off to your Soul Star where you will sit in sacred meditation unified with your Higher Self and begin creating and crafting the vision for your future for you to build in the Higher Realms so you can bring down Earth. As above So below.

  • Build and activate your Merkaba
  • Journey to your Higher Self Temple
  • Create your sacred space and alter
  • Build the totems and talismans in your temple to symbolise your creations
  • Perform ceremonial magic to alchemise your intentions to manifest in the third dimension


Included in PACKAGE OFFER:

  • Morning Ritual
  • Stress Reduction Protocol
  • Self Esteem and Empowerment Rewire
  • Abundance Energy Clearing
  • Abundance Deep Dive Unconscious Mind Rewire
  • Millionaire Mind Set
  • Higher Self Meditation




Offered on WOTA

$144 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $72

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )


“ I register a huge shift in my awareness. My perception of the outer & inner world has changed and I’m enjoying the new born freedom that comes with this shift❣ ”

~ Elisabeth Theune

“ I cannot put into words how the experience is changing my very world. I am riding a wave of the most beautiful energy and I can see so much so clearly. I just want you to know the magnificence of what I am experiencing. The energy becoming even stronger as the days pass. My day yesterday was filled with such love and peace and joy. When I woke this morning the tears were flowing with such feelings of love I cannot express in words. Worries and concerns that I usually wake with are now in the background and it's like they are being taken care of for me. ”

~ Mary Moore

“ I cannot put into words the beauty and power of this blessed healing protocol you lovingly gifted - and that arrived at the perfect time in my life path.
I send deep gratitude, love and blessings to you.
I pledge to use this amazing gift to empower my service deepening my self healing and loving extending this to All. ”

~ Judy mitcham

“ The clearing protocol it was soooo powerful, I loved it! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💜 I felt the energy moving up through every chakra, at my heart chakra I felt joy and expansion, and I gave a deep breath and it felt like I had wings and I could fly, as my heart expanded and opened up my arms wanted to go with it like wings opening up ready to fly. So so amazing. 🙏 At my crown I saw the violet flame flooding my entire being, it was absolutely beautiful, I saw my team watching down from above too, holding the light for me. So Divine. 😇💛

When I was envisioning my dream and desires I got all the animals and it made my heart fill with joy, it is my deepest desire to open an animal/healing sanctuary and for the animals to come through like this brought me great happiness.

Christof I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for bringing such a beautiful morning meditation, in deepest gratitude, so blessed.

Thank you thank you thank you

Namaste 🙏💛🌟,”
~ Liz Ellis

“ Training is nothing short of amazing. Getting so much healing on such deep levels. In Heart now and had some big huge core wounds heal up. This is some of the most powerful energy healing I've experienced. After I get through this, I feel the need to be helping other people the same way I've been helped.

Thank you again. All my love. ”

~ Brandon

“ The clearings ad activations Activation was the high-octane luminous fuel and ultimate gift to accelerate my Soul’s gifts in service to the birth of the New Earth. After the experience, I felt that all that I am… and here to offer was quickened into greater alignment and congruence with my highest Divine destiny. I am eternally grateful for these warm and authentic beings who are passionately serving the Heart of the One. ”

~ I naiya Ray

“ I was fortunate enough to experience the clearings and Activations with Christof. I have seen many healers and feel usually quite comfortable and experience little shifts afterwards. This time I was nervous the day of the ceremony because intuitively I knew something big was about to happen. The ceremony is very intense and different than I have ever experience, I could physically feel the energy moving and a lot of emotions came up. Afterward the ceremony everything started shifting very quickly for me. It felt like my protective shell was removed so the authentic me could come out. I was purging all the trauma’s from the past and from there on abundance finally started to flow into my life. It amazes me how profound the change can be after one ceremony. ”

~ Nadja van Osch

“ My clearings with Christof was probably one of the most dramatic shifting experiences i’ve had within this area. I gained an inmense amount of spiritual clarity but it also gave me a physical spring in my step. It helped me clear away the brain fog I was harbouring and allowed me to tap into my true purpose. The way he has helped me illuminate my path has had positive effects across my whole life and this drives the decisions I make each day both small and large. Ive spent many years steering my ship in wrong directions but I feel my true north has been restored. I was blessed to be able to have the opportunity for this ceremony and its something I will be eternally grateful for. ”

~ Robbie Lanauze

“ In my home he is known affectionately as the Spiritual Jedi. Christof connects ancient knowledge with modern technique to yield a truly divine spiritual experience. I have personally witnessed the impossible with his healing and training. From broken ancestral contracts with addiction to relief from chronic pain that ailed me for decades, this man has healed me and my family. He is a gift to humanity. ”

~ Will Wrexler

“ Christof shares his highest vibrating knowledge and has pure genuine intentions to guide and assist even in the darkest parts of the journey. I cant help to feel such joy to see how Christof is being rewarded for all his self-work, sacrifices, and leaps of faith into the unfamiliar paths of Self-mastery beyond the physical in a time when everyone else focused on fitness. Any program, session, or experience with Christof will most definitely bring the rewarding shifts and change you seek in your life as well. ”

~ Nanette Haro


Christof Melchizedek on Wisdom of the Ancients

Christof Melchizedek

Christof Melchizedek is a Wisdom Keeper of the Sacred Sciences. His mission and life work are dedicated to the spiritual sovereignty and evolution of our planet and species.

He helps Architect the right coding and consciousness to ensure people that are awakening are operating at their highest frequency set point, and are aligned to their higher purpose.

His deep comprehension of the life sciences of quantum physics, wave-genetics, epic-genetics, astrobiology and quantum biology, create the much-needed bridge between spiritual principles and scientific revelation.

This innerstanding combined with the deep comprehension of the inter-relationship between higher and lower dimensions allow him to clearly and succinctly share the full picture of the totality of what is occurring to our species and planet.

This unique combination allows for deep oratory transmissions that make him a sought-after speaker at online events and live experiences. On a personal level, Christof acts as a bridge and way shower to help you transcend lower states, shadows and patterns into more refined frequency, awareness and consciousness.