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  • Is it difficult for you to get your intuitive guidance on demand?
  • Is intuitive information unclear or difficult for you to understand?
  • Are you concerned about where your intuitive information is coming from?
  • Do you feel that you don't know what you are doing, or that you must be doing it 'wrong' as your intuition seems so random?
  • Do you feel uneasy about opening up to unseen energies when asking for intuitive guidance?
  • Does your ability to access intuitive guidance feel so inconsistent that you don't feel you can rely on it when making key decisions?

Your intuition is your deep knowing...your flow of light and information and it is truly important for your evolution and simply to be able to stay on your spiritual path.

I’d like to support you with making sure that your energetic structure and constitution is strong and aligned so that your intuition can be trusted by You.

In order to flow light, channel and to translate it accurately we need to have you aligned in just the right way. Over the course of your life, things happened that have caused your energetic structure to be disfigured, misshapen and this distorts your intuitive hits and messages. It can especially impact your capacity to channel light and influence how much you feel connected to the Divine.


  • Crossover field
  • Celestial Body
  • Clairs

You see, I’ve found that if one of these parts of your energy field is ‘off’ then it makes 100% accuracy of your intuition almost impossible. You simply will not be able to translate the distorted vibrations into the proper message that your Higher Self is wanting you to get. But, that’s why I’m here to help you...I can see how your energy systems are functioning and I know what to do to support you getting in alignment so you can Ignite your Intuitive Power!



For Opening your High Level Intuitive Passageways

~ Live group 2 hour clearing call ~

Group Call Value: $277

READY TO CLEAR YOUR INTUITIVE CHANNELS? Get ready to do a major overhaul within…we’ll focus in on clearing the behavioral Patterns, Paradigms and Parallels that create uncertainty, unsureness, indecision, hesitation, dubiousness, suspicion, confusion + ALL the question marks your lower level mind creates for you.


    Also, clearing your Throat Chakra and Ear Chakras
    Also, clearing your Power Center Chakra
    Also, clearing your Crown Chakra
    Also, clearing your 3rd eye Chakra

Also, we’ll focus on clearing insecurity, inhibition, uneasiness, apprehension, wavering, vacillation, irresolution, lack of conviction, skepticism, distrust, the source of overall lack of trust, suspicion, cynicism, disbelief, incredulity, lack of confidence/conviction, wariness reservations, misgivings, qualms, leeriness out of your 4 primary intuitive channels.


I know you have a Large part of you that truly wants to Unite with your Higher Self, embody your Sovereign being and Live as the unified Soul Self Divinely Enlightened…but there is also another part that is holding you in limbo. This dynamic of 2 parts living within you is called a ‘DOUBLE BIND’ and we need to fix that double bind in order for you to be unified instead of fractured so that you can flow light continuously and efficiently.

When you’re fractured, the light might flow inside your energetic systems, but it is going in different directions all at once instead of a nice, continuous stream of light. Fractured Flow vs. Continuous Flow…which one is happening within you right now? Being in Continuous Flow of the Divine Light as Infinite Intelligence you come ALIVE, Creative, Intuitive and Passionate - also Fearless in your Mission for living the life the Divine idea has for you to live.

So in this Workshop we will shift the ‘DOUBLE BIND’ within you… healing the 2 primary aspects causing this condition and bring you from Fractured Flow into Continuous Flow. You’ll be in harmony with your purpose and available to deciphering your intuitive hits more precisely.


We clear any tears, hyper-extensions, bulges, and distortions in the Celestial body, the 6th auric energy body.


We will open the channels that support your communication between each of the Clairs. We’ll Light up your Celestial body and have it ready to clearly channel the messages that your Higher Self has for you. Activating Intuitive Empowerment as a midwife of new potential will truly be possible, and your destiny will more easily be accepted by you and REALIZED then Actualized in this lifetime.

Build up Confidence + Trust to be able to Channel Light of Truth…not only for yourself, but for others. Let’s have you Courageously fulfilling on your Life’s purpose as you Flow Divine Light through your intuitive passageways. Be Bright, Be Light, Be Love ❤️


Included in OPTION 1:






Offered on WOTA

$77 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $38.50

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Includes everything in Option 1



Private one-one-one session with CHRISTEL HUGHES

Increasing your capacity to Channel

Value ($592)


Your Higher Self will guide me into the 3 distinct areas of your energetic field systems, the Crossover field, Celestial Body and Clairs. We will find the distortions and use Metatron’s cube to do the Holographic healing needed. We will restore them with the support of Archangel Metatron’s cube, Igniting your Intuitive Power and Activating your Authentic voice for channeling.

  • We will travel to the 5th dimension where I will access your energetic structures, DNA, auric field and Light body Holographically.
  • Your Crossover Field is reconfigured so that your Connective tissues become more Alive and Invigorated...leaving you feeling Whole and Complete.
  • Your brain equilibrium is reset so that it becomes stable and can maintain itself in a high level of functionality to support left brain right brain function and Intuitive communication.
  • Realize your True Authentic Power by clearing doubt, fear, and being reconditioned to hear your Higher Self voice.
  • We will activate your luminosity centers within your crystalline structure for becoming a container for Channeling Light and Truth.
  • I adjust the clairs so they are in communion and working in unity, putting your primary Clair in order to be used first and aligning the subsequent clairs for optimal channeling.
  • We clear any tears, hyper-extensions, bulges, and distortions in the Celestial body, the 6th auric energy body.
  • We will align your Celestial body with your intuitive gate that will increase your capacity to channel -- being sure to keep you safe from allowing any foreign energies or beings into your field.
  • Metatron’s cube will support the Bio-magnetic field of your human body by linking it to the Bio-magnetic field of the Earth for stabilization while channeling.
  • You will become Radiant and aligned for Pure hearted, open telepathic communication of your guides, Angels, nature spirits, Akashic records and beings of Light.

When you are flowing intuition in the way it was meant for you to receive it, the translation becomes highly accurate and you KNOW the direct meaning and how to proceed.

Igniting your intuitive power...Light it up! Turn it on! Spark your heart! Shine on!

  • Activate your intuitive power becoming the embodiment of your purpose work.
  • Speak with the power and strength of your soul!
  • Step into your authentic purpose work.
  • Get good at noticing what is not your higher self voice
  • Your body is “set“ to open as a channel at a certain time, we will have you prepared so when the time is right, you will be ready to handle the light.
  • Be in the rhythm of nature get into the natural rhythm and know the Truth of who you are
  • Go inter-dimensional as it allows for you to tap into a consciousness of divinity that is 100% truth
  • 100% pure hearted, accurate with your intuitive messages
  • Open your Sacred spiritual gifts and feel confident sharing and using them
  • Begin telepathic communication with nature spirits, your Guides, your Guardian Angels and other Beings of Light for channeling


Included in OPTION 2:

  • Include everything in Option 1
  • Private one-one-one session with CHRISTEL HUGHES



Increasing your capacity to channel


Offered on WOTA

$333 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $166.50

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“ Wow! Your seeing is spectacular and your translation of it all, so profound. Thank you for being the wonderful gift that you are.

Much Love, ”
~ K

“ I just wanted to drop a quick note letting you know how grateful I am for your reading this week on the confused one and where to bring my attention. You were spot on and I've been able to have a huge shift in understanding and clarity around the personas that were created at age 4 to help make sense of the conflicting input I was receiving that fractured the connection and belief in my heart, body, and mental input, causing the metronome effect you described. This release freed up my willingness to embrace "seeing" the different points of perspective and information on the different levels - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual - and earth school vs remembering the big "whole" picture. Wow! I'm so grateful to you for embracing your gifts and being willing to support others as they move from fractured to fulfilled. And to Christel's team, thank you as well for helping make our healing possible too!

Sending light and love, ”
~ M

“ I wasn’t able to really trust what I was getting and I became afraid that I would send someone down the wrong path with an inaccurate message - until I met you Christel. You’ve helped rewire my intuition and my celestial body so that I can feel the energy and now absolutely trust on all levels what I’m doing. I don’t feel like a fake anymore, I am an Intuitive all the way and I can say that with 100% faith in me.

Thank you! ”
~ Beth, CA

“ You were the missing link for me Christel. Since understanding how I’m wired intuitively and shifting with your help, I’m now engaging so much more deeply at the heart while I’m doing my healing work. I feel the light coming through my hands and my clients are commenting on how accurate I am with identifying the blockages within them. Wow is all I can say! You really know your stuff. I’m also able to channel my client’s higher wisdom through my celestial body now so that they get their messages during session this helps them feel held and loved.

Bless you, ”
~ Cindy, from New York

“ I had a group Intuitive Assessment with Christel at the end of last year and to say it was life changing is an understatement! My entire reality immediately shifted on its axis and spiritual gifts literally started flooding in…Truly miraculous and totally unexpected. I have so much love and gratitude for Christel and the blessings she has brought into this reality for all of us who follow her work. ”

~ Rachel, NZ

“ Christel, just a quick Hug/Blessing for you, dear heart -- these calls are DYNAMITE -- Spiritual dynamite. ”

~ Judyth, in AK

“All I can say is thank you from my heart and soul. I went from near paralysis to breaking free yesterday doing the Whole Body Directive Statement multiple times and will continue it today. (I have 76 years of calcified fear to work through.) This is such an amazing practice.”

~ AB

“My goodness - I'm so blown-away by what you took us through today. There are no words other than "Oh my goodness, how could you have brought all of this to us? Indeed a HUGE amount of clearing and re-programming of such fundamental choices, decisions, agreements, aspects, timelines. Really? Apparently we needed to get ALL of this really fast!!”

~ Anon

“ A Great Miracle took place during the Throat Chakra Core Clearing Party!! I was in hell for two weeks. Never happened before during my entire life. It was what we call projection... Yes, and even though I am well aware about the observer and the observed I was not capable to overcome the identification... It looked like an uninvited old record or non stop cassette. During the clearing process I asked my H. Self and our Mother God to Liberate me..and The Miracle took place! Christel, The call was Just Divine! Actually, the most powerfully beautiful clearing ever! I have so much Love, gratitude and appreciation within my heart for you! I cannot wait to work with you again! Blessing to you and yours! ”

~ Erietta

“ Moving through Infinite Intimacy had a huge impact on my life. I got clear on how my masculine and feminine energies were playing roles within me and driving the pain I’d been experiencing in my relationship with others and more importantly within myself.

The included materials provided me with the tools I’ve needed to continue improving my internal masculine/feminine balanced energy flow, release of betrayal energy and expanding my capacity for receiving love. The readings Christel provides are priceless in their capacity for being able to feel greater levels of love within.

As a result my relationship with myself is so much healthier and I’ve magnetized mutually supportive relationships into my life. It’s given me the confidence to be open with others and share what’s in my heart freely. ”

~ Amanda

“ Thank you Christel for the Metatron session. I’m really blown away how effective it was immediately. The next morning and days after I’ve experienced a deep sense of peace, beauty, and love all around me I’ve never had before. I’m making creative decisions in the moment I know are for the highest good and I’m loving people with more depth than I ever have without needing them to change anything. There’s a heightened sense of space for acceptance and no anxiety. I’m really grateful for this new way of being. Thank you! ”

~ KL

“ The Shakti call was incredible! I could feel the energy as soon as it started and had all different kinds of new sensations and vibrations going on physically throughout! Thank you sooo much for this generous Awakening the Shakti Within program ~ the openings have been stunning and I feel like they are still unfolding (and we aren't even finished yet!) ”

~ AH

“ Just wanted to take a minute, to tell u that I'm soooo happy to hear that we will be able to continue to expand upon this incredibly spiritually enhancing & life changing Sacred Heart Shakti Mantra calls and Lakshmi Light Temples experience! It's been phenomenal in ways that can't yet be put into words; with amazing transformative powers & results (ie. synchronicities, manifestations, rooted new levels of consciousness, new "ME" revelations and magical mystical-ness all around, affecting the simplest of moments in a typical day). I'm thankful others shared their feelings about the end of this program and thankful that you are taking action! Yeah ABUNDANCE!!!

Love, ”
~ DP

“ The Intuitive Assessment given by Christel Hughes was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever participated in. Christel has the natural ability to literally tap into your Higher Self and give these meticulous details about your gifts, how you flow energy, precisely where there are blockages and mis-directed energy flows within your Energetic Field, where your awareness is in terms of: are you living too much in the past or the future and are you stuck in your ways or too spacey. Besides the all the relevant wisdom I gained, I came out of my Intuitive Assessment session with a great sense of pride and self-confidence about my true authentic self. ”

~ Cindy

“ I feel like I have made huge progress since you did my intuitive reading! It was the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me so thank you from the bottom of my heart for flicking my light switch on. You have changed my life and I am more grateful to you than words can ever express. ”

~ Rachel

“ Christel is a brilliant light and a real pleasure to work with. At my personal session I had many ideas for my soul purpose and mission but hadn't seen an effective way to unite different aspects. Christel held a strong and compassionate container and guided me through uncovering my soul-level gifts and seeing possibilities there that I hadn't considered or known about. That day it felt like we breathed divine sparks over the embers of my purpose work and I was delighted at how it lit up and came to life with great new dimension. Christel's breadth of experience, heart-centeredness, insights, and vision are remarkable and she is, simply phenomenal! ”

~ Anonymous

“ When I first found Christel Hughes, I was over-sensitive and just looking for a way to stop other people’s energies from entering my space. She taught me how to protect my boundaries and a lot more. Christel helped me open doors I would never have been able to do on my own. With her high level intuitive abilities, Christel helped me identify my blocks, clear them, as well as help other people clear their blocks. Christel has also gifted me with identifying my own intuitive gifts and setting me on a path to fulfill my purpose work. Her support has me creating in a way I would never have had the nerve to do on my own. I can’t wait for our next adventure of me introducing myself to the world! Christel’s light is so very bright—what a treasure I have found! In much love and gratitude. ”

~ LD Chown

“ You are a star, shining brightly enough that those who you encounter clearly see their own paths. I am grateful that I was lead to connect w/ you. You are inspiration, even to those who inspire, and your talents are a present reminder of just how good God is. I celebrate you, I pray for you and I see the Light you. Thank you. ”

~ Jerome

“ Energetically powerful, I could feel the pulsation of the energies moving through me and to another level. Thank you so much Christel for your capacity to guide the energies. ”

~ LD


Christel Hughes on Wisdom of the Ancients

Christel Hughes

Christel Hughes is a Multi-dimensional Visionary, Medium and Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive, known as the "Spiritual Trainer to the Stars", specializing in energetic healing and rapid transformation for Celebrities and individuals throughout the World. We are always in Awe because of Christel’s lightning-fast and laser-focused Intuitive readings that go directly to the core of the issue - she pinpoints it immediately.

Christel's work has broadened to include connecting with Archangel Metatron and mediating for Metatron’s cube to instantly shift a person’s consciousness... undoing mental, emotional and physical well as opening up their Higher channels of communication.

The Academy for the Soul was born through Christel Hughes, as the 'Online School for Intuitive Arts'. Christel's purpose is to channel and shine light into the world, and to operate as a conduit of Divine Truth, working with people as they identify and develop their gifts, and step into their purpose-work. The Academy for the Soul helps people discover and develop their Intuitive Gifts, and then share those gifts with the world as an offering.