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Accessing Your True Magic

Audrey Light Language on Wisdom of the Ancients

Freeing yourself from the war on consciousness and the deceptions of being stuck in the old construct and its illusions. Your Higher self is you, the inner self within you.

You are the Light of the world. You are the highest expression of Source. The most important creation that exists. You shine your light.

We join in a unified field of light and create change. This is a game of strategy and paths of potentials... Alchemy. To access the highest potentials you need to be of high frequency resonances... All is energy. This is an opportunity to make a change, a change from materialism and the many other distractions keeping you held in old beliefs and paradigms. There is a finite system structure and this is the ending of the negative service to self structures. There is also the infinite structure of the highest light expressing service to others. The True Light is Eternal.

Audrey helps to deliver to you, by a fast tract, the Genesis Codes. It's time to be released from the old energy ties that bind one. The chakra centers also are energy centers that bound one. It is time to go beyond the old chakra system to turn them all on, going beyond them to be the pillar of light and a foundation of the New. Through the marriage of the female and male energy within one and their many aspects of self to move from fractalization to balance. Quantum Light potentials assist you by helping you step into your Godhood which opens you up to the highest frequencies and time lines.

There is an importance to tending to your essence, your Soul/Spirit, your essence is your true beingness, that which you travel through creation by. The resonance of your beingness is where you shall find yourself in creation as All is being moved. For too long one has not tended to their soul essence and they have been led to believe the illusionary world around them. The illusionary world has been painted as a reel of distractions rather than the REAL of the so much more that you are, and are a part of, such a very important part.


No more fence sitting, where shall you be found...upon the path of those that stand in their God hood and Divine birthright, power and sovereignty? The EVOLutionary path of self sustaining systems, the one of true creation in resonance with the highest octaves to be found. To be in resonance with the new operating systems, platforms of creation. OR shall you go the path of devolution, the path of those that are parasitic and vampiric in nature, non self sustaining systems, dust in the wind, when creation wakes from the dream they are dream characters for they have not defined themselves by coloring themselves in. What we must do is manifest ourselves in resonance with the new highest frequencies of creation of the New NEW.

Audrey Light Language is an Architect of Soul and an energy engineer, embodied in these times to assist you with tools to help you onto the fast track and expand your awareness and consciousness. She also helps to release you from old beliefs and paradigms, the older energy ties that bind. She delivers works to raise your frequency/vibration, as All is energy operating at a multitude of octaves of creation. Audrey helps you to stand in your sovereignty and Divine birthright, empowered, set free from the lifetimes of stagnation and loops, getting you un-stuck from the dream time- virtual reality game/experiment. Getting un-stuck from the adventure into duality and polarity/density that has been contaminated by a parasitic virus.

Audrey, through the languages of light and the language of the Akash, will clear and rewrite the Akash, bringing you in resonance with the new higher octaves.

These are potentials not accessible to the older libraries that have been contaminated. The language of creation, the Sacred Key numerical codes help to release the old energy ties and parasitic entities that might hold one, keeping one stuck in emotions and repeats of the old story lines. Then she upgrades your frequency to be in resonance with the new higher octaves of creation. This work affects all your bodies: physical, etheric, mental and emotional. Release you from your Gaian lives, as well as your other aspects as a multidimensional galactic being, for a totality of healing. The work releases old generational and ancestral issues as well as childhood issues.

The work affects your unconscious and subconscious as well. Audrey's works have reached so many world wide and she is called a healer to the healers and to all. She has also worked for years behind the scenes doing coding to support the changes occurring in these times, doing the work she has incarnated to do. She has come in these times of the quickening, the reveal, the reckoning and the removal of the veils to assist with the energies. These great times you have incarnated into, that you're embodied within, to be part of and avail yourself of the opportunity to jump timelines of the old systems which are being closed down. The old book of life is being sealed and the plug pulled on the experiment.

You are so much more than you were led to believe for eons, the illusions created to keep you captive and in a sleep of forgetting. Now you can make the decision to be on the side of the great divide which is the side of love's motion forward on the EVOLutionary journey of consciousness and of self sustaining systems in resonance with the New platforms and highest octaves of frequency to express upon. To do so one must be released of the old energy ties that have bound one and raise their frequency and open their hearts. To no longer look outside of oneself to others that have been intermediaries in the old. Now in the New one can return to direct connection to Source and merge with their higher self to BE that embodied, in body, raising the density to light. We are Light Beings making the un-manifested manifest, the unseen made seen as you enter into full recall and remembering and empowerment of your Divine birthright as an aspect of the Divine, Source embodied in the magnificence of who you truly are and have access to your true magic.

Audrey's work is a fast track Quantum Light access to step into the REAL and out of the REEL that has been painted to keep you captive and distracted within an old system. It's time to WAKE UP REALLY and return to the natural balance freed of the ancient A-I technology that you had entered into for the experiencing that has held you captive in what is as a virtual reality game, an exploration and experiment into duality polarity density that had become infected with a virus. Now it's time to truly awaken from the delusions and sedations and the multiple distractions and dream a New dream in resonance with your natural states in balance.

As you do so, you get to join in the writing in the New Book of Life as the Creator Being you are using your Real True Magic!

Audrey's work has all methods contained within it as she is a Divine Channel that taps you right into your Source, there is no longer a need as in the old to have a long list of intermediaries to connect with, in the New we have direct connection to Source available. Audrey brings through the wellspring to help nourish, strengthen and fortify you upon your journey. Audrey is an ambassador of peace that has traveled the multiverses. She is an embodied Elohim, Creator being back in embodiment to bring the life changing works she has delivered and supported to all those who have been lead by their soul, their true essence, to receive the works she brings through to assist them. As she has traversed worlds forever doing the work as a peace ambassador she has access to a multitude of light languages, and also authority to clear and rewrite the Akash in resonance with the new, making accessible the highest potentials from the New Akash and its higher octaves rather then the old libraries and old paths of potentials that lie in the old energy that have been contaminated.

Audrey Light Language speaks the Language of Creation, a number language of Sacred Key codes to deliver works to you. As you write the codes, 100's long list of numbers, you receive the energy that the numbers hold as they work upon your multiple fields. As you’re writing the numbers they are also working with your neural network to rewire your old paths to be expanded to the new understandings of wider awareness and levels of consciousness. When you have the list of codes you then can use them as a tool to use the high energy they hold to apply to your life as you dissolve the negative and help yourself to be fortified while you do the work. They also help you bring in the positive you wish to create. Just having the codes in your space brings the energy they hold into that space to help surround you in the high energy they deliver. The Languages of the world and symbols have unfortunately been contaminated by the infected system so the Sacred Key code numbers deliver the highest energy in a form beyond contamination.

Audrey says that as an ambassador of peace traversing creation for eons she is here to help us arrive at Eternal Peace. A position such as hers of a peace ambassador, that she has been called to do forever throughout creation, she wants to no longer be needed or necessary in the New. The need for a peace ambassador will be a thing of the past and in the old book of life.. In the NEW there is balanced, recalled, remembered expressions of Source, Creation in honoring of the law of Oneness of all life All emanating from the same Source of All that is of the I AM, each honoring and respecting the other unique aspect of self, of and within the selfhood expressing, each a beautiful magnificent creation. All embodied aspects of Creator Source, each standing in their own Godhood expressing the All that is in an Eternal peace in that peace and knowing there will no longer be the need for peace ambassadors as we return after forevers of forgetting.

To work with Audrey an Architect of Soul and an energy engineer an Ancient being from time before time, the first wave of creation and the primordial plasmic point of beingness that is now back in embodiment to help you also be an architect of your own designs and an engineer of energy rather than at the hands of other beings agendas you can have access to her powerful works through these packages

Package A


One Hour Private Live Personal Session

  • Includes the languages of light and the language of the Akash.
  • Opportunity to speak to the Beings of Light, who are part of the ‘All that is’, expressing as a collective that come to speak to you in a session empowering you and wrapping you in the high energy of love.

This is not a reading, for it is time to throw away the crutches and training wheels of the old and begin to become accustomed to standing in one's own power and connect within the outside oneself. Making that connection within one is joining to their own Godhood and using their true magic as a Creator Being, rather than the continual looking outside to others to lead one as in the old. You must get used to this new way of being and get your footing upon the new platforms where you stand in your power then continually giving your power away to others.


Included in PACKAGE A:

  • One Hour Private Live Personal Session
  • Includes the languages of light and the language of the Akash.
  • Opportunity to speak to the Beings of Light, who are part of the ‘All that is’, expressing as a collective that come to speak to you in a session empowering you and wrapping you in the high energy of love.



Offered on WOTA

$150 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $75.00

*Due to the live nature of this package, there are no refunds.

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Private Live Personal Session

90 minute session


30 additional minutes to include the Sacred Key Code Number Language

You will write the numbers as they are channeled, and receive the transformation they deliver. You will then have them to use as a personal tool to apply the Energy they hold in your own life. In this session Audrey will also bring in The Mother to bring you to the primordial plasmic first point of Creation, The womb of The Mother. This will nourish and envelope you in the love of the Mother as you follow the life line, the umbilical back to the womb of the Mother to be held within that energy while you take part in your transformation through these works and your transmutation and resurrection to the New you rebirth. Through these works upon the DNA you will also be helping your generations in both directions forward and also back through your ancestral lines that you're connected to through the DNA. These are part of your missions so many ask about. You're here to bring and hold the light in the mists of all the tsunami of change. You affect yourself, the collective of humanity and out unto the totality of the fields of creation because what is happening here is rippling out to the all that is to effect change.


Included in OPTION B:

  • 90 Minute Private Live Personal Session



Offered on WOTA

$199 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $99.50

*Due to the live nature of this package, there are no refunds.

Sacred Circle Members, don't forget your 25% off!

If you're a Wisdom Sacred Circle member, don't forget to use your PROMO/DISCOUNT code for 25% off this offer. The discount code will be in your Member Portal.

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(As Spirit has referred to me: “healer of the healers”)

“ Audrey’s Light Language transmissions are of the highest Elohim vibration, the language of the Akasha, which is recreational sequences of sound and light. I wholeheartedly endorse Audrey’s work as a ‘healer of the healers’, helping us all be all that we can be and more. The two sessions I have had with Audrey have supported the changes I am experiencing as I open to new energy frequencies and a new path of purpose. Audrey works with the Akasha, the sacred records of God mind and all that is. She is exquisitely guided by Spirit to assist those fortunate enough to experience her work.”

~ Judy Satori, International healer, teacher, author, and channel of light

“ I love light language. I’ve been lucky enough to hear it over the years… But Audrey Light Language’s work is far and beyond ANYTHING I have experienced before. She is so remarkably gifted, I had to share her info with you. FYI… Light Language is the Language of the Heart, the Language of the Soul/of the Angels/of God. It is really an ancient angelic prayer in the angels’ own language. Light Language is understood by all of us on a soul level because our hearts all speak Light Language. That is why when I hear it and feel it, it rocks me to my core and fills me with so much light.

Audrey Light Language had her awakening in 2012 – in one fell swoop. She first began automatic writing, levitated a bit :) and then BOOM – she spoke Light Language. Audrey is masterful! She can go from one light language to another, seamlessly. Audrey may begin with the language of the Ancient Native Tribes – which you will recognize from their chants and then go the the Faeries (which makes me cry from joy each time I hear it), to the language of the Akash, to the Angels, to the Inter-Galactics, to Kali (oh boy!), etc. and back & forth, frontways and sideways. Seriously, you’ve never experienced anything like it – it’s beyond the beyond. Light Language never needs to be interpreted because you just take it in… And FEEL IT. It is an exercise into feeling = what we all need. Getting out of our monkey minds and into our feeling is the way forward.”

~ Rochelle Orion

“ Audrey’s sessions are one of the best I have ever felt. Her connection and channel is of the Divine Grace energies from the Great central sun, it awakens the DNA and RNA codes in the physical and clears out and balances the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies so we can activate the crystalline bodies and original DNA DIVINE blueprint for our ascension here and now in this physical realm of earth.The Crystalline light bodies have not been activated in humans for many thousands of years and this has kept you living in lack and separation and repeating patterns of karma lifetime after lifetime. But with the expansion of the Universe and the recent planetary and galactic alignments this has changed the way we are doing things here… The light language is not to be understood by the mental mind it is to be felt with the heart and bring you back to remembrance of who you are.. You are love and You divine, One with all that is. ”

~ Candie, angel communicator, energy worker, light language speaker

“ Judith… After our call yesterday I had a nice nap. I fell into a free floating, warm sleep. I then had a nice evening out and came home to the same restful sleep. No more tumultuous nights. I feel like I’ve released so much. Am here in my own body, in my own life. I feel freedom and trust. I am thankful to you for helping to lead the way there. ”

~ Maryann Rada, author, Pleadian channel, healer

“My name is Sarah Kent and I am a quantum energy healer & intuitive from Calgary, AB, Canada. I have the abilities to see energies, dimensions, frequencies, their colors, purity & quality levels, etc. I have just had a session with Audrey very recently and I have to say that the level of purity and power of what she does is extremely high! Although I could not understand the languages per se (although one of them I seemed to recognize quite well on a different dimensional level), I could tell when the messages were direct messages for me, when they were healing chants, when they were energetically male or female dominant, their color, I could also hear them in multiples as they were trying to speak at the same time (multidimensionally), which Audrey later confirmed to me. I could also feel my crystalline structure of my physical body changing as the session was going on to the point where my spirit felt like it was wiggling back into the body and making itself comfortable again….. there was a definite energetic expansion that went on in that moment :) This session also helped me very much with a pain of a pulled muscle between my shoulder blades which happened approximately 1 hour prior to my session. It was healing very quickly and I was able to move throughout the day with ease, where in previous such situations it would take me about 3 days to get to a more tolerable pain range. It was a fantastic experience over all…. thank you Audrey….. you are a sunshine :) :) ”

~ Sarah K., energy healer/intuitive


“ From a YouTube video to a Skype session! Oh boy and didn’t I love it! In a nutshell – my experience with Audrey was A-m-a-z-i-n-g! It was such a pleasure to chat with her and the beings and also experience them. I felt the light beings when they were working on me and also heard them with my heart what they had to say. Their energy is so fresh, beautiful, joyful and happy! Loved my chat with Audrey and the beings after I had my session, moreover since I had the work done there are some changes indeed. I have noticed that 2 specific thought patterns are no longer there!!! And it seems to me that I am more liberated and ever so present (literally) in the Now – as if nothing else exists or has ever existed. I for one, who have always been telling people that, am finding it so joyful to be experiencing it and exciting too. Few days down the line since I had my session, I can say that I feel like “I am free like a bird, light as a feather, playful like an innocent child.” Words cannot express my thanks to Audrey and the beings. But I know for sure I will be back for more. And will be booking in my mom too. Lots of love and light my dear Audrey and thank you so much. So happy I have found you. ”

~ Eugeni, (Skype from the UK)

“ My learning about Audrey came from a mutual connection. Audrey provides a very special healing process which is rare. This market is flooded with many who claim to be healers and there are several whom I have personally come across these past few years. My intuition picked up the majority come from a place of more business-minded and ego driven than the sacredness of it. Audrey is absolutely guided by the higher realms of Consciousness and is in-tune and aligned with Source/Spirit/The Divine. Audrey operates from Sacred Heart Space and she is graceful, loving, nurturing and so patient with the endless questions. Within our Hu-man Being we have so many dimensions on a Soul level to connect, that for a true healing/shift to take place within ourSelf it is Crucial the Healer has this ability to go that deep. Because of her sincerity and service to Creator/Spirit, she is able to tap into the Infinite Source which allows her the capacity to reach those many levels. Before my session got started I had specific questions and Audrey came through with explanations that made sense and connected the dots. Even though I was familiar with Sacred Geometry, Audrey blew me away with delivering the Sacred Numerical Key Codes that were specific for me. I sleep with them under my mattress and every night can feel the vibrations from them.

So what did I receive from this healing?

There was immediate upgrade on a DNA level. There was a clearing of layers which earlier would not release for me. My own Light Language abilities have been kick-up to a whole new level as well as my other gifts and talents, yey! The transmissions from this Sacred Energy has definitely taken me to a whole new plane on this Earth. Please remember, a session is an on-going process. Here it is days later I still feel various things being processed and did experience slight detox symptoms, although my emotional eating stopped immediately.

What did I feel?

A healing Life Force Energy running throughout my body. Different emotions surfaced, different frequencies sometimes in a wave, sometimes very subtle. I was “cocooned” in a safe space that was emanating love, nurturing, healing, etc. When Audrey was speaking Light Language there were moments I had an awareness of knowing what the message was. There were a few images in my third eye and especially a clear image that higher dimensional Beings were present and filled my room.

So a session with Audrey is one that whatever healing and/or shift takes place it builds up and expands, it’s ongoing and remains permanent. At the end of the session The Higher Dimensional Beings came through and spoke. Wow, you have to experience this. I felt their presence so strong and such Love permeated in my room, it radiated throughout my body and for a few minutes I did not experience the Earth’s gravity on a physical level. I could literally see my heart and it said it was so happy because we were connected with them. I may not know exactly all of what took place, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is Creator knows exactly what needs to be addressed and how. My Being desperately needed help being able to shift with all these new energies coming through and this session DELIVERED! Audrey, I send heart-tones of Gratitude, Honor, Love and Blessing to… wonderful you!!! ”

~ LR, Atlanta, Georgia

“ I met Audrey in July 2013 at the New Life Expo in New York City. I connected to her work immediately and called her a while later for an appointment. At the time I was healthy and happy, but very curious and excited to explore the light language. In the weeks and months that followed our initial visit I sensed a deeper connection to plants and animals. I felt their presence as I walked my dogs. This new sensitivity had a great effect on my work (I’m a visual artist), which flowed with greater ease and more joy. My health was relatively okay until October 2013. All of a sudden, I developed a horrible pain in my spine. At first it felt as though a ball of fire was sitting at the base of my spine, and day-by-day it inched towards my neck. Sleeping was difficult and my workouts began to slow up (I run almost every day). I was beginning to search for quantum hypnotherapists when Audrey suggested we make an appointment. I loved the idea and we scheduled a phone meeting (I live in the Adirondacks, over 200 miles from Audrey). The day after our appointment I noticed that the pain was gone. It was very noticeable when I worked, which is when it was the most intense. I am so grateful that I met Audrey. Her channeling freed me from my spine pain. She was also very caring and attentive before and after the session, making sure to understand what I was experiencing and how it was affecting my sleep. I highly recommend making an appointment with Audrey for anyone suffering from physical pain, and for anyone who is interested in making spiritual progress in their lives. I have personally experienced how Audrey’s channeling can help in both ways. Her work is expedient, effective, and loving. I will always support her in her beautiful work! A-Ho! ”

~ Chloe

“ First of all, Audrey is the real deal. She does not only talk the talk, she walks the walk. You will truly experience enlightenment with her. The first time I saw Audrey was in her YouTube channel, and I loved her right away but what really caught my attention was how I felt by listening to her light language, I could feel her energy and it was so beautiful, I had tears coming out of me. I couldn’t wait to meet Audrey in person and have a session with her. I decided to go to a group session with her called Love vs Fear and it was amazing. I could feel her taking away all the negativity from my body and filling it with joy and love. I really wanted a private session after that experience. Audrey came to my apartment and it was perfect. I was very comfortable with her. I had an hour long session and it was the happiest time of my life, I am not kidding. I could feel myself being renewed, relieved and light as a feather. All my worries, pain and fear being taken away. I felt so happy I was dancing after the session and I am a shy person that does not dance. My whole body felt free and an overwhelming sense of joy came over me. I felt so much love being poured at me from her work. I thank her deeply. She freed me of my fears and childhood trauma. I recommend her to everyone – I am so glad I found her, I treasure her. She is love personified. She is someone who gives love freely and shares her gifts with others. I thank you so much Audrey for all the help and love you’ve given me. I love you! Much love, gratitude and light to you. ”

~ Luz

“ To those whom I hope take the time to read these testimonials, I would like to add my own. I was drawn to Audrey one day and spent time listening to her channelled messages and the gentle sounding light language which she posted on the internet. To me, she presented her gift with a simplicity and love that allowed me to understand and embrace the messages and healing being offered through her. After researching light language, I made the decision to contact Audrey. She took the time to explain what it is that she does and to answer any of my questions. She is simply a lovely person, a gifted channel and a warm spirit displaying a refreshing sense of honesty and lack of ego within the work that she performs. This was my first light language session and it was both blissful and impacting. I felt waves of energy flow through me. Listening to her voice created a sense of serenity while at other times unexpectedly energizing me. I was deeply moved and felt honoured by the experience and I am incredibly grateful to her for it. She is an amazing light worker who has been blessed with a gift that she selflessly shares with others. Hugs to you Audrey. ”

~ Dawn, (phone session from Canada)

“ My dearest Audrey, I can’t thank you enough for your healing session with me. I am super sensitive. And that is the reason I feel right away when something is not real, when somebody who claims he/she is a healer but thinks only of money and doesn’t have a sincere intention to heal a person who came to him for help. You are VERY DIFFERENT from all of them. You possess the unique healing gift which is extremely rare as well as the compassion and a deep desire to help. Those qualities are rarities now. When you first started a session even though I was very anxious as always I started to feel some peace and your innermost desire to help me, and the beautiful healing energy which was radiating from you. It was a very unusual feeling which I have not experienced for a very long time. I attribute your healing gifts to your evolved and enlightened Soul, to your immeasurably huge heart overwhelmed by love. You deserve the highest words and awards. I want to attend your sessions and I hope that many people who would experience your session at least once would benefit from it and would decide to have them on a permanent basis. You are a being from another planet who is capable of tuning into different spheres and dimensions and tap the healing energy from there. I wish you to be appreciated by earthlings as much as you deserve. Countless thanks and blessings from my heart. ”

~ Inna B.

“ I had my first session with Audrey and I really had no clue what to expect. I am not familiar with this type of work as I only started reading about it 2 months ago. Audrey is a wonderful person! She thoroughly explained everything to me and made me feel really comfortable. What I experienced I can only describe as magical!!! During the session I felt a release, I’m not sure of what, but I definitely know it was a much needed release. There is something really awesome about knowing we have these beautiful spiritual guides that are supporting us on our journey. Audrey allows us to receive a special gift, she allows you to communicate with these wonderful energies. It’s not easy to put this experience into words; all I know is that it was extremely special to me. Update from Kim: Since my first session with Audrey it’s been a little over a week. I have to admit that I definitely feel a sense that all is well. Although I do have stressful days I feel like I do handle them differently. In my alone times, when I would usually feel lonely, I just feel a real internal joy and happiness. Lastly, I also feel like I’m being led to certain books and discovering new gifts. ”

~ Kim

“ I had never had any energy work done, but felt led to have it done for many reasons. Over the last year, I went from being a “religious radical” turned “conspiracy theorist” turned “Awakened/Lightworker”.. at least doing what I can to plant seeds.. and develop as a human being. For myself, with extensive research about religion, astrology, astronomy, physics, psychics, ancient artifacts, science, the supernatural, conspiracy theories, UFO’s, aliens, crop circles, and not mention all the strange phenomena happening over the last few years, I can now discern between what is true and what is not true. With that being said, the channeled messages from Audrey proves correct and it strangely parallels my research. It’s almost frightening to know how accurately the dots connect. 
Before yesterday’s session, I had been going through much headache, heartache, and trauma. As of now, much of that has now dissipated thanks to the amazing energy work by Audrey. I feel much more calm and relaxed even when faced with pressure. I know I still need more work done but I am looking forward to my next session with Audrey. I am really blessed to have found Audrey. It’s like finding that 'needle in a haystack'..! ”

~ T.C., (caller from California)

“ I Love the Languages of Light… They can thoroughly permeate one’s being with the energies of love, light, attunement, empowerment, initiation, healing and more… Experiencing the Channel Audrey in a group healing format was probably my most powerful light language session to date... ”

~ John D., NEWLIFE Expo attendee

“ I hired Audrey to channel the light language for me after a long, difficult summer caring for my now deceased Father. I prepared myself as she began. Almost immediately I felt a warmth come over my physical body as I was immersed in the healing. My anxiety melted from me, I literally felt years of oppression and pain transmute into something that felt like a solid color of purple over me. I no longer need to run, to feel I needed someone to tell me what I need to do. I felt lifted as she sang to me the language of the angels. I felt solid and confident. The frequency reminded me of an ocean wave. The ebb and flow of healing. I am skeptical and this was real. Audrey is a pure, humble, honest channel of light. She walks the walk and will go on to bring healing to so many others. ”

~ Michelle D., (phone session from California)

“ I have had a few sessions with Audrey and each time I have come away feeling much more grounded and supported than beforehand. Audrey has an ability to provide the words and sounds that are meant for you in a way that you can hear them. I can’t say that I have always understood everything that was said to me, but I have always felt nurtured and cared for and that I understood what I needed to get. Audrey has a unique gift that she freely shares with those in need, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thank you for being there. ”

~ Paul E.

“ Something guided me to find Audrey’s channeled message on YouTube. From then I knew instantly I should ask her for a phone session. Audrey’s connection to other realms is handled with the highest care and compassion. She did a channeled healing session with me and then a guided message with questions. Her time spent with me was very thorough. Since the reading I’ve enjoyed learning more about these energies and have also felt more ease and strength in the day to day challenges of life because of the insights the channelings have provided me. Colors also appear brighter since the session with Audrey! ”

~ Jennifer F.

“ I am honored to send you this testimony so that everybody can have their moment of recognizing themselves in this life-changing experience. I asked from the deepest spot of my heart the most Important question about “existence” in this life: “how to continue”…. I felt so alone… I have been teaching all my life and surrounded by many people, also those who call themselves “spiritual” but…. most of them were unfortunately still sleeping … Deeply! There is nothing one can do about it except let go! So I was in a spot that we can call Sunyata, emptiness! … In that moment Audrey was standing front of me, holding my hands and speaking… Light language… It was so beautiful… A moment of the Moments… The Most Purest Highest Words I ever experienced from Someone who speaks the Light language …. Time stopped! Intuitively I knew that … I was answered! Divine celebration in Heavenly Realms Reunion…. I was contacted “From Home”! This feeling never changed from that day in March 2012. It is getting stronger and stronger … profound Peace within, Trust, Happiness, Gratefulness!

Since that time, I know everything has been taken care of… Only we, specifically females, have to BE in our Heart….. To be aligned with the qualities of the Heart!

When I had the chance to meet again with Audrey… It was a beautiful, very Sacred moment … As soon as She started to channel I felt a star-like tingling in the area of the third eye… On the top of and back of my head…. I felt serene, deep respect about what was happening! “Our Divine Family” is with Us in this time of Ascension, and they do their part well…. We can do Our part … Being in Heart, and letting go of all duality and Illusions! Once, when the Guides spoke through Audrey directly … I was silently crying from Joy…. This was the situation I had been subconsciously waiting for all my life! The Divine Beings had a very personal message that moved my Heart…. And when they left … I saw a flash of bright light in my Heart, they left…. into me …. The Dimensional Doorway is inside of us! Love that! They are always with Us!

Dear Audrey, You are Pure Heart… Alchemist… Everything You touch turns to “Gold,” transforms! The Female/Goddess-like qualities like those You have are so precious! Holding vision to all who are ready and willing to grow beyond can experience Your Gifts! Thank You and Our Divine Family. You all are in Heart, sharing the Breath of Creation in Oneness. Love, Sirve. ”

~ Sirve M.

“ Remaining open and receptive to Audrey’s unique healing gifts, a transformation begins to take place… the resonance and power of the higher frequencies she channels unlock your potential and unwind inner and outer tensions of new and old. Should you thirst for a profound healing experience that not only heals, but awakens you – she is one I recommend irrevocably. ”

~ Anthony W.

“ I had a session with Audrey the day before my dad was getting surgery. I had been consumed with intense, intense anxiety all week about my dad and in general. It was remarkable that those feelings went away after she worked on me – I felt much more calm about the situation, like I could trust that things were going to be okay, and was able to sleep better that night. While she worked on me even though my eyes were closed I saw colors, felt warmth in my body, and even as she moved her hands around my head, somehow in my mind’s eye it was as if I could see tons of hands circulating around my head as if a gyroscope. She worked on my head and stomach a lot without even really knowing those are problem areas for me. Audrey has a beautiful presence and through her spirit was definitely able to comfort me that day which helped me to be there for my dad and family as well – thanks from the bottom of my heart. ”

~ Nicole R.

“ Audrey and I have been friends for years and we’ve had many conversations about spirituality. Over time Audrey developed her skills in channeling which seemed to happen naturally and almost suddenly. On occasion, I’d be on the phone with Audrey having an everyday conversation and she would channel messages and words from various highly developed beings. Even over the phone I could feel a soothing, uplifting and benevolent presence. Through her communication with other realms I was given advice that has been helpful to me in many aspects of my life. I did have one formal session where Audrey channeled some of the same beings I was familiar with (I feel like they’re my friends), and others who came through for the first time and did what seemed like healing. After the session I was energized and centered. During the session I could feel my mind and heart opening up. Mental images were more lucid than normal. Again I was able to ask questions and receive wisdom. Audrey has been generous to me with her time and her gifts. I hope that many can experience what I have. ”

~ Patricia L.

“ Having relocated to the States after several years abroad, I had found myself in the predicament of feeling very lost and confused even though every outside sign pointed to a very positive and reaffirming experience. When I finally visited Audrey, there was no prior discussion of these repressed feelings. Yet over the course of the session, she had not only become completely aware of my inner state, she had lifted my energy from the restraints I had placed upon them. There was something very magical about the experience, something available to those who are open to the Universe and willing to receive. There were things said that I could not comprehend but I was brought to a place of peace. It was a very surreal experience, one of calm. And by the end I knew that the things I was so focused and afraid of, were not real. She ended with, “Steps, steps, steps. But you will get there and it is already yours.” Only Audrey and I know what that means. And it is real. ”

~ Nick C.

“ I have known Audrey for many years. We have had numerous conversations about religion, spirituality, God (who or what she might be). I have only recently become aware of Audrey’s gift of Spirit. Being raised and educated a Catholic I am extremely cynical of organized religion and spirituality. On a recent phone call Audrey offered to try a session for me and started to use the light language and sounds over the phone.When she was finished the palms of my hands had become very warm. I know that my hands getting warm sounds silly but for a cynic like me that’s quite an accomplishment from fifteen hundred miles away. ”

~ Bob C., (phone session – calling from Florida)

“ I’ve always known the path I needed to take but was never at peace with it. In fact through the years I have become ill with many ailments, one being cancer because of all the bottling up I have done. I am thrilled to say that I am cancer free 2 years now and Audrey has been there for me guiding me through her spiritual works with amazing results. She helped me to reach that inner peace, to understand what I needed to do and why. During my last session with Audrey she spoke the light language and though I did not understand what she was saying my body, mind and heart all responded with intense heat, colors and many tears… a feeling of peace. Afterwards we were talking about how I was feeling and she felt a very powerful presence and channeled many spirits who confirmed everything we spoke about. They told me I knew what I needed to do, stop holding back… just do it! I left her that night knowing exactly what I needed to do and felt a tremendous confidence in that knowledge. Thank you Audrey for all you have brought to my heart and soul! ”

~ Angela D.

“ I was feeling low energy and had body aches. I never mentioned how I felt. Audrey spoke to me in a spiritual enlightenment language. I felt as if there was a heaviness that was lifted as she spoke in a language I could not understand – I felt my spirit did. From my head chakra through my body I felt vibrations. My chakras were being re-energized. I had been all day suffering from chronic pains – I have bulging disks and a herniated disk in my neck and once in awhile it flares with inflammation. I feel now pain free. In my mind I heard balance/release. I felt my body being grounded. What healing words she said made me feel at peace/rejoiced, a new person again. Pain free – hooray! I recommend you too will find a wonderful experience with Audrey. We all need a spiritual tune-up. She has the gift – many thanks again for this enlightening experience. ”

~ Christine P.

“ Audrey is a friend, someone I’ve known for 30 years. I was there as she started receiving the signs and then the gift of healing. I’m not surprised that she has been chosen by the spirits, as I’ve seen Audrey always being there to help uplift, support and not judge – never has she passed judgment on any of her many friends. She always made the time in her busy schedule as a wife and working mother to listen, support and give her uplifting advice. She has been chosen to be a light worker/healer. Whoever gave her this important job -those of other worlds who saw her shining bright light – saw a wonderful, open-minded person always giving of herself and healing the souls of those around her. Yes, I always thought Audrey was special and now as I have experienced life and can see how truly special her gifts are, she wants to share her gift of healing and light work with others. In this constantly moving, stressful world that we live in we can all use a little help, and the ways Audrey can help are just amazing. When she did her light work on me it was over the phone. She wanted to share with me her newest experience – a woman’s ancient language that sounds French but is not. This voice sounded almost sensual and inviting but at the same time protective – a feeling of complete calmness and satisfaction swept over me from head to toe and I felt myself lean forward towards the wonderful feeling, wanting to hear more. Tears of joy and wonderment streamed down my face on their own accord – it is not explainable because I do not possess the words to describe the wonderful feelings that enveloped my body. I felt protected and peaceful and I almost felt selfish that I was able to feel all this. Did I have the right to have all this goodness bestowed on me? I know it might not make sense but it is not something you experience everyday. I say give it a try and see how my friend Audrey can help you to find you inner peace and possibly joy – all you have to do is open your mind and your heart to the endless possibilities. ”

~ Snez R.

“ I had the pleasure of communicating with higher beings through Audrey. There is a knowing within us; we are able to discern love and truth. Indeed the words that were channeled were those of knowing; I sensed they were looking at a picture of my life and chose words to assure me that everything will be all right. They sensed the heaviness in my chest and worked on it. I felt as if my heart was being purged; unblocked. As if pressure was being released as Audrey chanted and made some “clicking sounds.” Again, it was a beautiful experience which one does not question for one feels it is stemming from love, light source. As I mentioned to Audrey before; I am guided to people like her when my soul deems it necessary. I usually don’t have specific questions because I know that my soul will understand at a subconscious level. The heaviness in my heart has diminished and I feel revitalized. I am putting to practice the recommendations of the beings that understood exactly why I had sought Audrey. I am so thankful to Audrey for allowing love to come forth through her to remind us of our path. ”

~ Amaryllis, (phone session)

“ I have known Audrey for many, many years. She is one of the most caring, giving people I know. Her whole being is to give from her heart and comfort others. She is all about love, peace, comfort and family. She has supported me through many changes and challenges in my life. Today, during one of our chats, Audrey shared channeled messages with me, and I was totally moved. I felt a calm and a weight lifted. I am so grateful to her for sharing with me. Thank you Audrey. Our friendship is truly at a deeper level. ”

~ Vickie O.

“ I wanted to thank you for the enlightenment you gave me tonight. The miracle of it all. You didn’t even know how I wasn’t feeling good. I only spoke about my children. Since I am a Reiki practitioner I know when I am being retuned. After you spoke and during – mostly. I may have not understood the language of the stars and universe. My spirit did. Each vibrations and whispers and tones spoke to me personally. Words, negative spirits being released through my head and throughout my body. The word “release” repeated several times. You whispered words. My heart rhythm became calm. The second time you spoke longer. I felt a balance in all of my 7 major chakras. I saw colors flash with my eyes closed. I felt grounded, a sense of peace. I sat in my chair as you spoke. My feet began to sweat as if all the negative energies and worries released and disappeared! Before you finished my neck and body felt limp. Then a new vibration of energy, strength and all body pains were gone. Your gift is amazing. You have just given me the healing my spirit was deprived from. I feel reborn honestly. It’s even more so hard to put into words. I cried with joy. You just gave me an attunement. I am happy. I know there are more messages that were given to me. It will take time to arise to the surface. ”

~ Joy S., (phone session from Florida)

“ While working with Audrey with the pendulum she said there was a message from my late grandmother for me. She went on to say that my grandmother said for me to make sure that I went to the doctor and took care of my breasts. Unbeknownst to Audrey I had been scheduling another appointment to check some issues that had been going on with my breasts. My grandmother went on to say that she wanted to make sure that I didn’t get busy with my life and neglect to take care of the situation. At the end I let Audrey know that I was taking care of it and my grandmother said “good girl!” This was totally unexpected but it was a wonderful confirmation to know that my grandmother is still watching over me and caring about me. ”

~ Donna H.


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Audrey Light Language

AUDREY Spiritual Architect and Energy Engineer, is a New York-based, world-renowned energy worker, speaker of the Languages of the Light and the Akash, and a Divine channel. She is celebrated as a ‘healer to the healers’ from ‘time before time,’ and was a vessel for Spirit to birth forth a new octave for humanity and Gaia. Audrey has worked with clients in person in the NYC area and all over the world via Skype or phone for: light language healing, the language of the Akash, channeled messages from higher beings, sacred key numerical codes and your own personal list of ascension numbers, and DNA upgrades all extremely powerful releasing, healing and activations that occur on multiple levels. She has been featured many times at the NEWLIFE Expo in NYC (America’s largest mind, body, and spirit expo), and has been interviewed on many popular worldwide radio shows. Experience the way it feels to be encircled with love and the highest energy, information, and truth to help you stand in your power, sovereignty, and divine birthright as Audrey helps and assists you become an Architect of your own design. This is healing without the smoke & mirrors- healing through the illusions, to the truth, to return you to the magic of that which you are. Welcome to your EVOLution, the rEVOLution of Light & Love!