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Harmonize your Body and Restore your Divine Communication Network

by ‘Amanda Hopkins’

Amanda Hopkins on Wisdom of the Ancients

Are you highly sensitive to the degree you feel you must detach from the World… it’s all too much? Or maybe you’re on hyper-alert.. waiting for some sort of attack, onslaught or unexpected surprise to spring out of nowhere?

When these conditions are at play the World can seem very frightening, causing you to want to hide out and even feeling like you’re powerless in these circumstances. You may even regularly escape your body so that you can reconnect with energies that feel safe and supportive.

But that depletes your body’s energy and keeps you locked into states of Being that generate Nervous System imbalances in many ways.

These are signs that you’re suffering from Cosmic Abandonment which is plaguing your Nervous System!

Cosmic Abandonment is characterized by an inability to relax and settle into your body It’s reflective of deep disconnection from your Cosmic roots that has you seeking that sense of feeling at ‘home’ and at peace outside of yourself. Without that deeper connection to all the support that’s energetically available for you at all times, your nervous system goes into survival mode.

You become blinded by this driving need to ensure your needs are met and locked into a frantic state of existence based on the projections and anxiety around what ‘might’ happen if those needs aren’t met… right now.

In this state your body does NOT have the energetic resources it requires to perform important, fundamental regulatory tasks and so your body starts to degrade and break down. But you can restore your Divine Neural Networks and release the false construction and creations within you that have created these habitual body patterns.

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First you must recognize how deeper energetic imbalances are showing up for you. Are you currently or do you sometimes experience any of the following?:

  • Light-headedness, dizziness or vertigo
  • Off-balance or unsteady on your feet
  • Intense anxiety flare-ups
  • Migraines or recurring headaches
  • Inability to trust yourself or your intuitive nudges
  • Sciatica - shooting lower back pain, even reaching down to leg
  • Speech Impediments
  • Paralysis - momentary or long-term
  • Involuntary movements
  • Body not responding to your mind
  • Unable to access Divine Knowing leading to indecision
  • Hopelessness - feeling like nothing’s ever going to work
  • Muscle weakness
  • Sudden shooting muscle pain
  • Convulsions
  • Seizures
  • Lack of coordination
  • Abnormal skin sensations
  • Vision loss
  • Hearing issues (including ringing in ears)
  • Digestive problems
  • Heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat
  • Confusion - plagued by uncertainty
  • Self-doubt that causes procrastination

These are all indications of deeper energetic imbalances and discrepancies that disrupt ideal Nervous System function and harmony. But you can restore your Divine Communication Networks at the energetic level to create balance throughout your entire body and Being.



Divine Neural Communication Restoration Session

Restore your neural networks & Upgrade your Nervous System for higher vibrational light flow through your body’s communication channels (Value: $295)

What will happen in the session:

I’ll assess your current energetic conditions by scanning your entire Nervous System including:

12 Cranial Nerves, Spinal Nerve Roots, Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, sensory Nerve Fibers, Motor Nerve fibers, Synapses, Vagus Nerve and its numerous branches, Spinal Plexuses, Autonomic Nerve Plexuses, Sciatic Nerve, Brain tissues and structures and more!

I’ll identify the primary disruptor to your Nervous System function, flow and harmony in that moment and we’ll dismantle the corresponding energetic pattern and programming locking this paradigm in place.

Receive Sacred Symbols tailored to your unique needs!

There are specific Sacred Symbols that harmonize your Nervous System and promote homeostasis in your body. Based on your current energetic conditions I’ll spin in the exact Symbols required to promote ideal Nervous system flow and balance once we’ve shifted your primary disruptor.

We’ll utilize the symbols as we:

  • Go really deep into the nerve plexuses and resolve energetic that are corrupting associated chakras
  • Tone your sensory organs ~ attuning them to heightened inner perceptions to reverse condition of looking outside for answers instead of trusting and receiving own internal messages
  • Assess and upgrade your current Vagus nerve operation template to match your Divine Soul Template
  • Unravel neural disabling knots - these are often in the center of tangled nerves and completely corrupt cellular communication
  • Repair frayed nerves (these look like frayed electrical wires) - this requires care and a delicate touch to restore the nerves to their natural strength and flow capacity
  • Release and unlock Spinal compressions that are detrimental to your nerves
  • Establish your Divine structures and communication pathways so you’re connected in your body, at the cellular level, directly to your Divine flow, support and Higher directives.
  • and more!

All destructive energies, constructs and corruptions throughout your Nervous System will be eradicated all the way to the origin of creation and core of their existence.

As Divine connection is restored in the deepest layers of your Being, through all planes of your existence in this way in this major body system that directs all others, your Sacred Symbols will initiate and carry out the installation of your new, vibrant Divine Communication and Sacred Perception templates at the cellular level.

This opens you to advanced Soul Knowledge and the guidance, clarity, confidence and trust to implement on this Divine Wisdom. Your activating Divine Soul Light centers via the nerve plexuses and realigning your cellular communication with the heightened vibrations of your true Soul Light.

As a result you’ll:

  • Experience more peace, harmony and balance in your body
  • Remain more centered in faith and trust of Self - confidence booster!
  • Restore and Retain your Sacred Soul connection in your body - more energy as you remain grounded in your body
  • Harmonize regulatory functions - heart, digestion, respiration and more!
  • Greater strength and trust of your body - enhanced relationship with your body
  • Rely on Divine Discernment - you’ll know what’s highest and best for you with clarity


Stabilizing Cellular Structure and Communication

Downloadable Audio (Value: $87)

You’ll use this guided journey prior to our session to flush disruptive energies from your spine and cleanse degenerative energies from your neurons for improved strength, stability and responsiveness to your external environment.

You’ll access your Central Programming System to rewire your mind for improved Spine and Nervous System Health, restore the Divine cellular communication and Sacred Stability in your physical body structure.

This will increase your efficiency and heighten your receptivity to Divine support for greater ease and overall body freedom.

** Everything in Option 2 Below is included with Option 1 **

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We must identify and transform the degenerative, corrosive, interference and impedance energies that make it distort cellular communication and trigger inappropriate response to external stimuli.

There are very specific types of constructs that disrupt and impair the optimal functions of your nervous system and and corrupt the use of energetic resources in your body - it can become like an internal power struggle and you get stuck in ‘survival mode.’


Resolving Brain Imbalances and Spinal Cord Impairments

Live Group Workshop (Value $198)

Central Nervous System

Brain, Brain Stem, Spinal Cord

In order to re-establish efficient, effective communication through neural network it’s imperative to first assess and address the condition of the infrastructure… if your central processing system is defective then you’ll constantly be replacing the systemic components and having peripheral issues.

For this reason, we’ll start first working with the Central Nervous System.

In this workshop we’ll resolve energetic anomalies associated with your:

  • Right and Left Hemispheres - energetic striations creating left-right imbalances
  • Brain Structures with special focus on hypothalamus, pineal gland, amygdala and prefrontal cortex: punctures, intrusive plugs, distortion wires, corrosive brain fluids and other interferences to clear communication flow in the brain
  • Brain Stem: disruptive disconnections, 3D stress balls
  • Spinal Cord: impedance blockages, shunting compressions, frayed knots
  • Any additional interferences that are interfering with your Central Nervous System function and communication

This is a deep dive into false patterns and projections that you’ve unknowingly taken on and have been carrying in your energetic mental programming. These false patterns and projections can cause you to doubt or second-guess yourself, have foggy mind and memory relapses, be indecisive, feel as if your body isn’t responding to your mind as you desire, experience headaches, discount your intuition, experience light-headedness or dizziness, and more!

When these patterns of limitations are deleted and your mind repatterned to match your Sacred Soul Blueprint you’ll experience:

  • Greater mental clarity as you align with your Higher Mind
  • More Decisiveness - re-established connection with Higher Guidance and Wisdom
  • Ideal balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine
  • Greater coherence between mind and body
  • More harmonized emotional responses
  • Improved memory
  • Enhanced ability to run high-vibrational light through your body and Central Nervous System
  • Expanded capacity to perceive greater possibilities and recognize empowering opportunities
  • Powerful processing capabilities of the mind activated and used in powerful collaboration with Divine Intuition


Uprooting Neural Communication Disruptions and Distortions

Live Group Workshop (Value $198)

Peripheral Nervous System

This workshop is all about optimizing your internal system of checks and balances so you can respond to your external environment in the most powerfully supportive way for your Highest good regardless of what circumstances you’re facing. Rather than taking actions based on preprogrammed emotional responses based on past experiences or anticipated outcomes, you’ll be able to remain centered in your Divine Discernment in the present moment.

We’ll go deep into the your peripheral nervous system assessing the condition of the structures that determine your body’s responses to your environment, energy allocated for regulatory functions and internal flow of communication


  • Synaptic disruptions that disrupt neural signals from being received/passed along
  • Neural structural tears
  • Webbing that depletes flow to peripheral neurons causing degeneration
  • Short circuits that stop neural impulses
  • Disabling knots
  • Electrical impedances that block clear neural communication
  • Disruptive perforations
  • Neural compressions impacting nerve fibers
  • Interference obstructions that destructively breach tissues/organs/glands

…. and more will be released, resolved and repaired!

These problematic neural conditions parallel types of physical conditions and symptoms that can surface in the body, creating Nervous System imbalances. This results in numerous issues, such as pain, motor issues, sensory problems, digestion issues, and more.

They represent traumas, unresolved memories of illness or other debilitating dis-ease states you’ve held in this lifetime or previous lives, repressed emotions, underlying persistent anxiety, and more that will be uncovered in the workshop. These are deeply linked to neurological overwhelm and misperceptions that keep you locked into irrational hyper-responses to the external environment - making it hard to remain calm and centered.

Energetic neural disruptions that are founded on these underlying dynamics will be uprooted as we clear and release through many layers especially the:

  • Individual Neurons
  • Chakras - particularly those associated with your Spinal Plexuses
  • Energy Channels associated with your body - Meridians/Nadis
  • Entire Nervous System and neural networks
  • Sacred Vagus Nerve
  • Auric field - distortions in your energy bodies
  • Confusion and Indecision Habits and Patterns
  • Cellular/Structural and Muscular Memory of the body
  • Ancestral patterns and genetic imprints skewing neural communication
  • Mental programming and brain overlays, grooves, and patterns
  • Digestion and Intuition Portal associated with your gut
  • Divine Communication Centers in the body
  • Sensory Organs

As these energetic structures, signals and layers are reconditioned, regenerated and reprogrammed, you effortlessly release the destructive neural interferences that kept you locked into states of Being, impaired communication and hyper-responsiveness that place stress on your body and are NOT a match with your TRUE luminous flow.

When you release these problematic disturbances, you generate ultimate harmony and balance in your body, enhancing Divine Communication through all layers and levels of your body and Being.

Your entire Nervous System is upgraded to run at a higher vibrational frequency so you can operate from a foundation that allows you to perceive your external environment from a Higher perspective. You become more capable of choosing how you want to respond in any circumstances and less reactive to what’s happening around you.

This makes it easier for you to run and flow encoded lightwaves through your body to facilitate your Ascension, bringing ease and Grace to your journey.




Offered on WOTA for

$222 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $111.00

*Due to the live nature of this package, there are no refunds.




Offered on WOTA for

$77 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $38.50

*Due to the live nature of this package, there are no refunds.

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Downloadable Audio (Value $67)

The Adrenal Optimizer is a guided journey that interacts with your adrenal glands to break down the deeper dynamics that are ensnaring you (unbeknownst to you) in patterns of pushing through exhaustion when you're body really needs to rest, overdoing and feeling as if you always have to be 'on the go' or 'getting things done.'

Once the energy is transformed in the deeper layers of your being, it frees up your physical body to release associated symptoms and to respond to the physical support you are providing more effectively.

Common symptoms related to compromised adrenal function to be released include:

  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Joint pain
  • Nausea
  • Muscle pain
  • Weakness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Little or no appetite
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness upon standing
  • Emotional over-reactivity
  • Diarrhea
  • Cravings for salty foods
  • Overactive stress-response to external stimuli
  • Impatience

This guided journey will support purifying and cleansing your adrenal glands. You'll replenish them with high vibrational light energies and you'll receive a rejuvenating multi-dimensional symbol.

This symbol is designed specifically to support your adrenals upgrading any time you listen and engage in this transformational journey. It also remains connected with the Soul vibrations of your Higher Realms, calling forth ongoing adrenal support in whatever ways your body requires as you continue your evolutionary journey.


“ Amanda is a true Wizard and Clairvoyant ~ She sees beyond the veil and knows what to do to instantly relieve the culprit causing the stress on the immune system. She knows her stuff with the physical body and can brilliantly explain in a easy to understand way all that is occurring And then support one in Transforming it for good. I send all of my clients to Amanda that have issues with the Endocrine system, her specialty. I highly recommend her if you have issues with your body that you’ve not been able to identify...Trust me she’s the Best! ”

~ Christel Hughes, Multi-sensory Intuitive and creator of Academy for the Soul, The online school for Intuitive Arts

“ Amanda is a beautiful soul with a kind, loving heart. She creates a very warm and safe space for deep healing to occur.

I recently experienced symptoms similar to acute pancreatitis. I had severe abdominal pain with intense spasms. I was unable to eat or sleep for days because of the intensity of the pain and even taking a sip of water resulted in crippling and excruciating spasms.

I reached out to Amanda and scheduled a Body Stabilization Session with her. In the session, Amanda moved through each organ in my Digestive System, energetically clearing and cleaning the energies and emotions that were contributing to the symptoms that I was experiencing. Immediately after the session I was relieved to notice that the intense spasms and pain were gone and that my stomach had resumed gurgling and rumbling happily. I could feel lots of vibration and pulsation in and around my body and I was so happy to be able to resume eating and drinking without acute spasms.

Amanda is a very gifted healer who is able to quickly and accurately get to the cause of whatever is causing the deficient flow in your body. I really love working with her and wholeheartedly recommend her. ”

~ Patricia, Australia

“ Amanda Hopkins is an energy worker of the highest order. I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda on several occasions, and each time she has facilitated important shifts. The Energy Deficiency Scan and Recalibration Process, combined with Amanda’s inherent gifts and her heart-centered desire to help have made Amanda an important part of my journey. Thank you, Amanda! ”

~ John O.

“ Amanda has a true gift for locating energy deficiencies in the body. I'm so grateful for the session I had with her. She could see areas of distress in my body before I even told her what I was feeling and then guided me into shifting them. She holds such a strong powerful space for transformation. I could feel the energetic density melting away. Thank you, Amanda! ”

~ Laura Williams, Academy Master Teacher

“ Magical! That is the best word I have to describe the sessions I have had with Amanda. She identified deficiencies in my body that I was unaware of--these deficiencies were draining my energy and causing me to be sluggish in everything I was doing--my purpose work, my relationships, etc. By clearing these energies, Amanda took me from a state of being unfocused and scattered into being focused, flowing, and aligned. She explained how she sees the body, mind, and spirit as interconnected energies. When the body is out of alignment, the other aspects are always affected. What a true Alchemist Amanda is. I am so grateful for my sessions with her and cannot recommend her enough. ”

~ Lisa Autry


"It's an honor to support you moving into greater levels of freedom and joy in your Body. If you desire to embrace your miraculous nature, shining your Inner Light through your Divine Physical vessel then this is resonant for you. Thank you for stepping into this ~ your vibrance the greatest offering you can gift the World!"

~ Amanda

Amanda Hopkins on Wisdom of the Ancients

Amanda Hopkins

Amanda Hopkins is a Clairvoyant Medical Intuitive, Academy Master Teacher with Academy for the Soul and a Certified Intuitive Strategist. With a blend of elegance and precision, Amanda guides people through the most efficient and effective transformational shifts that will ripple out into all areas of life, to support them in manifesting their desires, living their dreams and operating from their Truth.

Her purpose is to aid people in aligning their ideal Spiritual energetic state with their practical, Physical Reality. Amanda is sought after for her ability to rapidly identify energy deficiencies in the body and energy field. She's known by most for her intuitive ability to quickly zoom into the core of an issue and deliver the precise, most effective steps to make an instant shift.

Amanda has a magical ability to learn and master the newest technologies and explain them in a succinct, clear, and easily understandable manner.

At an early age she became an experienced trainer and teacher in medical technology amongst highly educated medical professionals as their ‘go to’ expert in the field. This experience led her to a deep understanding of the physical body and medical system and onto her journey in understanding the deeper levels of our energetic makeup. She’s served as a leader in various Personal and Professional development organizations supporting training people in modalities including neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy and Timeline therapy.

She provides a unique combination of cutting edge tools and techniques that empower people to take charge of their lives and energy. Her work is designed to create greater ease, expand possibilities, and increase the capacity for achievement in all life areas!