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Renovate Your Body

by ‘Amanda Hopkins’

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Soul Light Cellular Activations for:

  • Whole Body Freedom
  • Enhanced Soul Self Awareness
  • Body Stability and Strength
  • Sacred Cellular Awakening

Are you suffering from any of the following?:

  • sensation of heaviness in lower body
  • knee injuries or pain
  • uneven hips or spinal distortions
  • throat or thyroid discomfort or issues
  • overworked adrenals or adrenal fatigue
  • liver hardening or insufficiency
  • headaches
  • inflexibility or tight joints
  • muscle weakness
  • dry or tight
  • light-headedness or dizzy spells
  • sleep disturbances or insomnia
  • joint pain
  • shortness of breath or inability to breathe deeply
  • exhaustion or fatigue
  • compromised immune function
  • emotional instability - intense highs and lows
  • lack of sense of purpose
  • hopelessness or mindset of defeat
  • lack of clarity
  • mental chaos, overwhelm and confusion
  • feeling disjointed in the body - as if moving in different directions
  • lack of purpose or feeling listless
  • disconnected from Higher Knowing
  • over-reactive, oversensitive or ‘on edge’
  • plagued by Self-doubt

These are all signs and symptoms that your body energy and Higher Awareness is consistently displaced… it’s typically situated outside of your body leading dis-ease and discomfort in your body!

You must dismantle and release interferences of the mind and deeply embedded systems and structures within your body and field that prevent you from having a deep Body~Soul connection.

Symbols can bypass your critical mind, which often clings to resistance, and rapidly dissolve thoughtforms, patterns and internal programming that locks you into the limitations of the mind.

Symbols come in many different forms and vary depending on your specific needs, current life cycle, Soul Path and Purpose, intention, physical body needs and more!

Individual body organs, glands, structures and spaces of the body respond to specific symbols based on their unique function and Soul Light flow that supports your physical body vessel.

When the Sacred Spinning Symbol is directed into your body, it clears mounds of congested, stale, hardened, incongruent energies, stale habitual cellular patterns and resulting body chaos. This results in:

  • greater overall body freedom
  • heightened inner harmony and peace
  • improved mental clarity, strength and Higher Awareness
  • reduced inflammation - which coincides with dis-ease in the body
  • increased energy and availability to Sacred Light flow within your cellular tissues
  • greater balance in all ways
  • heightened intuitive knowing - especially with your own body
  • enhanced Self-Trust, Confidence and Self-Love

There are key areas of the body that facilitate the consistent energy flow from head-to-toe ~ when Sacred Symbols restore that flow through these spaces it generates ultimate freedom!



Value: $599


  • 1 Live Intention and Preparation Call
  • 4 Live Remote Healing Activation Calls
  • 1 Body Strengthening Resource PDF


1 Live Intention Preparation Call:

Value $111

This call will provide you information you need to prepare for the Healing Activations - there are specific ways in which you can physically support your body so that it’s more receptive and available for the deep cellular transformations.

You’ll create your vision of ideal body vitality, activate that template and integrate the high vibrational flow of light essential for this shift to occur at the physical level for you.


4 Live Remote Healing Activation Calls:

Value $444

Support for 4 Key areas of the Body including:

  • Pineal Gland
  • Thymus Gland
  • Core/Navel
  • Tailbone

Compromised function and flow through these specific points in your body will impair flow through your overall body system and disrupt the innate intelligence of your cellular consciousness from being awakened and available within your body tissues.

Through these Remote Healing Activation Calls, you’ll unravel disturbances and restore the Divine Blueprint of operation in these glands as well as surrounding and supporting organs, body structures and tissues.

You’ll receive the support of Sacred symbols in each of these body areas to awaken dormant abilities and psychic awareness within your body tissues. These symbols will work with your energetic system and atomic structures for ongoing support and strengthening of your overall body system.

This enhances inter and intra-cellular communication within your body and aligns your body with your Soul Truth.

Remote Healing Activation Call #1

Pineal Gland

Decalcifying and Purifying your Pineal Gland aids your body especially your immune system, metabolism, and sleep cycle regulation.

An active and clear Pineal Gland is known to:

  • enhance Imagination and Creativity
  • improve your abilities to both manifest and to overcome karma
  • promote improved intuition
  • upgrade Psychic or Empathic abilities
  • support your awakening and greater awareness
  • allows for more vivid dreaming and ability to purposefully direct your dreams

….. and more!

Remote Healing Activation Call #2

Thymus Gland

Cleansing and Reactivating your Thymus Gland supports your Immune System function and regulation of energy flow throughout your body.

Ignite the flow of passion through this space of your body for greater fulfillment and empowerment. Open to greater Self-Trust, Self-Love and remember Sacred Treasures of your Soul.

You’ll unlock persistent patterns of:

  • unworthiness
  • lack of enthusiasm
  • fear of full self-expression
  • holding back
  • putting wants and needs of others ahead of your own (at your expense)
  • not being heard or valued
  • self-judgment and dishonoring of Self

….. and more!

Remote Healing Activation Call #3


Unwinding and Untwisting tightness around your navel area to strengthen your core - both in your abdomen and your back:

  • harmonizes your digestion
  • supports your liver
  • improves your spinal alignment
  • optimizes nervous system function
  • fosters immune system balance

in the ever-changing physical environment of your body.

This restores connection between Heart and lower body ~ your Heart is the bridge between awakened consciousness and the physical realm. When flow through your navel is re-established in this way, heightened awareness is illuminated within the cells of your body.

Remote Healing Activation Call #4


Unlocking and Strengthening your Tailbone will help strengthen your energetic foundation and lower body stability and balance. This especially supports your lower body... namely your joints - hips, knees, and ankles.

Move freely forward as you let go of:

  • the need for control
  • fear of the unknown
  • hesitation driven by doubt and worry
  • habits of procrastination

….. and more!

When this space is free, you’re enabled to draw a heightened flow of light and Higher Consciousness energies all the way down fully into your lower body. This opens, stabilizes and strengthens your connection with Mother Earth supporting your heightened manifestation abilities.

When your tailbone is energetically stabilized, your whole entire body is strengthened and empowered to withstand anything that comes your way with Grace!


Body Strengthening PDF

Value $44

This PDF contains a compilation of amazing resources you can use to support your body to deepen your Soul connection with it and more fully embody, embrace and integrate the deep energetic transformations you’ll experience through the Remote Healing Activation Calls.


Included in PACKAGE A:

  • 1 Live Intention and Preparation Call
  • 4 Live Remote Healing Activation Calls
  • 1 Body Strengthening Resource PDF


Soul Light Cellular Activations


Offered on WOTA for

$177 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $88.50

(2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal)


PACKAGE B contains:

Everything in Package A, which is:

  • 1 Live Intention and Preparation Call
  • 4 Live Remote Healing Activation Calls
  • 1 Body Strengthening Resource PDF


Body Stabilization Sacred Symbol Session

(30 minutes)

Value $444

In this session, you’ll strengthen your energetic foundation, fortify your energetic and physical constitution and stabilize energy flow through your body to allow greater light to illuminate you!

Deeply dismantle and release the primary patterns that prevent you from claiming your physical body space and consistently anchoring your full awareness in your body. This especially includes:

  • not feeling safe in your body
  • pain and suffering associated with being fully centered in your body
  • oversensitivity - being in the body feels like ‘too much’
  • fear of being ‘seen’ or exposed
  • false perceptions of not being lovable or valuable
  • pervasive sense of being misunderstood

Resolve excessive mental chatter, chaos, anxiety and doubt in your body so you can harmonize mind and body…. Experience whole body coherence!

Restore your natural flow ~ aligned with your inherent, unique energetic design and Soul Imprint.

Reset your major body systems so your body is primed to receive your Sacred Body Stabilization Symbol.

Receive and Unveil your personalized Sacred Symbol!

Release any interferences to full integration and assimilation

Activate your Symbol and magnetize encoded light waves into the cells of your body to enhance energetic stability, Trust and freedom

Integrate your Sacred Body Stabilization Symbol:

  • recalibrate your Auric field, body tissues and structures
  • release memory imprints and energetic signatures
  • unlock habitual patterning of the body
  • cleanse all timelines and cells of outdated, non-resonant patterns and paradigms
  • reset neural networks and restore brain balance
  • delete mind encoding that doesn’t match Sacred Truth of your Symbol
  • activate points of light in the body for full assimilation
  • restructure your DNA for awakened cellular consciousness to allow miraculous physical transformation
  • realign your hips and spine for structural integrity and a strong energetic foundation


Included in PACKAGE B:

  • 1-on-1 Body Stabilization Sacred Symbol Session
  • 1 Live Intention and Preparation Call
  • 4 Live Remote Healing Activation Calls
  • 1 Body Strengthening Resource PDF


Body Stabilization Sacred Symbol Session + Soul Light Cellular Activations


Offered on WOTA for

$252 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $126.00

(2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal)


“ Amanda is a true Wizard and Clairvoyant ~ She sees beyond the veil and knows what to do to instantly relieve the culprit causing the stress on the immune system. She knows her stuff with the physical body and can brilliantly explain in a easy to understand way all that is occurring And then support one in Transforming it for good. I send all of my clients to Amanda that have issues with the Endocrine system, her specialty. I highly recommend her if you have issues with your body that you’ve not been able to identify...Trust me she’s the Best! ”

~ Christel Hughes, Multi-sensory Intuitive and creator of Academy for the Soul, The online school for Intuitive Arts

“ Amanda is a beautiful soul with a kind, loving heart. She creates a very warm and safe space for deep healing to occur.

I recently experienced symptoms similar to acute pancreatitis. I had severe abdominal pain with intense spasms. I was unable to eat or sleep for days because of the intensity of the pain and even taking a sip of water resulted in crippling and excruciating spasms.

I reached out to Amanda and scheduled a Body Stabilization Session with her. In the session, Amanda moved through each organ in my Digestive System, energetically clearing and cleaning the energies and emotions that were contributing to the symptoms that I was experiencing. Immediately after the session I was relieved to notice that the intense spasms and pain were gone and that my stomach had resumed gurgling and rumbling happily. I could feel lots of vibration and pulsation in and around my body and I was so happy to be able to resume eating and drinking without acute spasms.

Amanda is a very gifted healer who is able to quickly and accurately get to the cause of whatever is causing the deficient flow in your body. I really love working with her and wholeheartedly recommend her. ”

~ Patricia, Australia

“ Amanda Hopkins is an energy worker of the highest order. I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda on several occasions, and each time she has facilitated important shifts. The Energy Deficiency Scan and Recalibration Process, combined with Amanda’s inherent gifts and her heart-centered desire to help have made Amanda an important part of my journey. Thank you, Amanda! ”

~ John O.

“ Amanda has a true gift for locating energy deficiencies in the body. I'm so grateful for the session I had with her. She could see areas of distress in my body before I even told her what I was feeling and then guided me into shifting them. She holds such a strong powerful space for transformation. I could feel the energetic density melting away. Thank you, Amanda! ”

~ Laura Williams, Academy Master Teacher

“ Magical! That is the best word I have to describe the sessions I have had with Amanda. She identified deficiencies in my body that I was unaware of--these deficiencies were draining my energy and causing me to be sluggish in everything I was doing--my purpose work, my relationships, etc. By clearing these energies, Amanda took me from a state of being unfocused and scattered into being focused, flowing, and aligned. She explained how she sees the body, mind, and spirit as interconnected energies. When the body is out of alignment, the other aspects are always affected. What a true Alchemist Amanda is. I am so grateful for my sessions with her and cannot recommend her enough. ”

~ Lisa Autry


"It's an honor to support you moving into greater levels of freedom and joy in your Body. If you desire to embrace your miraculous nature, shining your Inner Light through your Divine Physical vessel then this is resonant for you. Thank you for stepping into this ~ your vibrance the greatest offering you can gift the World!"

~ Amanda

Amanda Hopkins on Wisdom of the Ancients

Amanda Hopkins

Amanda Hopkins is an International Expert in identifying deficient energy flow in the body that impairs function and creates dis-ease. She's known for her Clairvoyant ability to penetrate deeply into the root cause and immediately identify the main elements causing illness. Amanda has a unique and powerful process of Intuitively Mapping points in your body systems that are collectively undermining vitality and depleting your body’s energetic resources. With her keen intuitive mastery and wizard like abilities, Amanda has supported hundreds of people with restoring energy flow so their body can repair itself and recover its High level vitality. Ultimately as a Certified Intuitive Strategist, NLP and Academy Master teacher, she assists and provides you with the tools to create inner stability for lasting whole body wellness. Her Purpose is to greatly empower you in your relationship with your body.